Hello, most awkward moment ever.

I lay still, trying to steady my breathing as I heard Scorpius enter the tent.


I pretended to snore quietly, lying veeeeery still.

“Okay, I know that you’re probably very deeply asleep right now, but I just wanted to say…that I’m really sorry for treating you the way that I have been treating you, and for assuming that your were stupid enough to…to…try and kill yourself,” he whispered, “I really am sorry for that, especially since you would never have any reason to even try to take your life, seeing as you are probably one of the strongest people I have ever met and you have so many people that love you and care for you.”

I sat up, throwing my blanket off me and launching myself at the gorgeously confused blonde boy sitting next to me.

I flung my arms around him.

“That was the nicest apology anyone has ever given me,” I said, clinging to him, as he flailed his arms, trying to regain his balance.

“Wha- But I thought… huh?!” he sputtered, blinking rapidly.

Oh, right. I was meant to be sleeping.

I drew back slowly, stalling.

“Oh yeeeeaaah, um…I’m sleep-talking?” I suggested, shrugging.

He smirked.

“Were you pretending to be asleep just to avoid me?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.


He sighed, the smile falling from his face. “I mean it Rose. I am so so soooooo sorry for even thinking that you would…you know.”

I smiled and said, “It’s okay, Scorp. I wasn’t mad at you.”

He frowned briefly, then asked, “Sorry, what did you just call me?”

I blinked, confused, and shrugged.


Oh crap, yeah.

“I’m so sorry, Scorpius, is that bad?”

He shook his head and chuckled softly.

“No, it just seems so surreal. I mean, a few days ago, you broke my nose after I stole your wand. Now, you’re giving me nicknames…I dunno, it just feels…weird, right?”

I thought about it, then started laughing with him. It did feel a bit odd…but I secretly liked it, this newfound…friendship?

Whoa!! Did I just suggest that Scorpius Malfoy was my friend?!

We giggled, each looking at the other whenever the giggles died down, and suddenly finding the other’s face extremely funny.

I laughed, “I…think that we should - teehee - get some sleep now.”

Scorpius nodded in agreement.

We slowly lay down next to each other…

…aaaaaaand the awkwardness was back.

Hello there, Awkwardness.

Well hello, Rose. It’s nice to see you again. Are you enjoying this moment?

Uh, no, obviously not.

HA! Good. It’s meant to be awkward.

Well, it is. Congrats.

[insert sarcastic look here]


About an hour later, I finally heard Scorpius’ breathing deepen, leaving me to be the only conscious person in this tent.

I was just pondering counting sheep, and why Muggles were constantly doing it to fall asleep, when a heavy arm(?) landed on my waist, dragging me back into Scorpius’ comfy, warm self.

I stiffened briefly, then, against my own judgement, I relaxed into the snuggle, quickly falling asleep…


…Scorpius was staring at me.

I could feel it, his gaze heavy on my face.

I sighed, savouring the warm safety of Dreamland for a second longer, before I opened my eyes and asked Scorpius,

“What do you want, Scorp? I’m trying to get some much-earned sleep here.”

He snickered, and answered, “Sorry, but you were…”

I was what? I was almost TOO beautiful when I was sleeping? I was irresistible? Enthralling? Enchanting?



Well then. That was embarrassing.

I wiped my mouth, blushing.

He laughed again, and got up to leave the tent.

And it was just about here that I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt…


Who knew that a 17-year-old boy could even possess so many muscles?

I craned my neck, trying to get a better look.

Dayum…they were probably from playing so much Quidditch, I mused, staring after him.

Suddenly, a horrible figure blocked my view, casting a dark shadow over me.

Ugh, the Vulture.

“Greetings, oh Odious One, and what can I do to help you this fine morning?” I asked flippantly, clambering out of the shelter of the tent.

Sheila sneered, “Well, for starters, you can stay away from my boyfriend, you horrible little toad.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“That would be slightly difficult, seeing as we are currently under orders to share a tent, Your Highness.”

Her smug grin faded, leaving behind an expression of both deep anger and utter loathing.

I beamed at her, “Well, if that’s all, I think I’ll be going now. Not that this little…conversation hasn’t been extremely fascinating and delightful, but I do actually have better things to do with my time, believe it or not.”

I pushed past her, and skipped off towards the bonfire.

HA! Rose Weasley - 1, The Vulture - 0.


As I sat down next to my favourite cousin (sorry James) I nonchalantly cast a glance around the group of people sitting on the logs that had been set next to the fire pit.

Huh. No Scorpius.

Well, he was probably off with his puke-inducing girlfriend somewhere, trying to prove that you COULD reach someone’s tonsils with your tongue.

I nudged Al.

“Hey, where’s Scor- Lexi?” I coughed, shaking my head.

Whoa. I had Scorpius on the brain!

He gave me a weird look. “Ummmm, I think she went for a walk.”

I stared at him.

“ON HER OWN?!” With a freaking WEREWOLF roaming around the forest?!

Al glared, “No…” he mumbled something unintelligible.

“What was that Albus?”

“Scorpius went with her.” He was full-on glowering now.

“Oh.” That’s weird.

We sat in awkward silence.


“Hey guys!” Lexi chirped, entering the clearing, followed by…


He was blushing, and smoothing down his rumpled shirt.

O. M. G.

Was he just…and Lexi was…WHAT?!

I sat there, stunned, until I suddenly registered Lexi waving her hand in front of my face.

I shook my head, and started to get up, saying, “I, um, I feel a little…so yeah…um, I’m just gonna…”

I stumbled back to my tent, still reeling from the realisation that I had just had.

Sitting down heavily on the soft comfort of my sleeping bag, I blinked in shock.

“Ro? You in here?” Lexi opened the flap and peeked in.

She sat down next to me and waved her hand in front of my catatonic face.

“You okay? What’s wrong?”


I suddenly twisted towards her and said (well, yelled, really), “Alexia Thornton, have you, or have you not, just been macking with Scorpius Malfoy?”

She leant back, wide-eyed, from my accusation.

“Um, I don’t really know where to begin. Okay, first of all, what the hell is MACKING?” she asked, bewildered.

I growled in frustration.

“Macking…you know, snogging, kissing, making out, playing tonsil hockey, shoving your tongue DOWN HIS THROAT?!?!”

Her face twisted. “EW, ermigad NOOOO!!” she whipped her head from side to side, making gagging noises and just generally overreacting.

I sighed with relief.


“No, Rose, you have SERIOUSLY misread this situation. I know how it could look to you, you know, us going off by ourselves and stuff a lot, but there is really NOTHING going on between us.”

I’m confused. Anyone else? No? Just me? Really? Ah, yes, you sir, at the back of the room, you too?


“Well then, what HAVE you been doing?”

She shrugged sheepishly.

“I’ve, um, been…er…well…I’vebeengivinghimadviceonhowtobreakupwithhisgirlfriend…”

I blinked.

“Once more in English please?” I asked my small blushing friend.

She sighed frustratedly, “I have been giving him advice on how to break up with his heinous girlfriend.”


Well then.


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