“Hello, beautiful.” Luna touched the creature’s muzzle gently. She didn’t know what it was called, but it looked something like the skeleton of a winged horse. It appeared like a creature of death, but it embodied life as it trotted around the eleven-year-old. A wide smile spread across Luna’s face for the first time since she’d arrived at Hogwarts. She missed her father, and her mother as well, but it was the loneliness that really got to her.

She ran her hand down the animal’s neck. Bones jutted from the skin in ways she’d never seen before, but it didn’t look hungry or underfed. It looked natural. He was a beautiful creature and Luna closed her eyes dreamily, imagining what it would be like to ride such a magnificent beast. Like Pegasus from the legends. It nibbled on a strand of her blonde hair and Luna hugged her arms around its neck. “Oh, you beauty, you.”

It nuzzled into her hand and lipped her cheek, causing her to spout out giggles. “Stop it!” she shrieked, the tickling sensation making her shrink from her new friend. Her laughter broke out in peals across the grounds.



She heard the jeers, but they’d all come before. The other students played such games with her and Luna didn’t mind them ever much. She only wished they would talk to her instead of sending taunts her way. “Don’t mind them,” she said softly to the animal who had stopped its prancing to look around. They were on the edge of the Forbidden Forest and it looked ready to bolt at the sight of more people.

“What is she talking to?”

“That’s Loony Lovegood.”

A few students had gathered to stare at her and Luna waved at them with a smile. She’d like for some of them to join her and her new friend. Three of them broke off from the group and began walking down to her. Luna turned back to her friend, but there was fear in its eyes. “They won’t hurt you. Don’t go!” But her words came too late. It had reared up on its hind legs and galloped towards the trees, wings stretched wide as though it would take off.

“What were you talking to, Loony?” One of the boys asked. “Your imaginary friend? Too bad you don’t have real ones.”

It left the ground before the students reached them, soaring above the trees. Luna stared in awe at its magnificent beauty. She’d never seen anything like it before. “You frightened him,” she said softly, staring into the trees where it had disappeared from sight. “He must be shy.”

“Convenient, that,” the boy’s friend said.

Luna smiled still. Even in the absence of her friend, she felt better than she had in months. “He’ll be back,” she said lightly and she knew in the core of her being that it was true. “I’ll come see him tomorrow. Would you like to come with me?” She asked the boys.

They only snickered, the response she had expected, but it didn’t hurt. She didn’t need them to be her friends now. She had her Pegasus in the forest.

A/N: The first part of my House Cup entries! This one is for the first prompt: Write about an experience with a magical creature to remember that not all creatures are ones of darkness and decay. Go Slytherin!

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