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Everything was great. The rest of the night we danced ourselves, not caring who saw. We drank some, but not a lot. But most importantly we spent time with the family we have hardly any time to see. We got to have a brief chat with everyone who had kids, because most had to leave as soon as Maia had left us. Although with Vidy, Roxy, Louis and James, we made a promise with them that we had to meet up again before Liv went back to Hogwarts. We had a wonderful talk with everyone else, which is really the one thing I miss. All of us seem to be in our own little world at the moment, and the one thing about a Wotter wedding is those little worlds collide and prejudgment and caring what other's think is out of the window before you can give it it's first look. 

“I love this” Liv smiled, just after we’d said goodbye to James, Anna and Ashley

“Weddings?” I asked, thinking that was quite a vague sentence

“Yes. But no. I love this, the family thing” she revealed

“Me too. We don’t see everyone enough”

“I know. I’m sorry about that”

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault at all”

“Yeah it is”

“Everyone lives hectic lives; we can’t possibly see everyone all the time. Plus, I could go and see everyone if I wanted to without you”

“Charming. What a wonderful boyfriend I have!”

“That you do”

“Of course, where’s Hugo? I haven’t seen him in what feels like forever”

“I don’t know. Penny’s probably got him onto the dance floor again, he’ll love an excuse to come off, let’s go and find him”

We found Hugo and he told us all about his life working for The Daily Prophet and how Penny had just started a new interior design business that was already doing well. I was dragged to go and speak to Dom who let slip that her and Nick were going to start trying for baby, which of course got Liv excited and so I ended up having a conversation with Nick about dragons. Which really are fascinating creatures. We saw Fred as well and his beautiful girlfriend Beau it turns out that this relationship is serious and he’s moving to California in October, which is sad in one respect but also great because we’re all so glad he’s found someone to look after him. We found Lucy just as she was about to leave and had a quick conversation with her before she left, saying she had to get up early the next morning for a business trip in Australia, she works in the department for International Magical Co-operations along with Alex. Molly was very drunk when we found her and sent her home, she’s going through a rebellion phase, and we hope it wears off soon. Then we had a great talk to Lils, but she always makes the effort to come up and see us, as we do with her, so nothing much was new with her, she’s currently working in the Department of Magical Transportation but hates it and is training to become a psychologist in St Mungos.

Between that of course we had some drinks and danced a little, we also saw all my Aunts and Uncles before they left, all of which complained at how old we’d gotten and all said that it was our turn next. It was a tad pressuring, but I know for certain it’s going to happen soon, I’m just not sure when or where or how. One thing that we had to take part in before we could escape was the bouquet throwing. Both of us were kind of dreading this part because throughout the night EVERYONE kept telling us that we were next.

Rose and Scor decided that everyone who wasn’t married had to take part. Obviously not children though. Al and I were dreading it, I mean, not because we didn’t want to get married or anything, but everyone who has ever caught the bouquet at a Weasley wedding has gotten married next. It’s sort of a given. The males are all sort of pressured into proposing. And to be honest. I’d rather him to ask me to marry him when he actually wants to.

“Hey Sugar” I smiled while I bumped Lily in the side with my bum, in a big sister joke sort of way when I found her in the group of ‘no ring women’

“Sugar?” she laughed

“That’s what I’m sayin’” I joked, as we were told to quieten down

“Okay....” Lil rolled her eyes at me and then directed her attention to Rose

“Hi everyone. I want to say once again, thank you so much for coming and sharing this magical day with us. We also want to stress our gratitude to our best man, Albus Potter- (Big light directed to him, who politely waves and smiles and smirks at me knowing I’m next) who I’m sure without this whole thing wouldn’t ever be happening. And another huge thank you to my Maid of Honour, Livy Adams- (big light on me- I also smile and wave politely while listening to Rose) who has always been there for me and pretty much organised everything, so this Really wouldn’t be happening without her. So can we have another big applause for two of our favourite people” she spoke to everyone pausing for everyone’s applause- meanwhile both mine and Al’s faces were getting redder by the second

“Okay. Thank you. You ready then girls?” Rose laughed and turned around away from us

“Three” she turned back grinning

“Two” she faced away

“One!” she threw it backwards and it came straight towards us

And guess what? Lily pushed me straight into it. And I caught it.

“Shit” I muttered under my breath and shot an apologetic look at Al- who looked bewildered

Everyone immediately surrounded me saying Congratulations and I told you so. I almost passed out, it was rather over whelming

“Thanks. Thank you. Really. Okay. That’s very nice of you. I know. Of course. Thanks” I said, walking through the people, heading to Al

“Oooh! Livy! I can’t wait for us to do the same for you!” Rose was audibly heard as she spoke into the microphone

“Alright Beautiful. Do you wanna get married then?” Al joked when I caught up with him

“Oh. Of course. Although perhaps tomorrow. I think we’d be stealing Scorose’s thunder if we did it now!!” I replied sarcastically

“We wouldn’t want to do that” he smiled back

The last people we caught up with were Rose and Scorp, who we saw to say goodbye as it probably was best we got home.

“Sorry to interrupt” I apologised as we came up to Rose, Scorp and I think Scorp’s friend Cameron

“Not at all, I was just leaving. Congratulations you two, I’ll see you soon” he said, giving Rose a hug and Scorp a handshake

“We’re about to call it a night. Just coming over say goodbye” I told them

“No. You can’t leave yet!” Rose sounded disappointed

“We really should” I sighed

“But you’re coming to ours tomorrow night right? Oh and here’s your beautiful bouquet back Rose” Liv reminded

“Of course” Scorp nodded

“Thank you. Congratulations are in order of course” Rose smiled waving the bouquet about

“Good. We’ll see you then. But there isn’t any need to congratulate us!” Liv nodded, giving Rose a hug

“Fine. But seriously, thank you so much. Both of you. You’ve gone above and beyond tonight. We really are thankful for everything you’ve done” Rose thanked us

“You’d do the same for us if we asked. Plus, what are friends for!” Liv smiled, letting go from her long hug with Rose

“It’s your big day anyway, we should be congratulating you rather than you us” I joked, hugging Rose while Liv hugged Scorp

“We just don’t want you to think we’re taking advantage of you” Scorp revealed

“We’d never think that!” Liv scolded him “And with that we’ll love and leave you” she continued taking my hand

“Have fun you guys” I granted as we left

“Love you two” Rose called after us and her and Scorp waved

“Love you two too” Liv called back

Once we’d reached the apparition point, we did just that. Arriving outside our little home, which unlike Rose and Scorp isn’t a big place. We have a tiny little 2 bedroom cottage on the edge of Hogsmeade. It’s on the corner and has a garden going almost all the way round it, we have a little gate and a path directing you to the front door. You walk in to find the living room with a big fireplace surrounded by a mismatch of chairs, the walls are all bare brick with loads of picture frames that practically cover all the walls actually. At the end of the living room is an archway to the kitchen that is very countryside rustic looking with a vintage set of table and chairs fitting six at a squeeze. There you can find the back door and the door to the study, which pretty much just has a desk and a bookshelf in it, we go in there to do work, it’s our do not disturb room, and beyond that your back at the front of the house and can get into the living room. In the living room is also the staircase for upstairs, from the small landing you have a choice of 3 doors, the spare room, the bathroom and our room. We immediately went to sleep as soon as we got back seeing as it was early hours of the morning.

I woke up before Liv the next day, I was lay flat on my back with Liv lying on her front, one arm underneath her and the other over my stomach hugging me, my one hand holding hers into place. Comfy. No other words to describe it. Perfect.

I looked down at her for a while before she began to stir.

“Morning beautiful” I smiled

She seemed to furrow her brows but relaxed quickly and tightened her hug, “Mmmm” she muffled into me

I leaned down and kissed her head, before she moved her lips to mine and gave me a quick kiss

She opened her eyes and frowned again

“What’s up gorgeous? Did it happen again?” I asked, concerned, she’d started to get nightmares recently, I’m not sure why

“Yeah” she nodded, “Not as bad though. It had a happy ending”

“What was it about this time?”

“Us. Again. But this time we had a son. We were in a car crash and almost didn’t survive. We did though” she leant against my shoulder now as I’d just sat up

“Liv. You’ve got to try and stop these nightmares”

“That’s easier said than done”

“I know. But at least you know it’s not real. We don’t have a son. And we don’t even own a car”

“I know. It’s just so convincing”

“Go and take a shower. Wake yourself up. It’ll be okay after that”

“That’s a good idea” she kissed me on the cheek and got up, disappearing to the bathroom

She came back in dressed in some lounge wear she must have found in the airing cupboard, “You can go in now. I’ll going to make breakfast, so don’t be too long” leaving once more and calling up the stairs, “I’m starving”

I laughed, had a quick shower and came downstairs to find her flipping pancakes

“You know it’s 2o’clock? I don’t think we can call this breakfast” placing them on two plates and handing one to me

“Lunch it is then” I accepted the plate a put it on the table grabbing a knife and fork for the two of us

We sat down and ate, quickly, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yeah. Completely. I don’t know what it is that’s making me have these nightmares. I don’t like it to say the very least”

“I’m glad you’re better now. It really is a mixed bag of stuff you dream about though Liv”

“I know. My family falling apart seems to be a theme though. I figured that out while I was in the shower earlier”

“Yeah? That’s the one thing you don’t have to worry about though”

“It’s always on my mind though. Ever since I lost Dad. It’s always there”

“But why all of a sudden has it come into your dreams?”

“Not a clue! I mean, all of them seem pretty dire situations as well. I mean, almost every night someone dies”

“They haven’t though. Not one of them. So, it’s fine”

“Yeah. Maybe it’s not a good idea to speak of it. I mean I know everyone’s fine. But the sooner I forget it, the better”

“You’re right. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. We should probably go out. I’ve just used all the milk”

“Maybe you should go and see Lily? She’s just about finished training. She might be able to help”

“Maybe I will” she replied pulling on a coat, “Let’s pop to the supermarket then”

We went to the supermarket got the milk, came back home and sent Rose, Scor and Maia an owl, saying they could come round whenever, seeing as we had nothing else to do.

A/N- Hey Guys! What do with think of this chapter? How do the Wotters lives sound? Happy with them? Do you think those two meant it when they were talking about marriage? What about the nightmares?
A Big thank you to British obsessed who offered up the idea of the bouquet throwing!
Thank you to those of you who are leaving a review- Love you all! Thanks for reading! Please keep those reviews coming!
Until next time...
ScoroseOTP xxx

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