Draco groaned in pain as his eyes fluttered open to see the white light splashing on the ceiling. He attempted to shift, but his back so too stiff. “Erugh,” he grumbled incoherently.

“Shut up,” moaned Hermione, shifting to lay on her stomach. “What the—” Her eyes unbolted and she found herself naked under a thin sheet on the floor. She looked at Draco to see him naked as well with the sheets only covering his crotch. “What happened?” she cried shrilly.

“Ouch!” Draco mumbled, rubbing his temples. His head was throbbing and he guessed Hermione’s was too as she began to do the same. “I think we got drunk,” he exclaimed. “And ended up…”

“Having sex,” she finished bluntly. “Yeah. I think I could have figured that.”

“So why ask?” he snapped. “Merlin, my back is killing me. Can’t believe we were that drunk—”

“To what?” she growled. “Have sex?”

“No, Granger. The sex part is believable to me. But we couldn’t use the fucking bed. That’s what I’m regretting. Sleeping on the bloody fucking floor. Idiots.”

“Oh.” She turned the other way to hide the rosy blush creeping on her cheeks.  

He yawned widely, slowly getting to his feet and the sheets falling on the floor. Hermione really looked away now. “Malfoy,” she muttered. “Put on some clothes.”

“For what?” he smirked. “I’m not ashamed.”

“Well, you should be. I’m here.”

He barked with laughter that filled the room. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ve done worse things to me than having a look.”

Hermione buried herself into her folded arms when she felt herself being lifted up by strong arms. “What are you doing?” she demanded. She bounced off the bed, the sheets uncovering her slightly. Draco cleared his throat, and looked the other way, blushing.

“I just thought we could use some real rest,” he said to the wall.

She nodded and slid over to allow Draco to crawl in. He took a peek at her and motioned to her. Hermione cautiously hopped into his open arms, snuggling close. It was almost dream-like, but then again maybe it was because she fell asleep immediately afterwards.

The seagulls squawked nosily as Hermione hummed with gentleness, shifting onto her stomach and snuggling her face into Draco’s strong arms. Draco’s strong arms… She shot her head up to find him lying beside her with his mouth agape and an unflattering snore eliciting and drool dripping down.

“How unflattering,” she muttered with a smirk.

“HUH!” he snorted awake.

She buried her face into a pillow to suppress her giggles, but it still sounded.

“What’s so funny, Granger?”

Hermione unburied her face to meet Draco’s light gray eyes. “Well, Malfoy, I should have taken a picture of you with your mouth all open snoring and drooling.”

“I do not drool,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“But you do.”

He stretched his limbs as he groaned with the pleasure of hearing a few bones crack. “Merlin, this is so much better than the floor.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s what a bed is made for.”

“Miss Golden Girl has a bit of sass to her in the morning after a night’s drinking.”



“It’s January third.”

What? That can’t be possible.”

“Oh, but it is,” Hermione grumbled. “We slept from New Year’s morning to today morning.”

Draco sighed. “Just relax. We’ll get back home tonight. How about we just stroll on the shore for a bit?”

That’s exactly what they did. Hermione’s long shirt twirled in the sea breeze as the salty freshness filled her nose, smelling delicately moist. The draft was biting playfully at her exposed ankles and bare feet, but she didn’t mind. The ocean crashed against the cliffs and ragged rocks aggressively, but said its gentle hellos to the shore with its sand dull and chilled. The sky was a bit cloudy with light gray clouds swirling about moodily. She sighed at the beauty of it all. She sat on the sand and Draco took a seat beside her. She folded her legs to her side as Draco bent his up, leaning his elbows on his knees relaxed.

“I like it here,” she said.

“Maybe we can get a shore house?” he suggested.

“How possible is that?”

“Not likely. I have the money and the means, but the world is going to shit.”

Hermione sighed sadly.

“What’s wrong, Granger?”

Hermione looked from her feet to Draco. “What happens when we get married? It’s less than a week and a half.”

“What do you mean?” he said gruffly.

“You can’t call me Granger anymore.”

“What do you mean I can’t call you—Oh. You’ll be a Malfoy.” He looked at the horizon, feeling the breeze sweep through them. She’ll be a Malfoy. She’ll be his, at least on paper and he’ll be hers. He can only hope right now, that it will be ‘till death do them part. He shrugged. “I guess we’ll both be calling each other Malfoy.”

She gave a low chuckle, but her heart was not really in it. “Do you still want to do it?”

“Do what?”

“Get married.”

Draco looked at her now, watching her run her finger through the sand, the outline of her sand drawing of a small heart. “Yeah. I’m not backing down, Grang—Hermione.”

Hermione eyes averted up into his in an intense stare as a blush tingled on her cheeks, but cooled down from the draft. “Draco” at which he blushed himself too, “you really are sure?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “It’s not like I can turn around anyway,” he smirked. “Remember, I did an unbreakable vow.”

“That’s right,” she mumbled. “I forgot about that… But after you marry me, you can always get a divorce.”

“Nah, I’m good,” he said without hesitation.

“Thanks, Draco,” she smiled.


“All of this. You helped me. If it wasn’t for you agreeing to all this, I’ll probably be dead.”

“Hermione, I wouldn’t want that any more than what you do. Trust me, there’s no need to thank me. I’m just glad I could…” He could what? Be with her? Love her…? “…help.”

“We’ve changed.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “I remember long ago when we use to hate each other, couldn’t stand looking at each other.”

“I never felt that way. I didn’t hate you. And I looked at you loads of time without feeling disgust. It was a misunderstanding between us. We came from different worlds…”

“Now this marriage is going to intertwined them. I think this will be good for both of us.”

Hermione leaned her head on Draco’s shoulder. “Yeah it could be. How do you think your mother feels about it?”

“My mother,” he chuckled. “Well, she likes you. And she honestly believes that there is something between us.” He was testing her, was testing her to see if she would reveal her true feelings.

Hermione felt herself being tested by Draco. She knew the answer he wanted to hear. Although, they had sex and were on extremely civil terms, there is no way the man she is in love with will ever return his love for her. Why? Because it was Draco Malfoy. As much as she had to admit, he changed, but he was still Draco Malfoy. And she was Hermione Granger. Unflattering, bossy, nerdy Hermione Granger. They were friends. He made it very clear to her on several occasions yet… No, there is zero possibility. He only viewed her as a friend, perhaps a friend with benefits now, but he could never truly love her. In her veins, flowed dirty blood.

“You should just let her believe what she wants…” answered Hermione carefully with a weak voice.

Oh, he thought grudgingly. So, this isn’t real. None of it is. And for a second he thought that there was a possibility it could be real. But it isn’t. Hermione proved over and over to him that they are just friends. Nothing more and damn, that killed the shit out of his heart.

“Yeah, of course,” he mumbled. “Anyway, let’s head out.”

And those were the last words he said to her until their wedding day.

A/N: Eeeep! I know this chapter is disappointedly short (way too short) This is definitely a filler chapter. I put this chapter in as a transition to what happened between New Year’s to their Wedding b/c I don’t want to jump right into the wedding. Also the next chapter is in validation as you’re probably reading this.

But here is a time line. So Draco & Hermione got “engaged” around mid-October and their wedding date is set January 12th. So, yeah, just in case anyone was wondering.

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