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 "Ding dong" Rose shouted as she walked through our front door.

"Mr and Mrs Malfoy! What a surprise!" Liv joked as she went over to Rose and gave her a hug as if she hadn't seen her in years, "And with Maia our beautiful little Angel, have you had a good day with Mummy and Daddy?"

"Yes Auntie Livy. We went to the Zoo and saw a monkey and he stuck his tongue out at me!" Maia exclaimed

"What a cheeky monkey!" She laughed and picked Maia up, "Are you ready to stay with us for a of couple days?" she asked her

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She laughed as Liv tickled her

"Are you ready for her to stay with us?" I asked Scor who looked more that a bit tense and had several bags under each arm

"Well she's packed and ready. We're also packed to go but not ready to leave her" he sadly shook his head

"Do you want to bring that stuff upstairs?" I took a couple bags off him and headed up to our guest room

He followed and came into the guest room looking surprised, "Have you not redecorated since..." He wondered aloud

As he caught sight of the purple room ready for a baby girl, the wall stickers with butterflies and the Hogwarts shield that we made into a border going around the top of the room. The rocking chair in the corner next to the bookshelf shaped like a princess castle that we charmed to never run out of stories to tell. Next to the little wardrobe that had an image of Babbity Rabbity hopping all over it, empty of course. The only noticeable thing that perhaps wouldn't be for a baby was the big girl bed we transfigured the cot into as soon as we knew Maia was coming.

"No. Not since the miscarriage" I answered before he had to say the m-word himself. You see, late December of last year Liv had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, we'd found out the gender a couple weeks prior and had already sorted out our baby girls bedroom

"Well Maia's going to love it" he smiled a small smile

"I hope so. We didn't bother changing it because we knew she'd be our little visitor" I smiled genuinely because although the miscarriage was difficult and horrible, we realised that obviously it wasn't our time and we had respect that and get on with our lives

We went back downstairs to find the girls were sat in front of the TV, Maia sat happily on Rose's lap while her Mum played with her hair.

"She's all unpacked to stay with Auntie Livy and Uncle Al" Scor said as he walked down the stairs

"Goody! When are you going Daddy?" Maia asked innocently

"Charming my own daughter wants to get rid of me!" He joked, "Mummy and Daddy aren't going until after you've gone to bed"

"Oh" she looked slightly put out

"Which reminds me. She should probably have her tea soon" Rose remembered, "Do you want a special treat before Mummy and Daddy go sweetheart?"

"Yes!" She squealed

"Yes what?" Rose asked

"Yes please!" She added

"Good girl. Livy, you coming with me to get a takeout from The Three Broomsticks?" She turned to Liv

"Sure" she nodded getting up and putting on a pair of shoes

When they returned we had a takeout fish and chips, got Maia in the bath and ready for bed and then we left Rose and Scor to put their daughter to bed, seeing as they wouldn't get a chance for a week while they were on their honeymoon.

"Night night Maia. Mummy's going to miss you" Rose said as she walked down the stairs, weeping slightly

"Sleep tight. Remember Auntie Livy and Uncle Al are just opposite if you need them and make sure you get them to write to us every day. Have fun baby girl" Scor said as he closed the door and made his way downstairs

"She'll be fine" I smiled as Rose, touching her arm

"I know. I know. I'm just being silly is all" she pulled me into a hug

"Besides, she's here with her favourite Aunt and Uncle" Liv chipped in, "What could go wrong?!"

"You're going to be alright aren't you?" Liv asked Scor who was just stood there at the foot of the stairs

"We'll be fine. It's just a big step. Leaving her for such a long period of time" he nodded

"You know it's in the contract that as godparents, you trust us with her" Liv smiled cheekily up at him

"Oh yeah. I remember that bit now" he sarcastically joked as he took his wife from me

"You're right. We should probably be off" Rose nodded at the notion Scor didn't even audibly propose

"Can't you stay a bit longer?" I asked

"No. We should go home and check everything before we get the portkey" Scor said

"Fine. Have a great time guys. Try not to miss us too much" Liv resigned, hugging Scor goodbye

"Right. So remember Maia needs to be in bed by 7, not too much sugary stuff, don't treat her too much or she'll expect it. Make sure she eats at least 2 pieces of fruit a day, she doesn't like grapes and is allergic to bananas okay? Oh and on a Friday my Mum and Dad normally pick her up from playgroup, so if you could go over to there’s then that would be great. We don’t want to break up her routine too much" Rose rattled off a load of things we'd been told before

"Rose. We know. We've looked after your daughter before" I said, while Liv pulled her into a hug

"I know. Just look after my baby" she tightened their hug, while I had a man hug with Scor

"Always" Liv smiled as she let go of Rose

"Try not to panic. We're good godparents Rose. Just focus on relaxing for a week" I said, pulling her into a hug

"You would have made good parents as well" Rose sniffed

Ah. That's the badger. She's seen the room. Of course she has. Apart from Liv and I, Rose was the most upset about the miscarriage. She just couldn't understand what happened. She couldn't get over it. It was a good thing Liv had to go back to work really because Rose couldn't speak to us for a couple months without crying.

"I know. But we can't change anything now Rose. Not just yet anyway." I spoke into her hair finishing the hug

Rose immediately went into Liv's arms again because she had a single tear falling down her cheek, "I'm sorry. I just. I mean. The bedroom. I'm sorry" Rose apologised

"Its fine. Rose, honestly its fine" Liv stayed strong and didn't allow anymore tears, "Have a good honeymoon! We'll write every day. I promise" Liv exclaimed once the hug was over

"Thank you. We'll see you in a week then" Scor waved as he took Rose's hand and left.

As soon as Rose and Scorp had gone Liv and I sat down and watched our Sunday film. Yes, each Sunday we watch a film, any film from our collection, which really is quite vast. This Sunday Liv won and we watched a Rom-com, ’27 Dresses’, she loves it and to be honest, I don’t hate it. Although just as soon as I’d sorted out the film and turned around to her I found she wasn’t too interested in the film. She had her hands on her stomach and was crying. I immediately leapt to her side and tried to console her.

“Liv beautiful. Stop crying, it’s okay” I rubbed her back while she turned into me and hugged me, “Rose didn’t mean to upset you”

“I know she didn’t. But Al it’s difficult to escape from. We had a little baby, a little version of us. And it died” she shook her head, crying slightly more

“It just wasn’t our time. The world wasn’t ready for a little us” I stroked her hair

“Why though? We’re good people. We’re good godparents aren’t we? We have been for almost 6 years!” She complained

“We’re good people Liv. We are. And we’re the best godparents the world has ever seen” I told her, looking in the wide lilac puddles of her eyes

“Then why couldn’t we have our baby?” she asked, in the same way she had done months before hand when we found out, stern and annoyed with life

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m sorry Liv. If I could change it for a second you know I would” I looked down, not meeting her gaze

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. Maybe we should have redecorated the room. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this” she apologised, meeting my eyes again

“We could. Do you want to though, really?” I contemplated

“No” she shook her head, “I don’t want to lose them. She’s looking down on us, I know she is. We have to keep it the way it is until she gets a sister or brother” she decided

“Then we’ll keep it the way it is. Everything is going to be fine. Maybe one day we can try again, have that baby, but for now, we have Maia to look after” I reminded her

“Of course. Our beautiful little goddaughter” she nodded, snuggled into me and watched the film as if nothing had happened.

We sat and watched the rest of the film, finishing at about 10 we decided to go to bed. We got ready for bed and were in bed for about half past and read until 11. We were just drifting off to sleep when we heard a little voice calling.

“Mummy?” was a faint little whimper

“Daddy?” was louder and followed by little footsteps on the landing, with the age of the house we could hear quite clearly the creaking of the floorboards as she walked

I exchanged a look with Liv and we both looked up and went to the door, “Maia” I spoke softly as she was making her way downstairs, probably trying to find her parents

She turned around, obviously half asleep, “Where’s Mummy and Daddy?” she started to walk up to us

“Mummy and Daddy went on a little holiday remember?” I told her, as she came closer

She shook her head and frowned

Liv picked her up and bobbed her up and down just like she used to do when Maia was little, “We’re going to look after you Angel, remember?”

She frowned again, “Did I do something wrong? Why did Mummy and Daddy go away?”

With that Liv maternal instincts kicked in, she held her close and said “You didn’t do anything wrong. They’ve just gone on a little break. They left you with us so we could have some fun! Now let’s take you to bed okay?”

Maia nodded looking very tired in Liv’s arms, was falling asleep there.

“Al, could you push the door open a bit further?” Liv asked and I realised I was just stood there being rather useless

“Sure. Of course” I pushed the door open and sorted out the covers for her bed

Liv dropped Maia onto the bed and pulled the covers over her, “Go to sleep now sweetheart. Wake us up in the morning”

Maia nodded, snuggling into her duvet

“Night night Princess” I stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead

Liv and I went back to bed but not for long as she suddenly whacked me on the arm and gathered a firm grip there at about 3 in the morning

“Al.” She panicked

“Liv? What happened” I panicked as well

Her grip lessened, “It happened again”

“What? What happened?” I said, still half asleep

“Another nightmare. I lost you” she tightened the grip once more

I turned on a small lamp in our room so I could see her, she had tears falling down her face and was sat bolt upright, sweating, I could tell she was distressed.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I haven’t gone anywhere” I said, taking her hand from my arm and placing it in mine

She shook her head

“Liv look at me” I persisted, bringing her face to mine

She sighed, shoulders relaxing, “I’m sorry I woke you”

“It’s okay. I’m always here for you. Don’t ever be sorry for that” I scolded her slightly

“Okay. Thank you. I love you Ally Wally” she smiled, turning off the lamp

“I love you too Liv Div” I replied, snuggling back into bed, her body close to mine

Hey Guys! How are you all?
What do you think? What do you think of Maia, Rose and Scorp in this one? What could go wrong with Livy and Al looking after their goddaughter?? What about Livy's miscarriage? The nicknames are back! 
Please leave me a review and tell me what you think! It means the world if you do and I promise to respond as soon as possible!
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ScoroseOTP xxx

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