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Grimmauld Place was still as dusty and dank as ever. The portraits of the Black family and the heads of house elves still lined the walls and Sofia saw the claw footed coat rack that Tonks had tripped over so many times in the summers they had spent here. The smell of hot chocloate filled the air as Sofia and Harry sat around the kitchen table sipping the warm drink that Harry had made.

"What happened? You look like your world has just imploded", Harry asked as he eyed his old friend with concern.


"It has. I can't trust any of them, Harry. They're all just stuffed full of secrets and lies. They make me sick", Sofia answered monotonously.


"What do you mean? What secrets? What were they lieing about?", Harry questioned.


"My Father. He's a Death Eater", she replied as tears once again poured down her face.


"Are you serious? We have to report him!", Harry exclaimed.


"I knew that would be your first reaction and I agree but, please, just give me a little bit of time?".


"Of course. So, how did you find out?".


"I found a secret room in his study. It was full of dark books and artefacts then at the back I saw the robes and the masks. Hanging there like they were his pride and joy. It's disgusting. They saw me in their; Draco, Father, Blaise and Pansy. I don't think Pansy
knew but Blaise and Draco definitely did".


"So, it's Draco now is it?", Harry asked. He tried to cover his distaste with a smile but Sofia saw through it.


"Oh he's more than that. Thanks to our parent's we're betrothed. We have to get married before he turns 19".


"WHAT? THAT'S RIDICULOUS", Harry shouted, standing up from his seat.


"I know, but there's nothing we can do about it. Trust me I checked. We have formed a relationship recently though. He even asked me to be his girlfriend tonight. I said yes but not anymore. He kept this from me, they all did".


"I'm so sorry about how everything has turned out for you. After the war, I really did think that everything would be good in time".


"So did I", Sofia replied, "I was so happy when I found my new family, I really was. In time I loved them just as much as they loved me but it's all gone now. I can't stand them".


"You should get changed, 'Mione. You don't look to comfortable in that dress, as nice as it is", Harry smiled at his friend, hoping that it was ok for him to keep calling her the name he knew her by. He had told her he would try an call her Sofia back at school but she would always be his 'Mione.


Her smile back answered his question. It was alright. After Sofia got changed the two sat in the drawing room of Grimmauld Place and talked and laughed all the way into the night. It was as if nothing had changed and Sofia loved it.




The next morning saw Blaise, Draco, Daphne, Pansy and Theo sitting in Blaise's room at Zabini Manor. Pansy had flooed them to come over after Sofia's disappearance so they could work together on how to find her. They had checked at the Granger's, The Burrow, Hogwarts and all the inns and hotels in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade but she was no where to be found.


"I hate to say it but she's a bright girl. If she doesn't want to be found, she won't be", said Theo. They had been thinking of places she could be for hours now and had come up with nothing.


"Well, she has to be somewhere! She can't have just disappeared off the face of the earth!", snapped Blaise. He was trying to appear calm and collected but he just couldn't take it anymore. On the inside he was a mess. He had watched his Mother and Father fall apart last night and it hurt even more that he missed Sofia just as much.


"Mate, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive, all I meant was that where ever she is, she will have covered her tracks well. It wouldn't surprise me if it was unplottable".


Everyone sat and soaked up Theo's words. He was right and they all knew he was. Their only hope was that Sofia would return to school when they did.


"Wait, unplottable!", Daphne said as she stood up from the sofa.


"Yes, it means you can't find it", Draco said as he rolled his eyes. He was not in the mood for Daphne's stupidity, he just wanted to find Sofia.


"No, somewhere unplottable! Don't you guys remember? When she was talking about the war!", Daphne explained.


"Have you had a bang to the head or something?", Theo sarcastically asked.


"No! When she was talking about the war, Sofia said that she, Potter and Weasley went to that house because no one would be able to find it because of the charm that was on it!".


"Daphne, you are bloody amazing!", Blaise yelled as he picked up Daphne and kissed her on her forehead.


"One problem though guys, it doesn't matter that we know where she might be, it's still unplottable. Even if we tried we wouldn't be able to see her", Pansy voiced.


"No, but she'd be able to see us", said Draco. "She said that the house was on a street called Grimmauld Place, I've heard of it through my Mother before, it was her Aunt's. It's in London. All we have to do is go there. We won't be able to see her but she'll be able to see and hear us".


"Come on then, what are we waiting for?".




Sofia was sat on the couch reading. Harry had left for the Burrow a few hours ago but was due to return soon. As if hearing her thoughts, she heard the front door open and close and footsteps in the hallway.


"Harry, I'm in here", she called.


The fact that it was not Harry who walked into the room shocked her but not as much as the person who was standing in front of her.




"Yeah, er, Harry said you was here. I just thought I'd come by", Ron Weasley said as he ran a hand through his hair nervously.


"Oh right, well that was nice of you", Sofia said.

She didn't really know what to say to him. She wanted to be angry at him but when she looked into his soft blue eyes she knew that she wouldn't be able to. She had been friends with this boy since she was 11 and if he was ready to apologise to her, she was ready to forgive him.


"Harry told me what happened. He tried not to but I sort of forced it out of him", Ron started,
"I'm sorry".


"What for?", she asked.




"It would help if you were a little more specific, Ronald".


Despite her cutting tone, Ron smiled at her words. She was still the same Hermione he knew. The fact that she had just called him Ronald told him that.


"I'm sorry for being such an ass. I was the biggest jerk ever and I was so mean. It makes me feel sick. Those things that I said to you. I really am sorry, 'Mione. I just didn't know how to cope with it all. It felt like you had died!".


"So you should feel sick, I would never have treated you like that. However, I do sort of understand why you couldn't accept it, but that's only because I know you so well. You're lucky we've been friends since we were 11, Ronald Weasley".


At seeing her smile, Ron sat on the couch next to her.


"It's still weird, knowing we're not going to see your old face again", Ron said with a hint of sadness.


"I know, it's even more strange for me", Sofia replied understandingly.


"Harry said that you don't mind if we call you Hermione instead of Sofia? I know that Sofia is your name but I just can't let go of Hermione", Ron asked.


"It's fine Ron, honestly", Sofia smiled.


"So, betrothed to Malfoy, eh?".


To her surprise Ron was laughing when he said this.


"Yes, thanks to my parents".


"I went mad when Harry told me, as you can imagine. He was right though, there's nothing you can do about it I suppose".


"Who are you and what did you do with the old Ronald Weasley?", Sofia laughed.


"Well, if you must know, a certain someone has opened my eyes a little to my 'pig headedness' as you like to call it".


"Ooooh, a girl!", Sofia exclaimed.


At seeing Rons reddening features she giggled and probed more. She had gotten over the fact that her romantic relationship with Ron was over long ago, it was just his friendship that she couldn't live without.


"Come on, tell me! Who is it?".


"Alright, but you have to promise you won't laugh!".


"Ok I won't laugh", she responded.


"Well, it's Luna. Luna Lovegood", Ron said as he looked around the room in unease.


Sofia was shocked at first. She hadn't seen that one coming.


"I'm happy for you Ron, really. You and Luna both deserve all the happiness in the world".


"Thanks, 'Mione", Ron smiled.


"So, what happened with you and Lavender?", Sofia questioned.


"We broke up. I never really liked her. She was just there after you went", he said, "I heard about Christmas by the way, good punch!".


Sofia laughed at this remembering the night that she had seen Lavender in the night club.


"Well, she deserved it!".


After a moment of comfortable silence, Sofia spoke up again.


"I'm glad we're like this again, Ron. I've missed you".


"I've missed you too, 'Mione".


The two then shared a hug, both glad they had their best friend back.


"Er, 'Mione is someone shouting your name?", Ron asked as he looked over to the window.


After taking a minute to strain her ears, Sofia too heard the shout of her name. Looking at each other confusedly, Ron and Sofia stood up and looked through the window. Sofia gasped as she saw Blaise, Draco, Theo, Pansy and Daphne stood outside on the square across from the house.


"Sofia, we know you're here somewhere! We just want to talk to you, please!", Blaise shouted.


"Come on, Sofia, we're not leaving untill you come out!", Pansy hollered.


"How did they even know to look here?", Ron asked Sofia.


"I told them some things about the war, they must have remembered!", Sofia gasped.


"At least they can't get in", Ron offered.


"Yeah, doesn't look like they're going to go away though".


"I can go and tell them to bugar off if you want", Ron suggested.


"No, then they'll know for definite that I'm here. Just leave them to it, they'll get bored and go home eventually".


So, Ron and Sofia continued their conversation, ignoring the shouts from outside.




Despite what she believed, Sofia had been wrong. Blaise, Draco, Theo, Pansy and Daphne had only left at midnight and had returned again the next morning and the morning after that. Harry and Ron had been staying with her and the three were currently sat around the fire in the drawing room.


"This is turning into a joke", Ron snapped, "You'd think they would have given up by now!".


"I know, I can't believe they're still here!", Sofia exclaimed. She truly was surprised.


"They know they're going to see you at school so why bother with all this when you've made it clear that you're not going to go out there?", Harry said.


"Right I've had it! Come on, Harry. This is your house, we're telling them to leave", Ron demanded.


"But they'll know I'm here!", Sofia protested.


"They know anyway!", Harry retaliated.


"Fine, just don't go getting into any fights!".


Knowing they would have hell to pay for and a half an hour lecture from their friend if they did, the two boys agreed and headed outside.


"Look, someone just appeared on those steps!", Pansy squealed.


However, the Slytherins' happiness was short lived as they saw Harry and Ron walk down the steps of the house.


"I don't know what you think you're going to achieve but this is my house and I would appreciate it if you stopped shouting like lunatics and leave", Harry stated.


"We'll leave when Sofia comes with us", Draco snarled.


"You've been here for three days now. Shouldn't that tell you that she's not coming out?", Ron barked.


"So she is inside!", Blaise exclaimed.


"Yes she is and she isn't coming out. She doesn't want to see you. Any of you", Harry stated as he looked across the group.


"You can't tell her to stay inside!", Daphne shouted.


"I haven't! It was Hermione's choice to come here and Hermione's choice to stay inside. If she wanted to be found, do you think she would have decided to come here?", Harry asked.




"I don't know if you've noticed Potter, but her name is Sofia", Draco hissed.


"She doesn't have a problem with it so why should you? She'll always be our Hermione!", Ron yelled.


"Oh, you suddenly care now do you, Weasley?", Pansy asked incredulously.


"I've always cared! Me and 'Mione sorted things out, not that it's any of your business!".


The Slytherins would never admit it but this was a kick in the gut for them. Sofia had found her best friends again, the two people that knew her the most in the world. What if she didn't need them anymore? What if she just went running back to the two dunder heads and forgot about them?


"Listen Weasel King, Sofia is MY sister and I am not leaving here without her!", Blaise shouted defiantly.


"You're going to have to!".


All eyes looked towards the steps of number 12 Grimmauld Place where Sofia was standing.


"I'm not coming with any of you. I've had enough of hearing your voices screaming and shouting outside of this house all day for the past three days! Take the hint and leave!".


"Sofia, please...", came Draco's voice.


Sofia couldn't bring herself to look at him so instead she looked at her brother.


"Go home. All of you. I'm fine here and I'm happy with Harry and Ron".


The group had nothing to say to that. They all knew that no matter what they did she would not leave and come with them. She was back with her friends now and it killed them to go home without her. Their only hope was that she would return in time.






So, what did you all think? I know there's not much action or drama in this but I thought there need not be after all the drama at Zabini Christmas Ball :) Please leave a review because I love to know what you all think! Thankyou, MM xx

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