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 This is the weirdest situation that I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in. I guarantee that I’ve been in quite a few weird situations in my seventeen years, I am a Weasley after all. Not that it means I’m always in the worst of ways, but things happen. This happens to be one of those weird situations for a teenager to be in. So you have to promise that you will keep it to yourself. It’s a secret that I’ve had to keep since this past Christmas holiday, but I am in a relationship with Scorpius Malfoy of all people. We are honestly nervous and unsure about going public. That’s not being prejudiced the Weasleys and Potters have come to accept him because of his friendship with my cousin Albus, and well he is a Malfoy. They might not be so keen on his intent with one of their girls.


Anyway, I think that I have always had a crush on him; since the very first time that Albus pointed in his direction in the great hall my first year. The weirdness of the relationship comes from the fact that I am still in school at Hogwarts, however it is my last year, and that Scorpius has been out for two years and works under his father at the Malfoy family company.  It makes it a tad awkward because we decided it was best that I just claim to not be in a relationship at all, and Scorpius would do the same. That is enough explanation, I think. So let me get to the story.


Rewind One Month to Mid-December


The smoke billowed from the large scarlet train down platforms in King’s Cross station as it slowly ground to a stop. From our compartment I could see a very recognizable tall red head sticking out like a sore thumb from the bustling of the crowds of waiting families,  from a distance waiting under the sign for Platform 9 ¾. With a swift jerk the train stopped, throwing my friends and I forward, causing our trunks to rattle.


“Well, I guess we are here.” Alice sighed wistfully.


“What’s so bad about getting to go home for a few weeks? It’s somewhat relaxing.” I asked knowing that for me it was never very relaxing on holidays, what with my barge-in-everybody’s-welcome style family.


“I’ll be stuck with this one until the Christmas and New Year’s parties.” Alice whined, motioning to her younger brother Frank who was taking our trunks down. “My mum wants us to help out at the Cauldron over the break.”


“But we get paid at least.” Frank added dropping Alice’s trunk on the floor abruptly onto Alice’s robe pooled at her feet.


“Hey! Watch it would you?” Alice exclaimed, pulling her robe out and picking up her trunk by the handle.


“If I wanted it to hit you it would have hit you.” Frank smirked. I giggled in response at the sibling antics; it was funny they acted related but didn’t look it at all, Alice short and pretty with stark black hair and Frank a tall and chubby brunette. I would soon be finding my own younger brother as we got off the train, I had about the same sentiment as Frank.


“You can come visit me anytime you like. Oh, maybe I could bring Dom to the Cauldron, and we could go shopping together.” I replied, taking my trunk from Frank and leading the way out of our compartment and down the corridor.


“I haven’t seen Dom in ages. That would be amazing!” Alice said happily. My family seemed to be a very exciting part of being friends with me, especially my exotic French cousins and my Dragon trainer uncle.


“Just don’t let her try and convince you that short hair works for you again.” I suggested, the memory bringing a faint smile to my face, and an embarrassed red tint to her cheeks.


We exited the train, hopping down the steps onto the bustling platform. The sound of the trains whistle was blaring, students and parents pushed around us while we stood together to say our goodbyes.


“Merlin, there are our parents. Okay lets get our hugs so I can say goodbye to my boyfriend before the holidays.” Alice said over the noise of the station.


“Alright, let’s get it over with.” I said with fake reluctance and smile. I held my arms out and hugged Frank first, because he liked to linger and I wanted to get it over with.


“My turn!” Alice demanded, pushing her brother out of the way, and hugged me tightly. I returned the hug, I would miss her in the week or so before Christmas, even if we do get visits in between.


“Don’t do anything stupid while you are home.” I told her, with a smile.


“I won’t.” She replied hugging tighter, before letting go and grabbing the handle of her trunk again.


“Okay, Frankie lets get going. Bye, Rose!” She called, leading Frank away down the platform.


“Bye!” I called back surveying the crowd looking for my younger brother, or any other red heads for that matter. If their hair was red, we were more than likely related. What a curse of being a Weasley right?


The crowds in the platform were steadily making their way out so that was my cue to start looking for my father again. I had seen him from the train but he was probably looking for Hugo who I had last seen trying to get one of his friends to let him stay with them for the holiday so he could see his girlfriend easier. We have what could be considered a strict household, I, not being allowed to date until the age of never, and Hugo with a girlfriend that he casually forgets to mention to our parents. Not that it mattered to me, I’m likely to never take a husband what with my early onset spinsterhood.


I shuffled through what remained of the crowd until I came upon the tallest man in the place who happened to share my rather signature fiery red mop of hair.


“Hey Dad!” I said aloud, to catch his attention because he was busy scanning the platform for more redheads.


“Oh, hiya Rosie! How is my little girl doing? Passing classes at least?” He asked cheerfully, taking me under his arm and holding me close to him. As popular as the Weasley name was at Hogwarts, I still never really got the chance to see him  during school so I cherished the moment and hugged him back tightly.


“Exceeding expectations in everything but Arithmacy and Divination.” I replied with a shrug. I was doing great in school, in the classes that mattered to me anyway; it was my last year at Hogwarts so I was only taking necessary classes and filling the open space with free periods and fluff classes.


“Eh, those classes aren’t useful anyway.” He said in the most fatherly way, he was nice like that. “I never passed most of those classes.”


We chuckled together; I had heard many of my families stories over the years about the war, they were mostly edited enough that they could be told to young children. But what I did know was that my father was not the best at school, he got bad grades, and didn’t do his seventh year at Hogwarts (which my Mum loves to remind him about, since she went back for school while working); and even with all that he is still a successful, happy guy with a good job and family.  I’m proud of him, and not just because of what he did in the war. He has always made me feel special because I am his only girl, and I love him for that.


“Have you seen your brother?” He asked looking down at his watch. It was early evening, so we would have to go home and make ourselves dinner, and have a quiet night back.


“I saw him at the front of the train with some of his friends. You may want to catch him before he gets a ride with one of them.” I shrugged.


“Alright, just wait for us at the barrier.” He said, before disappearing into the crowd.


“Okay,” I mumbled allowed to myself, and went to lean against the side of the barrier to wait for my family.


As I waited several friends passed by, I noticed one of my youngest cousins approaching the barrier with her best friend. In a surprising turn to all of our parents, Lily Potter, found her best friend in a Malfoy. While it is not so big of a deal as it would have been in my parents day, there are plenty of resentful and negative feelings that have trickled down through the years as a consequence of the war. Despite that, they had become friends even before attending Hogwarts and are surviving their first teen years so far. Being so, the youngest Malfoy child was occasionally a part of Weasley family events.  


“Hello Rosie!” Lily’s young voice chimed, as she leapt forward to hug me.


“Oi, Lily! You act like you won’t see me again.” I smiled and hugged her back. “Hello, Aurelia.”


Aurelia Malfoy looked much older than her fourteen years, almost a clone of her mother who I’d seen once or twice before. She was always perfectly put together in the most elegant way which is why people always assumed she was older and got her and my cousin, who was essentially a miniature version of myself, into trouble with boys. She brushed her long white blonde hair back over her shoulder, before offering me her gloved hand and a quaint smile.


“Rose, I’m sure I will see you at our New Year’s Celebration?” Aurelia asked cordially.


“Of course, my parents won’t let me go anywhere without her or Albus.” Lily answered for me. The Malfoy New Year’s party was one of the few that Alice and I looked forward to every year. It was a highly publicized event that only the prominent and important in wizarding society (and their children) were invited to. I enjoyed it because it was a great feast, followed by the adults casting the youth into an unsupervised dance party of their own that lasted until day break. That party was one of the few nights that I can shed the brand of outsider and actually have fun with people my age.


“Always the babysitter. I look forward to it, will you be at Christmas?” I asked.


“I should be able to make it later in the day, it is always an ordeal to break away from family engagements.” She sighed, Aurelia was destined to be a socialite one day I was sure of it.


“Be prepared to be force fed by Nana.” I cautioned her, and Lily giggled knowingly.


“I don’t mind Weasley food one bit, much less pretentious than what my mother insists on serving constantly.” Aurelia shrugged. “Anyway, we should get going. Our ride is bound to be here somewhere.”


First world problems if I ever heard them, but I wouldn’t say that to her. The Malfoys may still be working to recover their prestigious name, but they were in no shortage when it came to funds of disposable money. I always figured that was part of why our family still resented them.


“So, is your father sending a car again?” Lily asked.


“No, he messaged me on the train and apparently he sent Scorpius to pick us up instead because he needed the car to take him to a meeting. He is trying to appear as muggle friendly.” Aurelia said looking around.


“Is it working?” I asked.


“Probably,” a familiar voice interjected. It was Scorpius, Aurelia’s older brother who looked like he’d been chiseled out of marble. I didn’t really know him and hadn’t seen him in ages, as he was two years my senior and not very close to the family except for Albus. It was hard not to stare, “He just started a charity that helps muggleborns get established. Hi, I’m Scorpius. Are you a relation of Lily’s?” he asked looking from Lily to me.


“No, I am just Lily from the future…” They all looked at me like I was crazy, until Scorpius cracked a grin.


“Rose, right?” he held out his hand. “I’d only seen you in passing at school, but I’ve heard from these two that you were funny.”


I shook his hand awkwardly trying to hide the immediate nervous pink that came to my cheeks, great even someone like Scorpius thought of me as the funny one. “Yeah.”


“Nice to actually make your acquaintance. Auri, Lily, are you ready to get going?” he asked the girls.


They nodded in acquiescence, Lily looked up at me and recognized what I’m sure was my obvious secret crush face. She started to smile like she would give it away, so I poked her hard in the side, making her fold over clutching her side with a loud, “EEP!”


“Don’t you say anything!” I whispered threateningly in her ear, and hugged her to look as though we were saying good bye like normal cousins do.


“I won’t, so long as you do something about it.” She replied just as threatening in the most mischievous way. Teenagers, yeesh.


“Okay, let’s go. Goodbye Rose.” Scorpius said with a polite wave in my direction.




“Goodbye Rose.” Aurelia and Lily said in unison. Lily added a gesture of pointing from her eyes to mine suggestively before sticking out her tongue and disappearing through the barrier.


I sighed audibly, I would have to tell Alice about this later so she could talk me out of my crush that would never happen and remind me of my future cat children. Soon enough my father made his way back through the crowd with my brother and his trunk in tow, looking not entirely enthused.


“Someone was trying to buy firewhiskey off of a peddler.” Dad said, looking as though he could cuff someone.


“I must be a very bad influence on the kid, huh?” I asked trying to lighten the tense mood.


“No one asked you! Miss Goody-Two-Shoes.” Hugo, my evidently angsty fourteen year old brother snapped trying to take a swipe at me.


“Don’t hit your sister. She didn’t do anything.” Dad reprimanded as he dragged Hugo through the barrier.


“At least, I know how to have fun.” Hugo grumbled, fighting to get his shirt collar away from our fathers grasp now that we had entered the muggle population.


“And look where that gets you. At least try to be smart about it.” I suggested, and was met with rolling eyes from both my Dad and Hugo. Ugh, family. I swear, that kid is going to end up on the front page of the Prophet for something; while I will make a quiet living as a wand makers apprentice, and not stepping out of line. What fun. 

A/N: Hi! I started another ScoRose! Oops! I really hope you like it, please review however you feel about it. Thank you for reading, I'll update soon. 

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