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The crowd dispersed as soon as I opened the door. I grabbed his hand and dragged him back out to the center of the common room.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "It's getting late and if I want to keep up my," I paused and made eye contact, "good girl act, I should go."

I stood up to leave but he grabbed my wrist, "You were amazing by the way." He said, not at all whispering, "You might want these back though." He said holding up my lacey underwear.


Ok. Wait, there is a perfectly good explanation as to why I had sex with...nevermind, there really isn't.

***12 hours before***

"So are we going to the Hufflepuff party tonight?" Katie asked while brushing out her short blonde hair.

"Yeah, if we don't it's an automatic forefit. We can't forefit, the stakes are way to high. And besides, we haven't been out since the sleepover and that was almost three weeks ago." I stated without looking up from my copy of cosmo. The room went silent and all I heard was a creak of the floorboards. Looking up I saw Katie, Alicia, and Angelina surrounding my bed with concerned looks on their faces.

"Ellie wants to go out? To a PARTY?" Alicia asked in disbelief.

"Are you feeling okay Elle?" Angelina felt my forehead.

"Oh stop! I'm tired of sitting in. Anyway, don't we have a bet to win?"

Angelina, Katie and Alicia piled on to my bed and were looking over my shoulder at my Cosmo.

"Maybe if you're lucky you'll be swapping V cards with someone tonight." Angelina laughed and podged the pillow I threw at her.

"I'm proud of being the only virgin in this room thank you very much!" not really, but I knew if I told them that then I'd lose my V card faster than I could yell rape. Anyway, I value my virginity.

¨Don't deny it, you want to join the club.¨ Alicia laughed and gave me a sultry look.

¨But hopefully not for a while.¨

¨Have you even had your first kiss yet Ellie?¨ Katie asked.

¨Yes I have! I'm not a complete prude.¨

¨Who was it with?¨ Alicia sat up against my headboard and asked.

''Um...well, that name should remain...unnamed." I said quietly, I hadn't ever told anyone this, and I certainly wasn't going to tell them. But I can't lie to them, they're my sisters.

"You have to tell us! We'll make you a deal, we'll tell you who we lost our virginity with if you tell us who your first kiss was with." Katie squealed.

"Ugh, okay fine. You are all arses. Please don't get mad. It was Oliver." The room went silent and I closed my eyes, prepping for the storm that was approaching.

"Who here hasn't hooked up with Oliver?" No one said anything. All of us has done something with him.

"How far did you go with him Elle?" Katie asked me.

"Just a kiss, nothing more." I said.

"We all know that Angelina lost her virginity with him, Katie went to second with him in year 3 or 4 and I went to third with him." Alicia said.

"Wow, Oliver is a man whore." I stated.

"I think he's hooked up with every girl at this school."

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. I can't believe people like him. Sorry Angelina." Katie said.

"Wait, Katie and Alicia, who took your virginity?" I asked suddenly, they needed to keep up their end of the deal!

"Oh, well... no judgements. But I lost it with the guy who is a year above us. Mark is his name." Katie's face got red.

"An older man? Damn, I'm impressed." I said shocked. honestly I didn't think Katie had it in her. "What about you Alicia?"

"It's kind of embarrassing. I lost it with...okay, no judgements. I lost it with George." Alicia practically whispered. She hid her face into my pillow when she finished talking.

"What?!" We all cried out at once. Really? George?

"It wasn't anything romantic, we were talking about it one day. We decided that if we do it, then we should do it with someone we care about. So who's better than our best friend? It kinda just happened after that. Nothing changed between us, we agreed to stay friends and that it wouldn't ever happen again. I knew Katie and Angelina lost it, and I didn't know about you Elle, but I didn't want to be the only virgin in our group." Alicia said all of this with her face in my pillow.

"Leesh, we're happy that you found someone you could do that with! It's a lot better than a hump and dump if you ask me." Katie laughed and pulled Alicia out of the pillow.

"Yeah, that's why we did it!" Alicia laughed. "So, swiftly changing topics, we should probably get ready for that party now." I laughed and got off my bed.

"I'm not too excited to see what the guys have planned for us tonight." I muttered mostly to myself.

"I'm sure it won't be too bad, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" Katie asked while digging through her trunk.

"That's what makes me afraid, every time you say that, it gets this whole thing gets worse." Alicia said as she threw a shirt at my head. "Wear this. It's going to look super hott on you."

I picked up the shirt and went into the bathroom with my outfit. After I changed I sighed, Alicia would give me a shirt like this. It was bright red tank top with built in bra and a zipper down the front. I also had on, black skinny jeans and flip flops.

I walked out of the bathroom to gasps all around, "You look amazing Elle! Damn, you need new clothing."

"Haha, you guys are funny. Let's just go, we're late as it is." I said grabbing my wand and sticking it in my wand pocket on my pants. (Best spell ever, thanks Fred)

We left the dormitory and common room and made our way to the Hufflepuff common room. "Who knows the password?" I asked.

"Here, Cedric gave it to me." Alicia said, repeated the password and when the door opened, music, smoke, and a stench of firewhiskey reached our noses. I took a deep breath and followed the girls in.

We found Fred, George and Oliver and they pulled us to a corner. "Alright ladies, here it is. Whoever completes this first, wins. Fred has to have sex with Britney by the end of the night. Ellie has to have sex with Cormac by the end of the night."

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