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After Lily had gone we didn’t really do a lot, Liv went to a supermarket and picked up a few things while I looked through the pictures Liv had taken throughout the last couple of days and sorted them out into a good and a bad pile. Then made duplicates of them all so we could have a copy and so could Maia (well, Rose is going to be the one wanting them but still). After that we composed a letter for the two love birds:

Mr and Mrs S Malfoy (Rosie Posie and Scorpy) 
We both hope you’re having an amazing time and don’t miss us too much! We also hope you got your daughters letter. She’s fine by the way. (Liv only lost her once). I didn’t lose her at all; she was in a ball pit. Hiding. I didn’t lose her! But I may have spoilt her again (she did spoil her). I won’t tell you all the details of the past week because I aspect we’ll do that when you come home!
We miss you! And I think Maia does too (she’s been spending too much time with her amazing godparents though so she doesn’t care much) Sorry, about that, but it’s true. We’re having the best time! You need to let us look after her more often! She’s been as good as gold. A real credit to you both!
Love you two,
Can’t wait to see you on Sunday,
Livy and Al

We eventually went to bed and got woken up by a really horrible alarm Liv had set the next day because we decided it was necessary to go to the beach. Early in the morning. We were off at 7:30, flooing to Liv’s Grandma to pick up the car Liv has there. Yes, I let her drive. No, I can’t drive. I can practically hear the questions. After Liv had sorted out her Grandma we drove Weston-Super-Mare, it’s a really nice coast about 2 hours away from her Grandma’s house. As we were going we stopped off at a fast food branch on the motorway and had breakfast. Then spent the whole day at the beach, we made a huge sandcastle and I took Maia to the sea while Liv sunbathed and looked after our stuff for a bit. We had more than a couple ice creams of many flavours and then had fish and chips on the beach and went to the arcade before bed.

We stayed overnight in a little bed and breakfast and woke up in the morning and went to the aquarium on the pier before we left, just before lunch time. We then left to go the Grandma Linda and in the end got back to ours. We had a shower and washed all the sand off us. This was somewhat difficult. Nonetheless we did it to ensure we followed Rose’s instructions. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione normally look after Maia on a Friday afternoon, so we took her to them.

“Knock on the door Mi’” I spoke to the 5 year old currently giving us the silent treatment because we were dropping her off at my Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione’s house

She shook her head

“Maia” Liv started, getting down to eye level with her, she looked away,
“Look at me young lady” she said sternly, to which Maia conformed, in shock of the sternness in Liv’s voice,
“We will be back to pick you up before you know it. But right now you have to go inside and spend some time with Nana ‘Mione and Grandad Ron. Are we clear?” she said, still quite sternly looking into her wide blue eyes that suddenly crumpled

“Yes” she nodded

“Good girl, now knock on the door” Liv asked

And this time she did as she was asked, and as soon as Aunt Hermione opened the door suddenly perked up, “Nana Mione!”

“Hello Maia! Grandad Ron’s in the sitting room” Aunt Hermione told her and Maia ran off to find him

“How are you two?” she asked politely as we walked in

“Good thanks Aunt Hermione” I smiled, hugging her quickly

“How are you?” Liv asked, hugging her too

“I’m fine sweetheart. Had your hands full this week have you? I heard the little talking to Maia received before she came in. I guess spending time with her cool Aunt and Uncle is better than her Nana Mione!” she frowned slightly but brushed it off quickly

“Don’t say that! I think she’s just tired, we went to the beach yesterday, she had a late night” Liv smiled

“Let’s put it down to that shall we?” she asked

“That’s probably a good idea” I agreed, smiling

“Hi Ron!” Liv went straight into a hug with my Uncle

“Alright you two?” he asked

“We were just saying, we’ve been busy this last week with this one” I stated and shrugged at the fact this was bound to happen

“All good fun though” he grinned at his granddaughter

“Of course. When do you want us to come back and pick this one up?” Liv wondered

“7?” Aunt Hermione asked

“7 it is. We’ll see you then” I agreed and we left the house, apparating home when we got outside the premises

We both immediately slumped into bed when we got home, utterly exhausted from the week we’d had, we had several hours before we had to pick Maia up. So we had time for a nap and that’s just what we did. I woke up naturally about an hour after falling asleep and got some work to do next to Liv while she was basically passed out sleeping.
Although after a while she started talking in her sleep-

“I can feel it” she mumbled

“Al. Al” she repeated in her sleep

“Liv? Beautiful, are you awake?” I asked, trying to lean over her to see her eyes without waking her if she was asleep- which was challenging as she was facing away from me

“I can feel them” she muttered

“You can feel what?” I asked, softly but confused

“The baby” she smiled- I found a way to see her face, she was asleep but defiantly smiling

“She’s kicking Al” she smiled wider in her sleep

I sat back comfortably and couldn’t help but let out a sad sigh. I know that more than anything in the world she’d love a baby, a baby girl. And obviously her unconscious mind has created one in her dream.

“No!” she suddenly spoke very clearly, tears running down her face, turning very rapidly to sit bolt upright

“Liv. What happened?” I asked, thinking I probably knew the answer and moving my work out of the way so I could hug her

“Not again. No. Not again” she shook her head and rejected my hug, sounding very firm with herself

“What happened? What happened again?” I asked

“I lost her. I lost her again” she shook her head, angry with herself and looking ready to smash something

“It was only a dream” I revealed to her

“I know. But I... But it just felt so... so real” she dissolved into tears next to me, her head swinging into my chest and just staying there

“I know, I know. But it’s okay now” I said softly, stroking her hair

“Why is it that every time we talk about this, you have no emotion” Liv quickly detached herself from me and looked outraged

“What do you mean?” I wanted clarification for this accusation

“I always end up crying and you just sit there. No emotion” she clarified

“You can accuse me of a lot of things Liv, but not this. I have emotion. Who was there crying with you from the moment you found out? I was. Who was there trying to console you but failed because I couldn’t sort things out in my own head? Me. Who didn’t freak out and leave you? Me, because I love you too much. Who has supported every single one of your ideas since then because he can’t bear to see you sad again? Me. Liv, I can’t physically feel any more than I do. We were going to have a baby but that was taken away from us. You of all people have to understand how angry that makes me feel. But I’ve cried out all my tears and I need to look after the most important person in my life. You. I need to make sure you’re okay. If I can’t have two girls, I need to make sure the one I have doesn’t go anywhere” I blurted out all she needed to know

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry Ally” she said, reminding me of the 11 year old I met on the Hogwarts Express, all freighted and not sure what to do

“It’s okay. You had a bad dream” I shrugged

“No. It’s not okay; you need to disagree with me more often. I’m sick of feeling vulnerable” she declared

“Okay. I’ll try” I shook my head in disbelief at the mood swings on her

“Good” she nodded, snuggling up against me and falling back to sleep

Hey Guys!
I hope your all well?
I'm sorry for the lack of words in this chapter. I'm getting to a sort of dip in the story but it's going to get better, I promise.Something's going to happen real soon that I hope you'll all be really pleased with! Anyone want to guess what it is?!
Did you like the chapter though?
Do you like the idea of the beach?
And Livy going all Mum on Maia?!
Did you all fall in love with Al a bit more because of his speech?
Tell me anything and everything in the review box and I promise I will respond! (I check for your wonderful reviews every day!)
Thanks so much for reading! Please leave a review!

Emz xxx 

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