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“LIV! LIV!” I screamed at the top of my lungs from downstairs where Maia currently had me pinned to the ground (she’s stronger than you think), tickling me because I’d threatened to do the same to her

Before I could think of what time it was (7am) and could process that maybe I shouldn’t be screaming at this time in the morning, I was doing it again, “LIV! HELP ME!”

Immediately after “ME” had left my lips there was serious movement upstairs and Liv came running down the stairs, wand ready pointing towards me

“AL?! WHAT THE... Oh my god” she collapsed onto the sofa with a huge sigh

Once she’d collected her wits she snatched Maia off me and tickled her to death too.

“You cheeky little monkey!” she smiled, causing her goddaughter to squeal with laughter in response

“Uncle Al! Help!” she squealed for me to help her

“Oh. No little girl, you tickled me first!” I laughed

“Please! Stop!” she giggled more

“Fine!” I sighed dramatically and sprung on Liv

“Okay! Okay! Truths! Al!” Liv spoke between sharp intakes of breath, while both Maia and I were tickling her

When we finally stopped we were all passed out on the sofa, the three of us panting for breath. A picture we had to take. We sat there for a while until Liv perked up and said she’d bought a new Omelette maker yesterday and thought we should probably try it out. That was an interesting experience. We managed to get everything, everywhere. The two of us aren’t particularly skilled in cookery (I’m better though). It’s probably a good thing she sends most the year in Hogwarts where every meal is prepared for her. Although we’d both live off take-aways if we could, not that’s a good or healthy thing to do. In the end, they didn’t taste too bad and Liv had managed to take a few good pictures of us trying to figure everything out.

“That could have gone better” Liv sighed as she watched over Maia wash her hands, arms and face

“Maybe” I shrugged, waving my wand to take away the mess

“Right. Who wants to get dressed?” Liv asked as Maia had finished

Maia quickly responded with a yes but then proceeded to be spoilt for choice in the clothing department since they’d gone out and bought a load of things yesterday. Let’s just say it took about an hour for Maia to get dressed and then another of Liv, considering they both couldn’t decide. This meant I could pop into work for an hour though which meant I could get back earlier. I suppose those two have their uses. Then with the sun shining we took off for our adventure at the park.

Once there Maia completely let lose, she ran about screaming and enjoying herself a bit too much. The swings were her favourite and of course I got dragged into pushing her while Liv sat on the swing next to us swinging gently, whereas the 5 year old wanted to go higher than actually possible, which was almost possible with a little help from magic. She squealed her head off but appeared to be having a good time. She wouldn’t stop long to have a drink, let alone eat a few things Liv had brought with her. We had to force her to eat a couple of raisins and an orange before she ran off again. She was very impatient, wanted help on the monkey swings and the fireman’s pole and almost had a fit when I said I was too tired to help her on the climbing wall. We had to calm her down a bit after that and force some water into her system, making her sit still for a while so Liv could put some sun cream on her. When I had to go, we were all going to go back home, but Maia had Liv in a puddle on the ground when the puppy dog eyes came out and said she’d stay and play with her for a bit longer.

I went home, changed and was out again before I knew it (that’s a man for you- we don’t mess about). When I reached the ministry I was immediately brought to the attention of one of the many women in my family, “Albus Severus Potter” was spoken from behind me

“Mum?” I turned slowly to find Lily

“No but it was a good impression wasn’t it?” she smirked, not to dissimilar to James’

“You got me this time Lils” I pointed out

“It’s got to happen sometimes” she shrugged, “Wait. Aren’t you meant to be with Maia this week?” she continued

“Yeah, but work needs me. She’s with Liv. Aren’t you meant to be a work?” I asked

“Oh that, well, I’m just taking a half day today” she stuttered

“Lil, you need to go to work” I scolded her

“I know, but I hate my job!” she complained

“And you’ll be quitting soon, so stop complaining” I went all big brother on her

“Yes! And I will! But right now, where did you leave Livy and Maia?” she turned to focus of conversation away from herself

“At the park” I said, rolling my eyes at the unsubtle trick my little sister just pulled

“The usual one?” she asked

“Yes” I moaned

“Great! I’ll see you later Alby!” she giggled sweetly and practically ran off

I went straight from Al to Livy and Maia. Smiling widely when I reached them, I received the same smile back.

“Auntie Lily!” Maia exclaimed, jumping up at me

I picked her up and exclaimed “Maia! You having fun with Auntie Livy in the park?!”

“Yes! Watch me go down the big slide!” she jumped off me now and ran off

“How come you knew we were here?” Livy asked as she watched Maia run off

“I ran into Al” I said, “Hi by the way”

“And hello back” she laughed as we “Ooooh(ed)” at Maia

“I ran into Al yesterday as well actually” I started, waving at Maia at the same time

“You did? He didn’t mention it” she questioned

“Yeah. He said something about nightmares?” I touched on apparently a sensitive topic

“Not this again. He’s convinced they mean something! I didn’t have a bad dream until recently and now all the ones I’m owed are coming through! I’m fine” she protested

“I never said you weren’t chick. And I wasn’t offering you any help, I just wondered” I shrugged

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I don’t know what it is but I’m a tad wound up at the moment” she apologised

“It’s alright. It doesn’t bother me” I shrugged again

Maia then came over and freaked out over the fact now she could go on the obstacle course because she had a person on each side to hold her up, of course we conformed and held her up as she leapt across things, wobbled on a thin bar and hung off a climbing wall. Talking while we did so,

“When’s the day you quit the ministry then Lils?” Livy asked

“I’m so so close! 2 weeks, hopefully, if I pass my entry exam St Mungos says I have a job!” I kind of squealed

“You’re bound to pass! You’ll be out of there in no time!” she exclaimed

“Let’s just hope you’re right” I nodded

“Oh. I will be” she laughed, “You think Auntie Lily’s clever don’t you Mi?”

“Very clever” Maia joined in and agreed with Livy

“Thank you little one” I booped her nose and made her laugh

“Hey! I’m not little! I’m almost 6” Maia decided to stop abruptly

“You’re little to us darling” Livy revealed to her

“But I’m not little! I’m a big girl!” she stomped

“How is this big girl going to be then?” I asked

“6!” she told me excitedly

“I think she might be right Auntie Livy, 6 is a big number” I agreed with the 5 year old

“I don’t care. You’ll always be little to me angel!” Liv stayed strong on her original statement, shrugging

“But Auntie Livy!” Maia complained

“Fine. You’re a big girl” Livy muttered

Maia lit up and looked at me with a big smile while Livy looked at me and shook her head rapidly, telling me she wasn’t at all. The pair of them did make me laugh.

“So...” I said trying to think of something to say after we’d finished the obstacle course and Maia had gone back onto the climbing frame thing.

“Hmm?” Livy asked

I exhausted all thoughts until I got to this point, “So... when you getting married to Al?!”

“What?!” she shouted

“What?” I asked

“What do you mean ‘What’?” she said, rather high pitched

“I mean, what’s the big deal?” I shrugged

“The big deal is we haven’t talked about it” she revealed

“You haven’t?!” I exclaimed

“No. We haven’t” she emphasised

“Why not?!” I asked

“I don’t know. Maybe because we’re only 24” she offered

“But Rose and Scorp are only 24” I reminded her

“And we don’t have a child together” she stated

“Fine. Teddy and Torie were only 24 too” I fought my case

“And we aren’t completely and utterly childhood sweetheart perfect for each other” she waffled

“I wouldn’t say that” I pointed out

“Why not? We’ve only been going out for 6 years” she shrugged

“I’d say 6 years was a long time. I think anyone would be lucky to be in a relationship for that long” I told her

“Yeah. Maybe” she shrugged again

“And you’ve been living with each other for, what, 5 years?” I asked

“Yeah. Almost” she nodded

“So, what would you say if he asked you?” I pushed

“Idon’tknowwelli’dprobablysayyesbutohmerlinIdon’tknowbutweallknowi’dsayyes” she blurted, very fast but don’t worry, I caught that

“OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed, causing many people who were just leaving to quicken their pace

“What do you mean ‘oh my god’?” she asked, almost offended

“I mean, YAY!” I amended my first statement

“Oh. Thank Merlin!” she sighed

“That’d be amazing. Livy! Ahhh! Sorry. I’m sorry” I apologised

“It’s okay. I just figured you knew that” she shrugged

“Well, I hoped so” I revealed

“You hoped so?” she said sweetly, touching her heart

“Yeah, I love you Livy. I really do, you’re my twat of a brother’s perfect match. I’ve already paired James to Anna, although that prick hasn’t asked her” I looked up at Livy at this point and saw her frowning at me, “Sorry. I mean, well, I just want my brothers to be happy” I shrugged now

“Thanks Lils. I love you too” she smiled and then turned more serious, “I think we all want to see your brother’s happy, as well as you anyway”

“Of course you do. I reckon they need more looking after than I do” I stated

“Maybe, but we all need help sometimes. I’m always here for you though chick” she smiled

“I know. But! Right now, I’m going to sort the two of you out!” I jumped up and picked up Maia un- expectantly to make sure Livy couldn’t disagree

We then went back to Livy and Al’s and I persuaded everyone to have a shower and change into pjs. This was important because when I’m at home I live in my pjs, it only makes sense to me! But then we all put on aprons and made homemade pizzas. I had BBQ chicken, Livy had Pepperoni, Maia had a mini cheese pizza and we all created a very nice ham and pineapple one for Al- he’s a strange child, I mean pineapple. On a pizza, really? That’s beside the point though. As soon as he came in he was directed upstairs to his pjs and then shoved pizza into his face- all in the nicest way possible.

Then, we played some board games!
“That is not fair Al! Are you cheating?!” I exclaimed at my brother who had won 5 out of the 7 games we’d played so far, the other two being won by the 5 year old

“How can you cheat at snakes and ladders?!” Al argued

“I don’t know but you must have done!” I protested

“I did not!” he moaned

“Did to!” I preached

“Did not!” he stressed

“Did to!” I ranted

“Liv!” we both shouted at Livy at the same time turning to her dramatically just as we used to do with our parents when we played board games when we were younger- I guess things never really change

“You two need to grow up! Lily, Al is not cheating and Al, chill out” she justified with, “Now, you two need to hug and make up!” (she had a nice smirk on her face there)

“But...” I started

“Hug” she insisted

“Fine.” I grumbled, hugging Al in a awkward not meaning it at all way

Coming out of the hug to find Maia and Livy sharing a look and a roll of the eyes, which made me smile and then Maia added, “Proper hug please”

By which we agreed and shared a proper hug, then laughing at the situation harder than I had in a long time. We played some more games and I won one, after joining a team with Al... he’s too good at these games. After that however, Maia had to go up to bed, Livy offered to take her and then left me and my brother alone.

“Hey, big brother. When you going to ask your girlfriend to marry you?” I bluntly asked him

“I think you may be confusing me with James” he replied

“I need to have a similar conversation with him to be honest. But right now, I’m not mistaken. You’re Albus Severus Potter, the strangest named child I know, my big brother” I shrugged

“Why thank you Lil” he avoided my question

“Soooo?” I prompted

“I’m not sure Lils, we’re only 24. We’ve got time” he replied, and he had a point really

“But why not do it now?!” I wondered

“I can’t, it hasn’t even been a year since the miscarriage. Things are still a bit rough for us” he sighed

“But shouldn’t that have made you guys stronger?” I wondered

“Maybe it did. Now just isn’t the time” he persisted

“But surely there is always going to be a reason not to do this” I reminded him

“Lil. No. I just can’t do it, as much as I’d like to” he trailed off

“Why not? Give me one reason. Make it a good one” I smiled

“I can’t do it to her” he stated

“I know you’re a pain but you’re not that bad!” I punched him on the arm

“It’s not that. She’s always wanted her Dad to walk her down the aisle but then she wanted her child to. I can’t remind her of the fact she has neither” he revealed

“Oh. Okay” I slumped down in my chair, “Wait! I have a plan!” I exclaimed standing up

“Should I be worried?” Livy asked Al, coming down the stairs

“Maybe. I’ll see you guys soon! Bye! Love you both!” I smiled, apparating home

Hey Guys!

First off, I'd love to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO Tris and British obsessed for reviewing each and everyone of the chapters for this story! I love you both, it makes my day every time I get a review (Take notes everyone- I LOVE to hear your opinions!) *Internet Hugs* to you both!

Now! I told you I'd update more frequently and I am yet to disappoint!
What did you think of this chapter?!
Did you like the tickle fight?
How about the park?
LILY'S BACK! Who else is excited by this?!
Did you like the little heart to heart these practically sisters had?
And the one Al and Lily had?
How about their temper tantrum? (Yeah... Tris... I promise they are growing up)

QUICK QUESTION PEOPLE- If Livy and Al were to get married now... Who would you like to walk her down the aisle? AND can you guys think of anyone you'd like to know more about? Even from a long time ago? (Thanks... I kind of need your help at the moment)

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave me a review, it means the world!

Emz xxx  

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