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“NO!” she cried, roughly wrenching herself from the Death Eaters grasps and ran toward the cabin. She crawled into a hole of log ruins at the front and the smoke immediately suffocated her senses. She heard snaps of wood, the cabin creaking to its downfall. Her breaths were ragged, greedy with the little air. Everything around her was scorched black and few flames at the tip of ruins sizzling and laughing at her. She still crawled on all four, her palms blackened with ashes. “Draco…” she whimpered. “DRACO!” she cried as tears streams down her cheeks. “DRACO! PLEASE!” Her cries were desperate and frantic. “Dra—Rabastan!” Rabastan was in a hallway, one of his legs underneath piles of burnt rubble. Only a few feet away, fire was roaring from a room, it licks trying to escape back into the hallway. He growled when he saw Hermione, but spoke no words.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. Shakily, she aimed her wand at the pile and flung her arm. The pile flew back as he crawled on his side toward her with his breathing loud and harsh. It was so loud; she couldn’t hear the snap of the wood above her.


There was buzzing was ringing deafeningly in Draco’s ear as he twitched his palms, feelings the blades of grass poking him. He squinted, everything around him a blurry. The side of his head was wet and slowly he touched it and brought his fingers in his line of vision. It was blood. Shit… Shakily, he hoisted himself onto his feet, stumbling forward, but attempted to hold himself steady. He looked up at the cabin, half of it gone and the rest black.  Logs and bits of wood lay across the field. He moved toward the front sluggishly. Eventually, the Death Eaters came into view, running toward him to help him. They held his arms to support his weight.

“Hermione,” Draco croaked.

“She… Sir, we had her. Then, when the cabin exploded, she…she ran back inside.”

Draco quickly as if he was shot by a surge of energy, wrapped his hand around the Death Eater’s throat. His grip grew tighter as the Death Eater was begging for air with his choking sounds. “You fucking let her go? YOU FUCKING LET HER GO!” he roared with fresh fallen tears. “NO!” he drawled in a roar.

“Rabastan! Rabastan! He made it out alive!” another called with relief.

Draco turned to find a limping Rabastan, his face blackened with ashes and a small figure in his hand. Her honey brown hair fell in beautiful waves as Rabastan collapsed to the ground, his chest heaving up and down. Relief ran through Draco like an aggressive current.


The stench of roses woke Hermione as she jerked out of bed with her eyes darting madly about. Her breathes were quicken with fright and immediately calmed when she smelled his spice cologne and the arms wrapped around her protectively. She could hear the sobs as his face dug into her hair and with a shaking hand, she reached up for his hair, running her hands through it.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he sobbed. “Fuck! Damn…” he finished softly. He pulled away and kissed her desperately on her lips. “I thought I fucking lost you…”

She shook her head. “What’s with all the roses?” she asked meekly, meeting his eyes confused.

“It was Valentine’s Day yesterday…” He completely pulled away from her.

She sighed, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples. “So, I have been out for about two days then?”

He nodded. “Yeah, they said for you to sleep it off.”


“The Medi-team came here, did a quick check and fixed my busted eardrum…”

She opened her eyes to meet Draco’s stormy eyes, the familiarity of it gave her chills because back there, she thought she would ever see them pierce her again. “Oh, baby, I thought I lost you too…”

He leaned forward, his forehead on hers and ran his hands through her hair. “Me too, love. I don’t know what I would have done. What happened? You weren’t in bed with me.” He pulled away again, much to her displeasure.

“I went downstairs. I was hungry. Rabastan was there. While I was speaking to him, we heard a crash and smelt smoke. Immediately, he dragged me outside and went back in for you. Then, when I heard the explosion I ran back inside…because—because I thought…OH, DRACO!” Hermione threw herself at him, kissing him with all the might in her heart. He moaned against her lips, his hands slipping up under her shirt, touching the soft skin of her waist. She pulled away, looking down at him underneath her. “What happened with you?” she whispered.

“It was Krum. He started this fire thing and explosion. I don’t know. Water wouldn’t work on it. I know it wasn’t fiendfyre, but it was like nothing could contain it… Hermione…he was killed by a Death Eater…”

Hermione leaned into Draco’s shoulder, sighing. “Oh… okay…” she said with a trembling voice. He patted down her hair.

“You need to get to a hospital for a full check-up…” he croaked.

“Tomorrow,” she muttered against his neck, leaving feathery kisses on his neck and felt his arousal press growing. She wanted the only comfort she knew:  him.


“You can wait for me out here… Really,” she pouted at the two Death Eaters,

“Ma’am,” one said seriously. “Mr. Malfoy had to go into work to fix that mess that happened in Bulgaria. He couldn’t be here. So, with that being said, he gave us orders to never leave your side.”

“We are in a hospital full of people,” she snapped. “I’ll be fine.” Without another word, she stormed out of the busy and loud lobby, through swinging white doors and into a white hallway.

“Hermione Malfoy?” Hermione turned to find a young blonde Healer in green robes and scrubs, smiling brightly. Her hazel eyes sparkled brightly. “My name is Healer Bracken. You have an appointment right? Made by Mr. Malfoy.”

“Yeah, my husband seems to be turning into a control freak,” she smiled.

She smiled back amusedly. “Okay. So, right this way.” Healer Bracken moved past Hermione and two door down, she entered an all-white room with Hermione behind her. “Sit here please.” She pointed at a laid-back cushion chair with thin white paper sheets and Hermione climbed on it. The Healer turned her back on Hermione, opening drawers, taking various instruments out.

“So…” she said. “You’re Malfoy’s wife. Must be nice to have a husband in so much power.”

Hermione frowned, “No… I just wish we had a normal marriage to be honest.”

The nurse slightly turned and smiled. “Aren’t you muggle-born?”

“I am…”

“My best friend and my boyfriend are Muggle-borns… They’re in Azkaban.”

 Oh, Melrin…. She wanted to bent over and vomit. No, she really wanted to vomit. She held her stomach and the Healer turned, becoming alarmed. Quickly, she grabbed the nearest garbage can and Hermione hurled into it. “I’m sorry…” she muttered.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered with compassion. “At least it wasn’t on me like others have done.”

“No…not about that. I am disgusted by what you told me…”

The Healer set the garbage down and with a wave of her wand, it disappeared. She now looked into Hermione’s eyes as if she was searching for something.

Hermione felt slightly dizzy, rubbing her temples and sighed. “To be thrown in Azkaban because they are muggle-borns…that’s terrible. And I bet they make better a witch and wizard than the Death Eater goons.”

“I can’t believe you’re talking about them like that… You’re with them.”

“No!” Hermione shook her head. “I’m with Draco Malfoy. Not the rest of them. Draco…he isn’t like them either like everyone likes to think… I can’t stand the rest of them…well, maybe expect for one, Rabastan Lestrange.”

Healer Bracken slightly smiled. “I supposed I assumed wrong. I am sorry. I always found it hard to believe a Muggle-born, the Golden Girl herself was okay with the way the world is now… I guess you’re probably as miserable as the rest of us…especially since you need to put up with them every day…”

Hermione nodded slowly.

“Hey, are you sexually active?”

What?” Hermione asked defensively.

“Well, I’m supposed to give you a checkup so I have to ask that…you know, just in case you might be pregnant or something. There are certain things I can’t use and potions I can’t give you.”

“I—I am,” she replied with a weak voice.

“Have you been using any protection?”

Hermione slapped her hand over her mouth, gasping. Her heart picked up an unnatural speed in her chest as her insides froze.

“No wonder, you’re throwing up,” she laughed. “You might be pregnant.”

Hermione wanted to do nothing more, but faint.

“When was your last period?”

“It—it…” she was stumbling over her words. “Right before…oh Merlin, it was in December. Right before the first time… Oh, Merlin, it’s been over a month!”

“Are your periods usually regular?”

“Yes,” she croaked.

“Okay. Well, then, here.” Healer Bracken handed Hermione a large tube. “Pee in this then we’ll drop it into a potion that’ll be able to tell for sure if you are…”

Hermione nodded and took the tube with a shaking hand. She entered the room’s bathroom. The first thing she did was turn on the sink’s water and splashed her face with the cold water. She was hunched over the sink, almost not breathing from the shock of her own stupidity. How could she ever forget about protection? How could Draco…unless he thought she was drinking some sort of potion… He was stupid as well then. He knew she was a virgin; there was no need for her to drink something like that before. She gasped and ran to the toilet, hunching over it now. She cleaned herself up quickly and did what the Healer instructed. She left the bathroom with her head held high as Healer Bracken smiled brightly. With gloves, she took the tube and turned back to the counter as Hermione was behind her, watching the cauldron of clear bubbling.

“Now,” Healer Bracken began to explain, “when I pour this in the potion, it should turn either pink or blue. This potion is very powerful so we can tell the gender this early. It has seventy-five percent accuracy at telling the gender. One hundred, of course, telling us whether you’re pregnant. So, if it turns pink, you’ll be having a girl. If it turns, blue, it’s a boy! Do you want to know the gender?” Hermione nodded slowly and she continued, “Okay. So, if you are not pregnant, the potion won’t turn any color, so… Ready?”

Hermione couldn’t say anything, but just nod. She uncapped the tube, pouring the content into the potion. Hermione held her breath and almost sighed in relief, but realized she was having a hallucination. The clear potion turned baby blue.

She was pregnant.

A/N: 10 points to whoever guessed right! She’s pregnant. What do you think? =D 

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