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A Rollercoaster Ride by potterfan310
Chapter 2 : Of Illness, Assumptions and Doubt
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Stunning CI by playcrackthesky @ TDA!


A/N Thank you to Jess (jessicaloreswrites), Alice (dracoismyboyfriendguys) and HermionesSecretClone for reading and reviewing the prologue!! And to those who favourited.

The rain was lashing down outside and with every drip drop against the window I wanted nothing more than to be down on the Quidditch pitch. It's weird saying that instead of being in my nice warm dorm room, I would rather been out in this awful weather. I love Quidditch more than anything and I couldn't afford to miss tonight's practice, I didn't want to miss tonight's practice. We've been back at Hogwarts nearly two months and it's been crazy already even though we don't have exams this year, the teachers still feel the need to give out homework like there's no tomorrow.

Thanks to Molly who is my cousin, friend and dorm mate she managed to persuade me to stay indoors. Is it so bad that I want to be outside in the fresh air?  I've been cooped up here for a whole week and it's far from fun. I hate being ill, this stupid sickness bug is a complete pain.

It started the other week, me being sick in the morning but I thought nothing of it. Then after last Friday night when I had chicken casserole it really tipped me over the edge. Ever since I haven't been able to keep food down and I've been throwing up at random times of the day. Life's no picnic I'm telling you.

Rolling onto my side I looked at my clock; twenty past four. I sighed, well at least the everyone would be coming of classes now. Maybe I could actually go down with them to dinner and eat something for a change.

Looking up at the canopy of my bed I sighed just as the door creaked open and I heard a low voice say, "Lil, are you awake?"

"Yeah, I'm awake," I replied as I sat up carefully so my head wouldn't spin. I blinked a few times adjusting my vision so that I was able to see who stood before me. The red hair was a give away as apart from me, Rose is the only other cousin in our family with red hair. "Hey, Rosie," I greeted as she sat down on Kallie's neatly made bed which is next to mine.

Opening her school bag she pulled out a book along with two bits of parchment, handing it all to me. "Today's homework," Rose told me. "Defence which you should already know, Potions is an essay and you need the book to help."

I rolled my eyes, great another lot of work for me to do. "What about Divination?"

"Trelawney said to carry on with your dream diary as next week you'll be finding out what they mean."

I groaned. "Fab now I get to find out what me being chased by a giant marshmallow means," I muttered making Rose laugh.

She looked at me with her 'I told you so' smile. I knew I shouldn't have taken the stupid subject in the first place, I'm definitely dropping it next year. I was hoping to have Firenze as a teacher but luck was not on my side when we were told that sixth years were having Trelawney.

Pulling at her Gryffindor tie which loosened, Rose was watching me with caution. "How you feeling?"

"Urgh," I moaned as I raked a hand through my hair, which felt greasy. "I feel so gross it's unreal."

Rose pointed to the bathroom. "Go shower then," she suggested.

I stuck my tongue out at her. "I know where it is thanks, but I keep feeling light headed so I don't trust myself to shower."

Rose pointed again. "Have a bath then, go on. It'll be good to get out of bed."

I nodded since she did have a point. I made my way out of bed slowly, steadied myself as I stood up. The room span a little but not much so I headed to my trunk. Searching through it I found clean underwear as well as a pair of leggings and a top.

Rose tutted at me as I walked slowly to the bathroom, as I closed the door I saw that she was making my bed tidy. Turning the taps on, I allowed the bath to be filled with steaming hot water, topping it up with one of the girls pinks bubbles which smelt like strawberries.

As I waited I brushed my hair, looking in the mirror I didn't see myself looking back at me. I saw a younger, tired version with dark shadows under my eyes. Crap I really didn't look well. I shook my head at the thought and proceeded to peel off my spotty pyjama bottoms and purple top that I had been wearing.

The warm water washed over me as I got in the bath and I felt like a flower which had been revitalised. It was so nice to feel the warmth on my skin, the bubbles around me smelt divine and I suddenly really wanted strawberries. Frowning at my weird thoughts, I submerged myself in the water

"Lil?" Rose called from the dorm.

I sat back up, sloshing water over the place as I grabbed my shampoo. "Yeah?" I replied wondering what she wanted.

"What did you say your symptoms were?"

"I didn't?" I shot back as my stomach rumbled as I lathered my hair with the coconut shampoo.

"What were they?" she questioned.

I ignored her for a minute as I sorted myself out. "Sickness, feeling tired, a yucky taste in my mouth. I told you it's just some bug." I had no idea why she was asking me this, so I promptly ignored her as I wallowed in the warm water.


Coming out out of the bathroom feeling refreshed I saw Rose sprawled out on Kallie's bed, reading none other than Hogwarts A History. I don't see why she reads it, I'm sure she knows it off by heart, she recites it to us lot often enough.

"Lily?" Rose asked tentatively as she looked up. "Are you pregnant?"

I looked at her gob smacked, how could she even suggest a thing!

"I'm not stupid you know!" I exclaimed as I grabbed a grey hoodie from within my trunk. "I'm single, Rose, therefore I'm not getting any.  Anyway I think I'd know if I was pregnant, Ro."

Under her breath Rose muttered, "Well maybe if you were, you'd be less cranky."

"I heard that," I yelled at her as I threw a pillow at her, which she dodged easily. Pulling on the hoodie which technically belonged to Aidan, I sat on my neatly made bed.

"Are you sure though?" Rose questioned me as I pulled on socks. I nodded at her as I pulled a face. "It's just that you've got the same sort of things I had last year and I skipped a period. And well uh I thought I was pregnant."

I just looked at her as she presented me with this information. Since when had my perfect cousin got knocked up?

"And?" I pressed her.

She sighed, closing the book with a 'snap'.  "There was no way I could go and see Madame Malfoy." I snorted, she got that right. I bet she'd have loved to treat her son's girlfriend for pregnancy symptoms. Talk about awkward. Rose raised an eyebrow at me and I nodded allowing her to continue. "So I went to the apothecary in Hogsmeade. The girl in there; Beatrice, helped me out. Long story short, Lil. I was just way too stressed, I wasn't pregnant."

"Rose, I'm not pregnant," I reassured her.

She huffed. "Fine. And FYI, Lil, just because you're single doesn't mean you might not be sleeping with someone." With that she picked up her bag, stuffing her book inside. "Feel better soon."

It wasn't until she had gone that I realised I was alone with my thoughts. It's just a bug,  I told myself, some sickness bug. I bet one of the other girls will get it next week.

I was interrupted as I sat on my bet dazed, by someone calling my name. "Lily?"

I looked around and found one of my best friends looking at me, her red ponytail swinging wildly as she waved a hand in front of my face. "Earth to Lily."

I blinked a few times. "Sorry, I was lost in thought."

Kallie laughed. "I can see that, Lil. Are you feeling better then?"

Shrugging I made a noise. "I might come to dinner later but I should really do homework."

"Let's get to it then," Kallie suggested as she grabbed her own bag and sat on my bed with me.

I sighed as I pulled the homework Rose had given me closer. I was in for a long hour or two.


After much debate and protests off Aidan and Molly, I found myself making my way through the castle.

"I'll meet you down there," Molly informed us as she stopped suddenly. "I need to see Chang about our Charms homework."

I sighed. "Aww crap, we have Charms homework as well?"

Aidan laughed at me. "I'll tell you on the way down."

Molly waved us goodbye as she doubled back on herself, her glossy brown hair shining in the light given off by the torches. The second we got around the corner, Aidan pulled me behind a suit of armour, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I spluttered because we were in the middle school. "A-Aidan! What are you doing, someone might see us."

He gave a low throaty laugh. "Everyone's at dinner, Lil. I've missed you," he admitted as he lent forward and kissed me. I couldn't help but kiss him back, it was like my whole body melted under his touch.

I put my hand in his chest. "Aidan, stop." I muttered. "Not here. I can't do this right now." He looked down at me with a frown on his face and I sighed. "I still feel ill and gross and anyway could walk by," I pointed out.

Aidan shrugged at me but after seeing my face he sighed as well. "Come on then, lets go to dinner."

As we walked the rest of the way down there was silence between us. I could feel the awkward tension practically radiating between us. "I'm sorry," I mumbled. "I'm just not myself right now, I still need my best friend though, Aid."

He smiled, the one that gave me butterflies in my stomach as the one side crinkled at the edges. He offered out his arms and I hugged him, feeling warm and safe in his embrace. After breaking apart we carried on down to the great hall.

I spotted Kallie's red hair easily from where she was sat at the Slytherin table the second we entered. She was sat next to my older brother; Albus who had an arm draped around her shoulders as they laughed at something Alex (Aidan's older brother) said.

Rose was sat over there as well, mainly due to her dating Scorpius. She looked at me as myself and Aidan crossed the hall to where our group of friends were sat. I ignored her as I sat down, forcing a smile on my face even though I was still feeling light headed.

"Feeling better?" One of the girls from my dorm, Cerys asked from where she sat down the table.

I smiled. "Yes thanks."

I piled my plate sky high with chips, salad and lasagne. As I did so I could feel my friends eyes on me. "What?" I protested, looking up to see not only Aidan and Molly's faces but my cousin; Hugo's, my other friend and dorm mate; Olivia and Aidan and Hugo's friends; Matt and Liam all looking at me as if I was crazy.

"Lil, you've been ill for a week and now you're eating as if you could rival dad," Hugo pointed out.

I shrugged as I took a forkful of lasagne and ate it. "You're point? Anyway I've been ill therefore I am starving right now."

Somehow Liam managed to steer the conversation away from me to the Quidditch season which would soon be upcoming, we had trials the other week and I had made it back on the team as Chaser. Liam and Aidan are our beaters, whilst Aidan's cousin; Callum is seeker and captain. Along with myself, a fourth year named Jessica and one of Rose's dorm mates; Zara make up the other chasers. Our new members this year are the two chasers, as our previous ones left in the summer due to being seventh years.

After not eating anything except a few nibbles of toast, I had two helpings of lasagne and by the time the puddings came out I was stuffed. I was feeling fine until I smelt it, the sickly sweet toffee pudding and the thick yellow custard. Next to me Aidan was wolfing down a gooey chocolate pudding. I couldn't stand it and pushed away the bowl of apple crumble that had been sat in front of me. Suddenly I no longer fancied it.

Opposite Liam wafted pumpkin pie in Olivia's face. She gave a disgusted look due to her hatred for the stuff. I could feel the bile creeping up at the back of my throat, I threw my hand across my mouth and nose as I stood up. I ran from the hall as I felt my stomach gurgle.

Running across the entrance hall like a crazy person, I felt like I wasn't going to make it. Thankfully some little titch (aka a first year) was just leaving the girls toilets and held the door open for me. I barged past them and made a bee line for the nearest cubical where I proceeded to bring up my dinner.

I had no idea how long I was knelt on the cold stone floor, but afterwards all I could think was that I needed water. There was a rotten taste in my mouth and  despite feeling better earlier, I now felt worse.

Feeling that I was okay, I flushed the toilet and left the cubicle heading fro the sinks. Staring at myself in the mirror I could see the room was starting to spin. I gripped the sides of the sink, my knuckles turning white as I struggled to hold myself up.

"Lily!" Molly's voice came from somewhere behind me.

I felt woozy as my grip slipped and I felt myself falling backwards, the cubicles suddenly turning sideways. I just about heard Molly cry out before the room went black.

The desperate plea's of my cousin brought me back to reality, I flickered my eyes open and found myself staring up at the ceiling. "W-what?" I frowned.

Molly cried out, "Oh thank Merlin!" before hugging me tight. "You're alive!"

Sitting up I looked at her as she let me go. "What?"

Her big brown eyes were wide and glistened with tears. "You just fainted, Lily. No explanation or nothing. I thought you were dead. You've been out at least five minutes, maybe more."

Groaning I motioned for her to help me up, which she promptly did. "I'm okay, Mol. Just help me back to the tower please."

Shaking her head Molly put her hands on her hips. For someone who was lucky enough to inherit next to none of our Weasley traits, she sure looked liked Nana Molly. "No! I'm taking you to the hospital wing."

Wrapping an one arm around my waist we left the toilets and Molly guided me to the grand staircase. As we walked up she lectured me, going on that I could have concussion or maybe even have broken a rib. Which I highly doubted.

I laughed at that, for one I hadn't even fallen that hard and two and I was sure it was due to this sickness bug. Molly hovered on the first floor as she debated taking me down the corridor that leads to the hospital wing or up the next flight of stairs.

"No, please, Mol. I'm fine now honestly," I lied.

She changed her mind and we went upwards.
The rest of the way she was quiet, but from the way she was biting her lip I could tell she was worried about me. In the dorm she stared at my bed and then me.

"You're not sleeping, I don't care if you're tired, you still might be concussed." Molly advised. "If you're asleep when I come back up I don't care what you say, I'm taking you to see Astoria."  With that she pulled magazines out of her trunk throwing them to me. "Read those, that'll keep you busy."

"Just please don't tell the others," I called just as the door shut behind her.


Once Molly and the others had come back from dinner she had lectured me to no end about me refusing to see the Matron and told me off.  I was in no mood to argue so it was going to bed early for me since Molly seemed happy that I was concussed. Thankfully she had kept quiet about my little incident, the others believed I wasn't as well as I thought I was. I felt guilty that I wasn't going down with the boys and girls to the Quidditch pitch for our practice.

Having spent a bit of time sleeping, I did some more homework and by the time my other two dorm mates; Cerys and Laura had come up it was nearly ten pm. I hadn't even realised it as time seem to fly by even though I wasn't doing a lot. When she came in, Molly raised her eyebrows at me but said nothing as she gathered her night things and went into the bathroom.

I could hear the shower running, which was quite soothing. The others were both sound asleep now, I only knew that because their talking had eventually died down and Laura was now snoring. Kallie and Olivia were both still out, in the common room most likely either that or Kallie was with my brother. Something I really don't want to think about.

Despite keeping their relationship a secret from October (they got together at my sixteenth birthday party), it came out in February when they got caught in here in our dorm kissing. Molly wasn't pleased and neither was I as we were the one who caught them.

"Lil, have you a got a pad or anything?" Molly called from within the bathroom, making me lose my train of thought.

I froze in place, my eyes going wide.


I heard her call back sounding disgruntled, "Never mind."

No, just no. Not possible. What had Rose said earlier? She skipped a period, I answered myself.

"Why do you look so startled?" Molly questioned as she came over folding her uniform before getting into her bed, which happens to be on the right of mine and closest to the window.

I shook my head. "No reason."

"You sure?" I nodded my head in response as I started counting back the days. "You really should sleep, Lil. Promise me you'll go see the Matron in the morning. You didn't faint for no reason."

I waved my hand lazily as she settled down for the night. "If I'm not better by Saturday then I'll go, okay."

"Night, Lil."

"Night," I whispered back. Grabbing the spare parchment that I had left out from earlier I grabbed a pencil and started scribbling down dates. No! I thought as I looked down at what I had wrote.

It couldn't be possible. No way.

Two months is a long time, I told myself as I led down. I found myself staring up at my canopy that was covered with silver lines and stars thanks to Aidan who had painted it for me back in April.


I sighed at his name.

This had to be a sickness bug. It had to be.

A/N Tah-dah and we have a second chapter, although it's technically the first, but shh! Poor Lily, she's really had a rough time, first sickness then fainting. Don't worry all will be revealed soon. Lily has the doubt in her mind but will she find out the truth??

FYI - For your information

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