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It had been easy to get the papers from Harry for permission to take Seigfred Warrington in for questioning. It was less so to do it subtly as both Scorpius and Milly agreed they wanted to avoid raising suspicion from their murderer. And without Warrington being suspicious that they wanted to check him for quenwood.


It was eventually decided that Guffy would call him in due a ‘clerical error’ with his criminal record that they needed him to come into the department to get cleared up. Scorpius was pacing impatiently outside the examination room they had rather unceremoniously shuffled Warrington into upon his arrival. Guffy and Ryan were in charge of his ‘clerical error’ with Albus being there to take the blood sample necessary to test for quenwood.


The door opened and closed behind Albus as he came out into the hall, holding a veil of blood. He gestured to Scorpius to go with him and the two of them made their way to Albus’ medical office with long strides.


“He’s upset about his ‘clerical error’. Guffy and Ryan explained the whole scenario to him, that deatheaters are being targeted in a series of murders and that we believe he is a potential victim. He’s tense, definitely didn’t cooperate with the blood sample. Most likely means he has something to hide. He refused tea. Just had water.” Albus said once the door closed behind them.


He was already rummaging through cupboards, setting up the veil of blood in a stand, placing various potions on the worktable, getting a stirring rod out of the drawer. Familiar with the procedure he quickly, with confidence, placed a few drops of the blood in a Petri dish and added careful measurements of three different potions, giving it a quick blend with the stirring wand.


“That does it. Four minutes. If there is quenwood in his blood system it’ll turn turquoise.” Albus said, leaning back against the worktop.


Scorpius nodded, staring at the Petri dish. Albus’ eyes were trained on the timer on the counter. Four minutes. The timer rang shrilly and Scorpius almost jumped and grimaced.


Albus and Scorpius both looked at the petri dish.


“Seems pretty perfectly turquoise to me.” Scorpius said with a satisfied smirk as Ablus bottled the rest of the blood sample and froze it down, setting it down in a cupboard of equally frozen blood samples.


Albus nodded sharply. “It also means you now have an official reason for having him in for interrogation. Quenwood dealing and abuse is a serious offence. Has a pretty hefty fine and a short prison sentence attached.” Albus said, packing things up with practiced efficiency, signing some paperwork quickly and handing it to Scorpius who nodded gratefully.


Scorpius strode with long graceful strides towards the examination room where Warrington was being held. As he passed her desk Lily stood up briskly and jogged to match his strides.


“Scorpius, don’t you desperately need a scribe today?” She asked with a beaming smile.


Scorpius glanced sideways at her suspiciously.


“Whatever for?” He asked.


Lily scowled. “I may or may not be attempting to escape Finnegan. I swear I’ve had my full quota of him for the week, and its only Monday.” She grumbled.


Scorpius grinned. “Come along then minion.” He said cheerfully, ruffling Lily’s long straight red hair.


Lily glared at him, but smiled gratefully and summoned quill and parchment just in time as they entered the examination room. Guffy and Ryan looked up questioningly at Scorpius and he nodded. In one smooth moment Guffy and Ryan rose and left the room, Scorpius and Lily taking their seats.


Warrington shifted nervously, looking between Lily and Scorpius with nervous dark eyes.


“Scorpius good to see you.” He said hesitantly, attempting joviality and failing. Sweat broke out on his forehead. “I went to school with your father you know. We participated in… extracurricular activities together.”


Scorpius face hardened. He knew Warrington had been in Slytherin one year above of his father, and the extracurricular activities he referred to was the inquisitorial Squad that had existed at Hogwarts in his sixth year. It was not something that Scorpius father had ever spoken of with pride. Rather it had been one of the many things that Draco had never mentioned to his son out of shame and that Scorpius had only learned of from history books, the bullying of other children at Hogwarts and from Harry Potter who was the only person he had ever truly trusted to give him true accounts of what had happened in the war that Draco had lived through.


Scorpius also knew that Warrington had joined the deatheathers straight out of school and particular specialised in muggle raids. He knew Warrington had the blood of children on his hands. And he knew he was a quenwood addict. He took a moment to breathe evenly and remind himself that he was sat here to actually try to keep this man alive.


“Mr. Warrington, you are hereby under arrest for the use and abuse of the illegal drug quenwood.” Scorpius said calming and quietly, his voice like ice.


Lily glanced sideways at Scorpius and suppressed a shiver. She rarely heard Scorpius put the ice in his voice or put on his mask of ice. She knew he had it. Had seen it as a permanent fixture on his father Draco Malfoy. Knew he had learned it from his father. But she rarely saw Scorpius use it. And when he did it typically spelled trouble. So Lily automatically stiffened and clutched her wand in her pocket when she heard the ice in Scorpius’ voice.


“Excuse me? Quenwood?” Warrington attempted to ask in a confused voice, his eyes shifting uneasily around the room, not settling on anything for more than a few seconds and never on their faces.


Scorpius looked at Warrington. Scorpius also knew that Warrington had been a part of the band of snatchers that had taken Hermione Granger-Weasley, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to Malfoy Manor which had resulted in the torturing of Hermione Granger that still haunted his fathers dreams. Of course that was another thing that Scorpius had not learned from his father.


“Quenwood Mr. Warrington. The drug that is in your bloodstream. The reason you refused tea this morning.” Scorpius said icily.


“I… I don’t like tea.” Warrington replied weakly.


Scorpius reminded himself once again that his goal here was to save this mans life. Though he had to admit for the first time since he’d begun this investigation he began to wonder if perhaps not all those that had been murdered in this theatrical serial murder didn’t deserve what they got.


And then he reminded himself that there were more people than he could count that would argue the same for his father and grandparents and his godmother Pansy and that Warrington just like his own father had been little more than a child when he’d decided to join the deatheaters. And worse than a child, he had been a teenage boy, and Scorpius, having been a teenage boy, knew that few boys that age make sensible choices under peer pressure. And so Scorpius pulled himself together and reminded himself that he wanted Warrington alive and the only crime he was currently on trail for was an illegal addiction to quenwood.


“Mr. Warrington, we believe that you are a potential victim in a recent series of murders.” Scorpius said levelly.


Lily watched the ice leave Scorpius face and heard it evaporate from his voice and relaxed, releasing her wand and focusing on her transcript.


“They murdered Fitz Rosier, didn’t they?” Warrington asked quietly.




“I… I was the one that introduced him to quenwood.” Warrington whispered, his eyes taking on a haunted look. “It… it got rid of the nightmares. It got rid of the screams.”


Scorpius remained silent, watching Warrington carefully.


“And Michael Maynard. He introduced me to the quenwood. He wasn’t a bad sort you know. Not a good one, not by miles, but not bad. He knew… he knew I still had nightmares.” Warrington continued, looking at his hands in his lap which he wrung nervously. He looked up at Scorpius. “And now… now they’re going to get me next aren’t they?”


“That is what we are attempting to prevent Mr. Warrington.” Scorpius said calmly, folding his hands in front of him on the desk. “Any information you can provide about other quenwood users and your quenwood supplier would be extremely helpful.”


Warrington nodded miserably.




Lucy had convinced her cousin Fred to look after her shop for the day while she worked in the auror department. Of course he had been surprised at this development and had asked whether the auror department was aware of her ‘grey’ dealings. Lucy had smugly waved her potions and potion ingredient licenses under his nose and informed him that she was quite legal thank you very much. He had raised his eyebrow at her and looked pointedly at the crystal balls lined smartly on the shelf over the counter.


“You got a license to import them from Romania?” He asked innocently and she’d smacked him on the back of the head and told him to shush up or Malfoy would confiscate them too.


He had grinned and promised not to do anything stupid while she was gone. To be honest Fred was the only cousin that Lucy felt she could trust to actually know what was legal and what was not in her shop and to not sell something illegal to a legal costumer, and to generally be sensible with her merchandise.


The point was that she was spending the morning at the auror department looking at the spanner dropped with the murder at The Leaky Cauldron. Because it bothered her. It bothered her extremely that this was the one object which had not been acquired at her shop. All the others had. Except for the spanner. It looked like a plain normal spanner. Nothing odd about it whatsoever. Just a muggle spanner. So she demanded to not just see the photo of the object, but to analyse the actual object and Milly had given it to her with a grin reminding Lucy that this was against protocol and therefore totally off the record.


And that was when Lucy realised what was wrong with the spanner. She realised what it was made out of. Goblin silver. She sure never had before encountered a muggle spanner made out of goblin silver.


She leaned back in her chair with a groan and tugged at her red curls with a scowl.


Because it sure wasn’t legal for her to sell goblin silver. Under the 1999 revision to laws all goblin silver could only be sold by goblins or those with a licence from the goblin community. And Lucy was pretty sure that this spanner was probably created from the melted down remains of a wreaked goblin silver helmet she had sold a year ago without such permission from the goblin community. It took a great deal to wreak armour made from goblin silver, but this particular helmet had apparently been wreaked by an enraged sphinx who’s kittens had been hunted down and sold by the wizard whom the helmet had belonged to.


It also meant that she was going to have to admit to Scorpius that she had illegally traded in goblin silver. Lucy sighed. Well, she might just have to pay the fine for this one.




Scorpius arranged with Warrington that he was on protective probation. Duffy and Ryan would be secretly shadowing him. Warrington understood. He was serving a dual function. One as a source to root out the trade of quenwood from Diagon Alley. Second to not put off the murderer’s scent.


He was bait. And Warrington had nodded in understanding and given them the names of two other dormer deatheaters who were quenwood addicts. He knew of no more. And he insisted that he himself had only ever received quenwood through Michael Maynard, and he had supplied the quenwood for Fitz Rosier. He himself had never heard of Gwyn or Clue. Since Maynard’s death he had gained quenwood from one of Maynard’s friends, Wilkes.


Still Scorpius felt pretty successful. And Lily was ecstatic to discover that Finnegan was on assignment and therefore wouldn’t be bothering her for the next three days while he was in Portsmouth.


Scorpius entered his office to find Milly to give the report on Warrington’s interview. Milly wasn’t there, but be was surprised to find Lucy Weasley curled up in his office chair, looking like someone had kicked her puppy.


“What’s up with you Weasley?” He asked, dropping the report on Milly’s desk. He wasn’t fussed about finding Lucy in his office. Albus had probably let her in knowing that all sensitive and restricted documents were hexed so only auror staff could read the without consent.


“You can’t call me Weasley. There are too many of us.” She replied grumpily.


“Fine. Lucy. What’s wrong?” He asked, lounging in Milly’s chair.


“The spanner. Its goblin silver. I think it might me melted down from a wrecked helmet I sold.”


Scorpius looked at her mulling over what she told him.


“I’m assuming you don’t have goblin consent to sell goblin silver.” He said, amusement lacing his voice.


Lucy scowled.


“I asked the goblins, and they refused me on the ridiculous basis that I’m female. I think they’re just taking it out on me that aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron and Harry helped their dragon escape. Goblins hold a grudge like no one else.” She replied grumpily, slumping further into Scorpius chair.


“You know Lucy, you’re really something else.” Scorpius said and Lucy couldn’t help but wonder if he sounded almost fond of her.


“I should hope so.” She muttered, glaring at the carpets that were still stood in the corner of Scorpius’ office.


“I’ll send you the bill for the fine. Now out of the chair. Don’t you have a black market shop to look after?” Scorpius said, shooing her out of his chair.


“I sell legal stuff!” Lucy insisted, rolling her eyes as she made her way out of the door.




Lucy arrived back at her shop to find two scowling goblins on her doorstep.


“We’re here to re-evaluate the premises of your shop for the selling of goblin precious metals.” One of them ground out irritably, threateningly waving a heavy stack of papers at her.


By the end of the day Lucy was staring gobsmacked out of her door at the retreating backs of the two goblins, holding in her hand the consent forms to sell objects made of goblin precious metal as long as she followed correct procedure to register all sold goblin artefacts with the goblin council. She also held the hefty fine delivered by owl from the auror department. And despite the large sum she naturally forgave him because she was sure he had also somehow sent the goblins.

Lucy couldn't help but laugh. Laugh slightly hysterically. He seriously was trying to turn her legal. Who knew that meeting Scorpius Malfoy would result in so much paperwork? 

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