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Both Liv and Maia slept in on Sunday. I woke them up and we had pancakes while watching TV. Scor and Rose were due to arrive at around 2o’clock which didn’t really leave us much time to do anything. We all got dressed and that was about it apart from packing all Maia’s stuff away. We were sat on the sofa reading when they walked in at 2 on the dot.

“Where’s my baby?” Rose said, walking in and demanding her daughter

“Here!” Maia grinned at us before her Mum trapped her in a hug

“Mummy’s missed you so so much” Rose repeated over and over while Maia was squished

“Daddy!” Maia squealed after Rose had moved ever so slightly so she could see her Dad standing behind them

Maia managed to get away from Rose and jumped straight into Scorp’s arms, he held her up hugging her tightly and stroking her hair saying, “Hello gorgeous. We’ve missed you”

Meanwhile Rose turned to Liv and sarcastically said, “Charming. He always gets the longer hugs”

“Maybe so but I’ll give you a hug!” Liv joked, hugging her best friend, “All better now?”

“All better” Rose nodded, smiling at her

“Good! But look at you, you’re so tanned! Did you have a great time?” Liv asked

“It was fantastic, we really did need the break” Rose sighed, “Mummy wants another hug now” she decided, taking her daughter off her husband

“Welcome home mate” I said to him smiling

“Thanks. How was she then?” he asked

“She honestly was good as gold” I smiled

“Yeah? Well, we hoped so. We missed her loads” he frowned slightly

“You could’ve written more often” I said

“If we’d have done that, we would have wanted to come home” he shrugged

“You had fun too though, right?” Liv asked, getting up to give him a hug too

“Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong. We had a good time” he nodded, hugging her back

“What did you do then with Auntie Livy and Uncle Al?” Rose asked her daughter

“Auntie Livy, where’s my scrapbook?” she turned to Liv who got up and gave her the scrapbook, pushing Scor into her space onto the sofa as well so he could see

“Thank you” Maia said, opening the book up and showing her parents what she did with us each day

They “Oooh(ed)” and “Ahhh(ed)” at all the things we did while Liv and I watched and smiled at Maia explaining what we had done.

“That looks great Maia. We’ll have a proper look later but maybe we should go home now” Scorp said

“Do we have to?” Maia frowned, looking at the two of us

We both nodded while Rose said, “Yes honey, we do. Go grab your things”

She ran off upstairs and Liv went to help her

“Thanks for taking her to see Mum and Dad” Scorp thanked

“It was Liv’s idea. I’ve been at work a lot actually. She needs the most thanks really” I said

“Apart from losing Maia” Rose joked

“Yeah. She didn’t really lose her but she did break her leg, if that makes you feel any better?” I wondered

“She did what now?” Scorp interjected

“She broke her ankle actually. Sprained her wrist and desolated her knee as well” I shrugged

“How’d she manage to do that?” Rose asked

“We all know she isn’t very good on her feet” I shrugged again, “she fell down a big hill”

“She’s okay now though?” Scorp asked

“Oh, yeah. She’s fine” I nodded

“Good. That doesn’t make me feel much better though” Rose decided

“I gave it a shot” I joked, “We’ve had the best time with Maia, she’s wonderful, you guys have done a good job” I added

“We gave it a shot” Scorp joked too, while Rose mouthed “Thank you” to me

Just then Liv came back down the stairs with a load of bags, Maia behind her with a couple herself

“Say goodbye baby” Rose nodded towards the two of us

“Bye Uncle Al” she said, giving me a hug

“Bye Princess, make sure you’re a good girl for Mummy and Daddy” I smiled down at her while she was still frowning slightly but nodded nonetheless

“Bye Auntie Livy” she said, now giving Liv a hug

“Bye bye Angel. We love you lots, thank you very much for coming to spend the week with us” she squeezed the life out of her, smiling widely, “Come back soon”

“I will” she promised as she took her Mum’s hand

“We’ll send you an owl later. Thank you for looking after her for the week” Scorp thanked us, picking up the majority of Maia’s bags

“See you soon. Love you both” Rose smiled, grabbing the last couple of things

“Love you three too” Liv smiled back, closing the door behind them

After they’d gone we both slumped onto the sofa, exhausted. We also weren’t sure what to do. Having Maia was wonderful but it changed our entire lifestyle for a week. We defiantly wouldn’t have been up so early (this might be why we were so tired) and we wouldn’t have done half the things we did.

“What do we do now?” Liv asked, turning to me

“What we normally do I suppose” I shrugged, looking at her too

“What’s that again?” she asked

“I have no idea” I noted as she smiled at me

“Well, I guess we’ll just sit here until we figure it out then” she said, turning away from me, her expression changing to be somewhat concerned

“What’s wrong?” I wondered

“Nothing” she said in a very unconvincing voice

“Liv” I stated, moving so I was sat side ways on the sofa

“How is it you know there’s something wrong?” she turned to me, looking slightly outraged

“You look upset and your voice isn’t very convincing that something’s good” I said, looking into her eyes that were slowly welling up

“Well, nothing’s wrong” she said, sounding surer of herself

“Then what’s up?” I asked, holding onto her hand

She moved quickly so she was sat on her legs, facing me on the sofa, “Promise me you won’t freak out?”

“I promise” I nodded

“Okay. What would you say if I said I wanted a baby?” she asked

“I would say, you’d be a great Mum and I’d love to be able to give you a baby. As long as you think you’re ready” I replied with the truth

“Would you really?” she asked, looking slightly taken back

“Of course” I smiled

“Great!” she said, slumping back onto the sofa

“Woah. Would you like to finish that conversation?” I said, pulling her back to face me

“Oh. Yeah. Well. About that. I think we’re ready” she grinned like a school girl

“How ready?” I asked, thinking I may have figured out where this conversation was going

“For me, about 4 days” she smiled

“And...” I prompted

“For real, about 4 weeks” she grinned

“Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?” I asked in disbelief

“I’m pregnant Ally” she nodded, speaking softly and smiling widely through her speech

“You’re pregnant?” I repeated

She nodded

“And you’re sure?” I wanted clarification

She nodded again

“But, you had your fall” I reminded her

“I know” she nodded, still grinning

“And you’re still sure?” I asked again

“On Friday, when I went to the supermarket. I also went for a check up” she revealed

“And you’re pregnant?” I asked

She nodded

“But...” I started

She interrupted saying, “This time we have a fighter”

“A fighter!” I repeated, shouting slightly, “We’ve got a fighter!”

“That we do!” she joined in, “We’re going to have a baby!”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I wondered

“I knew you wouldn’t have let me have any fun with Maia” she shrugged

She was right. I wouldn’t have let her do half the things she did do. But if we still have a baby I guess I’m not going to argue with her.

A/N- Hey Guys!
AHHH NEWS! WHAT DO YOU THINK? ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! BABY POTTER! OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED! I'm sorry... I'm way too excited for this and I'm writing it!
Scorose is also back! It's that great! They've taken Maia back home which is great! Rose missed her baby!
What did you think of the chapter? PLEASE go completely crazy and CAPITAL LETTERS on me! Or calmly tell me what you think! Whichever you guys prefer!
Thanks for reading!
Please review!

Emz xxx 

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