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A/N: *hides behind a table* It's been ages since I last uploaded a chapter and I'm very, very sorry. I uploaded a new story and then realised I had to wait until I'd uploaded that one before I could do this one... but it's a funny one! And stuff and things happen.... ;)

Disclaimer: The brilliant Harry Potter world belongs to J.K. Rowling. Lucky woman. Along with that, everything you recognise does not belong to me.

perfect chapter image by clowder@TDA!

“I was newly engaged once, I know all these emotions that you’re probably feeling. Don’t think about it, just do it.” – Ginny Potter

“I still can’t believe you agreed to this stupid double date with my ex and her new fiancé.” James huffed as he got dressed. He was going out with his Dad and Al so us girls could have a day, and the villa, to ourselves.

“She was right there, what was I supposed to say?” I looked at him with both eyebrows raised in surprise.

“You were supposed to say no.”

“I couldn’t say no to her face James! How bitchy do you think that would make me look?” I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms in protest.

“I don’t care if it made you look bitchy… this dinner is gonna be hell.” He ran a hand through his hair agitatedly. I didn’t understand why he was so upset about this.

“James, do you or do you not still love her?” I asked seriously, and a little fed up, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Of course I still love her! We were together for three years for fucks sake.”

“Then why aren’t you trying to win her back, if you love her so much. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it!” I pointed out, getting just as angry as him.

“I don’t know…” he sighed.

“Then grow some balls and move the fuck on. If you’re not willing to get her back, despite the fact you love her, then you should move on.”

“You don’t believe in second chances, do you?” he looked up at me, his expression looked weird and I was a bit taken back by it.

“Not really, no. Once you make a mistake… that’s it. You’re done.” I shrugged nonchalantly whilst a big part of me bristled as the flashbacks came back.

“Harsh.” He whistled.

“It’s just the way I am.” I shrugged again. He finished getting ready as I watched from my comfy position in bed. No matter what anyone says, the best feeling is getting to stay in bed whilst the other person gets dressed. Or taking your bra off after a long day.

“Enjoying the view?” James smirked when he caught me watching as his gorgeous abs disappeared under a shirt.

“I don’t know… Spain’s quite nice but I don’t want to see another old woman in a bikini, it scars you for life, you know.” I pursed my lips and stared out the window towards the beach.

“You’re funny.” He said sarcastically, waved goodbye and left so I did what any normal, sane person would do… and went back to sleep.

“Oh no you don’t! Wake up, we’re getting our nails done and going sunbathing.” Lily shook me just as I was about to drop off.

“Just a few more minutes!” I moaned, pulling the duvet over my head but she yanked it back viciously.

“No. Get dressed because we’re going once you’ve had breakfast.” She said cheerfully and I, much to my chagrin, got out of the comfy bed and pulled on the green bikini, my black shorts and a white tank top.

“Ready?” I nodded and followed her into the kitchen, where Ginny had placed some toast and beans on a plate.

“Sorry, it’s only something quick.” She smiled as I sat down on a stool and began eating.

“It’s lovely, thank you, Ginny.” I smiled back, still finding it weird to call her by her first name out loud.

“So, used any of the presents that we got you in London?” Lily whispered as Ginny, herself, went to get ready.

“No.” I blushed as I remembered all the lingerie in the drawer.

“Well, what have you been wearing to bed then?” she asked.

“Just a pair of pyjama bottoms and an over-sized shirt.” I shrugged but she rolled her eyes at me.

“That’s hardly sexy.”

“I’m not good at the whole sexy thing in general.”

“When you put it on, you’ll think differently, trust me.” I just stared at her in shock, she was only a year younger than me. How the hell could she know? Lily wasn’t as innocent as she appeared it seemed.

“Are we finished and ready? I’m in desperate need of getting my nails re-done.” Ginny held out her perfectly manicured nails as if they were scruffy. I looked down at my bitten, chewed and all round scratty nails and hid them behind my back, embarrassed. Just another thing that separated me from this family.

“Yeah, where are we going?” I asked.

“There’s a small nail shop just on the beach front so you don’t have to wear shoes, we’ll just walk along the beach.” Ginny said, she was also wearing a swimsuit under her clothes because I could see the black straps peeking out the top she was wearing.

“Okay, let’s go.” I plastered a smile on my face and set off down the stairs to the beach. The same ones I had walked down last night when I called Charity. The sand was absolutely boiling under my bare toes and I had only just realised that I was incredibly pale and in need of a good tan.

“It’s just there, can you see it?” Ginny pointed to a lime green and hot pink decorated shop with a Spanish name that I couldn’t understand. Because, you know, I couldn’t speak Spanish. Ginny booked us in at the same time so we were all sat next to each other as we got out nails done.

“Darling, your nails are far too short for me to do anything. We’re going to have to put falsies on.” The woman, who was doing my nails, said in a thick Spanish accent.

“Okay.” I went along with whatever she said and said I’d like them to be painted nude because it went with everything. They were like talons when she was finished and I touched everything carefully, trying not to break them or smudge the nail polish.

“They look really good on you.” Lily compliment as I looked down at her bright orange nails.

“Thanks, I was thinking nude because of that dinner thing tonight so I had to go with a colour that would go with anything,” I rambled, I don’t know why I was telling them this, “Both of yours look lovely too.”

“Thanks.” They both replied. Once we got back to the little portion of beach directly in front of the villa, Ginny and Lily lay out their towels next to each other, stripping off their clothes so that they were only in their bikinis. I followed suit after staring at Ginny’s body rather blatantly. There was no way her body should be that good after 3 kids! I mean, granted it had been nearly 21 years since she’d had her last kid so she’d had ample amount of time to get in shape, but damn, she looked like a fucking teenager! Whilst they were lying on their fronts, I decided to go on my back because I was still self-conscious about my scar. After one hour of lying there in the content silence, Ginny declared we should flip over for another hour so we could get an even tan so I hoped with all my might that they wouldn’t see it or, if they did, wouldn’t say anything about it. Thankfully, they didn’t but Ginny, however, did bring up a more personal subject. No thanks to Lily.

“So, used any of that sexy lingerie yet?” she blurted and I could feel my face flushing.

“She hasn’t. I asked her this morning, she’s wearing her comfy pyjamas to bed.” I could practically hear Lily’s eye roll.

“Honey, there’s no need to be shy. I’m sure James’ll appreciate it.” Bloody brilliant, now everyone knows that Lily bought me lingerie to seduce my fiancé with (fake, but no-one needs to know that). Great. And to make matters worse, it was his mother and sister.

“Awww look, she’s all embarrassed.” Lily teased, pointing out my blushing cheeks which meant both of them were staring at me. I watched, behind my new sunglasses, as their eyes flicked to my back before righting themselves. It was only a quick glance and if I’d have blinked, I would have missed it.

“I was newly engaged once, I know all these emotions that you’re probably feeling. Don’t think about it, just do it.” Ginny looked at me seriously or, in what I assumed she thought, was a motherly-look.

“Right.” I really wished the ground would just swallow me up right now. Like, more than usual.

“We’ll stop talking about it,” Lily smiled and I sighed in relief, “For now.” And I outwardly groaned causing both women to laugh at me.

“Stop talking about what?” a deep voice interrupted us and I looked up to see Harry, James and Al all stood over us in their swimming trunks. James’ abs never ceased to amaze me no matter how many times I saw them. His gaze was trained firmly on my back I knew he was seeing my scar, it wasn’t exactly invisible.

“Nothing sweetheart.” Ginny smiled up at her husband, who sat beside her on the sand. Al sat on the edge of Lily’s towel whilst James lay next to me, very close next to me actually.

“Could you rub some sun-cream on my back please?” he whispered. This made Ginny and Lily grin even more and I couldn’t deal with their constant sex questions and stuff. I don’t know about you, but it’s embarrassing.

“Sure.” I replied, sitting back on my haunches whilst I squirted some cream into my hands and rubbed it along his taut muscles. I could feel Lily’s greedy eyes on me and James but I pretended like they weren’t there.

“Your turn.” James smirked at me, squirting some in his hands and smoothing it over my back slowly. At one point I swear he’d trailed his finger down my scar but the feeling was gone a second later as I felt him lie next to me.

“I’m still mad at you for agreeing to go on this double date.” He whispered, his head right next to mine.

“Be mad at me then but the way I see it is, you get a chance to finally show her that you’re over her.” I shrugged as best as I could whilst lying face down on a towel.

“But I’m not though.” He huffed.

“She doesn’t have to know that.” I rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses but he knew.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He stuck out his tongue.

“Or else what?” I reciprocated. Before I had the chance to react again, James had lifted me and was running full speed towards the ocean.

“Fancy a bath?” he smirked.

OH NO! DON’T YOU DARE?!” I shrieked but he ignored me as I felt him release me, my body hitting the water with a loud splash. To pay him back, I stayed underwater with my eyes closed. Eventually, as it got harder to breathe, I felt James’ arms lift me heavily out the water.

“Elle…?” he lifted me so that he was holding me bridal style in the water. We were now so far into the ocean that the water was lapping mid-way against his stomach.

“Gotcha!” I shouted, splashing him in the face and laughing at his shocked expression.

“You are so gonna pay for that!” I wriggled myself from his grip and swam a little further out.

“You’ll have to catch me first.” I teased, swimming to the side out of his reach again. Unfortunately, his feet reached the seabed whereas I was wadding in the water, my wet blonde hair was stuck to my neck and body. I swam back to the shore and ran back to my towel, wrapping it round myself and drying off a little.

“You’re a good swimmer.” He praised when he finally caught up, his normally shaggy black hair was flat against his head, still messy and I watched as a few droplets of sea water dripped down the top half of his exposed body, falling down past the waistband of his trunks.

“Thanks,” I shrugged and James scooped me up over his shoulder suddenly, causing me to shriek, “Put me down!”

“Sorry, no can do! I want you all to myself!” he smirked as Lily and Ginny laughed loudly, making me blush. He carried me like that all the way back into our bedroom and chucked me roughly onto the bed.

“What are you thinking of wearing tonight?” James asked seriously and I propped myself up on my elbows, the water from me dripping onto the bed.

“Err… a dress and some sandals.” I answered unsurely, standing up.

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo.” James pointed it out when the towel dropped a little on my back.

“Yeah, had it for four years now.” I answered quietly.

“Anyway, are you going to give me a catwalk of what you’re going to wear?” he arched an eyebrow, I rolled my eyes and headed into the bathroom with my outfit. The dress I decided to wear was an off-the-shoulder shift dress in a pastel yellow, showing off the beginnings of my tan, the bottom coming to rest just above my knees. Once I was changed, I exited and paced back and forth like James told me to so he could assess it.

“That looks good,” He praised when he’d finished, I had a feeling he just wanted to stare at my boobs and arse, “Knowing Courtney, she’d wear a skimpy dress but you look like wife-material.” He smirked smugly.

“Lovely to know.” I rolled my eyes as he wrapped a towel round his waist and sat on the bed. He suddenly froze and I did too, “What?” I mouthed. He beckoned for me to come over and I did so, however, I didn’t expect to be rolled underneath him on the bed with him kissing me roughly.

“Oh! Sorry, I was just coming to tell you that Courtney was here!” Lily mumbled embarrassingly, covering her eyes and shutting the door loudly.

“How the hell did you hear her footsteps?” I hissed when James eventually got off me.

“Ears of a professional Quidditch player, love,” He smirked, “Go do your hair into something nice, not sexy.” He ordered and as I stood up, he smacked my arse and I squealed, sending him a glare and a middle finger over my shoulder. I decided to pull my blonde hair to one side, as it had naturally dried into beach waves, and braided it loosely, sticking a small yellow flower in it.

“Yeah, that looks really good.” James approved when I came out the bathroom. He was wearing black slacks, a white-button down shirt with some posh, black leather shoes.

“You don’t half scrub up well.” I wolf-whistled and he rolled his eyes.

“Wish I could say the same about you, love.” He smirked and I elbowed him swiftly.

“Haha, you’re so funny.” I said sarcastically as we walked down the stairs holding hands.

“I know, I’m hilarious.” He obviously didn’t notice the sarcasm.

“My! Don’t you look sweet!” Courtney ‘gushed’ when she saw me. James was right, she was wearing the shortest black dress I had ever seen and it only just managed to cover her arse and boobs.

“Thanks, you look lovely too.” I replied, trying to sound sincere.

“Shall we go? Alfonso is already at the restaurant so he could save us a booth.” She explained as we all headed outside and apparated to a fancy Spanish gourmet restaurant.

“This place looks adorable!” I said but this time I meant it. It was placed right in the centre of a cobbled street with old-fashioned street lamps outside.

“Isn’t it? It’s where Alfonso and I met actually,” she said in haughty tone that only I managed to pick up on. James was completely silent beside me so I squeezed my hand in reassurance and was rewarded with a miniscule smile in return, “There he is!” she pointed and nearly ran over to him, both myself and James following behind. James slid in first, glaring at Alfonso and pulling me beside him, wrapping his arm around my waist instinctively.

“Right… shall we get some drinks first?” Courtney clapped her hands together, waving for a waiter to come over, “Can we have the finest red wine you have, please?” she ordered flamboyantly. The waiter nodded his head and glided away. We stayed silent for a while, James staring motionless ahead of him, me looking at him in concern and Courtney practically sat in Alfonso’s lap.

“I can say I’m ill, if you want?” I whispered. James leant his head down to mine with an amused smile.

“We’re already here, we might as well get the most out of it.” He pulled me closer, whispering it in my ear and pulling away with an equally similar smirk to mine.

“Let’s have a little fun.” I whispered, drawing circular patterns on James’ thigh with my index finger, using my new talons. He immediately tensed up, looking at me in surprise which was replaced by an evil glint.

“Your wine.” The waiter interrupted our little game and poured each of us a glass.

“Let’s make a toast, shall we?” Courtney held her glass up, “To happy marriages!” I noticed she didn’t look me in the eye when she clinked my glass whereas she did with James. She was toying with him and I felt a little loyalty to make Courtney just a little jealous so after I clinked glasses with James, I placed a few butterfly kisses along his jawline, leading up to his ear. We ordered our food and when it came, Courtney made a show of feeding her fiancé a bit of food from her plate.

“You wanna try that?” I asked, smirking and dipping my index finger in the sauce and sucking it off, not breaking eye contact with James. Huh, Lily was right, it does come naturally. James’ eyes blazed with lust before he took a big sip of red wine, shifting in his seat.

“No, I think you topped it.” He kissed me tenderly on my lips but I bit down on his bottom lip, tugging it slightly and I think a little growl emitted from him.

“Anyone for dessert?” I turned to the other couple, who made it look like they hadn’t just been watching us out the corner of their eyes.

“I know I want some.” James whispered in my ear making a shiver run through my body with just the huskiness in his voice.

“I think I’ll have a chocolate fudge cake.” I hummed appreciatively, my voice was deeper as my throat became dry.

“I’ll share with you.” James winked mischievously and I had to roll my eyes at him.

“I’ll call the waiter over then,” I raised my arm, beckoning him over, “What’re you two having?” I asked when the waiter had arrived at our table and taken my order.

“I’ll have a vanilla ice cream sundae.” Courtney smiled widely at the waiter, closing the menu and handing it to him. Alfonso ordered something in Spanish and turned to me with a ‘show-off’ grin that looked like he was trying to impress me. Big whoop, he could speak in his natural tongue. You want a fucking medal?! The waiter wandered off again but before I could initiate another ‘make-Courtney-jealous’ round with James, said bitch, I mean woman, started to question us,

“So, where did you two meet?” she leaned on the table. To anyone on the outside, she’d look completely interested but I knew girl-language and she only wanted to know so she could brag about how her and Alfonso met.

“Well, I work in a muggle café in London and James came in during one of my shifts…”

“And I ordered a cup of coffee, as usual, you served me and then went on your merry way.” He cut across me, smiling down at me affectionately.

“Yeah but I did come back on my break though to speak to you.”

“And I almost got you fired because I kept on trying to keep talking to you.”

“It was worth it though…” I sighed happily, making sure it looked like I’d subconsciously touched my ring.

“It definitely was,” He gazed down at me, placing a soft kiss on my lips, “I’m so happy you said yes to going on a date with me… otherwise I’d have to keep coming into the café every day until you agreed.” I laughed cutely at him.

“Awww, that’s so cute.” She seemed to force the word out her mouth.

“Our meeting wasn’t quite like that, was it Court?” Alfonso chipped in.

“No, it was much more passionate.” She sighed and got lost in her own dream-world for a while.

“Hot, passionate, lustful.” Alfonso listed off, staring deeply into my eyes with a satisfied glint in his. The waiter interrupted us again, placing down our desserts and James picked up a spoon, as did I, and we tucked in. I was full after about 7 bites so I let James finish it, trailing my new nails up and down the back of his neck gently. The lustful James was back as he leaned in and whispered,

“Don’t.” and I knew that I was seriously, genuinely turning him on.

“Why? I’m not really doing anything.” I smiled innocently as he glared at me, getting more and more frustrated. He growled a little again as I dotted a few more kisses on his neck whilst still continuing my assault. His breathing hitched slightly as I went further down his neck, almost onto his back and his grip around my waist tightened.

“You’re teasing me now.” He glared harder as I continued.

“So what if I am?” I whispered slowly into his ear and relishing in his stiffened posture and flushed face.

“Well, we really must be off… it was lovely to see you again James and to meet you at last Elle.” Bullshit, she couldn’t care less about me. They stood up, paid and left, we followed suit a few seconds later. James pulling me a little more aggressively than I would have liked but it just made it funnier. He apparated us back to the villa and let go of me, running a hand through his hair agitatedly.

“Good night James.” I murmured against his lips and walked sexily back up the stairs, everyone else must have been in bed by now as well. It was so much fun torturing James because he couldn’t do anything about it unless we were in public. I walked into the bedroom and was halfway out of my dress when James burst in and pinned me against the wall, his lips pressed heavily against mine and his tongue forcing its way in. I found myself kissing him back with just as much vigour because this kissing was so much better than the lovey-dovey ones.

“Why did you do that?” he panted as he finally pulled away.

“Because it was fun.” I shrugged, getting a little self-conscious that I was stood in my bra with my dress hanging on my waist. He pushed off me angrily, got changed whilst I was still in the room and climbed into the bed in a huff. I pulled the rest of my dress and my sandals off, quickly pulling my over-sized shirt on, deciding to be brave and not wear my pyjama pants. James’ back was facing me and I wanted to smack him over his head for his stupidity, but instead I lightly grazed my nails down his back and up his neck again.

“Stop it.” He hissed in the dark.

“No, I think it’s funny.” I giggled a little. James suddenly rolled on top of me and kissed me hard again.

“Think it’s so hilarious, do you?” he asked sarcastically against my lips and I grunted in assent, “Let’s see how you like it.”

“Ah but James… you don’t know what turns me on.” I laughed at him victoriously before he buried his face in my neck, placing gentle kisses down until he reached my collarbone. I hissed in a sharp intake of breath as he instantly found my ‘spot’ and started sucking and grazing on it lightly with his teeth. His left hand helped keep him supported above me but his other hand, lightly brushed up and down my bare leg making me shiver. It then slowly made its way up under my shirt and he placed his palm flat against my waist, rubbing his thumb delicately. Let’s just put it this way, it had been a while since I’d been with another lad so the sensation was driving me crazy. My hips subconsciously arched a little as James moaned in appreciation.

And then suddenly, he stopped.

“Good night Elle.” He whispered against my lips before rolling away from me, leaving me all frustrated.

“Bastard.” I hissed and could feel him chuckle.

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