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 I woke up at about 3 in the morning, hungry, thirsty and feeling awful. I mean, I’ve broken bones before but this time it was awful. I also spent a while sat on the sofa reading the note from my adorable boyfriend.
Morning Liv Div,
I decided it was best not to wake you but wrote the note just in case you woke up confused.
When we got back you immediately fell asleep on the sofa so I went and rescued Hugo, retrieving Maia.
She’s upstairs right now, I got her ready for bed and everything (washing her hair wasn’t easy).
Love you loads,
Ally Wally.

He didn’t even mention how much of a bitch I’d been to him before he left; I think I may have got lucky with this one. I got up (eventually), ate a breakfast bar I found on the side and had a glass of orange juice (no bits) before lying back down on the sofa and returning to sleep.

“Auntie Livy” Maia whispered, poking me in the forehead

“Hmmm?” I asked, half asleep

“Are you okay?” she asked as I opened my eyes

“Yep. I’m all fixed and fine now” I smiled, sitting up

“Good” she nodded

“Did Uncle Al tell you to come and ask me that?” I wondered

“No” she shook her head and looked upstairs

“Oh. Okay. Do you want some breakfast?” I shrugged

“Yes please” she nodded

“Cool. We’ve got some cereal; do you want some of that?” I asked

“Have you got any Coco Frogs?” she asked

“Yep. One bowl of them coming right up. Sit your bum on a seat angel” I smiled, lifting her up onto a seat at the kitchen table

She sat and ate that, while enjoying a cup of apple juice and I had a coffee to wake me up a bit when I realised it was now 5:30. Then once she’d finished, we went upstairs and picked what we would wear during the day (around Al, who seems to sleep like a log nowadays), then we decided to go and wake Al. Therefore because Al had woken me up in an unsuspecting way the day before, I decided to do the same. Although very different.
I threw Maia on top of him. He didn’t exactly appreciate it.

“AHHH!” he screamed sitting up quickly and almost throwing Maia off the bed but thankfully catching her once he realised, “Woah there little lady! What you doing?”

“Waking you up” she smiled

“Good job” he smirked, looking at me (who replied with a shrug and mischievous grin)

“I’m just going to have a super quick shower Al. She’s picked what she wants to wear. Just watch her will you? Oh, and there’s a cup of coffee next to you with your name on it” I gestured to beside him on the bedside table, where he did in fact find his named mug full of coffee 

I got out of the shower and got dressed as fast as possible and found Al had managed to get Maia dressed (well watch), get dressed himself, washed up his mug and was now sat watching some kids show on TV. (He’s always one upping me!).

I slumped down next to him on the sofa and grinned, “Morning by the way”, kissing him on the cheek and then making myself comfortable leaning on him

“You feeling better now?” he smiled at me, his green eyes softly and slowly turning me to a mess on the ground

“Much better” I revealed

“Good” he nodded “When’s your sister coming round again?” he then continued

“Around 10 I think” I shrugged “We’ve got loads of time, it’s only quarter to 7”

“I know. I might just do some work, you don’t mind do you?” he asked

“Are you kidding me?” I started, exclaiming my words, “I love this show!” I smiled, pointing to the TV

“Of course you do” he rolled his eyes and went into the ‘do not disturb’ room

“I do! This was running when I was a kid!” I called after him and turned to find Maia had moved to sit next to me on the sofa

“I like this one too” she smiled and I couldn’t help smiling back, wider though because it was just so sweet, she reminds me of me when I was her age.

Although we only had an hour or so of peace and quiet, which we spent writing a letter to Rose and Scor and sending them one of the pictures we took together yesterday. It was disturbed because quite suddenly a man’s face popped out from the fireplace, alarming me somewhat.

“Albus?” the face asked

I jumped out of my skin and made my way to the fireplace to find it was Harry Potter himself, “Oh. Hello Livy. How are you?”

“I’m great thanks Harry. Just sat watching telly with Maia” I said, ushering over Maia to say hello to her (great?) Uncle Harry

“Hello Maia. Are you having fun with Uncle Al and Auntie Livy?” he asked

“Yep! It’s great!” she exclaimed and then proceeded to run back off

“Sorry about that” I frowned

“Not at all. Is Al there though?” he persisted

“Oh, yeah. Of course. Sorry, again” I apologised and took a couple steps away from the fireplace and shouted “AL!”

“What? What is it?” he had his wand out ready

“Nothing’s wrong. You’re Dad’s in the fireplace though” I shrugged and apologetic look on my face (I forgot you only disturb a person in the study by coming up to them, if not, it’s an emergency)

“Oh” he relaxed considerably and went to talk to his Dad.

He left the conversation with his Dad and started to go upstairs, he returned after having changed, now in his works outfit, “I’ve been called into work”

“What happened?” I asked, stopping him to fix his tie

“Not sure. Dad says he needs me though. I’ve got to go anyway” he shrugged

“Fine” I resigned

“I’ll be back as soon as possible. Have fun with Peyton, tell her I say Hi” he smiled, kissing me quickly before turning to Maia, “I’ve got to go Princess but I’ll be back later. I promise”

“Bye Uncle Al” she waved, more concentrated on the TV

“Charming” he muttered

“The TV is always going to be more interesting. But I’ll miss you if you’re worried about no attention?” I offered

“ Thanks Liv” he smiled

“Stay safe” I told him as he got into the fireplace

“Always” he replied before flooing to work. That’s a thing we do. I used to panic a lot that he would be badly hurt or harmed when he went to work because of course it’s an Auror’s job to look after other people before themselves. Although then he’s looking after people who are unfortunately in awful situations, therefore he’s in more danger. I used to tell him I loved him every time he went away but he kept coming back and it kept making me worry more so “stay safe” is now the best I’m getting. Besides, the word “always” is special to Al’s family, so I’m fortunate I guess.

Peyton came at 10 as expected and decided to take Maia shopping on a girl’s day out considering we didn’t have Al.
We went to a huge shopping mall and went through shop after shop and bought LOADS of stuff, more than I should have done. Then what we did was go into a big play area in the middle of the mall for lunch. Healthy of course. And then let a slightly agitated Maia lose in a ball pit. (not too different to the one we created in the room of requirement).
While she was doing that Peyton and I had a wonderful chat.

“I’ve spent way too much today” I commented looking at the bags all around me, “I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble for that later”

“Who cares?! We’ve been having a great time” Peyton exclaimed

“Yes, we have. I’ve missed you, Pey” I leaned on her shoulder

“I’ve missed you too” she moved her shoulder causing me to have to move my head

“Are you going to come round before Christmas?” I asked

“Probably not” she shrugged, my face dropping (it’s always nice to have my little sister around), “Don’t look like that. You’ll be a work in September and won’t be off again until Christmas!”

“I have some weekends!” I defended

“I’ll see what I can do. Send me a list when you have it and I’ll try and come” she laughed

“You know, you can actually stay for Christmas this year if you want. Everyone asks after you every year. The more the merrier is literally their motto!” I offered- you see, the two of us switch years for catering for each other every Christmas period. This normally means from about the 17th to Christmas Eve, one of us hosts while we celebrate Christmas day just like we used to when we were kids. Christmas Eve being our Christmas together and then Al and I always go to The Burrow for Christmas Day (with the invitation of Peyton coming too, which she’s only ever done once, 5 years ago).

“I know. But I always feel as if I’m intruding. I’m not family” she shrugged

“Neither am I!” I reminded her

“Well, you’re as good as!” she retorted

“Touché little sister. But if you haven’t got any where else to be, why not?!” I declared

“Who says I haven’t got anywhere else to go?!” she said suggestively

“Oh My God! You have somewhere else to be! Where? Who with? Ahhh!” I exclaimed

“Well, I might do. He hasn’t asked me yet but it is only August so who knows?” she smiled

“Who’s he? There’s a he? Can I meet him?” I blurted

“He is my new enough boyfriend, Lucas. No you cannot meet him. Not yet anyway” she said strictly

“Why not?” I questioned

“Well, we’ve only been going out for a month and he hasn’t even met Mum yet and she lives in the same country as me!” she revealed

“Fine” I grumbled and then directed my attention to my goddaughter, or tried to, “Crap” I let out a very small curse

“What?” Peyton asked, confused

“Maia. Where is she?” I said, getting up and trying to find her

“Good question” she said warily, “But she has to be around here somewhere” she nodded, standing up and trying to see as well

“Maia!” I shouted slightly in a ‘cool’ I haven’t lost my child voice while circling the ball pit

When this didn’t work, I went back to Peyton and huffed, “I’m going to have to go in there”

“Go in there?” she repeated

“Yeah. She didn’t leave; she’d have to go past us. So, she’s hiding. I’ll have to go in and check” I explained the method to my madness

“Okay. Have fun with that. I’ll be here when you come back” my sister cringed

I went into the ball pit and looked like a complete idiot while doing so. I searched the whole place and the little girl I was looking for just happened to be at the top. “Auntie Livy!” she squealed

“Maia Electra Malfoy! Did you hear me?!” I screamed

“I was coming down” she defended

“Why didn’t you shout an answer to me!” I shouted

“I... I’m sorry” she stuttered

I grabbed her and hugged her tightly, “It’s okay! Just never. Ever. Do that again” I squeezed her tightly

She nodded into me

“Okay. Let’s get down shall we?” I prompted, sitting on the conveniently placed slide and offering her a seat on my lap which we took

“Weeeeeeeee!” she squealed as we slid down the biggest and best slide in the room

I picked her up and waded through the ball pit until we got to the edge and placed her down. She then ran off quickly to find Peyton.

I sighed for a second and continued to work my way through the crowd to Peyton and Maia, all eyes on me- the woman who lost the child, when I woman tapped me on the shoulder, “Don’t take it personally love, it happens to the best of us” she smiled nicely

“Thanks. I’m kind of new to this, I’m her godmother you see” I smiled back

“Well, you’ll get used to it hun, they don’t sit still for long” she shrugged and walked away as a small child was dragging her along

I smiled at the mother who was obviously more experienced, being quite a bit older than I am. Then I moved along back to Peyton and Maia, declaring it was time to hit a few more shops before we left.

We then went into a huge kids store and Maia’s eye’s quite literally lit up. She went running off down the end of a big aisle, stopping at the end to examine something. Peyton and I took a more relaxed slow pace getting there and talked all the way

“That was a nice scene you created back there” she commented, hiding a huge smile

“Was it really that bad?” I asked, frowning slightly

“Oh yeah. I could hear you word for word” she nodded

“Bugger” I muttered under my breath

“It was very sweet though. If that makes you feel any better” she offered

“Thanks” I joked, rather sarcastically

“You looked as if you had fun on that slide though!” she laughed

“Oh, I did” I laughed back

“It looked like it! Maia’s a great excuse for you to jump into ball pits!” she continued to laugh as she spoke

“She is indeed! I love having her around” I smiled at the little girl who looked spoilt for choice

“I know you always loved kids when you were younger too” she reminisced

“Do you remember when I used to dress you up?” I asked, remembering the ridiculous outfits I used to put her in

“Oh god, yes! That was awful! I also remember you saying that when you were older you wanted a little girl to dress up because I’d be too old then” she said, smiling still

“I’d still love a little girl” I mentioned without really thinking, while reaching Maia who was so wrapped up in the things around her she didn’t even notice us

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to...” Peyton started before I cut her off

“It’s okay, Pey, honestly, I’m okay” I reassured her, touching her arm slightly

“You say that but I’m not sure I believe you” she looked into my eyes, her blue ones that match Dad’s so perfectly sparkling with guilt, while my lilac ones (a bluey, grey sort of colour really) trying to ignore the sympathy in hers

“I’m as good as it’s going to get” I assured her

“That’s better. You’ll get your chance, I know you will” she nodded

“I hope so” I nodded too, just as Maia shoved a doll in my face, claiming she needed it

By the time we got back it was almost time for Al to come home too, so I put the kettle on and we each emptied our bags everywhere to examine what we had bought. (And took a picture of the three of us with the bags, with the stuff from the bags and just the three of us). Once we’d done all that and we’d safely put everything away Peyton had to leave. So, as a good big sister should, I hugged the life out of her and told her she should write more often, which she promised she would do and say hi to Mum for me. Just as she had disappeared though the fireplace Al appeared at the front door, (he decided the whole “Honey, I’m home” thing was something that he should do and he could only do that by entering through the front door every day.

“Honey, I’m home” he shouted as he walked in to find Maia at the table with an apple and me with a cup of tea

“Hello darling, had a good day at work?” I said, smiling through gritted teeth (and I’m expected to keep this up too- thank god I’m not at home for most of the year)

“I would have preferred to stay here with you two” he frowned, “What did you girls do today then?”

“Shopping!” Maia exclaimed

“Ah. Maybe work was better. Did you get anything nice?” he asked

“About that...” I started

“Yeah! We got loads and loads of things, didn’t we Auntie Livy?” Maia interrupted, excited

“Uh-Huh. We sure did” I smiled, apologetically to Al

“That sounds like a lot of fun then. Did Peyton come to?” he asked, knowing that my little sister could probably persuade me to buy magic beans if I even showed the slightest bit of interest towards them

“Yeah. She did” I nodded

“And we went to a ball pit and Auntie Livy almost lost me!” Maia continued, seriously excited- but adding to the list of things I shouldn’t have done today

“Did she?!” Al played along

“Yeah! But its okay, she found me at the top and we went down the big slide together! And then we bought a doll for me!” Maia exclaimed (I may have caved in with the whole doll thing)

“You did?! Where’s the doll then?” he asked, sounding very eager to see it

“It’s upstairs, I’ll go get it” I jumped up

“No. Sit down. Maia, why don’t you get it?” he asked her and she jumped up faster than I did, abandoning her apple on the table

“You almost lost her?!” Al exclaimed as soon as he could hear her footsteps on the stairs

“Yes and no” I said

“So yes?” he decided

“Okay, maybe I did a bit. But she was just hiding in the ball pit so not really!” I defended

“Liv, I can’t believe you almost lost our goddaughter!” he complained

“But I found her soon enough!” I protested

“After climbing into the ball pit!” he reminded me

“Yes, but I still found her!” I reminded him

“And I’m glad you did! I am not going to be the one to tell Rose you almost lost her daughter!” he put his hands up into the air

“She doesn’t need to know! I didn’t lose her!” I exclaimed

“Well, at least you did” he nodded

“Hey! It’s not as bad as it sounds. She was playing in a busy ish ball pit that had loads of things in it and it so happened that at one point I couldn’t see her” I resigned

“Look Look!” Maia suddenly came running in parading the doll in my boyfriend’s face, who smiled politely and then continued to ask her what she wanted for tea

We then had tea and all got ready for bed quite early, all of us showered and in our pjs and slippers by 6:30. This meant both Al and I squished into her bed and read her a bedtime story, then leaving her to sleep soundly for the rest of the night. I then explained fully what happened today and in the end he understood that I hadn’t lost our goddaughter and was much happier when he found I’d bought him a new outfit and pen set. (He may not be an obvious geek like Rose or Scorp, but we all know he has a soft spot for stationary). He told me about work, apparently something had arisen from a previous case of his that he needed to tie up and when there was much more he needed to sort out he got his work partner Alfie Norton, with the promise he would go in tomorrow afternoon, Saturday morning as we’ve already to booked to go to the seaside for Thursday and Friday.

Hey Guys!
I promise as soon as my exams are out of the way, the updates will be much more frequent!
ALAS, this chapter- what'd you think?
Did you like the little letter at the start?
How about Al and Liv's relationship? And with Maia too? Or Liv's relationship with her sister, Peyton? (I did promise you'd be hearing more of her. Here she is!)
And just the chapter as a whole!? Or just review with a giant observation of the whole thing?
Whatever works for you wonderful people!
Thank you so much for reading! Please leave me a review!

Emz xxx

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