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gorgeous CI by empyreal.@TDA


Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she's gone


A Brief Reminder

Today, Dean writes a letter to Luna telling her how much he loves her.

He wants to remind her where it all began. It began in the blue place, blue because it was calm and cool and because of her eyes. The ones he trusted, the ones that made him believe he could tell her his biggest secret.

The ones that would look at him and tell him it was okay to love a man.

He didn’t think it was okay to love Seamus. She said it was.

He loves you too, I can tell.

Shell Cottage was not a peaceful place for him. It was where the dreams, the nightmares, the ideas would come along with sleep and he would wake up. Stop. Thinking. (crying, loving, dying. These are all things he needs to stop doing.)

We have Harry. We’ll keep fighting. It will all be over soon.

She had been given a new wand. Luna would make leaves fly and flowers chirp – where had she learned to do this? To help people find some solace?

I lost my mother when I was six.

There are so many Death Eaters. The time has come. Keep. Running. (falling, collapsing, dying. These are all things he needs to avoid.)

He sees her throwing a curse at Dolohov, who had just shot a killing curse at Seamus. She is protecting him for Dean.

It makes Dean realize how lucky he is to have her as a friend.

I’ve added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas.

And he had added her to his heart. He did not have many close friends, just two, maybe three. But she was his best friend and she needed to know what she had given him was something he could have never found in his paintings or in Seamus’ arms.


A Eulogy

He begins writing.

I could have never fathomed

And then he can no longer find the will to churn out words. He misses her more than ever. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he takes a deep breath.

And he continues.

A Goodbye

"I could have never fathomed that out of all the people, it would be you, Luna. You who would say it would be all right and comfort me. You who would get me married to the person I love most. I can’t thank you enough. Wherever you are, I need you to know. The memories, the relief you have given me. The gift of being your friend.

These are the things I will remember you by: the blue place, Shell Cottage. The bad place it was, that is now the most beautiful and kind place for me as I can always sense you there. In those dark days, you kept me sane.

I will remember you every second I am with Seamus. I will see you every time I play with my godchild. And I love you and thank you for that."

He walks away from the podium. Dean is now crying. When he looks around, he sees others are too. A familiar hand gently makes its way into his.

“That was beautiful.”


Seamus brings Dean’s now wrinkled hands onto his lips and presses softly.

“I’d like to go now,” Dean says quietly.

“I'll be grateful to her, forever, you know," he replies, smiling. "Thirty years, Dean Thomas. She gave me thirty years with you. Otherwise you'd have been too much of sodding arse to tell me."

Dean sighs. "Let's go home, I feel tired."

"At least say goodbye, mate."

"Later," Dean pleads. He can't stay here longer. The others would ask questions. Harry is speaking now, saying how she saved him. Dean smiles. That's just what Luna does, she saves people. To him, she would always be the friend who taught him to be accepting and to be fearless. How brilliant time was for him to meet her. How cruel time was to take her away.

It felt like it was just yesterday, when she became his friend.

I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas.

And he has added her to his heart, forever.

Author's Note:

The lyrics at the top are from The Beatles' song, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and belongs to them. A thank you to my beta readers nott theodore and FredWeasleyIsMyKing. Thank you for reading, I'd love for you to review! ♥ GRYFFINDOR FOR THE HOUSE CUP 2014!

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