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A/N: So I had this idea for a while in my head, I knew I wanted to write this chapter back when I was writing the third or fourth one and now it’s finally here! I really hope you enjoy it and now after 11 chapters, their relationship progresses! WOOP WOOP! Warning: MAJOR Jelle in this one guys! Oh yeah, the interesting fact: erm… I can say the alphabet backwards fast? Does that count? I think it does.


Disclaimer: Anything you recognise does not belong to me. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.


yet another brill chapter image by clowder@TDA!

“Why not? You’re a beautiful girl, he should be so lucky to even have you looking his way.” – James Potter II

“Okay…? Should I be worried?” I stepped away from him. He laughed and shook his head,

“No, just put your shorts back on and come with me,” I did as I was told, following him out to the balcony, “Okay, before we go to sleep I want to show you something that you’ll miss otherwise but you’ll have to trust me.”

“I trust you.” I nodded, my head still a little fuzzy from the alcohol but I knew that if he were to ask me that question sober, my answer would still be the same. He hadn’t done anything to prove that I couldn’t trust him, so why shouldn’t I?

“Good,” he seemed a little shocked but gave me the Smile all the same, “Right what I’m gonna do is climb onto the ledge and swing round to this ladder round the side. You do the same when I say it’s okay and I’ll pull you up, just be careful not to fall.” He slowly, and nervously, climbed onto the high ledge in the corner. It probably was not a good idea to do this whilst we were a little drunk. Then he disappeared from view as his hands grabbed onto something metallic sounding and swung his legs round the side of the building, I gasped and leaned round the side to seem him slowly climbing up a ladder onto the roof of the villa.

“You’re okay to try now.” He said and I copied him, climbing onto the ledge and peering round the corner to see the bottom rung on the ladder. I grabbed hold of it with one hand, then the other and then counted to three in my head before swinging round. My whole body was dangling off the side of the building and I had to use all my upper body strength to push myself up so that finally my feet touched the bottom rung. It was the first and only time I would thank God that I used to do pole dancing!

“James!” I called out because I couldn’t see him over the top.

“I’m right here, just hold out a hand and I’ll hoist you up,” he appeared suddenly, holding out an outstretched arm and I grabbed onto it straight away. He pulled me up and when I finally made it over the top, I wrapped my legs around his waist with my arms round his neck and my head buried in his neck, “It’s okay, you’re fine. You’re not gonna fall.” He laughed at me so I slowly peeled myself away from him and onto the floor again.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, going pink and feeling embarrassed.

“I thought you weren’t scared of heights?” He quirked an eyebrow up at me as we walked right to the middle of the roof and sat on the floor, our legs crossed underneath us.

“I’m not… I just, I’m not a fan of them,” I crossed my arms as he laughed, “What is it you wanted to show me anyway?” he looked down at his watch on his wrist and replied,

“It should happen in about an hour so we have to wait for a while.” He shrugged not giving me an indication as to what it might be so I stared out at the sea in the horizon, a light-ish blue tint was staring to appear from the dark blue skies and I just watched it intently.

“So… what do you wanna talk about?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“I dunno, what do you wanna talk about?” he repeated my question, staring ahead of him. Because of being a little drunk, I was feeling brave so I decided to ask him about his relationship with Courtney.

“Tell me about Courtney.” He sighed and didn’t talk for a while until I looked at him and he was staring at me with a quizzical expression on his face.

“What do you want to know about her?”

“Where did you meet her?” I turned my body to face his because I was genuinely interested. It could help me understand the relationship between the two.

“In a night club,” he smiled a little and I felt angry that he was smiling. He shouldn’t be smiling, “It started off as a one night stand and then, I dunno, the sex was really good so I wanted to meet her again. I made my Dad find out all about her and it turned out she worked in a small boutique on Diagon Alley. We kind of met up loads after that but…”

“But?” I coerced him as he’d paused, swallowing thickly.

“But she had a boyfriend. She’d cheated on him with me,” he paused again and I was sure my eyes had widened, “I just wanted her so I persuaded her to dump him and get with me.”

“But surely James if she cheated with you, she’d cheat on you.” I said quietly.

“Yeah, no need to remind me.” he scoffed.

“Did she…?” I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. He just nodded his head, “Oh James! With who? Did you know them?”

“You remember when you asked who my first friend was?”

“Joe Blacklidge?” I nodded my head, “Him? Seriously?”

“Yep, it was about a year into our relationship. They met for the first time at a night club, like we had, and I didn’t think much of it. Until I heard rumours in the magazines. And then I saw them together. In my bed. That’s why I moved back into my Mum and Dad’s.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” he laughed, “You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I know, I still feel bad,” I shrugged, “Why did you stay with her for two years after hearing and seeing that?”

“Well, we weren’t really together for the full two years after that. We were on and off all the time but I’m not really sure why I stayed with her those years…” his eyebrows came together in confusion and he looked at the floor.

“Can… can I just suggest something?” I thought about trying to explain what Ginny said to me about Courtney.

“…Okay?” he looked back up at me as I knelt in front of him, sitting back onto my haunches.

“I don’t think,” I struggled to say it as he was watching me so intently, “I don’t think you actually were in love with Courtney…”

“We were together for three years, of course I was in love with her!” he protested.

“James, just hear me out,” he stared at me but stayed quiet so I took that as he was going to let me explain, “It doesn’t matter about how long you were together, that’s not what love is truly about. Loving someone and being in love with someone is completely different.”

“How so?”

“I love my sister, I love my brother-in-law, I love my niece and nephew but I’m not in love with them. You see?”

“Not really?”

“Loving someone means that you would do anything for them and you love having that certain relationship with them. Being in love with someone is exactly the same as loving someone but you put their needs before your own, you worry about their happiness before your own and you can take away the kissing, the hugging, the touching, the sex and be left with your best friend. It’s the ability to take away all those things and still feel the same way about them regardless.” I explained and we both fell into silence.

“What happened between you and Travis?” he asked finally, I was staring at him but he’d looked away from me and I felt intimately close to James all of a sudden. Not in the sexual way either. We’d never talked about this before. Hell, I hadn’t talked about this with anyone before, not even Charity or Molly.

“Nothing really, just a high school crush that never took off and dwindled away as the years went on.” I shrugged, relieved that we’d stopped talking about love.

“You never kept in touch with him when he left?”

“Nope, never had time to and when I left, I had no idea where he would be really,” I explained, “And by that time, the feeling had completely gone.”

“You don’t like him anymore?”

“No, why?”

“What about that Domenic? You don’t like him?” why was he suddenly asking who I liked? He wasn’t going to set me up with them, was he?

“I really don’t think he’d want to go out with me anyway.” I laughed.

“Why not? You’re a beautiful girl, he should be so lucky to even have you looking his way.” He complimented making me blush massively.

“Thanks but he doesn’t go for my type, if you know what I mean,” I hinted but he still didn’t get it, “He’s gay.” I rolled my eyes.

“Really? He didn’t seem like it yesterday!” His jaw dropped open.

“Yeah, he’s not the stereotypical gay man, is he? I think it’s awesome, everyone always thinks that they’re over the top and in your face but not every gay man is really. Same with girls,” I laughed, “He told me that that annoys him so much when people assume that because he’s gay he paints his nails, wears women’s clothing and talks with a really high pitch voice.”

“Oh right,” he seemed to relax and looked back out to the horizon, “Look it’s happening.” He whispered. I turned my head towards his eye-line and saw the most spectacular view I had ever seen in my life. A golden ray of light broke through the different shades of blue, illuminating the small town around us in orange light. I bathed in the golden light, until the sun started to make an appearance, tinging the blue sky around it with a pink/orange/yellow glow. All the colours merged together to create one picturesque view and my mouth was hanging open at the beautiful sight in front of me.

Oh wow…” I whispered, not wanting to disrupt the landscape with my voice.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I turned my face to his, to find he was watching my expression wearily.

“Yes, it’s magnificent.” I whispered again and looked back to soak it all into my mind. Just then, a jagged streak of pure white light struck the earth in front of us, shattering the atmosphere followed by a loud, ear-splitting sound a few seconds later. I felt the first drop of water hit my left arm, then one by one the raindrops fell down until the heavens opened.

“Okay, I wasn’t planning on this. Let’s go back inside.” James stood up and started making his way back to the ladder as another jagged spear of lightning hit over the water.

“Wait!” I halted him with my hand, pulling him back as I stood up, “Let’s just… stay here for a bit,” I smiled up at the sky, closing my eyes and letting the rain wash everything away from me and getting drenched within 10-15 seconds. I laughed happily, feeling so free for once and started spinning and dancing crazily. I opened my eyes to look at James. He was watching me with a dazzling smile on his face, “What?”

“Nothing… it’s just, this is the first time I’ve seen you properly happy,” he beamed wider, “You look like you’re glowing.”

“I love the rain.” I smiled up at the sky again, ignoring his compliments.


“Because it feels like everything’s being washed away… ready to start again tomorrow.” I continued to spin in the warm rain and soon James joined in. We probably looked like right loons, stood on top of a villa in the pouring rain with lightning and thunder roaring around us and dancing.

“Okay, I’m getting tired. I think we should go back in now.” James yawned as the rain started to disappear, settling into a light drizzle and I agreed. He let me climb down the ladder first before jumping down after me, pulling his soaking shirt over him as we walked back into the bedroom. He got his wand out, dried both of us before we collapsed onto the bed completely knackered.

My eyes peeled open to see James still fast asleep next to me, I snuggled closer to him and nestled my head under his neck with a small smile on my face.

“Hey, you’re awake.” James mumbled and I looked up, his eyes were open fully.

“Good afternoon.” I yawned and stretched.

“How do you know it’s afternoon? It could be morning for all you know.” He teased.

“Please, we were up till the early hours of the morning. There is no way it is still morning.” I scoffed and he stuck his tongue out at me.

“Shut up.” I laughed again and he Smiled. I suddenly grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers with his.

“Thank you for talking to me about Courtney last night/this morning.” I squeezed his hand gently and he moved himself forward slightly so he could reach my forehead and place a delicate kiss there.

“Thanks for explaining things to me… I think I understand now,” He winked at me and stood up, “And anyway, don’t we have a movie marathon day to get started?” he offered me a hand and when I took, yanked me out of the bed and into his arms, making me squeal.

“Hey! That’s not nice, I wasn’t ready!” I pouted but he kissed me on the cheek and set me on the floor.

“Are we going to get changed or are we going to go downstairs like this?” he gestured down to our clothing and I saw that he was still wearing his black jeans from yesterday and I was wearing my white pyjama top and my short shorts from last night as well.

“Okay, yeah I think we should change.” I mumbled, blushing and quickly hurrying into the closet. I picked out some black shorts and a plain white tank top because all we were doing was sitting in the living room watching movies continuously. It wasn’t like we were going to out anywhere.

“We’ll get some food and stuff to eat whilst we’re watching them.” James said as we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Ginny was already up and bustling about, 2 big bowls of popcorn were on the table beside 2 bars of chocolate, another bowl of sweets, crisps and drinks.

“Thank you so much Ginny! I wasn’t expecting all this.” I gasped when I saw it all lay out on the dining room table.

“Well James said yesterday you were having a nice chilled day in so I thought I might as well make some nice food for you to eat as you’re watching.” She waved her hand as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Thank you.” I stepped forward and hugged her, I think it was the first time I had hugged her and not the other way round.

“Don’t worry about it,” she blushed a little, “Now, I made sweet popcorn and salted because I didn’t know which one you prefer and I got you some coke, lemonade and some other fizzy drinks as well.” She pointed to each one and I felt like I was a teenager again, organising a slumber party except with one person and it was a guy.

“Thanks Mum.” James gave his Mum a kiss on the cheek and helped me carry everything into the living room where Ginny had obviously placed some blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the TV for us.

“You’re Mum really likes organising stuff, doesn’t she?” I laughed, putting the popcorn, chocolate and drinks on one side of the blankets before plopping myself down and underneath one of the comfy layers. James followed suit, lying underneath with me and putting his arm around my waist, I laid my legs across his and he put his other hand on my thigh.

“She does. She likes to think it gives her a bit more control over us,” He smirked, “It really doesn’t.” Suddenly a though occurred to me.

“Oh no.” I gasped.

“What?” he looked at me worriedly.

“I completely forgot to get the DVDs from Charity. I’m an idiot.” I smacked my hand against my forehead.

“I know you did but Charity seemed to think you’d forget and gave me them in a bag to give to Mum.” He smirked at me.

“I could kiss you!” I squealed happily as he pulled out my collection of films and showed me each and every one.

“Why don’t you?” he leaned closer to me flirtatiously and I gulped.

“There’s no-one around.” The room was getting hotter. Unless that was just me. It probably was.

“That didn’t stop you last night.” He winked, coming even closer.

“I never kissed you last night.” I pretended like I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Want me to refresh your memory?” he was so close now.

“Erm… I’m not sure whether we should watch Marching Against Tradition or Leaving Carter first?” I shoved the DVDs between his face and mine in order to not get him to kiss me. Don’t get me wrong, I would have enjoyed it but I was confused enough as it was… I didn’t need him to confuse me anymore. And I decided that I wasn’t going to kiss him when we were alone anymore, it was probably for the best seen as we had two weeks to go until this whole thing was over.

He sighed, annoyed and replied, “Why don’t we watch Leaving Carter first? It looks good.” He put the disk in and I relaxed. He lasted about three films until I felt a finger on his hand rubbing circles on my thigh lightly, making me shiver.

“Hiding From Dennis has to be my favourite one, I think.” I rambled.

“Yeah?” James didn’t seem at all interested in any of these films.

“Just because of the storyline. A little boy whose Dad died when he was younger and having to live with his evil step-father Dennis and his two evil step-brothers. I would hate that.” His hand moved a little further up my thigh and he started placing kisses on my shoulder, moving higher each kiss.

“Sounds really bad.” He muttered and I was finding it really hard to concentrate as John, the little boy, met the girl of his dreams through a garden hedge but wouldn’t meet her properly until later on.

“And then he meets Katherine, a girl his age, who totally sweeps him off his feet,” he had reached my neck and I stumbled a little, “Dennis finds out and forbids him from ever leaving the house but he sneaks out every night just to meet her,” he had reached my cheek, “And eventually, he sticks up for himself just before she leaves and joi-.” My voice was cut off as James had reached my lips. His lips kissed me gently, moving against my own and his hand moved from my thigh to my waist as he rolled me underneath him slowly. I couldn’t really think of anything else as my hands wrapped round his neck and I kissed him back just as vigorously.

“I think,” James said between kissing me, “We’re becoming one of those couples that don’t bother watching a movie and end up having sex in front of the TV.” I pulled back in shock and he didn’t say anything as he started kissing down my neck again. It must be his favourite thing to do to me apparently, he did that a lot. It was a good thing that Lily came in at that moment breaking us apart otherwise I’m pretty sure we might have actually had sex. Not a good idea Elle, not a good idea at all. Having sex meant getting attached to someone, I mean look at what happened to Lily. I told myself sternly that I was not letting myself have sex with James and I was going to try everything possible to discourage the notion every time it came up, as well as kissing which I had already broken. Bad Elle!

“Mum said the bonfire’s ready!” she said as she came in then squawked when she saw the position we were in, “Oh my God! Please don’t tell me your having sex under there!” she covered her eyes and James laughed.

“Don’t worry, we’re still fully dressed. We were just kissing a little.” He smirked down at me, pecking me on the lips again and standing up, offering me a hand. I switched the TV off and cleaned up the room so that all the food was gone because it was obvious we weren’t going to go back in that room later on.

“Anyway, Mum and Dad have set up the bonfire for us on the beach. They have the marshmallows, chocolate and wafers all out there too.” She said before exiting, leaving us both alone again.

“Wasn’t too hard, was it?” he smirked.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I huffed, walked out the room and through the kitchen onto the beach where a massive fire was blazing. Three logs were set out around it and Lily and Al were sat on one together with marshmallows on sticks, holding them over the fire and arguing about something. Harry and Ginny were sat together on another log, arms around each other and talking. I guessed the last log was for me and James so I took my seat, picking out a marshmallow and hovering it over the fire.

“We’re having smores for dinner?” James quirked a brow, sitting himself down next to me and slinging his arm over my shoulder.

“Apparently.” I lifted the wooden stick to show him that I had already started mine.

“Fine by me,” he shrugged, putting three all on at the same time and I rolled my eyes, “What? I’m being efficient. You’re using one stick for one marshmallow, it’s a waste really.” He teased, glancing at me quickly before looking back at the fire.

“Shut up, I can re-use the stick you dumbass,” he pulled the marshmallows towards him, stuffing all three into his mouth at once and I laughed, “You’re so gross.” I pulled my marshmallow towards me, blew on it to cool it down and bit into it tentatively, making sure not to burn my mouth.

“So, what do you want to do tomorrow?” he asked me when he’d managed to swallow his mouthful.

“I dunno, what can we do? I might go do some more tanning.” I shrugged.

“We could go to the nearest mall for a while, there’s not many good shops there but it’s still shops I guess.”

“Good thinking, I still need to get everyone souvenirs back home.” I smiled and my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text from Molly.


Molly: How was your day? I feel like shit and I woke up with that Domenic next to me. Don’t worry, we didn’t have sex or anything xxxx’

Elle: Yeah, it was good. It’s your own fault for drinking so much, I don’t even have a hangover. Just chilled in the villa, watched a few movies with James and now we’re having a bonfire. Good because you’re most definitely not his type, if you know what I mean ;) xxxx’


I placed the phone back in my pocket as it had sent and I realised James had been reading it over my shoulder.

“Nosy bugger.” I muttered and he laughed.

“Can’t I see what my future wife is texting to other people? Or is it a lover I don’t know about?” he pretended to be serious.

“That’s called being incredibly mistrusting of me, James.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, can you blame me?” he scoffed but I knew he was still hurting about what we talked about this morning.

“I’m still sorry, James.” I whispered. His arm had moved off my shoulder to hold the marshmallow stick properly so I linked my arms around his and laid my head on his shoulder, glancing quickly at the other Potter’s to see whether they were looking or not.

“Like I said before, you don’t have anything to be sorry for.” He chuckled quietly.

“But you lost a best friend and lost your trust in your other relationships.”

“Joe was like my best friend back in Hogwarts,” he suddenly said, “Even more than Fred or Al. It was strange, he was my first friend outside of the family and then he practically became family. I trusted him completely with everything.”

“It must have hurt you a lot to find out about him and Courtney.”

“Yeah, it did. More than I thought it would actually. My girlfriend and practically my brother in the same bed together, I didn’t want to think about it.”

“What did you do?”

“Didn’t say anything for the first few minutes, just kind of stood there as they both pleaded that it ‘wasn’t what it looked like’,” he scoffed, “That’s what got me mad. They said it like it wasn’t obvious what they were doing,” He put on a false, mocking voice, “Silly me, they weren’t having sex. No, they were playing fucking water polo.” He hissed under his breath.

“What happened between you and Joe?” I asked.

“I told him that I never wanted to see him ever again, he wasn’t my best friend as far as I was concerned from that point on.” He finally looked at me and I could see the hurt, the pain and the guilt in his eyes all in one.

“Did you ever see him again?”

“Oh yeah,” he scoffed again and turned away from me, “Tons of times. It was always about how sorry he was that it happened, but he wasn’t sorry it happened. He was sorry he got caught doing it. I was an idiot.”

“You aren’t an idiot James,” I reassured him, “Both of them are the idiots. To throw away a best friend and a boyfriend like you, it was a stupid thing to do. You’re worth ten times more than them.” He kissed my temple.

“Thank you.”

“And whoever does actually marry you later on in life,” I swallowed thickly, not liking the idea that he would get married to someone else, “Is one lucky woman.”

“Same to you,” he Smiled down at me, sending a flurry of butterflies through my stomach, “He’ll be the luckiest guy out there.”

“Thank you.” I blushed, looking away from him and feeling my phone buzz in my pocket again.


Molly: Don’t rub it in, I couldn’t find my Hangover Potion either so I’ve been stuck with this pounding headache all day. And I’m guessing when you say ‘watching’ you really mean ‘snogging the whole time and paying no attention to the film whatsoever’. Thought so. What do you mean? He doesn’t bat for the other team, does he? :( xxxx’

Elle: I’m not even going to entertain that with an answer. And yes, he does bat for the other team. I’ll text you later xxxx’


“Poor Molly when she finds out the guy she likes is gay.” James laughed.

“You need to be nicer to Molly, she is your cousin.” I pointed out.

“So? I have loads of cousins and I’m not going to get along with all of them.”

“But Molly’s my best friend and you have to like my best friend by default.”

“Just like you have to like my best friend by default. Fred’s really hard to love if you haven’t grown up with him your whole life.” He smirked.

“He seemed alright when I met him at that club. He liked me too apparently, kept buying me drinks.” I teased, trying to make him jealous and it was working as his jaw muscles clenched. His response was cut off by my phone buzzing and I pulled it out annoyed at Molly for interrupting us again but was surprised when I saw my Dad calling me.

“Hello?” I answered. James was watching me wearily, having seen the caller ID.

“Hey Elle…” silence, “So… how’s your holiday going?”

“Yeah, it’s going good.”

“Good, good,” silence again, “Charity made me call to see how you were doing so I’ll being going now. See you.” he didn’t even wait for me to say anything and hung up. I really wished he didn’t hate me. It just made everything so awkward, like now for instance. James was watching me, I could see him staring at me out the side of my eyes but I was staring resolutely at the ground.

“I, uh, I think I’m gonna go and take a shower now. I’ll see you later.” I said quietly, standing up and walking back to the villa. I wasn’t quite sure what I felt about that phone call, I think I was upset but I didn’t feel like I was going to cry at any point because of it. I think I was disappointed. Disappointed that after two years of finally talking to him again, he was still being forced to talk to me by my sister. I don’t know why she even bothered anymore, it was obvious he didn’t want anything to do with me and she should just leave it at that. He shouldn’t be forced to talk to me if he didn’t want to. I stripped off my clothing and stepped into the luke-warm shower, taking my time to wash my body and hair so that I wouldn’t have to face James’ inquiring glances. Once I was done, I clambered out, dried myself and headed down into the library when I’d pulled my pyjamas on. I pulled Treasure Island off the shelf, curled myself up on the couch and carried on reading from where I had dog-eared the page.

“Elle, are you okay?” James asked, coming to sit next to me and taking the book out of my hand when I didn’t answer him.

“Hey! I was reading that!” I protested but crossed my arms when he just glared at me.

“Answer my question.” He demanded.

“I’m fine, now can I have my book back to read?” I glared back just as hard at him.

“You’re not fine, so why don’t you tell me what the real reason why you just got up and walked away after your Dad rang you?” he sat on the book so I couldn’t get it off him.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” I stood up and walked to the bedroom, knowing that it was way too early to be going to sleep but I was actually quite tired. Probably from what we did earlier this morning. I slipped under the covers and snuggled myself up in the duvet. Just as I was about to drift off, I felt the bed dip beside me and I felt myself be rolled over to face James.

“Elle, it does matter. Your whole attitude completely changed after that phone call… I’m not forcing you to tell me but I’m just letting you know I’m here, okay?” he pulled me to his chest, where I snuggled my head under his neck and thought about how much this day had been an eye-opener. I figured something out as well… I fancied James. Like not just a school girl crush either, I properly liked him not because of the fact he was handsome but because I was getting to know the real him and it was completely different to what I imagined he was like in Hogwarts.

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