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    -- Naythaniel’s Point Of View –

    It took me entirely off guard when I was walking down transfiguration hallway not expecting anything, let alone anyone at this time of night. Only to have Ginny Weasley come running around the corner at top speed, heading in the opposite direction. Reacting fast, I grabbed her by her waist, picking her up, spinning her around in a circle to slow down her sheer momentum, I could feel the fear and dread coming off her like waves against the shore. That was very unsettling. She was so frightened that she couldn’t even cry out in shock when I grabbed her.

    “Ginny whoa, slow down, what’s wrong?” I questioned gently, I sensed she didn’t need to be interrogated. She must have gotten some semblance of a grip on herself because she answered the question.

    “Zackaury…woods…maybe someone, something ….” She stammered.

    I mentally added a few adjectives and came up with, “Zackaury is in the woods, and there is someone or something else there with him.” Judging by her frightened expression, that ‘someone else’ wasn’t a good someone else. I met her eyes; it was hard to do, because she wasn’t focusing very well on anything in front of her.

    “Thank you Ginny, I’ll see what is going on, so go back to you room where it is safe.” I lectured, softly pushing her in the other direction. She ran away from me. Turning around, I broke into a run and in less than 5 seconds I was outside, in the ‘forbidden’ forest, right behind Zackaury.

    “Zack, bro?” I cautiously asked.

    “There was another vampire here, not in any of the recognizable clans I might add… female I think.” He responded annoyed.

    “You sure you couldn’t tell the clan?” I checked it was disconcerting that he didn’t know what clan it was; there are thirty four clan’s that could be in this general area. But if it wasn’t one of them, then they were an outsider, and they could be trouble.

    “Positive.” He relayed, turning to look at me, I was about to breech the topic of ‘only fools are positive’ but the other brothers made an appearance.

    “What is going on here?” Aleksandar demanded, typical, sometimes his ‘pack leader personality’ as I call it aggravates me.

    “He sensed another vam…” I started in but all of our attention was suddenly drawn to our left.

    Kristopher growled. “Do they have some kind of an inability to stay where they are safe?”

    No kidding, it was starting to seem like it, we all sensed that Hermione, Harry and Ron were taking a little stroll in the woods as well.

    “Should we confront them, or should we…” Zackaury was not able to finish his sentence because Aleksandar decided for all of us when he ran to them; so I guess we’re going to confront them. Kristopher rolled his eyes tolerantly, as we all followed suit. We surrounded them; to say they looked frightened when we appeared in front of them seemingly out of nowhere would be a huge understatement. That fact didn’t bother me; it was better to scare them into staying where they were safe, then being soft and kind with them and have them wander off like this.

    “Need a bit of fresh air do we?” Aleksandar asked, a little less then nicely.

    “We…I…” Harry stammered.

    “We just wanted to get out for a while; we really were just going for a walk.” Hermione boldly declared, stepping up to Aleksandar, invading his personal space.

    Nothing could distract me from what was obviously happening right now, I saw in his eyes the moment Hermione talked, something shifted behind them. And his whole damn tough guy persona dropped and he was looking at her with the most adoring expression I have ever seen on his face.

    I wanted to say something regarding that, but now was not the time or the place; I was still trying to grasp the fact that he was looking that way at anyone, let alone a human witch. Aleksandar let out a sigh, I exchanged glances with Kristopher and Zackaury, they saw it as well, we would all approach him about it later.

    What happened next took place so fast that I almost couldn’t track what was going on. Aleksandar took a pace towards Hermione, talking about it being ok to take a walk but she shouldn’t be out here at night alone. Then something caught his attention just behind Hermione’s shoulder, roughly he grabbed her, putting her behind him. I watched in transfixed horror as a knife with what had to be a 12 inch blade, which obviously had been thrown, went into his left shoulder, with such force it knocked him off his feet.

    -- Zackaury’s Point Of View –

    Harry, Ron and Hermione had their wands out and ready to attack quicker than I thought they were capable of. Not that magic would help any.

    Kristopher, being exceedingly good with weapons, has a way of hiding knifes on his person and you would never know he had them; the moment Aleksandar hit the ground, without missing a beat Kristopher pulled out his eight inch blade from the holder on his back, and threw it in the direction that the other knife came in. It didn’t seem to hit anything, whoever was there seemed to have left the area as quickly as they had appeared. However, my base senses told me that something was out there, but my eyes couldn’t see it and it was frustrating me.

    Kristopher was rigid, eyes scanning; he is fiercely protective of Aleksandar (I think he is the oldest, they have never told us that detail). He was mad, an icy kind of anger that scared the hell out of me. He stood there, and no one dared moved. Aleksandar gasped, sucking in air. He was having trouble breathing. We needed to get that blade out of him as quickly as we could.

    Kristopher gathered himself. “Whoever it was, they are gone now; let’s get back to Hogwarts…” He stated simply. Turning, he picked Aleksandar up in his arms as if he was a baby, and practically dematerialized he moved so fast.

    “Come on, let’s get out of here, now” Naythaniel commanded.

    We started making our way back to Hogwarts. We kept Ron, Hermione and Harry between us, protecting them from the unknown would-be assassin. After winding our way thought the woods we came to the clearing that opened up into the grounds outside of Hogwarts.

    Right before we escorted them inside, Hermione, who had been buzzing with worry, turned to me “Do you think Aleksandar will be alright, I’m really worried about him?” She questioned. No one could have picked up on the hormonal reaction of anger both Harry and Ron had at her asking that. In spite of the circumstance, I had to stifle a smile.

    Naythaniel answered her for me. “I’m sure he will be fine, he has had worse actually.” He cracked a smile; she didn’t seem at all comforted in spite of the honestly of that statement. I wasn't really in a mood for chit chat, so I high tailed it to the room that we had been given. Naythaniel joined me just moments after, no doubt saying good bye, and excusing me for my behavior, as usual.

    Aleksandar was on the floor, the blade had been removed. His body could heal itself, but it hurts something awful. Kristopher was bringing over a cloth that had been dipped in vampire-synthesized type of pain killer. He could still feel pain, even when he was ¾ in a coma. I watched worried as Naythaniel reach out and touch his skin.

    That’s when it happened, again.

    Naythaniel has a gift of sorts (or a curse as he says) of sometimes having ‘visions’. In particular, his visions were almost always of the future. It’s rare for a vampire to possess this ability of foresight. In my opinion, it’s actually one of the main reasons why Naythaniel is so withdrawn and keeps to himself.

    Naythaniel jumped back, as if Aleksandar’s skin burned, looking down, pain etched deeply in his face, he held his head in his hands. We knew better than to touch him or talk to him when he got like this. If I did, I run the risk of him attacking me. Theses visions take his mind somewhere…else, even if it’s only for a few seconds

    -- Naythaniel’s Point Of View –

    The vision hit me like an ice pick to the cerebellum, when my eyes cleared I looked at the scene in front of me in awe.

    I was in the courtyard of Hogwarts, at least I thought it was the courtyard, sort of looked like the entrance courtyard.

    People were standing around, teachers and students, comforting each other, what had there been a huge fight or something? Because the area around me was in near ruin.

    My eyes were drawn to the ground. There Zackaury and Aleksandar were both lying there, Ginny was next to them, sobbing into a young man’s shoulder, who had his arms wrapped around her in comfort. I soon recognized him as the Slytherin student Draco, his blond hair, and gray eyes were a dead giveaway. Wait? Didn’t he hate Ginny and her family?

    It took me half a second to realize that neither Zackaury nor Aleksandar were breathing.

    I stumbled back in shock and disbelief, it’s true that vampires are immortal, but they still can be killed if you can figure out how.

    As quickly as the image came it was gone. I found myself back in the room with my brothers, all of them very much alive. Still reeling I dropped down on my knees, holding my pounding skull in my hands. I could tell the others wanted to ask, but they knew better, they knew I reserve the right to tell anyone what I see.

    Furthermore, the really jacked up thing about my visions is I know they take place sometime in the future, but I can never pinpoint when. Worse, I could hardly do anything to alter the outcome.

    -- Ginny’s Point Of View –

    I was sitting with my legs drawn up on the couch in the Gryffindor common room, just staring blankly into the fire. I felt a little bit calmer than I had before. I know Zackaury is a vampire, he can handle himself, yet I was still concerned for him. Although considering I told one of the other vampires what was going on, I’m sure they got it all sorted out.

    My attention was diverted from my brooding when Hermione came bursting in, I turned to face her and saw that she was upset, almost crying. I immediately stood up and wrapped my arms around her neck. She hugged me back.

    “Hermione what’s wrong?” Slight panic edged my voice.

    Hermione chocked out an answer, “Aleksandar got hurt, someone threw a knife at him, and he looked really bad.” Truthfully the first thing I wanted to ask was if Zackaury was alright, I fear that asking it might offend her somehow. I continued to hug Hermione back; I didn’t know how to make her feel better.

    -- Zackaury’s Point Of View –

    [The Following Day]

    I was the one designated to watch Aleksandar through the night. The moment that I woke up from a short nap I instantly felt that something was off. Glancing over at him my initial feelings proved correct.

    His breathing was labored, and shivers racked his body.

    “Aleksander…ALEK!” I cried dashing over beside him, his eyes were closed and he was out cold. I gently pulled back his eyelid, his eyes were dilated, and his pupils had a white sheen color to them.

    I shook his sholders, still no response. I removed the bandage over his wound… it wasn’t healed over, I didn’t understand, it should have healed hours ago.

    “Kristopher!” I cried in alarm, he was in the room next to mine. He came in quickly, the moment that he came into the room and saw Aleksander he cursed under his breath, doing as I did he checked his twin’s eyes. He looked horrified, tears seemed to be forming in his eyes, yet there was no shock in his expression.

    “What’s wrong with him?” I questioned.

    “He’s been poisoned with Millenniumtoxin.”

    I blanched. Millenniumtoxic was one of the five deadliest poisons you could use against a vampire, the blade must have been dipped in it, which means someone knows about us.

    “Wh..whats going on?” A stammering feminine voice came from the doorway. I didn’t even sense Hermione approaching, if I had I would have stopped her from coming in. Something told me this was the last thing that she needed to see.

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