Rose and Sam were no longer on speaking terms as of their argument in the Gryffindor common room, unlike James’ attitude, which was shockingly different.

He no longer targeted Sam or any other Slytherins, and was relatively civil, so while Al no longer had to deal with James’ behaviour, he was stuck trying to mediate Rose and Sam’s hostility.

This usually found him dividing his time between them, and Rose found herself happily in the company of her roommates Bee, Annie and Jen.




Bee found it refreshing to finally talk to someone who understood all her references to the muggle world.

Rose and her spent hours discussing the conveniences, comforts and cultural aspects of wizard and muggle lifestyles.

And of course they both bonded over numerous entertaining stories about witches and wizards reactions to muggle artifacts – Rose relished telling the most embarrassing ones from Sam’s introductions over the summer.

Annie and Jen were as thick as thieves, and were constantly laughing about something or other, as well as generally carrying on like a pair of hooligans – they had recently taken to giving standing ovations to anyone who made a good call, comeback or insult as well as anyone who said or did anything remotely stupid.

While seemingly contradictory and absolutely silly, it provided rather a lot of entertainment.

Stumbled over your words? Standing Ovation.

Tripped through the portrait hole? Standing Ovation.

Made a great joke? Standing Ovation.




James and Fred got standing ovations every time they walked into the common room because Annie and Jen maintained their simple state of existence was stupid, and of course extra standing ovations occurred whenever they stated something obvious or ignorant – yeah, James and Fred were not on the best terms with the silly pair of twelve-year-old girls who got away with poking fun at them.

It was not uncommon to hear James and Fred complaining about how they could never get back at the girls, because the teachers would be biased.

Everyone knew whose side the teachers would take.

James and Fred were notorious trouble-makers while Jen and Annie were only second-years, without a reputation.




Very late one Friday night Rose was tucked in a corner of the common room with Bee, Annie and Jen getting her toenails painted a deep burgundy twinkling with flecks of gold (GRYFFINDOR PRIDE BITCHES!) from Jen’s new pot of Endless-Polish, which she had gotten for Christmas.

It was almost three in the morning and the common room was empty except for them, and they had decided to stay up talking as the weekend was coming up.

All four were deep in conversation, or rather, deep in a game of ‘Snog, Hex, Marry,’ and it was Rose’s turn.

“Okay Rose,” Annie breathed excitedly as she turned upon the girl, “Bobby Entwhistle – Hufflepuff’s Star Keeper, Proffessor Goldstien – our very fit Astronomy teacher, and Scorpius Malfoy – your not-on-speaking-terms cousin’s Slytherin best mate!”




Rose scrunched her face in disgust, “Ew Proffessor Goldstien is as old as my Dad! Definitely hex – oh wait no I fucking hate Malfoy, I can’t do anything other than hex him – and Bobby? He’s got the brains of a toadstool! Can I do hex, hex and hex?”

“No!” All three chorused.

“You know the consequences if you don’t answer Rosie… that’s right… tickle war.”

Rose blanched, Bee could be rather menacing when she wished to be, calm and dangerous.

And that was before she added, “And it’s everyone against you.”





They all giggled as Rose quickly proceeded, “No, no, that won’t be necessary! Fine, okay I have a great relationship with my father so I’ve got zero Daddy issues or any attraction to older men. I’ll be hexing Proffessor Goldstein girls.”

The group whooped at Rose’s decision.

“And Bobby is so fucking dull, if I had to spend any extended amount of time with him, I’d probably stick my head in an oven, so he’ll be snog. And even though I hate Malfoy to my very core at least after we’re married I can murder him, cover it up, then inherit his family fortune as a grieving widow.”

Bee proceeded to whoop as soon as Rose was done, and everyone collapsed into giggles.

“I knew you’d pick Sam for marriage Rose, it’s so obvious you fancy him!” Annie teased putting on a high-pitched voice in imitation of Rose (she imitated anything that she could get her hands on), “Oh Malfoy, stop annoying me and playing pranks on me even though I love the attention and react so dramatically that it’s bound to encourage you! Let’s pretend to hate each other and bicker because it’s the only way we can express how much we fancy each other-”






Rose threw a cushion at her head and protested vehemently, “I do not bloody sound like that – and ew, ew, triple ew! I one hundred percent hate Sam. Malfoy means nothing to me. Just my terrible luck that he happens to be Al’s best friend, because I’d honestly rather hang out with anyone else in the entire school just to avoid his annoying ferret-face.”

They all laughed again, then Rose quickly turned to Bee, “Now it’s your turn, PAYBACK TIME!”

They continued playing, laughing raucously when Jen cited her strict Asian parents as a reason to hex ne’er-do-well and overall drop-kick Steven McLaggen, and once everyone had had a few turns, they packed themselves up and headed off to bed yawning.

None of them had noticed the Gryffindor common room portrait door swing open after Rose’s turn in the game, as a figure clad in Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak made its way down to the Slytherin dungeons.

                  ~         ~          ~               ~               ~                 ~

Sam had been avoiding Al all week.

At first he thought Sam was just busy, skipping meals and hang outs to catch up on homework.

But when Al saw Sam in the library through a gap in a bookshelf, just sitting around talking to his roommates he knew for sure that Sam was avoiding him.

Al quickly brushed off the feelings of hurt, and sought out Rose.

Maybe his tension with Rose had bled into their friendship?

Al found Rose in the Gryffindor common room with Jen, Bee and Annie, and quickly hurried over to see if she knew anything.

“Rose, can I talk to you? Alone?”

“Yeah sure,” Rose stood up and moved over to another couch near the dormitory staircases.




“What’s up Al?”

Al frowned deeply, a look of hurt flashing across his face as he mumbled, “Sam’s been avoiding me.”

“What? Are you sure?”

Al threw an irritated look at Rose, resenting her lack of faith in his ability to tell whether his best friend was really avoiding him or not.

“Of course I’m sure you! And I’m almost doubly sure that’s it got something to do with you,” Al pointed his finger accusingly at her.



“What did you even fight about Rosie? You know, it’s so annoying that you two can’t just get along, and now Sam’s hanging out with the other Slytherins in our year, he’s never done that before...”

Rose rolled her eyes, “Well he wasn’t avoiding you right after our fight, so it must be something new.”

Sighing exaggeratedly Rose reluctantly spat out, “I’ll go talk to the idiot, I promise.”

“Oh come off it Rose,” Albus replied annoyed, “Stop making it sound like you’ve got to do all the work. I’ve tried talking to him heaps of times – ”

“Yes but you’re not prepared to fight dirty in order to corner him. Leave it to me Al.”

Al was still entirely annoyed at his situation (stupid best friends that can’t bloody stand other) but all he said was, “Thanks Rose.”

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