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Reading the Daily Prophet every morning, Hermione was noticing a dark theme in the articles. There were unexpected disappearances, people dying, some Muggles being found murdered and other things that were uncomfortably familiar to her. It was starting. She was sure of it. Because of this, Hermione was having a hard time concentrating in her classes the following week. Something, she was sure, had never happened before. In Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall had to repeat her question three times Thursday morning before Sirius whispered the answer to her. When the bell rang at the end of class, Professor McGonagall asked Hermione to wait behind.


"Miss Winters? A word please?" she asked.


Hermione felt her heart drop as looked at Sirius, who had a concerned expression on his face. Neither of them had ever heard Hermione be asked to remain after class before.


"I'll catch up with you in a minute," she mumbled to Sirius. "Certainly Professor," she answered McGonagall.

Sirius said squeezed her arm for reassurance, heaved his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the classroom with the rest of their friends. Hermione, shaking slightly - she was amazed that, with everything else on her mind, being scolded by a teacher would still make her this nervous - walked up to McGonagall's desk. Surprisingly, when she reached the desk, McGonagall did not have the stern, thin lipped look she was expecting. Her eyes were soft and full of concern.

"Miss Winters. Is everything alright? I do not believe I can recall a time where I had to repeat myself to you. Let alone have Mr. Black whisper the answer to my unheard question in your ear."

Hermione looked into the eyes of her favorite professor, wishing she could tell her the truth. But, as Dumbledore had suggested, she should keep the details of her life from anyone who was not already in the know.

"Yes, Professor. Everything is fine. I suppose it's just N.E.W.T.s coming up and leaving school that has me distracted. I'm terribly sorry about that today. It won't happen again," she lied smoothly.


Hermione was beginning to become slightly uneasy with how effortlessly she was able to lie these days. Professor McGonagall looked her over for a moment, her brow furrowed, and then slowly smiled at her brightest student.

"I understand, Miss Winters. I too remember how frightening it was to be faced with leaving school and entering adulthood. It is a bit overwhelming for everyone. But I must ask that you put a little more effort into paying attention in my class from here on out," she stated while slipping back into her usual stern tone.

Blushing slightly, Hermione nodded. "Yes, Professor. I will. Again, I'm horribly sorry," she apologized softly.

McGonagall looked her over, once more, which made Hermione shift uncomfortably, from one foot to the other. "Very well. Off you go then. I do not want to make you late for your next class," McGonagall dismissed her.

"Thank you, Professor." Hermione all but ran back to her desk to grab her school bag out out the door.

As she knew he would be, Sirius was waiting outside of the door for her. 


"What's going on with you, Hermione? I've never seen you like that in class before," he asked her.

"Nothing, really. Just... Just a little distracted, I guess. I'll pull it together," she tried to placate him.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at Hermione, clearly not being able to understand what was causing her to fall apart this week. They have been practicing non-stop. Even Peter was up to their level at this point. With how well everyone has been doing lately, and the fact that they were starting private lessons with Dumbledore, everything should be perfect, but with the events unfolding - outside of the castle - she was anything but calm. Hermione began to walk on ahead of Sirius, trying to get herself together.

"Hey!" he called out while running up to stop her. "What do you say we skive off History of Magic? We'll go take a walk in the grounds, just you and me," he suggested. "That way we can talk and you can really let me know what is bothering you. You can't keep everything bottled up, Hermione. You'll go mental."

Thinking about it for a moment, she didn't know if it would be a good idea to skip out on her next class. Especially after being held behind in Transfiguration. Well... It is only History of Magic. I suppose if there was a class to skive off, it would be that one, she rationalized.

"Alright. Let's do it," she, surprisingly, agreed.

Sirius' eyes widened for a moment, obviously shocked by her response. "That's my girl," he smiled.

The two of them ended up sitting under her favorite tree near the Black Lake. It wasn't a horrible day out side. Overcast and not too chilly; sweater weather. She sat staring out over the lake, thinking of what the grounds looked like during her time, during the Battle at Hogwarts. Images of the castle on fire, the Quidditch pitch burnt to the ground and Hagrid's hut destroyed made their way into her mind. Eyes unfocused, she couldn't help but to think of giants causing massive destruction, people screaming in pain, bodies falling and the unbearable fear that you'll be the next body to drop. Shuddering slightly at the thought, Sirius wrapped an arm around her.

"Please, Hermione. Tell me what you're thinking. I'm going mad over here," he begged.

Bringing herself back into the present, she snuggled herself closer into him. She truly never felt safer, or more at home, than she did in Sirius' arms. "Just about the last few weeks before I left my time and came here. The war and the pain that followed." She took a deep breath and lifted her head to look directly at him. "It's beginning again, Sirius. Have you been reading the Prophet? All of the signs are there. It won't be long now," she answered honestly.

"What signs?" he asked.

"The disappearances, the deaths, the people suddenly acting strangely - who must be under the Imperius Curse, I'm sure of it. It's - It's exactly how you told us it began during the first war, and it's how it began during the war I've come from." Her voice began to shake as she continued. "Voldemort is building up an army, or already has," she explained.

"How bad will it be, Hermione?" he wondered, his face set and determined. That was another one of those things that truly had her admire Sirius. Even though he must be somewhat frightened - even though he would never admit it or show it - he was always ready to take on whatever challenges lay in front of him. He was one of the bravest people she had ever known.

She didn't answer immediately. Sitting and thinking of the deaths, the pain, the fear and the determination to win; her shoulders rose and fell with a heaving breath. "Imagine a darker time than you could possibly ever fathom. You don't know who to trust. Either because they may be on his side willingly, or because they're cursed. Muggle-Borns being rounded up, tortured and killed. Muggles killed for sport. Friends dying or permanently damaged. Families broken apart. Everything you know of and the life you've become accustomed to living, ceasing to exist. A perpetual dark cloud hovering over everyone daily. It's horrible, Sirius. Absolutely horrible", she described.

They sat in silence for some time while Sirius mulled over her words.

"We have to stop it. We can't let it happen this time," she whispered, more to herself than to him.

Squeezing her a little tighter, he answered, "We will, love. We will."

Later that evening all of them were in The Room of Requirement for more training. Hermione wanted to show them what war time was really like. Not knowing how else to do that, she found herself wishing they had a Pensieve in the room. No sooner did she think it, she noticed one appear right next to the bookshelf in the back of the room.

"What is that, Hermione?" Lily asked, noticing the stone basin which seemed to arrive from thin air.

"That? That is a Pensieve. Which is perfect, because I want to show you all what we may end up facing."

Hermione led them all towards the Pensieve while taking her place next to it, facing the group. Not exactly relishing in the thought of reliving this, as she chose one of the worst memories of the war she had, she raised her wand to her temple and thought of the Battle that terrible night. Giving her memory a clear beginning and a clear end of what she wanted them to see, she pulled the wand away from her head while a wispy string a sliver was attached to the tip.

"Wow, 'Mione! I didn't know you knew how to do that," Peter exclaimed.

"There's not much she can't do," Lupin smiled in adoration.

Hermione blushed slightly while waiving off their praise. "Thank you, boys," she smiled. Her grin did not last long, her face was now serious, while she faced the five of them, and began to explain what they would all be doing. "Now, what I am about to show you is most definitely not for the faint of heart. This is my memory of the awful battle that happened here, at Hogwarts, a week before I first met you all. What you are about to see is war first hand. I'm warning you now, this is not going to be easy to watch."

The group all exchanged looks with one another. It was clear they were slightly uneasy about seeing this, but determined all the same.

"We understand, Hermione. We can handle it," James answered for everyone, while they nodded in agreement.

"Alright, guys. Ready?" she asked. Am I ready?

"Ready," they all replied.

Hermione took her wand and placed the sliver string, which was her memory, into the Pensieve. It swirled as a scene of chaos and fighting began to form in the basin. Hermione squared her shoulders, took a deep breath and tried to calm herself before diving in. One by one, they put their faces in and fell down into The Battle at Hogwarts.

"Oh my!" Lily shrieked.

Hermione's heart sank and her palms began to sweat as she took in the scene around her, which seemed as if it was happening all over, once more. Hogwarts was on fire. Giants were crashing their way through the people on the ground. Abnormally large spiders weaving through the crowds of people, good and bad alike. Death Eaters were everywhere. The smell of smoke and blood and the sound of anguished screams were hovering all around. There were people running, wands slashing, jets of red and green light flying, people falling to the ground and moving no more. Even though they all knew they could not be harmed, fear was the primary emotion in them all.

To her right Hermione saw herself, Ron and Harry running through the crowds of people firing off spells at Death Eaters. Blood was trickling from the younger Hermione's mouth and forehead. The three of them were covered in dirt, grime and blood. They saw Lupin and Tonks dueling two masked Death Eaters; Molly Weasley taking two on her own; Minerva McGonagall facing Bellatrix; Hagrid picking a man up and throwing him through a wall; Colin Creevey being struck down by Yaxley. It was complete pandemonium.

"Come on," Hermoine yelled, while taking Sirius' hand and beginning to run.

The group followed the younger Hermione, Harry and Ron through the castle.  While they were running through the fighters inside, Hermione immediately regretted her decision to relive this. Again she watched a wall explode while sending Harry, Ron, Hermione, Percy and Fred flying through the air. Slowly everyone began to emerge from the wreckage. Everyone except one of them. "No! Fred! No!" Percy Weasley was screaming. Hermione almost couldn't bring herself to look. She remembered, all to clearly, what she would see. Fred Weasley was dead. Again she heard Percy making noises no human should ever make while hanging onto Fred's body. Hermione felt as if she were punched in the stomach seeing that once more.

"Merlin..." Sirius exhaled, while watching the carnage.

James put his hand on Hermione's shoulder and gripped tightly. "Hermione. I'm - I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this," James choked out.

Hermione's eyes filled with tears and she felt as if she could vomit. She couldn't take anymore. Living though this once was enough. She could not bear another moment. They needed to go back.

"We need to leave." She would quickly losing composure.

They all pulled themselves out and were once more standing in The Room of Requirement. The moment they arrived, Hermione's legs became weak, her heart felt like it was about to beat out of her chest and she began to hyperventilate. Suddenly, she found herself kneeling on the floor; sobs rocking her body.

Sirius knelt down besides her and took Hermione in his arms. Lily and James stood with their arms around each other, amazed and horrified at seeing their future son in battle. Lupin stared at nothing in particular, thinking of his older self and the beautiful young woman he was dueling with. Peter... Peter was ashamed of himself. He was, obviously, not there, but was also thinking that maybe he was. That maybe he was one of the masked men they were fighting. There would be no way he would ask that now. He would pull Hermione aside later. After she had pulled herself together. 


"S-See? Th-That's why I have us training s-so m-m-much," Hermione cried. "Now... Now you know what - what I went th-through. W-what we will g-g-go through."

Sirius kissed the top of her head and began speaking with his face buried into her hair. "Shhh. Shhh. It's ok, love. We'll all be fine. It won't be that bad this time. It can't be," he tried to sooth her. Sirius held her while rubbing her back in a circular motion, trying to calm her down.

"You can't know that, Sirius. Do you think poor Fred, the boy who was crush by the wall, do you think he knew that was going to happen? I'm sure he thought he'd be fine too," she said softly into his shoulder.

"It'll be different this time, Hermione. I can feel it," he replied.

Later that night, Hermione could not sleep. She tossed and turned with images of her memories running rapidly through her mind. At four in the morning she had given up on sleep, climbed out of bed, put on a robe, grabbed a book and headed down the stairs to the common room. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she jumped in surprise. Peter was sitting on the couch with a book in his lap. Hearing someone coming down the stairs, he turned around.

"Hey," Peter greeted her.

"Hey," she reasponded as she took a seat in one of the armchairs next to Peter.

"Couldn't sleep either?" he asked.

She shook her head with a sad smile on her face.

"What's keeping you up, Wormy?" she wondered.

Peter closed the book and looked into the fire.

"That memory of yours, honestly. Not seeing my older self, like Lupin, fighting along side you and your friends. Not knowing if I was one of the masked Death Eaters, or if I was already dead. Just knowing that I was on the wrong side. It really bothers me, Hermione," he admitted. "Do - Do you know where I was during that battle you showed us?"

Avoiding Peter's eyes, Hermione answered. "You weren't there. You were... you were dead, Pete. I'm sorry," she told him quietly. "Apparently, you showed Harry a split second of mercy. It - It cost you your life."

He nodded and the hint of a smile touched his face.

"I didn't die fighting you all? I died showing Harry mercy? That... That actually makes me feel a little better. Just to know, even if it won't happen like that this time, that there was some good in me. It makes a great deal of difference. So maybe I really wasn't all that bad," he was saying to himself at this point. He looked up at her. "Thank you for telling me that, Hermione."

"You're welcome," she whispered, feeling stunned he reacted that way.


Saturday evening had arrived and the group found themselves standing in front of the stone gargoyle which would lead the way to Dumbledore's office.

"Cockroach Clusters," Hermione said as the stairs began to form and rise.

They all rode the stairs up and walked to their Headmaster's door. Hermione knocked and heard multiple voices inside.

"Come in," Dumbledore called out.

When they opened the door they saw it was crowded with people. People she recognized from meeting in her past - the future - and others she recognized only through photographs. Alastor Moody was there, both eyes still natural and completely his own, nose intact and, as far as it looked, both legs being his. Alice and Frank Longbottom she recognized from seeing the photo of the original Order of the Phoenix. Elphias Doge, Marlene McKinnon, Hagrid, Gideon and Fabian Prewett were all there as well. Hermione and her friends felt very warm at the sight of them. The warmth spread throughout their bodies as did the sense of knowing these people for a lifetime and a certain feeling of tranquility. The Recognition Charm at work.

The Prewett boys looked so much like Fred and George it almost took Hermione's breath away. They were a little taller and leaner, but the features in their faces, the mischievous glint in their brown eyes, and their flaming red hair were so much alike, the young men standing in front of her looked as if they could be twins themselves. Marlene McKinnon was beautiful. She had long dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a tall athletic build and the a very unfriendly look on her face as she took in Hermione and Sirius holding hands.

"Marlene and Sirius had a... thing a few years back. She was two years ahead of us and it doesn't look like she has ever really gotten over him," Lily whispered in Hermione's ear.

"Lovely," Hermione whispered back sarcastically, feeling a slight twinge of jealousy.

Elphias Doge looked very much the same. He had a bit more auburn hair on his head and his face was less wrinkled, but the kind eyes and smile were exactly the same. Hagrid never changed. He will always be humungous, kind and far scarier looking than his gentle nature truly is. Moody was actually rather handsome - bright blue eyes, dirty blond hair, straight nose, square jaw and broad shoulders -  before his features were so severely disfigured in the years to come. Still, he looked suspiciously at the students who had just entered the room.




Looking at Frank and Alice, it broke her heart. They had the widest, most welcoming smiles on their young faces. Neville truly was the spitting image of his mother. The only feature he had inherited from his father was his nose. Frank was tall, thin, dark brown eyes, thin lips, which were curled up in a smile and shaggy blond hair. Alice had the same round face as her son would come to have, short brown hair, wide hazel eyes, full pink lips which were also smiling happily.

"Now I am sure my older friends here are wondering why on earth I have invited students into our meeting this evening. As I am sure my young students are wondering who everyone gathered here may be. Some of you, I am sure, know one other, as you were in school together not so long ago," Dumbledore began.

"I was just about to ask ya, Albus. What are a bunch of teenagers doing here; involved in all this?" Moody questioned.

Dumbledore sighed quietly at the outspoken and always suspicious, Alastor Moody.

"These young adults, Alastor, will be joining us in our fight against Voldemort the moment they leave school. I am sure you have noticed when they entered the room the effects of the Recognition Charm," he explained calmly. Moody's eyes widened in understanding. "Yes, my friend. I have already inducted them into our ranks. They are the newest, and youngest, members of The Order of the Phoenix," Dumbledore finished.

Marlene McKinnon, while still glaring at Hermione, said "But why them, Dumbledore? They're still in school for Merlin's sake."

Fabian and Gideon nodded in approval of her words while Dumbledore smiled at the older members of The Order.

"My dear friends. The students who are in front of you are not merely your average children," he turned and gestured at Lily first. "This young woman here is Lily Evans". Lily turned a deep shade of scarlet at being singled out first. "She is an uncommonly kind young woman, with an aptitude in Potions to rival Horace himself. Dear Lily is one of the top students in her year and one of the more accelerated students who has ever graced these castle walls," he described proudly.

"Thank you, Sir," Lily mumbled awkwardly.

Dumbledore nodded his head in acknowledgement and continued on. "Next we have Remus Lupin," he said as it was now Lupin's turn to look uncomfortable and embarrassed. "Young Mr. Lupin is one of the most talented and brilliant young minds I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His comprehension and skills involved in Defensive magic almost put mine to shame."

"Wow, Sir. That is incredibly inaccurate, but thank you all the same," Lupin said with watery eyes.


Dumbledore gave Lupin a kind smile and a shake of his head, then went on with his introductions. "Peter Pettigrew," he motioned towards Peter who jumped slightly at the sound of his name. "Mr. Pettigrew is a loyal, kind and dedicated young man. Also, like his friends here, one of the top students in his year and has a brilliant mind when it comes to Herbology. I dare you to find a better friend than our young Peter here," Dumbledore stated.


"Thank you so much, Sir," Peter beamed.

"Now I move on to our resident mischief makers: James Potter and Sirius Black," Dumbledore continued on with a chuckle.


Fabian and Gideon's eyebrows shot up as if accepting a challenge in who could cause more trouble.

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Black, since day one, have shown they are two of our more gifted students. Always they have been at the top in Transfiguration - even without doing the homework most of the time I may add. And even though they seem to spend more time in detention than out, they have always been and will always be two of my very favorite students. But I never said that, gentlemen" he added with a wink. "These young men are truly brilliant and will be an asset to our ranks," Dumbledore said with his eyes beaming with pride.

"Aw shucks, Professor. You're making us blush," Sirius joked.

"Yeah, Sir. You shouldn't say such lovely things about us. It may end up going to our heads," James added.


A few people laughed at the boys' joke, everyone else smiled politely. Except Moody.

"Finally we arrive at Hermione Winters," Dumbledore said.

Hermione was slightly surprised he was still using her alias. She assumed that, with the members of The Order, they would be let in on her secret. Looking at Sirius, he shrugged, clearly he assumed the same thing.

"Hermione is a transfer student, one which we were very fortunate to receive, even though it stemmed from very unfortunate circumstances, from The Salem Witch Institute. She had come to us this past September after her parents had been killed in a car crash. Her only living relative - a Great Aunt - still resides in England, which meant Hermione would finish her magical education with us here at Hogwarts," he explained to everyone who were, now, curiously looking at the young witch, who no one - except Hagrid at this point - seemed to recognize.




"Having Miss Winters here with us has been an honor and a privilege. Never before, in my many years of teaching, have I encountered a more gifted student. She is the top student of her year, and by extension, the school. This young woman has talent and a brilliance to rival my own. We are truly lucky to have her," he stopped for a moment with his eyes piercing into Hermione's.

Hermione felt her throat tighten up at Dumbledore's words. She could not believe he had just compared her to himself, and couldn't help but think he was completely wrong in his assessment. "Wow... Sir. Th-thank you. That is truly incredibly too kind. Even in my wildest dreams I could never hope to become as brilliant as you," Hermione said softly.

Dumbledore waived her compliment away with a shake of his hand when Moody spoke.

"Alright, alright. Enough with the love fest Albus. So they're young and talented. We get it. But still, why them? Why children who are not out of school, and may not even be of age yet?" he growled.

Hermione felt Sirius tense up beside her and knew this would not be good. "Why not us?" Sirius demanded.

"Yeah, we have just as much of a right and duty to fight as any of you. No matter what our age is," James argued.


Moody looked furious. "Listen, laddie. I will not-"

"Enough!" Dumbledore thundered, which caused everyone to jump. "Alastor, that is enough. They are here because I have decided they should be."

Moody seemed to look slightly ashamed at being scolded by Dumbledore.

"Mr. Potter; Mr. Black. You do not need to justify your presence here. I will handle that". Dumbledore then looked around at everyone in his office. "We cannot afford to mistrust and fight amongst ourselves. All of us here are here for one reason: To make sure that life as we know it does not cease to exist. We are all aware of Voldemort and his future plans for the Wizarding world. All of us, all of us are here to stop him before the horror he envisions becomes our reality. Now more than ever, those of us who are committed to preserving peace in our world, need to stick together. It does not matter the age of the person willing to fight. The only thing that matters is the conviction in their hearts. Now I will hear no more bickering and no more questioning my motives behind inviting our young witches and wizards here to join us in our fight. If they are willing, I say we give them the chance. They are more than aware of the dangers which may lay ahead of them."


Everyone remained quiet while they looked around at one another.

"Sorry, Albus. I will say no more about it," Moody reluctantly apologized, still glaring towards James and Sirius.

"Thank you, Alastor," Dumbledore said while inclining his head. "Now, the reason I have you all here this evening is because my students need training. They have been practicing on their own, and have become extremely more advanced than their classmates, but need proper training. I would like for them to learn from Aurors themselves. Aurors and skilled members of The Order. All of you here are the best our world can offer and it is all of you I ask of taking on this task."


The Order members looked to one another, as if waiting for someone to speak up and offer their help and guidance. Hermione noticed Frank and Alice share a look between them while they each nodded and smiled.

"We'd be honored and delighted to teach them, Albus," Alice said.

"I agree with my wife. I would love nothing more than to help these students to prepare for what is out there," Frank beamed.


Hermione knew, immediately, that she would very much like Alice and Frank Longbottom.


Moody grunted, what sounded like a yes. Hagrid nodded enthusiastically. Elphias agreed. Marlene shurgged and said, "Sure". Gideon and Fabian had very Fred and George-ish smiles break out on their faces while saying in unison, "This will be excellent". They had their sights set on James and Sirius. It was looking like a - hopefully - friendly rivalry will be developing there.

The look and intent did not go unnoticed to Sirius and James. "Pssh. We can take them, Prongs," Sirius said out of the side of his mouth to James.

"Blindfolded, mate," James agreed.


The Prewetts smiled and said, "Bring it, boys."


"Alright. Exellent!" Dumbledore said loudly, trying to stop the oncoming duel, as Sirius and James began to take a step forward; hands reaching into their pockets. "We shall begin our training at a later date, sadly. Tonight I wanted to merely gather you all here and explain what I had planned for us all," he then spoke directly to Hermione and her friends. "If you would all return to your common room. I shall send word by owl of when our next meeting will be. Thank you for meeting with us this evening and have a pleasant night," he dismissed Hermione and her friends.


"Thank you, Sir," they all said. Everyone said rather awkward goodbye to one another and the group made their way out of the office and down the stairs.


"Gits," James grumbled.


"Prats," Sirius spat.


Hermione rolled her eyes while hissing, "Boys..." under her breath.


Lily's eyes narrowed. "No don't you two begin fighting with those Prewett boys. We're all on the same side, you know," she snapped.


James put his arm around Lily and kissed her on the cheek. "I know, love. We just need to show them who they're dealing with. And then we'll back off. Promise," he said happily and Lily pretended to wipe James' kiss off of her face.


"Standing there all cocky. Looking at us like we're mere children. We can take them with our wand arm tied behind our backs. Right, Prongs," Sirius went on.


"You know it!" James punched Sirius' arm lightly.


Hermione looked at Lupin for help.


"Don't even bother trying to reason with them when they get like this, Hermione. You know that," Lupin laughed.


As they continued down the hall, they heard footsteps coming behind them.


"Sirius?" a woman's voice called out. "A word please?"


It was Marlene McKinnon. Hermione's entire body went cold. Marlene was stunning and if she wanted Sirius back, Hermione was afraid she wouldn't stand a chance.


Lily and Hermione shared a look while Sirius looked from Marlene back to Hermione.


"What do you want, McKinnon?" he asked, sounding bored.


Marlene's expression went from embarrassed to defensive.


"I just want to speak with you for a moment!" she yelled.


He looked back at Hermione, as if waiting for her permission.


"It's ok, love. I'll wait for you in the common room," Hermione told him. Even though she felt it was a very bad idea to let him go, she did anyhow. What in Merlin's name am I thinking?!


Sirius gave Hermione a kiss and then turned back towards Marlene.


"Fine. Quickly," he agreed.


Hermione and her friends continued their walk back towards Gryffindor tower as Sirius left with his ex. Hermione felt sick.


"I can't believe you let him go with her," Lily said.


"Oh relax, Lils. You know Sirius is crazy about Hermione. Plus, Marlene was mental. He won't do anything stupid," James assured them both.


Hermione put her hands in the pockets of her robes and realized she dropped her wand.


"Oh for the love of... I dropped my wand," she snarled.


"Do you want us to help you look?" Lupin asked.


It has been a long day for all of them. Hermione could see the exhaustion on her friends' faces.


"No. It's alright, you go on. I'll go back and look," she said.


As Hermione began to walk away from everyone, she felt a hand pull on her arm. "I'm coming with you. I don't like the idea of you wandering around alone at night wandless. Even within the school," Peter stated firmly.


Hermione and Peter began to backtrack after bidding a goodnight to their friends. Up ahead, Hermione saw something laying on the ground at the end of a corridor.


"I think I see it, Pete," she pointed ahead.


They walked up to the stick on the ground, which turned out to be Hermione's wand. She bent down to pick it up, and as she looked up and down the hall, her whole world felt as if it were crashing down around her. The walls of the hallway felt like they were closing in and a strangled sob escaped her. Hermione saw Marlene grab Sirius's face and begin to kiss him. For a moment, he did not stop her.


"Oi! Sirius! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing!?" Peter yelled, his wand pointed directly at Sirius. Hermione was convinced Peter was going to blast him.


She felt extremely cold and could honestly not process the scene in front of her. Sirius's lips on another, Marlene's smug look at being caught by Hermione, Peter about to hex the pair of them and Sirius pushing Marlene away with his hand outstretched towards Hermione.


"Hermione! No! It - It honestly wasn't what you're thinking. The bloody lunatic threw herself at me!" he pleaded.


She didn't know what to do. Tears were filling her eyes. Without even thinking of what she was doing, she turned her wand at Marlene she shrieked, "STUPIFY!" turned on her heel and ran back towards the common room; crying the entire time. Arriving at the portrait, she shouted the password, ran through the common room, shouted, "He was actually snogging her!" at the stunned faces of Lily, James and Lupin, and did not stop until she arrived at her bed. Hermione would not be speaking to anyone this evening. Instead she sealed her curtains shut, and for the first time in months, wished that she never came back to 1977.



A/N: Fred's death scene is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Chapter 31: The Battle of Hogwarts. Pages 636 and 637.  

Hello everyone! Thank you all so, so very much for reading!! I appreciate the extremely kind reviews you all have given me so this far in the story more than I could tell you. They truly keep me motivated to continue writing and trying to write the best I possibly can. Thank you to all of you who have favorited, reviewed and/or read. The fact that this story has over 10,600 reads at this point, completely blows my mind. Please feel free to leave a review and let me know what you thought of the chapter, or the story as a whole. We're getting close to the end now. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for sticking with me up until this point, and hopefully until the end.  


xoxo - Meg <3

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