The sea breeze filled Hermione’s nose with salty air as it chilled her body slightly. In the distance, the wish-washy sound of the waves groping the sand on the shore was heard. Moonlight shined onto the waves as it glistened white against the midnight blue water. Sea gulls squawked lightly circling the shore and the pub. The pub was a little dodgy, almost falling apart like the Leaky Caldron in London except the pub had a wooden walkway to the sea where small boats lounged and rocked on the water. Chatter from inside the pub broke free, escaping to the outside.

“Listen, I’m sorry we’re late,” Draco said, staring at the pub. “And I know it isn’t much.”

“No, I like this. We are by the sea. No one we know is in sight. And it’s alright that we’re late. I know you have work and you need to make the transitions. I’m not bothered by it. At least we are here though. Better late than never,” Hermione smiled.

Draco gave her a slight smile and laced his fingers with her, pulling her toward the pub.  Their feet made the wooden walkway creaked as the followed the path to finally enter the pub. The chatter filled the room, ready to explode as Hermione weaved her way through the crowd led by Draco. Hermione slid into a stool beside Draco. The barman approached the couple and eventually frowned at Draco.

“Hey, you’re the bloke that broke my glass last time and started screaming like a madman.” The barman glanced at Hermione and smiled. “I supposed he got all mad over something doing with you? Let me guess. You rejected him because you’re too beautiful for him!”

Hermione giggled as Draco rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Can you please stop flirting with my fiancée and give us something to drink?” he growled.

“Touché,” said the barman with a wink to Hermione and turned to the bar.

“So, what exactly happened last time you were here?” Hermione whispered with a small smile playing on her lips.

“Like he said,” Draco replied gruffly. “Broke a glass. Screamed like a lunatic. Short story.”

“Short story,” Hermione scoffed. “Were you being an angry drunk again?”

Draco licked his lips with a small smirk creeping on his lips. “I got angry because a stubborn woman made me angry.”

Oh really? Thanks,” Hermione said the barman as he passed Draco and Hermione firewhiskey. Her attention turned back to Draco. “Well, I know I can be stubborn, but you have your fair share of issues.”

Draco shrugged, taking a gulp of the whiskey. “That’s because we live in a fucked up world. Drink your whiskey.”

She scrunched up her nose. “I didn’t ask for this.”

“Just drink it, Granger.”

Hermione brought the gleaming amber liquid her lips and sipped. It burned her throat with its bitter taste and settled in the pit of her stomach heavily. “Merlin, how can you like this stuff? I just don’t understand.”

“That’s because you’re a prune, Granger. You don’t know how to have fun.”

Well, Malfoy, I can’t understand how drinking equates to fun.”

He cocked his eyebrow at her with a smirk. “Bet you can’t even finish one drink.”

“What are we betting?” she asked, challengingly.

“Well if we are going to do a real bet, let’s see who can drink more,” he smirked.

“That’s so childish,” she scolded. “Not to mention, unfair. We both know who would win—”

“Me because you are never a match for me. Every time I challenge you, I win because you can never prove me wrong.”

Hermione brought the glass to her lips and gulped down the entire whiskey as Draco sniggered, watching her. She slammed the glass down and shouted at the barman, “Another one!” As unladylike as possible, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and shot a glare to Draco.

Draco sniggered, “The hell you looking at me like that for?”

“If I get drunk, it’s on you,” she growled.

“Here you go, girl. Take it easy, will ya?” the barman said with a wink.

“If you get drunk, it’s really your fault, Granger. Don’t come and try to blame me. Gryffindors are supposed to be noble so have some nobility and take some responsibility,” Draco smirked.

“And Slytherins are supposed to be cunning and you’re not cunning at all. You’re a disgrace to your House. You got a soft spot too you know.” She poked him with her delicate finger over his heart.

He pushed her hand away with a smirk. “Stop trying to feel on me. And I’m not a softie.”

“No? That’s why I’m done with my second drink.”

“No you’re—”

Hermione guzzled the second drink down quickly and slammed the glass down again. Draco smirked and did the same as Hermione.

“Hey!” he called the barman. “Bring me four drinks. And one drink for the lady.”

“No!” shouted Hermione, slamming her palms on the bar table and leaning forward off her seat. “Bring me four too.”

“Sit down, Granger!” Draco barked with a smirk. “You can’t possibly drink all that. Don’t be ridiculous!”

The barman placed four glasses in front of Draco and four in front of Hermione. Madly, Hermione took the first drink and guzzled it down. She quickly moved on to the next, but every drink she took more of her time as the alcohol began to dawn on her. Draco watched her drink the whiskey down like water and swiftly grabbed his whiskey, gulping it down to keep up with Hermione and from there paced himself to her level. At the end of the fourth drink, Hermione hiccupped loudly and demanded, “SHOTS!”

Draco snorted with amusement on his fourth drink, but continued to swallow every last drop and eventually set it down. “Shots, Granger?” he laughed.

“SHOTS!” she shouted with delighted.

“Merlin, Granger you’re drunk already!”

She pointed her finger in his face, her face grave. “Shut it, Malfoy. I’m one drink ahead of you.”

“Not for long!” Draco turned to the man besides him and snatched a drink out of the man’s hands. He swallowed the clear liquid and when done, he coughed harshly. “What the fuck is this?” he hissed at the man.

“Well,” said the man grumpily, “it was alcohol that is about 190 proof.”

“The fuck?” said Draco with eyebrows furrowed. “This can like poison you.”

“Well, it can’t now,” replied the man darkly.

Draco pointed to the man, shouting at the barman. “Hey! Give this man the poison alcohol!”

“I want what that man is having!” hollered Hermione, jumping from her seat.

“Sit down, Granger!” barked Draco. “You can’t have what he’s having. You can’t handle it.”

“Like you could!” she snapped, swaying in her seat. “You were almost choking on it!”

“Granger, shhhhhhh!” He brought his fingers to her lips, his eyes droopy. “Shhhhh! Before I give you something to choke on. And that’s my—”

“HEY!” bellowed the barman with a scold. “You two! Are you staying here tonight? Because I can’t give you no more drinks if you’re traveling.”

Draco, swaying, pulled a key out of his pocket. “This is a key.” He held it to the barman’s face with a smirk. “It is to a room. That is upstairs. So, why yes, we are staying—”

“SHOTS!” Hermione screamed delightedly with her arms in the air, leaning on Draco.

“No shots, Granger,” he slurred. “Get off of me.”

With a doubtful look, the barman placed a shot glass in front of Hermione. He filled it to the brim and slid it in front of her carefully. Hermione leaned forward and slipped from the glass without picking it up.

Hey, Granger. Put your arms like this.”

He slipped off the stool and moved to the other side of her. He placed her balled fist to her hips with her elbows back and moved her arms side to side. “You look like a chicken!” he howled with laughter. She began to bob her head in and out and Draco with weak knees fell to the floor exploding into laughter. No one paid any mind to the two because it was pure chaos with loud chattering, booming laughter and obnoxious singing. Between the background noise, a song was humming growing louder and louder.

92 bottles of whiskey on the wall! 92 bottles of whiskey!

Take one down, pass it around, 91 bottles of whiskey on the wall…

The song continued on a countdown as Draco and Hermione clapped to the rhythm of the song until a whiskey bottle came through the crowd and was handed to Draco. Draco guzzled half the bottle and attempted to pass it on to the man who was drinking the 190 proof alcohol before. Hermione snatched it from Draco’s clutches and swallowed a quarter when Draco wrenched it from her hands, giving her a scolding look and passing it to the man. She pouted in a cute, drunk sort of way. He learned forward and gently bit on her lower lip, swaying and attempting to stay still. Hermione sighed with bliss, bringing her fingers to his hair.

“HEY! HEY! WATCH ME!” shouted the man who was drinking the 190 proof alcohol earlier.

They both jerked from each other to look up at the man climbing on top of the bar table, screaming on endless repeat, “Hey! Hey!” as he started to river dancing. The crowd sang in tune, “Hey! Hey!” as they clapped their hands in rhythm. Draco turned Hermione to face the dancing man as he slithered his arms around her waist and clapped while holding her. Hermione never felt freer in her life time as she clapped too with a grin plastered on her face. She giggled, clapped and sang before she slipped from Draco’s light embrace, climbing on top of the bar table.

“Alright! Alright!” shouted the barman, unable to control the chaotic crowd.

Hermione danced with the man, twirling in her ankle-length chiffon shirt as people clapped louder.  She looked down to see Draco, grinning ear to ear, clapping as well.

“IN THE NAME OF MERLIN’S SHINY WHITE BEARD!” shouted a man in the crowd. “It’s 15 seconds to midnight!” The crowd was in a total uproar, but quickly the countdown was as clear as ever.


Draco stepped onto the stool.


His eyes were looking up into Hermione’s with intensity.


He grabbed her hand softly.


She saw his lips move, but heard no words.



Draco swept Hermione into a tight embrace, locking his lips with her. His fingers entangled with her hair, opening his mouth with hers and the puckering their lips together in a static kiss. Hermione moaned against his lips as his hands on her waist, pressed her closer.  Hermione gently jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist as he held her above him, unable to unlock their lips. Hermione’s fingers ran through his hair, her heart pumping and her insides rumbling for the craving. Slowly, Draco pulled away with his breath ragged and stepped carefully down. Still holding her, he weaved through crowd and sprint up the stairs. Fumbling with the key, he opened the door. Once inside, he unintentionally slammed her against the wall roughly as his kisses were no longer gentle. It was uncontrollable as he gave in to the enslaving hunger. Hermione wasn’t necessarily gentle either as she cupped his face and pressed his lips hard against hers. “DRACO!” she moaned when he sucked and nibbled at the skin above her swelling curves.

Weak with the overwhelming pleasure, they slid to the floor. Draco pushed gently on her back as he laid on top of her, ripping off her clothes as she did the same, his buttons popping off his shirt and their lips never unlocking.

So much for a one-night stand.

A/N: I know, I know this is short. BLEH. I don’t have much to say about this chapter expect for some reason I enjoyed writing this chapter the most for some reason.

Oh, & I have another novel up called, “Gypsy of Egypt” (Albus II/ OC) [if anyone likes stories other than Dramione] that will be romance and drama-packed soon-enough. Just setting up the story in the first chapter. =D

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