Hermione and Ginny burst into the Head’s common room shivering from their cold carriage ride back from Hogsmeade. They were laughing at Ginny’s bright red nose.


“You look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” Hermione giggled as she pulled off her wet scarf and coat and hung it by the blazing fireplace to dry out.


“Who the heck is the Rudolph the bloody Red Nosed Reindeer?” Ginny asked laughing harder as she caught her reflection in a mirror before taking off her own wet outer garments.


“He’s a reindeer from a muggle story, he was the only reindeer with a red nose and on Christmas night, he used his bright nose to light the way for Santa Clause as he delivered presents,” Hermione was still giggling, “ Seriously Gin, you have never heard of Rudolph?”


“Hahaha, nope but he sounds like an alright bloke. C’mon, me and my bloody red nose will lead the way to your room,” Ginny winked as she lead the way up the stairs to Hermione’s private living quarters with Hermione hot on her tail.


Once in Hermione’s room, they lit another fire in the hearth and the icy cold that had taken up residence, was quickly swallowed up. Hermione quickly changed into sweat pants and a long sleeved thermal before tossing Ginny some extra warm clothes as well.  Hermione settled on her bed while the red head changed inside her large walk in closet. As Ginny came out, Hermione was attempting to tame the mess of hair on her head, keyword, ‘attempting’.


“Blast that bloody wind, look at what its gone and done to my head of hair!” Hermione pointed with a desperate look on her face.


“I don’t think the wind purposefully did that to you, Mione,” Ginny giggled as she walked over to her.


“Oh yes it did, Mother Nature has it out for me, she already cursed me with unruly hair and then she had to go and make it even more of a mess,” Hermione fake pouted.


“You got a bottle of Sleekeazy’s somewhere around here?” Ginny asked.


“Yeah, up in the bathroom, go up the stairs it’s the only door up there. My sink is the far left one and the bottle is in the second drawer on the right side.”


“I’ll be right back, and when I do, I will be ready to tame the beast,” Ginny spoke in a deep voice, making Hermione clutch her stomach laughing. Ginny stalked out of the room, arms out like a gorilla, keeping up the charade making Hermione roll on the bed laughing as tears welled up in her eyes.  Ginny was soon back, armed with a bottle of Sleekeazy’s and a brush.

“I have come to tame the beast!”


Hermione giggled and sat up on the edge of the bed as Ginny climbed behind her and began applying liberal amounts of the concoction to Hermione’s hair, quickly working it through her thick golden brown tresses. Hermione closed her eyes and relaxed, there was something that was so wonderful when someone else played with your hair. It gave you slight chills and Goosebumps but at the same time it relaxed you immensely. Hermione was so relaxed that she had started humming her song out loud without realizing it as Ginny began easily pulling the brush through Hermione’s thick hair.


“What is that?”


“What is what?” Hermione questioned back, quickly brought back to reality.


“That song that you’re humming.”


“Was I humming? I didn’t realize it.”


“That doesn’t answer the question Hermione. What is it? I haven’t heard it on the radio before.”


“Well, that’s because I made it up.”


“Really!?” Ginny exclaimed stopping her brushing and turning Hermione to face her, “does it have any lyrics?”


“Um, yes, well it’s not finished I only have the opening part and the chorus worked out so far.”


Ginny interrupted Hermione as she was very excited, “Sing it for me!”


“What no, um its just not finished, I don’t…”


“Oh, quite with the bull, and just sing it. I know you can sing so don’t pull the ‘I can’t sing’ crap.”


Hermione smiled at the eagerness of her friend and to be honest she had wanted to share it with someone for a while. Hermione got up and pulled out a notepad from her desk and walked back over to Ginny.


“Alright I’ll sing you the chorus but just know it's not finished.”


“Yes, yes I got it, just sing,” Ginny shushed her.


Hermione smiled as she cleared her throat, she hummed the tune a little bit to prepare herself and then her velvet pink lips parted and Ginny sat there in dumb silence, floored by the exquisite sound that was coming for Hermione’s vocal chords.


Will you still love me, When I'm no longer young and beautiful?


Will you still love me, When I got nothing but my aching soul?


I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will


Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?”


Hermione stood there waiting for her best friends response, but Ginny couldn’t speak, it was as if her vocal chords had seized up and she thought she might pass out for a minute but then Hermione spoke.


“Well… what do you think?”


“What do I think!?” Ginny exclaimed, “You’re bloody brilliant!”


Hermione smiled at Ginny’s words, feeling a blush creep up her neck before spreading to her cheeks.


“I have never heard a voice so deep and velvety at the same time.”


“Velvety?” Hermione raised an eyebrow.


“You know, velvety: thick and rich, like sultry. It caresses you and wraps you up in in its smokey arms as it drowns you in this feeling of peaceful bliss.”


“Smokey? Drowning? And bliss? I never would have thought to describe it like that.” Hermione said.


“You obviously haven’t heard your own voice then. I could wrap myself up in your voice and listen to it all day everyday. Were you thinking of anyone when you wrote it? It sounds like it was meant for someone or like it describes someone…”


“Actually, it just came to me, but to be honest it does sort of remind me of someone.”


“Really! Who?” Ginny was on her knees at the edge of the bed looks expectantly at Hermione.


Hermione giggled at the look on Ginny’s face,” I don’t know who it reminds me of, I just feel like the song sort of belongs to someone.”


Ginny smiled at Hermione, believing her to be withholding information but didn’t press Hermione; she glanced over at the clock on Hermione’s dresser.


“Looks like it’s about dinner time, how about we head down to the Great Hall.”


Hermione nodded her head and the two girls quickly headed off in the direction of the Great Hall, using their noses to guide them.


Professors and students alike were hustling about as they prepared the courtyard for Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Nights Dream, that a group of students had put together for the month of February. They also had an entire string sextet made up of students to play music to accompany the play.


Draco was glad that another migraine hadn’t popped up like it had last weekend, as he slowly made his way down to the courtyard, cello in hand. He stood in an arch way and gazed at the chaos laid out in front of him, fellow students were rushing about, fixing their costumes or apply their makeup as they read over lines. Some professors were busily magically creating a stage for their play along with a smaller stage for the all string sextet that he was unfortunately apart of. How had he let himself get roped into this mess? Oh that’s right some bloody 2nd year Slytherin had heard him practicing and gone and blabbed about it to the director of the play, Susan bloody Bones. Before he knew it she had him cornered and handed him over the sheet list for the play telling him to practice. The bloody Hufflepuff hadn’t even asked just demanded, since when had she grown a backbone? And now here he was, music and cello in hand, as the sun began to set and dusk settled over the castle. The play would begin at nightfall.


Reluctantly Draco made his way over to the small stage and pulled out his instrument, polishing it off before tightening his bow and applying resin to it. The string sextet had no director, not that they really needed one. Surprisingly, the group of them were amazing together and perfectly in sync. However, there should always be a leader in a group and so naturally, Draco took on that roll. Draco mentally took roll call as he quickly scanned their small group. There’s the Patil’s with their violins, Nola and Luna are unpacking their violas, but where the bloody hell is Hamish and his blasted base?  Draco and Hamish were the only boys of the group and subsequently the only ones who played their respective instruments in the sextet. Draco saw Hamish hustling over to their small group and quickly began pulling out his base and setting up.


“Cutting it a little close there Hamish,” Pavarti spoke up.


“Yeah, sorry, one of my mates decided to go and hide my sheet music at the last minute.”


“Everything coming along here? Are you all tuned and ready?” Susan walked up to the small stage observing the six students and their instruments.


“A quick tune up and we’re good to go, Director,” Draco smirked at Susan.


“Alright be quick, students are filing into the yard and we start in 7 minutes.”


Draco simply nodded and then turned in his seat to see if Hamish was set up. Big bowls of fire that had been set up around the perimeter of the courtyard began to spread warmth and light throughout the chilly February night as Draco led his sextet through a tune up and a warm up.


The courtyard was quickly filling up and Draco checked his watch, three minutes to opening and he began to scan the crowd. Daphne was nowhere to be seen. She had said she would be there, but as he searched face after face, Daphne’s dark hair and beautiful face were no where to be found in the sea of students.


“Draco,” someone whispered behind him. Turning in his seat he was met with beautiful brown eyes staring up at him.


“Shouldn’t you be sitting out there in the crowd?” Draco pointed with his bow.


“Ginny and the gang are saving my seat, I came to give you this,” Hermione held out a small envelope addressed to Draco. “It came by owl up to our common room just as I getting ready to head out.”


Draco took the letter and took note of the handwriting on it, it was Daphne’s.


“Anyways, good luck tonight Draco,” Draco snapped his head back up to the beautiful brown eyes that belonged to Hermione, “ I’m excited to hear you play!” Hermione said enthusiastically.


“And why is that?” Draco questioned with a smirk sitting peacefully on his face.


“The cello is my favorite instrument,” Hermione winked at Draco before turning to leave, “ Don’t let me down Malfoy.


Draco watched the girl hurry back to her friends, he felt an excitement begin to boil down in his stomach when Hermione sat down and gave him a small wave. With vigor Draco raised his bow summoning the rest of the sextet to follow suit. Draco let his bow dance across the strings as his fingers performed a jig on the fingerboard, he didn’t even look at the sheet of music as he played the opening scene. No instead his eyes were glued to a pair of brown ones that were locked on his as well. The curtain rose and the sextet slowly faded out as the actors walked onto the stage.  Daphne’s letter was quickly forgotten, as Draco found himself concentrating on playing his very best for a bushy haired girl who sat amongst her friends in the crowded courtyard below.


Daphne quickly penned to letters to two different boys before sending them off by owl and heading to her vanity to style her hair and makeup.

Minutes later as Hermione was preparing to leave her common room to head down to the courtyard for the play, an owl began tapping on the window. Opening it, the owl flew over to Draco’s desk and began hooting and hopping about it. Hermione untied the small envelope from the owl’s leg, and the owl immediately took off. The letter was addressed to Draco. Stuffing it into her coat pocket Hermione left the common room to meet up with Harry, Ginny, and Ron.

On the other side of the castle another owl began tapping on the window to the Slytherin boy’s private living quarters. Theodore opened the window and the owl flew into the room. Untying the knot that held the envelope to the owl’s leg, Theodore ripped open the letter and read it quickly to himself:


Meet me at the doors to the room of requirement at 7:30 pm tonight. Make sure no one see’s you.




That was in 20 minutes. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to let him know that they were going to meet up tonight, now he had to think of an excuse.


“Oi, Knott, you coming down to this bloody play or not?” Blaise asked, he was growing impatient already knowing they were going to be late and he had been waiting for Knott down in the common room for the past 10 minutes.


Theodore shoved the note into his pocket before Blaise saw it, “I don’t think so mate, dinner isn’t really sitting well with my stomach and I keep having to run back to the bloody loo every 3 minutes.”


Blaise sighed,” Alright mate, well then get some rest and light a freaking candle, I don’t want to come back here and it to smell like a sewer in here.” Blaise shut the door and headed off quickly in the direction of the courtyard.


Theodore quickly changed his clothes and freshened himself up a bit before sneaking out of the common room and over to the room of requirements. He had about 7 minutes to get there and not be seen by anyone. He arrived first and patiently waited for Daphne to show up.


He caught sight of her walking quickly down the hall, and he hurried to meet her half way, catching her lips with his the moment she stepped into his embrace.


“Next time, a little bit more of a warning so I’m not making up bloody lame excuses,” Theodore growled into Daphne’s ear.


“Oh don’t worry, besides I was stuck with him all bloody day long,” Daphne replied.


“Okay okay, hush, we need to get into the room before someone see’s us.”


Daphne concentrated really hard on what she needed the room to be for her and Theodore, and within seconds a door appeared out of the stonewall.


“C’mon,” Daphne tugged her lover into the private room that was decorated in the style of Parisian elegance. A large four-poster bed covered in white chiffon drapes sat in the middle of the room covered in red rose petals while a fire blazed in the hearth.


The two cheating lovers were groping each other as they ripped off one another clothes and fell back onto the bed.


“How long can you stay tonight?” Theodore asked between passionate kisses.


“All night! he wont be expecting me at all tonight.”


“And if he comes looking for you?”


“Astoria will cover for me.”


Theodore pulled back with a frown on his face, “Your sister knows about us?”


“Don’t worry about it, she’s my sister, we can trust her. Now come here my love, I’ve been a very naughty girl this past week and need to be taught a lesson,” Daphne winked up at Theodore.


Unable to resist the naked beauty in front of him, Theodore complied and busied himself with teaching Daphne a much-needed lesson.


Back down in the courtyard, Hermione was captivated by the melodious music that accompanied the final scene in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A young Hufflepuff boy dressed as the character Robin, had entered the stage and began reciting his last monologue, but Hermione wasn’t paying the actor any attention, no instead her attention was focused on the handsome cellist whom she had been exchanging secretive and flirtatious glances with all through out the play.


Hermione leaned into Ginny and whispered in her ear. “After this is over, I want to go congratulate Malfoy and the others on their performance. Will you go with me?”


Ginny nodded her reply just as Robin was finishing up his last line and the sextet struck up their closing song. All the actors walked back out onto the stage and bowed low as students and professors stood on their feet applauding the actors. Finally the actors left the stage and the curtain went back down. Hermione grabbed Ginny’s hand and began to pull her in the direction of the small stage with the all string sextet on it, but students kept jostling the pair about making it hard to get anywhere.


Draco put away his cello and was organizing his sheet music when Daphne’s letter fell out from between the sheets and onto his lap. Stuffing the papers into his case, Draco quickly opened the letter and silently read the contents:




I have suddenly come down with an awful stomachache and my head feels as though it might burst. I am sorry to be missing you play your base tonight! But you can tell m all about it when I’m better hopefully in the next couple of days. I’ll send for you when I’m all better.





 Draco looked up from the letter; a gnawing feeling had started in his stomach. She doesn’t even know what bloody instrument I play. Draco clenched the letter in his hands feeling himself becoming angered when a bushy haired girl and her red head friend broke through the crowd with smiles on their faces. Draco felt himself relax immediately forgetting about the letter and captivated by the lovely girl standing in front of him.


“So, did you enjoy your evening? Draco smirked.


‘Wipe that look off your smug face,” Hermione playfully swatted at the Slytherin boy that was still sitting on the stage. Clicking his case shut, Draco jumped off the stage to tower over Hermione, his face becoming serious quite quickly.


“Really, did you enjoy it?” Draco asked.


“I have never heard anything like that before. I didn’t know that you could do that.”


“Do what?”


“Make Hermione swoon over you and your music,” Ginny playfully smirked. Hermione blushed a deep shade of crimson before turning to her friend and giving her a hard shove.


“I think Harry is calling for you Gin,” Hermione spoke.


“Really? I don’t hear him.” Ginny said scanning the crowd for her boyfriend.


“Nope, I’m sure, I just heard him again!” Hermione turned her friend around before giving her a shove back into the sea of students. Draco laughed softly to himself as Hermione turned back round to face him.


“She’s a spit fire that one,” Draco nodded his head toward Ginny’s disappearing head.


“You have no idea,” Hermione rolled her eyes.


“So you really did enjoy it?”


“It felt like you were playing just for me,” Hermione said truthfully as she stared up into his stormy grey eyes.


Draco reached up and tucked a stray strand of hair behind Hermione’s ear, giving her shivers where his hand grazed the side of her face, “Perhaps I was.”


The pair stood their captivated by one another, neither wanting to leave or break their intimate moment. Unfortunately someone else did.


“Oi, Draco, there’s a party happening down in the Slytherin common room, you coming? Blaise shouted out as he made his way over to the pair.


Draco reluctantly tore his eyes away from Hermione to look at his friend.


“Actually, I’m going to turn in for the night, been a long day.”


“Alright, see ya then.” Blaise left leaving Draco and Hermione alone once more.


“Grab your case and we can head back up to the tower together,” Hermione smiled. Draco returned her smile and grabbed his case. There was still a multitude of students milling around in the courtyard and so Draco placed his hand on Hermione’s back as he directed her through the crowd and back into the castle where he left his hand as they continued up the stair’s to their shared living quarters. 


A.N. I do not own or lay claim to the lyrics in this chapter, they are the work of artist Lana Del Rey. Did you enjoy the chapter? Did it fulfill your expectations? Let me know.

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