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We went back to sleep and I wasn’t woken up again until 8 in the morning, when a little person poked me awake

“Uncle Al” Maia whispered smiling at me when I opened my eyes

“Morning Princess” I whispered back getting up and putting on my old man slippers

“Can I wake up Auntie Livy?” she asked, edging her way to the other side of the bed

“Not just yet. We’ll go and make breakfast first, yeah?” I whispered

“Okay” she nodded, I had a suspicion that she wakes up Scor normally in the morning for a fear of angering a Morning Rose (obviously something to avoid)

“Where are your slippers Little Missy? The floors very cold downstairs” I said, holding out my hand and taking her into her current room

We found her slippers put them on and made our way downstairs, “What’s your favourite breakfast?” I asked her once I’d placed her on the counter

“Waffles!” she exclaimed

“Well then, you’re in luck because Uncle Al has a waffle press” I said rummaging about in the cupboards until I found it

“Yay! Can I have golden syrup on my waffles please?” Maia smiled

“Of course you can, seeing as you asked so nicely” I nodded as I put everything in a bowl

“Thank you!” she appreciated, “Can mix it up a bit please?” she asked

“You sure can” I nodded and passed her the bowl

She sat there for a couple of minutes mixing it as fast as she could and getting out of breath very quickly

“Got it? Do you want me to take over for a bit” I asked smiling at her

She nodded and handed me the bowl

I took it from her and found she’d done a pretty good job, (I’m thinking I’m in the presence of a future chaser or beater... I’ll have to see how she is with a bat) I finished off the mixing and she helped me pour it into the press

“How long do we have to wait?” she asked eagerly as I put down the lid

“Till the ding” I said, hoping this thing had a ding, “Now don’t touch it because this is going to get very hot” I warned her

“Okay” she nodded shuffling as far as she could away from the machine

“So, what do you want to do today?”

“Ummm” she pondered for a while, knocking her legs on the cupboard below her, “Can we go bowling?”

“On a beautiful day like this?” I mentioned to the window where the sun was already flowing through

“Hmm” she pondered again

“How about we go out to the hills and go for a walk and a picnic?” I suggested, getting plates ready for the waffles and finding the golden syrup

“Oooh. Yes, let’s go for a picnic!” she decided

‘Ding’ the waffle press went off and opened it and found four perfect waffles, “How many do you want?” I asked Maia

“Two please” she said with a cheeky smile, I guessed normally she’d only be allowed one but she was on ‘holiday’ (even if it was just at ours), she could have some treats

“Okay, just don’t tell your Mum” I shrugged

She nodded and her eyes widened as she saw them on the plate

“Do you want to go upstairs and wake up Auntie Livy? We can all eat them in bed then” I wondered

“Okay” she smiled as I picked her up from the counter and popped her down on the floor

“Orange juice or Apple juice” I asked putting my head in the fridge

“Apple juice please” she took the carton from my hands

I then muttered Wingardium Leviosa and the waffles (now on plates), the glasses for the three of us and the golden syrup floated and followed us up the stairs. We got to the top and I gave Maia the nod and she went to wake up Liv.

“Auntie Livy. Wake up” Maia poked Liv

“Morning Mi’, alright now are we?” she said sitting up and then noticing what we’d done, “What’s all this?” she sounded shocked

“We made breakfast, didn’t we?” I prompted I got back into bed next to Liv

“We made waffles” Maia grinned as Liv picked her up and put her between us

“Oooh! That does look good” Liv smiled as I placed a plate on her lap and apple juice by her side

We ate happily and in the end Livy got her magical mobile out (created to do just what a normal mobile would but you can also charm it to do other things), she got it out and let the camera take the picture of the three of us from just the right distance away, not cropping anyone out. Almost like a ‘selfie’ but better. I showered and got dresses while Liv helped decide what Maia was going to wear and she showered and got dressed while Maia and I packed a picnic.

“Are we ready little truckers?” Liv jumped down the stairs like a little kid, enthusiastic as ever, “What hills are we climbing today?”

“I thought maybe we could go down to the Malvern Hills?” I suggested

“Can we pop into my Grandma Linda’s first then?” she asked, childlike once more

I nodded, thinking we were going to go there whatever I said

“Great. I think Peyton’s there actually. Come on then, let’s go!” she exclaimed grabbing hold of Maia’s hand and dragging her to the fireplace, “Rose Cottage, Malvern” and with that they got sucked up the fireplace, leaving me to bring the basket

“That’s my Mummy’s name” Maia smiled, as I got out of the fireplace

“Yes, it is” I nodded, “Where’s Auntie Livy gone?” I asked, noticing she’d just left her goddaughter in the middle of a living room she’d never been before

“To find her Grandma” she said and then I heard her voice

“HI GRANDMA. WE JUST POPPED IN TO SAY HELLO BEFORE WE WENT UP THE MALVERNS” Liv shouted at her very elderly grandmother, her grandfather passed away a year or so ago, so now it’s just her Grandma Linda

“We?” her Grandma asked, coming into view, “Oh, yes. Hello Albus. And Dear Lord, who’s this little girl. Kept this one a secret didn’t we Olivia?”

“NO GRANDMA. THAT’S MY GODDAUGHTER MAIA. I’VE TOLD YOU ABOUT HER BEFORE? ROSE AND SCORPIUS DAUGHTER, REMEMBER?” Liv shouted once more and helped her Grandma into her seat and went into the kitchen to make her cup of tea

“Oh, yes. Yes. I remember. Hello darling, would you like a sweetie?” the old women smiled and Maia

She looked at me

I smiled and nodded

She nodded too and accepted the mint that Liv Grandma gave her, “Thank you”

“What did she say Albus?” Linda asked


“Oh. Yes dear, it’s quite alright” Linda nodded and accepted the tea Liv was giving her

“WHERE’S PEYTON GRANDMA? I THOUGHT SHE WAS STAYING WITH YOU?” Liv wondered and as if by magic Peyton came downstairs (I have a feeling it was more shouting than magic but still)

“I’m here. What are you shouting about?” she asked, waving hi to Maia

“I don’t know where Grandma Linda’s put her hearing aid” Liv pondered

“Oh. She hides that. I found it under the sink yesterday” Peyton said, summoning the hearing aid

“I didn’t think to use magic” Liv smiled, taking it off her sister and giving it to Linda

“Grandma. You’re meant to always be wearing that” Liv scolded her

She just waved her hand and dismissed it.

“When do you have to go back to France Peyton?” I asked her before they both started to argue with their Grandma

“Wednesday” she replied, a sad tone in her voice

“Oh. Well. We’ve got Mi’ for the week but we could all do something tomorrow if you want? I probably won’t see you until Christmas after this visit!”

“I don’t want to ruin your time with Maia” Peyton denied

“Nonsense. You don’t mind do you Mi’?” Liv shook her head at her little sister

“No. You can come and play with me, Auntie Livy and Uncle Al if you want” Maia granted

“Well in that case. I’ll be around about 10” Peyton decided, bopping Maia’s nose

“Great. Right we best be off. Lots of walking to do today! I’ll see you next week Grandma” Liv gave her sister and Grandma a hug

“It was lovely to see you again Linda. We’ll see you tomorrow then Peyton” I smiled and hugged them both too

Liv already had Maia by the hand and we at the door, “Say bye Maia”

“Bye” she waved and we left.

We spent the rest of the day having a great walk up the hill, Livy, despite being good a Quidditch is awfully clumsy on her own two feet. Walking up a rough, uneven track on the side of a big hill is not a good idea for the uncoordinated, or a 5 year old. I managed to get us to the top without too much difficulty. Livy fell over a couple times but without serious injury and Maia was pretty good she just tired quite quickly and started to moan. Once we’d reached the top though Liv got to sit down and Maia too, so the moaning and pain stopped while we ate the picnic we’d prepared and took more pictures.

“Hold up the apple and mango Maia, your Mum will kill me if you don’t have two pieces of fruit a day, may as well take photographic proof” Liv said, camera in hand

“Cheese” Maia smiled and held up the fruit

“Now without the fruit, I want a nice one of you and the view” Liv asked

Maia obliged again and again. Until Maia had had a picture with each of us and us together. I had a feeling this was going to be what the week was going to consist of.

Liv wondered off and took more pictures while I flew a kite with Maia, it was all very sweet. The pair of us couldn’t do it and in the end I have a suspicion that Liv brought on a small wind with magic to allow the pair of us to at least get some success. It worked well. Maia was delighted. Truly delighted at her abilities, I was proud. Anyway, it’s was on the way down that was the disaster. Liv took quite the tumble.

“Oh... Sh...Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow” she almost cursed and moaned after she had fallen quite a way

“Liv!” I shouted as I chased her down the hill, holding onto Maia’s hand as she trailed after me

“Auntie Livy. Are you okay?” Maia immediately got to the fall as her Mum would have done in the same situation

“Yeah. Don’t worry about me sweetheart. Is that a ladybird over there?” she distracted the 5 year old easily

“Al. Albus” she hissed quietly while I also got distracted by the ladybird, “Albus Severus Potter” she hissed louder

“Yeah? Why aren’t you getting up?” I asked, bewildered to the fact she was still on the floor

“Because I can’t you nitwit. I think I’ve broken something, my ankle, arm maybe. Can you fix it?” she asked

“Do I look like a healer?” I blatantly waved my hand about

“No. But I thought you were intelligent?” she asked, annoyed

“Maybe so, but I don’t think I can fix bones. We’ll have to take you to St Mungos” I frowned

“But. What about Maia?” she wondered

“She’ll have to come with us. Or maybe... What time is it? 3.Ummm. Hugo?” I wondered aloud

“What the hell are you on about?” Liv hissed once more, in agony and annoyance

I summoned my patronus, a large Sun Bear, “CICE- Little Mr W- Collection- Star Bright”

Before I knew it Hugo had appeared with a faint pop.

“What happened? I thought you were looking after her?” Hugo looked annoyed

“Uncle Hugo!” Maia ran up to him and gave him a hug

“Hi Maia, do you fancy coming over to see Penny?” Hugo asked

“Why? I thought I was staying with Uncle Al and Auntie Livy?” Maia looked confused

“Well, Auntie Livy’s fallen over so we just did to fix her up and we’ll come and get you” I said while her face fell

“Come on we’ll have great fun!” Hugo tried to cheer her up

“I’m sorry Maia. We’ll be as fast as possible Angel” Liv smiled sadly

“Okay. Bye bye” She smiled and waved while holding Hugo’s hand and disappeared with the same faint pop

A/N- Hey Guys!
What do you think of this chapter? Did you like their day out? Did you like Maia's CICE?
Thanks for reading people! Please leave me a review so I can thank you personally!
ScoroseOTP xxx 

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