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 We collected Maia later that day and got ready for bed as normal, once ready for bed however we received a two letters from Rose and Scorp. One addressed to Maia, and the other for Al and I.

Maia’s letter touched us all as they pretty much poured their heart and soul into a very small amount of words for their daughter. After that we couldn’t do anything but hug her and tell her they’d come back soon as she started to cry and say she missed them terribly. We also let her have an ice cream... and some more stuff, she also had some raspberries (that balances it out I think).

Livy and Al (Practically Mr and Mrs A Potter),
We’re having a great time but are missing our daughter WAY too much. (We miss you guys too). We cried when we got Maia’s letter (Rose cried when she got the letter). Very glad to hear she’s okay and having an amazing time with her favourite Aunt and Uncle. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LOST MY DAUGHTER! OLIVIA, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. (Don’t listen to her, she did the same thing a couple months ago). Didn’t I also tell you not to spoil her... did you listen to anything I said?
I hope she had a good time with Mum and Dad today and she enjoyed spending time with Peyton (Maia told us).
We miss you too! And hope that she doesn’t miss us too much because we’ll be back before she knows it! Maybe we will leave her with you more often, as long as you promise not to lose her again! (Again. She’s done it before. More than once)
Love you two too,
See you on Sunday,
Rose and Scorp (Mr and Mrs Malfoy)

That made me laugh quite a lot but Liv didn’t appreciate it very much at all. Although she loved Scorp a bit more for sticking up for her, she appreciated that quite a bit. After all of that happened we sat around and didn’t do a lot, we went to bed early in the end because we all knew Maia was tired and although we’d both had a nap earlier, we welcomed sleep very easily.

We were both woken up the next day by a little girl jumping into our bed and making herself comfortable lying between us.

“Morning Gorgeous” Al said, turning to look at Maia and I

“Morning” Maia and I both replied in unison, smiling at the fact he could have been talking to either of us (or at least that’s how I’m going to take it)

He chuckled at this and noticed the time, 8:00, he got up without too much fuss and asked, “What you girls going to do while I go to work then?”

Maia shrugged and looked at me

“Well, I was thinking we could eat breakfast, play dress up and then see what Grandma Astoria and Grandpa Draco are doing?” I suggested

“Sounds like a good idea. Do you want me to send them an owl?” Al offered

“Could you?” I asked

He nodded

“That’d be great. Thanks Ally” I thanked as left the room with his clothes to get changed in the bathroom

“Does that sound like a good idea Mi’?” I asked the girl still lying next to me

“I don’t have any of my dress up clothes though Auntie Livy” she frowned slightly

“That doesn’t matter. You can borrow some of mine. We can have a little fashion show if you like” I asked

“Oooh! Yes please!” she giggled, getting excited

“Okay, go grab your slippers and we can go and get breakfast then” I smiled

She agreed, ran off and before I’d even gotten my slippers on I could hear little footsteps down the stairs

I left my room just as Al was grabbing some stuff from the study to take with him into work and had almost reached the bottom of the stairs when he stopped to shout up them to me,

“Astoria says she’s not doing anything until 1, so you’re welcome to come round anytime before then” he said as I got to the bottom

“Thank you” I smiled, giving him a peck on the lips

“I’ll be back as soon as possible” he smiled back, kissing me on cheek and turning to jump into the fire, “See you in a bit Princess” he grinned at Maia as she joined me in front of the fire place- she waved bye back.

“Stay safe” I said

“Always” he nodded, disappearing

We had some toast and then went back up stairs to find some dress up clothes. I have a box of clothes in my wardrobe that is full of old Halloween costumes and clothes I wore when I was in Hogwarts. I decided this would be a great place to start because it would be easy to shrink those to fit Maia and if not she’d look really cute walking round in my old oversized clothes.

Maia went straight for my old costumes, pulling out a 60s hippie dress with a thick hair tie that was the same material as the dress, a Disco fever 70s outfit with thick white boots to go with it, an 80s outfit with neon necklaces and leg warmers to match. (for a while I was very much stuck in the past). She also found the Cow Girl costume I wore in my first year for Halloween (fit with hat and boots to match).
She loved them all and paraded around in each for a while. (I took some very cute pictures). Then, after going back into my wardrobe found some old clothes of mine from my first year- some very questionable dresses that I can’t believe I actually wore. One being a very glittery black dress that looked like a glitter bomb had exploded onto in. Of course the 5 year old loved it. She tried it out and squealed “Yes!” when I offered to help her find some jewellery, hair accessories and shoes to match. I did her hair all pretty and found some black heels for her to put on (which were WAY too big but she loved them to bits).

“Come on Auntie Livy! It’s your turn!” she exclaimed, walking as fast as she could to my wardrobe and wedging it open, flicking through all my dresses.

“Oh okay” I said, “How about this one?” holding up my newest dress, a skater dress with a floral pattern on it (a pink belt too)

“Nah” she shook her head

“This one?” I suggested, holding up a maxi day dress with multi coloured stripes (it looks better than it sounds)

“Nope” she disagreed once more

I started to think maybe she’d rather have me in party dress and changed my tactics, “Okay... Do you like this one?” I asked, picking out a black strapless dress that puffed out at the end- I hadn’t worn in years

“Yes!” she agreed, nodding her head a lot

I changed quickly and Maia did my hair and chooses my jewellery. I looked amazing. She says in a very sarcastic voice. My hair was pinned up with LOADS of hair clips and grips (it took me a while to get them all out). I then set the timer on my camera to take pictures of us posing on our imaginary cat walk. We both looked a picture to be honest though, I shrunk Maia’s dress slightly but it was still too big and so were her shoes and even though my clothes did fit me, my hair looked a state.

After we’d done all of this and got changed for the day the two of us were pretty exhausted but decided it was a good time to go to Astoria and Draco’s at just gone 10. We flooed in and smiled as Astoria and Draco we waiting for us in their sitting room.

“Hello Maia!” Astoria immediately attacked her granddaughter with hugs and kisses

Draco stood beside her grinning widely and addressing me, “Thank you for Owling us, I know this is your week with her”

“Not at all. I haven’t seen you two in ages, I think it was about time we had a catch up and why not bring Maia for an excuse” I joked, giving him a hug

“She certainly is an energetic excuse” he noted

“Well, she has been having a lot of fun with her Godparents this week. This is calm” I commented

“Grandpa Draco!” Maia suddenly spoke up and jumped up at him

“It’s so good to see you Livy!” Astoria gave me a squeeze

“I know. It’s good to see you too! I haven’t come here in what feels like forever!” I smiled, looking round

“And we’ve missed having you around. You’re always a delight!” she smiled, “Maia, do you want to go up to the play room?” she directed her attention to Maia

“Yes please!” she nodded and ran off

“I think that’s our cue to follow” Draco nodded, directing us forward to follow her

Which we did so, I sat on floor with Astoria and Maia playing with Scor's old toys, while Draco sat on a chair beside us and watched as well as joined in the chat sometimes. Astoria asked all about my job as well as how my sister, Grandma and Mum were. I asked how her family were and all about her job and the charity work she was doing at the moment. I then asked Draco the same things. We had a small chat about everything and anything for a bit and then Al came into conversation.

“And Al, he’s busy at work then?” I asked politely, smiling as Livy lit up at the mention of him

“Yeah, he was meant to be off but this is the third time he’s had to go in this week!” she explained, obviously annoyed at this slightly

“Oh, well it’s good to have a workaholic around” I said, looking at Draco who was too busy watching Maia to notice

“Hmm. I shouldn’t complain, it’s worse for him when I’m constantly at work for term time” she shrugged

“Is he okay though? It’s not too much?” I asked, my motherly instincts for those two kicking in

“No. No. He’s good” she smiled widely

“Has anything happened yet?” I asked, eagerly, Livy always brings out the girly girl in me- she’s like the daughter I never had

“Sorry?” she said, confused

“Has he popped the question per say?” I wondered, I really do care about these two

“No! Not just yet. Scorp and Rose deserve their limelight” she exclaimed, understanding that I was his mother and everything

“He’s had his day though!” I blurted before I thought

“Astoria!” Draco said, apparently paying attention now

“I’m sorry. It’s just exciting” I apologised to both my husband and Livy

He nodded in response

“It’s fine. You have a point but I don’t think it’s quite our time” she said almost apologetically

“And of course, it’s your decision” I nodded

“Yeah. It is. Actually...” she started before we heard someone wandering around downstairs

“Hello?” a voice rang through the house

“Look at that, speak of him and he appears!” I grinned, while Draco went to get him

“Apparently so” she agreed, smiling

“Hello Astoria, how are you?” he said coming in and giving me a hug

“I’m good thank you. How are you?” I smiled

“I’m pretty good actually. I just came over to pick up the girls. It’s almost 1 and I assume you need to get ready for later” he smiled back, always the considerate one Albus

“Is it that time already?” I exclaimed, “Well, that is very good of you. Thank you”

“Not at all” he nodded, “Come on Mi’ time to go back to ours” he said, picking her up and dragging her away from the toys

“Bye Grandma Astoria” she waved from the fireman’s lift Al had her in, “Bye Grandpa Draco”

“Bye Maia” I waved, “Be a good girl for Auntie Livy and Uncle Al” I smiled

“I won’t leave it so long before I come back” Livy promised, giving me a hug goodbye, “see you soon”

“Good! Just send us an owl and we’ll figure something out” I said, hugging her back

“It was nice to see you Astoria, Draco” Al said turning out of the room

“Bye Draco” Livy said, hugging him goodbye too

“I expect we’ll see each other soon” he said

“Of course we will! See you then” I agreed waving to them as they flooed home

When we got back home, we all made a scrapbook of the week we all had together. It was Liv’s idea actually; she went out and got all the stuff as well. The glitter, the stickers, card- everything and more that we needed. We had a great time. Sticking in the pictures we’d taken. The girls this morning seemed to have had a great time. We both helped Maia write what she wanted around it and everything. It was very cute by the time we’d each finished. We had three really cute scrapbooks.

We all got ready for bed after we’d had our dinner and I found myself alone with Maia, sat on my bed while we waited for Liv to have a shower.

“Mummy and Daddy will be back tomorrow Mi’” I said to her as she lay there looking at the ceiling

“Really?!” she asked, getting excited

“Yeah. They’ll be taking you back home” I frowned slightly (It’s not that I don’t want her to be happy but I don’t want her to leave!)

“Oh” she joined me in a slight frown, “Can’t I stay here with you and Auntie Livy?”

“You can, of course. But I don’t think Mummy and Daddy would like that” I told her

“But maybe... Can we all live together? Can you two come and live with me, Mummy and Daddy. They won’t mind. They love you too” she suggested, trying to find a way around all of this

“But Auntie Livy and I live here” I turned to look at her

I watched her face change to frustration as she said, “But Mummy and Daddy won’t mind” reassuring me

“I don’t think we can do that” I frowned and she joined in, looking at me

“What you guys talkin’ ‘bout?” Livy came and lay in between us

“Do I have to go home?” Maia asked her

“Yeah Angel, you do. But you can come and see us any time” she told her, “and we’ll come and see you all the time” she added

“Okay. Promise?” she wanted assurance on this point

“Double promise” Liv agreed

"Triple promise” I amended that statement

Hey Guys!
How are you all?
Did the changes of POVs work? I'm trying it out to see if it does... so let me know what you think, please!
What did you think of their dressing up scene? I know it was little and pretty much pointless but I needed to add something there.
What did you think of Draco and Astoria? Do you guys still love them? (I do!)
How about the three of theirs little conversation at the end?
Please leave a review and answer my questions... or don't answer the questions and just comment on whatever you like! Just please let me know something!

Emz xxx

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