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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored.


Draco was reading a book on Dark Arts suggested by his aunt Bellatrix of course! Though he is fascinated by the dark arts, by its power, but he is awed by their freakily destructive power too. He is not that much of a freak to get some foolish type of joy to see someone in deadly pain. It is just too much for him to be that type of cold to intend to give pain like a death eater would do. It was really a stupid idea.

Again, it wasn’t just an idea of his to be a death eater. He knew it was just Vlodemort’s fun to play with his feelings and fear for losing his family. After Lucious was sent to Azkaban and almost everything of their possession was on the way of ruin, not to mention about his mother being kept almost captive, everything of the Malfoy pride had gone to vein. It was all to Draco to recover the lost.

Though he did not care about pride at that situation. His family’s safety was his priority. He has grown up within the last year. Many things about him changed. For the first time ever in his life, he has come to see the reality and had to face it; fight it; and he couldn’t afford to lose there. Since he would have to pay by seeing his family dead if he loses. It was enough to see his mother under Cruciatus curse countless number of times already, back then. And he knew he had to do what he was asked to do. He had to kill Dumbledore. He had to find a way.

He also knew that the Dark Lord was sure about him to fail his mission. In fact he didn’t care about his mission. The task was kind of given to Snape. It was just to pressurize Draco and Lucious. It was a punishment suffered by the three Malfoys. It was the Dark Lord’s game. Draco remembers every call of his Lord while being in Hogwarts. Everytime his mark in his hand would burn, to give him warning. Or letters from her mother but written in his aunt’s hand. He could actually feel her mother’s agony in pain from that bustard’s torture.

Pain, it was really a new thing in his life. He sometimes laughs at himself, how stupid he was in the past. He even foolishly acted of pain in Hogwarts hospital wing when Madam Pomfrey always used to mend him without leaving any flaws or proof that he was hurt at all. Still he would make a fuss to create a scene about his pain like an idiot!

He now feels especially ashamed of himself about the incident with Hagrid in his third year. I was really a spoiled prince, good-for-nothing. Genetically handsome(!) and a cultured brain with familial process; that’s all I am. I have no identity. I’ll definitely have no chance of making any identity of mine if I stay here being a pawn of that Hole-faced-snake, thought Malfoy with bitter smile in his face.

But how am I supposed to escape from this prison? It’s just impossible to get out of this place alive with mother. Even if I do what’ll happen to his father? He definitely can’t do this alone. Not that I haven’t any friends but none of them will agree with his escaping idea; perhaps Blaise. But I can’t just use my friends for my sake and cause danger for them either.

Yes, that’s far better change in him to be thinking of friends’ wellbeing. Though he hates to admit it that it’s somewhat Gryffindor-like or may be not-Slytherin-like. Damn! May be this is what friendship is like. It’s not just for having fun together. It’s for caring for each other’s sake, like that Potter’s trio do. Draco again felt disgusted at the thought of Potter. It’s his fourth time today thinking something about Potter which he thought to be good, and he lost count of how many times he thought about Potter this last couple of weeks. Get a hold on man! Otherwise everyone will really start thinking like what Blaise said!

I need to decide. I need to prepare myself. I am clearly not good enough to be a death eater. My cruelty won’t be good enough to please him. I need to find a way. Slytherins are supposed to be cunning aren’t they? I have to find my trump card and play cool. It’s just an escape from this house, though it’s my own house. Still it’s just an escape, not defeating the Dark Lord and conquering my lost mansion and freeing my mother after marching head on like that thickhead Potter and Weaselbee would do.

Yes, it’s just an escape. Good, plan small and then focus. I can’t win, if I think it’s too hard and I’ll lose. It’s time to make strategy before that hole-faced-snake comes back from god-knows-where with his stupid followers. Thinking would be a kind of taboo, if that half-snake comes back. Thousands thanks to my luck that I got Occlumency skills taught none other than another freak, Bellatrix!

He would rather die than following Voldemort. But he just can’t die keeping his family unsecured. In spite of trying hard to make a plan, Draco found it almost impossible to come up with a strategy, even after having a cunning mind. All his plans are being knocked at some points due to the flawless guard of the Dark Lord in this mansion. He planned to go to his friend’s place at States.

He used to go to Lind’s place almost every summer of his life at States. Lind was another important friend of his like Blaise. They hold strong bonds with him which helped him not to be turned into a cold Malfoy despite of his father’s special training to be a Malfoy. Lind, Blaise and Yarina; though Yarina came much later. But she is still a good friend to care for.

He also loves States because he got to know himself from being there. He came to know about his talents, which he was proud of. He loves Tai Chi. And he came to know about it ever since he was kid. And practiced it  whenever he managed time. He had to keep it secret from his father who might banish him for learning some mugglish fighting style which would tint their Malfoy’s stupid pride.

He never had problem to go to Lind’s place every Summer and any other time before school with enough money for his trip and put most of the money and time in practicing Tai Chi. And he is definitely good at it. He used to feel sad that he couldn’t show it to anyone in the wizarding world. He really would have liked to punch in that Potter’s scar and kick in that Red Head’s Butt. But of course, he can’t use muggle styles of fighting and spoil his image!

But again, his plans are being cancelled in his head because of his friend’s safety. The situation is like, if he somehow manages to escape Voldemort might order a search at all of his friends’ places, even if he doesn’t take shelter at any of their places. And Voldemort will just get a chance to annihilate them or make them in league with him, making them death eaters, since they are all pure blood.

And Lind’s place will be the first to be checked. Though Lind’s uncle and Aunt are already death eaters who live in London in their family house, Voldemort won’t hesitate to kill Lind at any excuse, especially since Lind’s uncle and Aunt don’t hold much of a care for their nephew. In fact they will be happy to get rid of him.

I can’t escape this way. And then he heard a crack in his room. Tinty, a house elf came in his room and then vanished again. It was his ordered sign of alerting him whenever Dark Lord comes back here. Now he can’t think anything treacherous to Dark Lord. He now swiftly closed his mind and stopped thinking. He got his mind to the book he was reading. As long as he is staying in this house he will make good use of time by knowing as much of dark arts and it defense as possible.

He is kind of sure that he will join the Order, if he manages to escape, and if by any chance the order lets him in after what he has done. And he will do anything helpful to get rid of this  hole-faced-bald-mad. Not that he thinks of being good, but because he really thinks it’s a real-stupendous idea about making the whole world free from muggles and muggleborns. After all purebloods are not that much in number to keep the world to themselves only; nor the world is too small to live alone!

It was dinner time. Tinty brought dinner for Draco sometime ago. Draco asked Tinty about his mother. He didn’t get a good news. His mother was losing energy to remain alive. May be she is still alive only for him. Tinty gave Draco a message from his mother. A message in code, which only a Malfoy would understand.

It was only just two words, ‘Meet me’.

Draco burnt the paper and put nothing of it in his mind. He needs to see her. But his mother’s room is at the other side of the mansion from his room. He’ll go to see her tonight. He will apparate straight to his mother’s room with Tinty. No witch or wizard can apparate in this mansion but a house elf would be able to do it if it’s within the mansion. He was already making preparation for this moment. He knew he would have to meet his mother someday. And he kept a plan for that moment. He was packing everything these days, when most of the death eaters won’t be around to find out what he was doing. The fact is he didn’t take any bags to pack. He just put a charm to his pockets so that he could put even his bed in them. He now has to wait for the plan he made to take action


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