After the Easter Holidays, the grand total of school days Sam had been avoiding Al, was 23.

Al had counted.

This was because Al had been forced to spend time with a multitude of people except Sam, and he missed his best friend… a lot.

He had hung out with Rose most of the time, which he enjoyed as much as he always had, but every so often little things would remind him of Sam and he would become resentful towards Rose for causing him to lose his partner in crime.

Who else would sneak up to the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory in the middle of the night to plot pranks?

Who else would annoy Rose to provide entertainment during History of Magic?

Who else would snigger about magical plant reproduction habits over Herbology homework?





Rose had attempted to talk to Sam several times, but her plan to jinx him into submission had backfired, as Sam had no qualms about jinxing her back.

As Sam had wised up and gotten on top of his dueling skills, the only way Rose was ever going to get him was by chance – and Rose never left things up to chance. Chance was unreliable!

So she called in some favours that she probably shouldn’t have abused (but house-elves are so friendly, I mean, they want to help!).

And so it was, that in the second week of their last term of second year, Rose had Sam bound to a chair in an old unused classroom before dinner.




“Thank you Moxie.”

“You is welcome miss!” The little house-elf squeaked before bowing and apparating back down to the kitchens with a CRACK.

Sam glared at her mutinously before exclaiming with derision, “You used a house-elf to capture me?”

“Yep,”She shrugged, popping the ‘p.’

“I guess being the daughter of S.P.E.W’s founder really does have its benefits. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about. Malfoy, why have you been avoiding Al?”

A blush crept over Sam’s face, and he looked at the ground, not replying.



‘And now for the guilt trip,’ Rose thought before continuing, “He’s really hurt you know. He misses you, a lot.”

And sure enough, guilt surged through Sam’s chest, “I miss him too,” he muttered quietly.

“Well then why in the name of Merlin’s pants are you avoiding him? Why are you ignoring him and hanging out with all your Slytherin mates? Why are you being so-”

“Because you hate me!” Sam exploded.





His face turned a light pink as he looked Rose straight in the eyes, “Look at you, standing there questioning me, as if you have the right! You wish I wasn’t Al’s best mate and you’d rather spend time with anyone else in the whole school than have to be around me! I am nothing to you, so I thought I’d oblige you. This way, I’m not separating Al from his family and you can hang out with Al as much as you like without seeing my annoying ferret-face.”

Rose’s face paled, she felt her hands start sweating, she felt her stomach churn.

“How did you hear that? Who told you?” She whispered shamefully, feeling like a downright piece of shit.

“No one told me. I was coming down from Al’s room in the invisibility cloak after a night of planning some prank, and I heard you with your friends. I left straight away, I didn’t even mean to eavesdrop.”





‘I left straight away, I didn’t even mean to eavesdrop.’

Why was he so bloody noble? Everything would be easier if he actually was the git she made him out to be.

“Ugh I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I didn’t really mean it Sam. They were teasing me about… about fancying you! I mean isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? And I just said it to get them off my back about you.”

Sam frowned for a moment then raised his head questioningly, “So what does that mean then?”

“You want me to spell it out?”


He replied, popping the ‘p’ as she had done – the prat.





“I don’t hate you. I hate your guts and I hate that you know me so well you can irritate the shit out of me. But even though we don’t see eye to eye about… well anything, we’re still sort of friends. We argue, and we’re mean to each other, you hide my things, and I steal your notes and draw all over them, but we still spend ninety percent of our day together. We share a best friend, so we must have something in common, and sometimes… very rarely mind you, I actually like hanging out with you. I wouldn’t want Al’s best friend to be anybody but you, because you balance him out – it’s like having James without Fred when you’re not around.”

She smiled before noting, “You keep me on my toes Malfoy, and I’m sorry for saying those things about you. You are something to me, and I do want something to do with you. Everything, in fact, seeing as I’d really appreciate it if you started sitting with us again in class, eating with us, doing homework with us – I’m pretty sure Al will start crying on a daily basis if you don’t.”

Sam smirked, “Fine. Even I’ve got to admit that was one hell of an apology. If you’ll untie me and give me back my wand? I’m hungry, and I’d like to go to dinner.”





Rose turned and crouched behind him, quickly removing his ropes with a flick of her wand, and then handing his want back to him.

As soon as he stood up Sam leaned over and gave one of Rose’s plaits a good tug, “Owww Merlin’s beard! That hurt Malfoy!”

But Rose’s mouth twitched, trying to avoid a smile as she pinched his nose.

Sam openly grinned, “I’ve missed that.”

“I haven’t,” Rose answered petulantly, but the corner of her mouth turned up as they walked to the Great Hall for dinner.



“So we’re friends are we Weasley? Chums? Pals? Buddies you might say?”

“Oh shut up, you enormous prat!” And as she shoved Sam’s shoulder and sent him crashing into a suit of armour (which promptly grumbled then stalked off) she knew things were back to normal.

This illusion was quite shattered when Sam headed straight over to the Slytherin table as usual and sat down with his three mates from Slytherin.

Rose was even more confused when they quickly got up and made their way back over to Rose, who had been standing next to the Gryffindor table biting her lip.

As they got to her Sam read the look on her face and offered up his explanation, “Well I can’t just ditch them now that we’re pals again Weasley.”

And before she could spit out, ‘We are not pals,’ they had already seated themselves next to Al, Bee, Jen and Annie.
Despite their cynical looks, they had obviously decided to give the Gryffindor kids a chance.

As Rose sat down with all of them she didn’t know quite what to make of the unlikely group.





Al on the other hand, was so excited he nearly wet his pants when he saw Sam sit down next to him at the Gryffindor table for dinner, but he settled for throwing his arms around him and hugging him for a good ten seconds.

Sam hugged Al back and then introduced them all properly to his fellow house mates.

“This is Corey Hornby,” Sam started, gesturing to the tall, thin boy next to him.

“A boy who is living proof that you can have very light blonde hair without being so pale that you glow, Malfoy! I’m just an average white boy, not an albino like this one,” Corey grinned, winking.

“As you can see, Corey has quite a mouth on him and can sweet talk his way out of any situation but Moaning Myrtle absolutely HATES him for some reason – it’s hilarious.”

Corey shrugged and smiled, “What can I say, I’m like a gay Bloody Baron. My charm works like his authority; on everyone except the ghost who I sort of killed.”

“You sort of killed Moaning Myrtle?” Annie asked curiously.

“Well my Great-Great Aunt was the girl who teased Myrtle so much she ran into the basilisk’s bathroom, so basically yeah, I sort of killed Moaning Myrtle.”

Everybody laughed, as Annie grumbled, “I wish relatives were cool like that… My Great Uncle Archie is the founder of F.A.R.T (Fresh Air Refreshes Totally), so uncool.”



Sam continued, pointing to the black boy sitting across from him, “This is Adam Vaisey.”

“Hi,” Adam said cheerfully, “Nice to meet you all.”

“And lastly, this is Gregory Baddock,” Sam looked at the boy next to Corey.

“Who is living proof that you can have very dark black hair and still have skin that’s practically translucent. I feel your pain Sam,” Greg joked.

As they all started to eat and a few conversations started up, Sam looked knowingly over at Rose, who was obviously still dubious about this new seating arrangement.

“We’re all getting along fine Weasley,” Sam told her.

“Times are changing, and I for one, think that more Slytherins and Gryffindors should have been friends a long time ago.”

Rose could say nothing to contest him, so she merely served herself a bowl of curry and started eating – strangely enough, she wanted him to be completely right.

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