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Perfect Chapter Image of Nick by mockingjay@TDA



“Blair, Nick is already here!” I hear Dad yell. “Hurry up!”

I dig through a pile of clothes in the closet trying to find one of Blair’s textbooks. Dear Merlin, how can one single person be so messy?! Finally, I give up and get out of the closet.

“Accio Potions  book!” I scream and the book comes flying from one of the draws on the other side of the room. I grab it and put in the backpack and hurry out of the room. I basically run across the kitchen but before I reach the door, Dad yells.

“What about breakfast?”

“I don’t have time.” I say as I try to put on my shoe. “I will be late for school.”

“Usually I’m the one who’s worried about you being late.” Dad says as he puts fresh waffles on the table. Someone knocks on the door and when I open it, I find Blair’s best friend, Nick, standing there. I immediately feel my heart racing and I smile at him.

“Nick.” I say.

“Blair!” he says and hugs me. “It’s nice to finally see you.”

“You too.” I say still smiling. Ever since I was young, I was always looking forward to see Nick. That was one of the benefits of coming here. But I never could admit to Blair how much I actually cared about Nick.

“Nick, my boy!” Dad says when he comes to see who is at the door. I notice he’s wearing a red apron with strawberries on it. Probably the most girly one he could find.

“Nice apron, David!” Nick says and Dad laughs.

“You’re just in time for waffles.” He says.

“My favourite.” Nick says and follows Dad to the kitchen.

“What about school?” I ask following the two of them. They both give me a weird look.

“You pick school over waffles?” Nick asks. “What did your grandmother do to you?”

“I... I just don’t want to be late for the first day.” I say feeling nervous.

“Have a waffle.” Dad says. “You still have enough time.”

I sit next to him at the table and grab a waffle with a fork. I carefully put a small amount of syrup and start eating slowly when I notice Dad and Nick giving me a weird look. I swallow one bite and look at them.

“Is something wrong?” I ask and they exchange looks.

“Did you forget how to eat back in England?” Nick asks and I look at his waffle covered with syrup and also his shirt where a bit of syrup has dripped. I look back at my plate remembering that it’s not nice to look at people while they’re eating.

“I guess I just got used to eating politely after all of those fancy dinners in London.” I say, but neither of them looks satisfied with my explanation. “Wow, look at the time. We should be going.” I say as I get up and pull Nick from the table.

“Now you look more like Blair I know.” He says. “Later David!”

“See you later!” Dad yells as we get out of the apartment. Nick and I go downstairs and into his car.

“Nice car.” I say. “Although I will never understand why you drive that thing to a wizard school.”

“It’s all about the entrance. And this baby is all I need.” He says when he gets behind the wheel.

“What car is it anyways?” I ask.

“I already told you, Chevrolet ’67. I bought it and rebuilt it last year.” He says proudly.

“Nice job.” I say as we head towards the school.

“Is that a compliment?” Nick asks raising his eyebrows.

“Sure thing.” I say. “Why so surprised?”

“Have you met yourself?” he asks eyes on the road. “You’re not exactly big on the compliments.”

“I’m not, am I?” I ask and think about Blair. She isn’t the type of person who hands compliments easily.

“Definitely not.” He says and smiles. He has the most honest smile I have ever seen.  When we were younger I used to like watch him smile. I look at him closely. I notice a tattoo on his arm. Grandfather usually says that those people are a disgrace for our society, but Nick is definitely not a disgrace. He’s one of the rare people I know that are honest and everything they do has a meaning.

Suddenly Nick turns to a parking lot behind some muggle restaurant and parks his car. I get out of the car and follow him towards an empty shopping centre on the other side of the street. I let him take the lead because I have no idea where we’re going. Blair told me about her school, but it would be better if I would first see it for myself. I don’t want to cause any other suspicions.

We walk inside the building and Nick casually walks towards one of the closed shops. Without even looking around, he steps through the glass and disappears. I stand in shock just for a second before I step through the glass as well.

I don’t know how I expected this school to look like. Maybe I had an image of Hogwarts in my head, but this is not how this school looks like. Hogwarts is thousands of years old and this place looks brand new.

There is fresh grass beneath my feet, but the building in front of me doesn’t look like it belongs there. It’s a massive building covered with glass just like the shops in the shopping mall. Although it doesn’t look like it belongs here, it still looks beautiful.

I notice Nick walking in front of me so I hurry to catch up with him. But before I can get to him, he walks to one girl, smiles to her and kisses her causing me to stand in shock. Blair never told me Nick had a girlfriend. I get this strange feeling in my throat and I turn around trying to ignore tears in my eyes.

At first I was looking forward to coming to New York, but now, seeing an only boy I have ever had feelings for kissing somebody else, I’m not that sure.





I have met all three of Ashley’s roommates. And to me, they all seem nice although Ashley said she wasn’t friends with any of them. Savannah is a girl from Ireland who talks a lot, but other than that she’s very nice. Lydia lives in London as well and is pretty shy for her own good, but she’s very beautiful. I am one part Veela so I know how to recognise real beauty. And then there is Hilary, a girl who transferred to Hogwarts two years ago after accidentally setting her dorm at Beuxbatons on fire. I’m not so sure it was an accident, but that girl is definitely one of the best roommates I have ever had. 

Lydia is the one who also took Potions which was my first class the next morning. Hilary and Savannah have decided to use their free period to gain extra sleep and Lydia and I head to the Great Hall for breakfast.

The breakfast was pretty awkward because I had a feeling that Lydia was kind of scared of me. I noticed last night that many people gave me weird looks. Apparently everyone feared Ashley and her friends.

Just when we’re about to head to the dungeons to get to class, Professor McGonagall shows up.

“Miss Pierce!” she calls me and at first I don’t even realise it’s me she’s calling. I’m still not used to being Miss Pierce.

“Ashley, I think she’s calling you.” Lydia says.

“Miss Pierce.” McGonagall calls me again and I turn around.

“Yes, Professor?” I ask her.

“Miss Pierce, I need you to monitor detention tonight.” She says.

“Detention?” I ask.

“Yes, Miss Pierce, detention. You are the Head Girl. It’s your duty.” She explains.

“Yes, I know that.” I say. “But we’re not even here for an entire day. Who managed to get a detention so soon?” Professor McGonagall and Lydia look at me and then exchange looks.

“Honestly, Miss Pierce, you have been here for six years and these things still surprise you?” Professor McGonagall asks me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who..?” I start and Professor McGonagall looks at someone behind me. I turn around and look at James who’s sitting at the Gryffindor table, just a few seats away from us.

“James?” I ask.

“Of course. Who else would it be than James Potter?” Professor McGonagall asks and shakes her head. “Detention starts at 7 o’clock. Be there at least ten minutes earlier.”

“Sure thing.” I say and she gives me a weird look. “I mean, of course, Professor.” She gives me one last strict look and walks away. I turn to Lydia.

“What’s the problem with that guy?” I ask annoyed.

“You and the entire school wonder the same thing.” Lydia says and I notice she’s blushing.

“You can’t be serious!” I say and she blushes even more. “You actually like him?”

“Not so loud.” She whispers. “Every girl in this school likes him. You know that.” I look at James once again and notice that he is indeed surrounded by a lot of girls. He just became less attractive to me. Any guy who had to be in the centre of the attention wasn’t my type of guy.

“I don’t know what you see in him.” I say although I do know what girls see in him. With his messy hair and nice body, of course he’s every girl’s dream guy.

“Everyone knows you can’t stand him.” Lydia says.

“They do?” I ask.

“Of course.” She says and checks her watch. “We should go to class.”

“Right.” I say and give one last look at James. Funny thing is, I notice he’s already looking at me.





I pick up my books after my last class of the day, Transfiguration, and head out to try to find an exit out of this place. As soon as I step out of the building, I find Nick waiting for me there.

“Hey! Where were you?” he asks me.

“Transfiguration.” I say as if stating the obvious.

“I can see that.” He says looking at me weirdly. “But we usually ditch our last two classes at the beginning of the year and go get a beer at that muggle bar a few blokes away. Or have you forgotten?”

I try to remember when Blair told me that. But she didn’t. She must’ve forgotten! I try to find my way out of this one.

“No, of course I didn’t forget.” I say trying to come up with an excuse. Then I notice the girl Nick was kissing just a few hours ago. “I just thought you would like to have some time with your girlfriend.” I say trying to sound casual, but it just sounds cold.

“Who, Jenna?” Nick asks and turns around to look at her.

“Jenna, right.” I say. Blair didn’t mention that as well.

“You’re probably mad at me because I didn’t tell you?” Nick asks looking guilty. I look at him with my eyebrows raised. “I know you don’t really like Jenna, but we sort of started hanging out while you were in London. She’s not that bad.”

“Right.” I say trying to process all of this. So, Blair doesn’t like Jenna who happens to like Nick and Nick started going out with Jenna after Blair left. So, Blair actually had no idea about this.

“I know you’re mad at me.” He says. “Come on! Just yell at me! Kick me! Jinx me!”

“I’m not going to yell at you.” I say looking around nervously. “Or jinx you. You are free to be with whoever you want to be.” Nick raises his eyebrows.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asks me suspiciously. “You seem different.”

“What do you mean?” I ask nervously.

“Just three weeks ago you would kick my ass.” He says.

“Right.” I say. “Well, I’m giving you a free pass now.”

He gives me one last suspicious look, but smiles and puts one arm around me. As soon as he touches me, I get a weird feeling in my stomach. I believe this is what people call butterflies in the stomach.

“That still doesn’t mean you can ditch on me.” He says. “Beer a day keeps you from dying or something like that.”

“I don’t think that’s how it goes.” I say and he laughs.

“Whatever.” He says. “But you owe me one. I expect that we’ll have that beer tomorrow.”

“But what about school?” I ask and he starts laughing even louder.

“Since when do you care about school?” he asks. “Didn’t you always say that you don’t see an academic future for yourself?”

“Right.” I say. Come on, Ashley! Stop being Ashley and be more like Blair!

“You are so weird lately.” Nick says as the two of us step through the glass of the shop and back into the muggle world.




It is only my first day at Hogwarts, but I already feel exhausted. Although I’m not listening to many classes, the ones I’m listening are pretty demanding. Ashley chose all the hardest classes after her O.W.L.s year, but at the end I’m the one who’s stuck in here.

I practically drag myself to dinner hungry like a wolf. I sit at the table all alone and start eating dinner when Lydia shows up.

“Ashley?” she calls me and I give her a tired look. “Shouldn’t you be supervising detention?”

I jump from my seat and almost fall but manage to keep my balance. I completely forgot about that!

“Shit!” I yell causing everyone to stare at me.

“Did you just..?” Lydia asks shocked. I bet no one has ever heard Ashley Pierce curse before.

“Pardon me.” I say trying to keep it together. “I have to go.” I turn around and start walking having no clue where I’m going. I turn back to confused Lydia. “Where am I even going?” I ask desperately.

“Transfiguration classroom.” She says staring at me like I’m some kind of a weirdo.

“Thanks!” I say and start running from the Great Hall and up the stairs.

I rush into the classroom and face annoyed Professor McGonagall and amused James.

“I am so sorry.” I say trying to catch my breath. “I was busy...”

“I don’t care, Miss Pierce.” Professor McGonagall says as she heads out of the classroom. “But I honestly expected more from you.”

“I’m sorry.” I say one more time before she furiously walks out. This is something I should probably not mention in my letters to real Ashley.

“I always thought you were like super responsible, Pierce.” James says.

“Don’t you have lines to write or something?” I ask him completely forgetting about the British accent.

“What?” he asks confused.

“Get to work, we’re not here to chit-chat!” I order and sit at one of the desks. He stares at me confused for a moment, but starts writing lines in silence. I sigh from relief. For a moment I thought he was onto me.

I get Quidditch Trough Ages out of my bag and start reading it so I wouldn’t die of boredom. I notice James keeps glaring at me from his parchment, but I decide to ignore him.

“Is that Quidditch Trough Ages?” he asks suddenly.

“Praise the Lord, he can read!” I say not bothering to look at him.

“I never knew you like Quidditch.” James says sounding interesting.

“Well, now you know.” I say annoyed.

“Do you play the beautiful game?” he asks.

“Don’t you have work to do?!” I ask and put the book down.

“I will have another detention tomorrow. Does it really matter if I don’t do all the work tonight?” he asks as he sits in his chair casually.

“Why do you even get into all this trouble?” I ask curiously. “It must be exhausting.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” He says with a smirk and I try my best not to roll my eyes.

“Yes, I play Quidditch. My Dad thought me.” I say. “Now you.”

“My behaviour has something to do with my Dad as well.” He says. “Maybe I’m tired of all the expectations other people have about me. Just because I have a famous Dad doesn’t mean I’m him.”

“Does that usually work on other girls?” I ask and he smiles.

“I’ll let you be the judge of that.” He says with a smirk.

“In that case the answer is no.” I say and grab my book again.

“Though crowd.” James says and continues to stare at me.

“Yes, I am.” I say.


Dear B.

Just like I promised, I’m sending you your broom. Good luck at the try outs. Show Potter what you’re made of. I really can’t stand him. And the feeling is mutual so don’t get too friendly with him. I should probably mention that our grandparents wouldn’t appreciate you bonding with a Potter.

Of course Beth would be able to see right through us. She raised me. She could always tell if I’m lying. I am happy that she knows. It’s somehow consolable that someone else knows besides us. This is actually a lot harder than I thought, but I guess we both just need time to adjust.

One more breaking news. Nick has a girlfriend! Jenna Something.  I don’t like her, but as I hear, neither do you. At least we have one thing in common.

Tomorrow I’m going out with Nick to some bar everyone hangs out at so wish me luck so he wouldn’t discover our secret.

Other than that, life here is pretty good. Dad is amazing, but he’s suspicious because I can’t eat more than one pancake for breakfast. How much can you actually eat?!

I hope you’re not having too much problems at Hogwarts. And you don’t have to worry about Victoria and Meredith. They are pretty harmless. They just like attention. But be careful. They could get suspicious if you ignore them long enough.

Write to me after the Quidditch try outs and don’t leave out any details. I wish you luck!



A/N: So, fifth chapter is up. I'm really happy that you guys seem to like it. So keep on reviewing and tell me what you think! Also, I really want to know, who do you like the more? Ashley or Blair? 

In the next chapter: Ashley and Nick go out while Blair tries out for the  Gryffindor Quidditch team.


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