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Hi there people. I hope you have read the prequel for this story ‘Night of Betrayal’. If you haven’t, I suggest you go and read it. I’m planning to have three different stories for the different stages of this story. My plans might change. For now, this story is a short story. So enjoy!








CI by Oakinwode @tda!



For months, her soul wandered for a shelter, a body. Her own body had submitted itself to the heavens, so why hasn’t her soul?


The soul never dies, so she had heard. It lives on, especially if it has a reason to live. A debt to fulfill, a promise to keep, a revenge to have.


A revenge… the word rang a bell.


She started wandering again, just to escape the pain. Something was there to be remembered, she just couldn’t remember what it was. Just some random names and words. Scorpius Malfoy. Alexander Zanbini. William Parkinson. Revenge.


They had to be inter-connected somehow. But how?


The name Scorpius Malfoy brought on a piercing pain in her chest. An unnamed desire, an unknown wave of anger, a mix of both emotions.


Her thoughts stopped when she saw a hand poking out of a bush. She drifted closer to investigate.


A mane of straight blond locks.


Blond… again, a dull thudding pain at the place where her head should be. A vivid image of windblown platinum blond hair. She flinched and the image was gone.


Had she just remembered something? More specifically, someone?


She went closer to the body. A human. A lady of about twenty. She could feel no soul in the body. Dead. The soul was gone. She could feel magic in the body. She was a witch.


A witch… Wasn’t she a witch too?


An innocent person. A person with no debts to fulfill, no promises to keep, no revenges to come back for. The perfect body for her.


She could feel the acceptance of this new body. She closed her eyes and willed herself to mold with the body.


She opened her eyes to see the world from a different set of eyes.  A whole new world.


She needed a place to rest. A place where she can start anew.


Her feet moved on her own accord. It carried her over to a road. Her hands shot out to stop a cab.


Her body slid into the back seat.


‘Where to go, missy?’ The driver asked with a kind smile on his wrinkled face.


‘House 16, Dwellers Road, Godric’s Hollow, please.’ Her voice rang out clear and sweet, like a thousand chime-bells speaking in harmony. The address came to her easily. Whose address was it? Hers or this body’s? Whatever the case, the address sent a wave of warmth through her.


‘Sure thing, lady. That would be 15 cents. ‘


‘I’m terribly sorry, sir. I was raided by a group of robbers on the way. I’m afraid I have no way of paying you.’ The lie came easily on her lips. The correct amount of innocence, panic, sadness, despair, fear, regret, all emotions rolled into three simple sentences.


The driver looked at her with pity. ‘Ain’t goin’ to be any problem, little one. Consider this a free ride.’ He smiled kindly. She couldn’t help but smile in gratitude to the old man.


She relaxed against the head rest of the seat and closed her eyes.


The wave of memories came faster than lightening, starting with a girl’s face. She instantly knew it was her own. The body she had possessed before it was stolen from her. Wavy auburn red hair. Chocolate brown eyes. Splash of freckles on her nose. A beautiful body, curved in the right way.


Another image of a boy with jet-black hair and emerald green eyes. Her memory put a name to the beautiful face. Albus Potter. A cousin, she was sure of it. The warmth he embraced her was evidence to it.


Another black-haired boy, expect with brown eyes. James Potter.


A red-haired young girl. Lily Potter.


A red-haired boy. Hugo Weasley. Her brother. She sighed.


A red-haired man and brown-haired woman smiling at her. Mom and Dad.


A black-haired man and red-haired woman. Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny.


A strawberry blond. Dom Weasley.


A white-blond. Victoire Weasley.


A blond. Louis Weasley.


A brunette. Alice Longbottom.


Her mind flipped through many other images.


Brown-haired Alexander Zanbini.


Red-haired William Parkinson.


Two more black-haired men.


Her memories stopped on an image of the platinum blond she had a glimpse of before. Storm-grey eyes. Full lips. Platinum blond hair that fell in his eyes.


Her heart did a somersault. Before she could place a name to the handsome face, the driver called for her, taking her out of the trance she was in.


‘Lady? We are here.’


She thanked the kind man and got out of the cab. She looked at the building before her.


She felt a memory coming as she looked at the abandoned house in front of her.


‘Wow, mom! It’s perfect!! Thank you!’ she hugged the brown-haired woman standing near her. Hermione Weasley. Her mom.


‘I knew you would love it. If you are to live alone here, it must be of your own choice, right?’ her voice was kind.


‘Well, our daughter is all grown-up now, eh?’ A red-haired man put his arms around the woman. Ron Weasley. Her daddy.


‘Since you guys have surprised me with my own house, I would like to give you a gift as well.’ She smiled and continued. ‘I’ve got a job as the Head Secretary of St.Mungo’s!’


‘That is the best gift you could have ever given us turkey!’ Dad embraced her warmly. Mom beamed with proud.


‘Red! You already told them?’ Albus Potter moaned while entering the house.


‘I just couldn’t keep it in any longer, Al.’ she stuck out her tongue at him.


‘I have good news for you, Red. Remember my best friend? He is going to be working along with you. You guys have been made partners.’ He smirked as she looked horrified.


‘This cannot be happening.’ She said in a monotone.


‘Don’t worry turkey. You all are grown up now. You are not in Hogwarts anymore to still keep up with those school-time grudges.’ Dad reassured her.


She nodded uneasily.


She snapped out of the memory. So she had to work along with a guy who she hated, and he was Al’s best friend.


She stepped inside the house. Her legs guided her to a large, brightly-lit room. It was her room. She just knew it.


She made her way to the full-length mirror in one corner. She looked at herself in awe.


Straight blond hair. Bright blue eyes which glittered with intelligence. She was wearing a simple top and jeans shorts with black combat boots. She could tell that she usually didn’t prefer this type of dressing. Her first body was more comfortable in full length jeans rather than shorts.


She touched her beautiful face. Her body was Rhea Sanchez, but she was Rose Weasley.


Rose Weasley. She finally remembered her name. A beautiful name, fit for her beautiful body.


Rhea Sanchez… a name fit for this beautiful body.


She hoped she would remember the name of the handsome blond that haunted her mind.



Well? I hope you liked this chapter. If you didn’t, I’m sorry, but I wanted to show that Rose Weasley is back.

And please do check out my story ‘Healed and Broken’ (shameless advertising of myself)!

Next up: She remembers the exact reason why she’s back.














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