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A/N: Second novel :) I know this chapter is quite short as a first one but the chapters after this will be much longer! I promise! Hope you guys enjoy this idea that I randomly had whilst writing When A Siren Calls!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, this wonderful creation belongs to J.K. Rowling. I also do not own playdough and humpty dumpty nursery rhyme.

chapter image by the talented clowder@TDA!

“No, I’m alright and I know you’ll burn it as soon as you touch it.” - Charity Whelan

Life has really gotten sucky since I left Hogwarts, I’ll tell you that. Something really bad happened a year after I left… but I really don’t want to tell you about that. I’ll just say this, my Dad didn’t speak to me for 2 years after it.

 I got kicked out of my apartment last week because I couldn’t pay the rent for the last 3 months so I’m basically hopping from house to house. My job as a waitress at a muggle café really isn’t cutting the cheese and my last ‘date’ ran off to the hills scared because I may or may not have had strong issues regarding his clothing attire.

 He was wearing a bloody onesie for a dinner date for Godric’s sake! Who on Earth wear’s a onesie for a date?! Welcome to Elle Underwood’s shitty life. Right now I was staying at my older sister, Charity’s house because I was too scared to stay at my Dad’s even though we do speak now.

Don’t think I missed the irony that her name’s Charity.

It was lovely, roomy even, but it wasn’t ideal because she had two children that were 6 and 3 respectively and both of them were already showing signs of magical capabilities. This meant that my possessions were often under threat of suddenly catching fire or just disappearing in general. Not that I didn’t love my niece or nephew, I did, it was just that they were a handful and Charity often left me to babysit them so she could have ‘alone time’ with her husband, Darrell.

“Auntie Lell!” my niece, Gabrielle, came charging up to me. She still couldn’t pronounce my name properly.

“What is it Gabby?” I cooed, she shoved her plate of mashed food made out of play-dough under my nose, “Oh, that looks yummy!” I gasped in awe.

“Lellie!” that’s when Ruari came running out his bedroom, hearing me come through the front door and practically be assaulted by non-edible food. You see, Ruari knows my name is Elle but because he’d grown up calling me ‘Lellie’ that was now my name. Unfortunately.

“Heya Ruari, how are you?” I picked him up and swung him round heavily, “You’re getting too heavy for me, you know. You need to stop growing up!” I kissed his temple and put him back on the floor.

“How was work?” that was my sister, she came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on the dish cloth and coming forward to hug me. I was still wearing my posh black clothing and white apron from work so I answered,

“It was busy!” quickly before heading into my makeshift bedroom and getting into some spare clothes. It really was a mess and they needed this spare room eventually, to turn it into Gabrielle’s room because they couldn’t keep using her baby crib in their room forever.

“Obviously! We’re having sausage and mash for tea!” she called from the stove where she was using her wand to help her, following the cookbook every so often.

“Want any help?” I asked, walking into the kitchen heavily because Gabby had attached herself to my leg and wouldn’t let go.

“No, I’m alright and I know you’ll burn it as soon as you touch it.” She laughed at me expression.

“I am not that bad! I can make pancakes!” I huffed, sitting myself down on the couch and pulling Gabby into my lap.

“And that’s all you can do before you burn it.” She answered, carrying on with the cooking. It smelt absolutely delicious and I was jealous that she could cook properly unlike me, who needs serious help all the time. Charity doesn’t even trust me to cook anything whilst I’m in the house alone.

“When’s Darrell getting home from work?” I asked to change the subject from my obvious lack of the brilliant at cooking gene that everyone else got apart from me. Even my Dad can cook and that’s saying something!

“Should be when tea’s ready, which is in about 10 minutes.” She checked her watch and I played ‘Humpty Dumpty’ with Gabby on my lap, it was her favourite game to play and she’d make me play it all day if I didn’t have a job. 10 minutes went past slowly as I had to divide my attention between Ruari who was playing hide and seek with me and Gabby, who wanted me to do ‘Humpty Dumpty’ again and again. The door opened and a busy-looking Darrell came bustling through the door and the kids lost interest in me for a few brief seconds as their Dad came home.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Ruari ran to him, hugging his leg. I was still holding Gabby, who was struggling out of my arms to reach for him. He took her off me as he put his papers down on the table near the front door.

“Is dinner ready?” he asked me as I walked back into the living room.

“Yeah, Charity’s just finished I think.” I answered, going into the kitchen and helping my sister bring the dishes into the dining room and placing each one down in their places.

“Come and get dinner!” Charity shouted towards the living room door and the kids and Darrell came running in, obviously whilst he was holding Gabby because she couldn’t run without falling over. She could walk, it would be embarrassing if she couldn’t, but she just couldn’t run for a long period of time without falling over or running into something. We ate whilst everyone talked at once, it was really loud and boisterous.

“Can anyone else here that tapping?” I asked over Ruari who was pretending to be dinosaur and mauling his food.

“Pretty sure that’s just you.” Darrell laughed.

“No, I can hear definitely hear tapping.” I stood up, letting Ruari take a big massive handful of mash potato off my plate and slam it down onto his. I walked into the living room where a jet black owl was viciously banging on the window, “Alright, alright! I’m coming, don’t get your feathers in a fluff.” I let the bird in, took the letter off the it's leg and unravelled it.

Me and Dom are coming over to pick you up! We’re all going back to mine to get ready and we’re all going out! Don’t argue with me because you have no choice, we’re on our way over now.
Molly xx’

Just like Molly to not give me any choice in what I will be doing tonight, I rolled my eyes.

“Who was it?” I heard my sister ask from the next room so I walked back in to show her the letter, “That’s fine with me, just try not to make too much noise when you come back.” She looked at me sternly.

“I’ll probably end up sleeping at Molly’s anyway so I’ll see you tomorrow after about lunch time.” I shrugged, walking into the room and packing a small bag to put some stuff I’ll need for tomorrow in it and a little bit of money because I didn’t want anyone buying drinks for me.

“Be careful!” she called when Molly and Dom had knocked on the door.

“Hey Ellie Smelly!” the unstoppable force that was Molly pulled me into an intense hug when I stepped outside, “Ready to go to mine?”

“Hey!” I smiled and hugged Dom when she released me, “Yep, got everything I need anyway.” I lifted the bag up so they could see and she grabbed my arm and apparated me without any warning.

“Let’s get ready!” she rushed forward to her bedroom in her posh apartment.

“Warning next time would be okay!” I shouted, swaying a little as I followed her. She chucked a small black dress at me and a pair of black heels.

“Just get dressed and quit whining, we’re already late!” she rushed around finding something to wear.

“Late for what?” I asked but she ignored me, “What are we late for Dom?” I turned to the other girl in the room. She was half-dressed in a bright pink mini-skirt and a white tank top with black wedges.

“I dunno, some wild night at a club that she heard about from Fred.” She rolled her eyes and I decided the best thing to do was to not question it and get changed like the other two. The dress was just a casual LBD with a few sparkles here and there and the heels were very, very high stilettos.

“Let’s go! I told Fred we’d meet them like 20 minutes ago!” she hurriedly grabbed her wand and we apparated to just a few alleys from the club. We walked past the huge line and straight in after Molly gave the bouncer our names and then waltzed in confidently with me and Dom trailing behind her.

“What are we even doing here anyway?” I shouted out over the pulsating dance beat.

“We’re meeting Fred and Al… they said they were finally going to bring James out of his depressing mood and get him to come out!” she squealed happily, pulling us over to where she had spotted her cousins, “Hey boys!” she yelled, hugging both of them.

“Hey!” they called, both hugging Dom as well and looking at me confusedly.

“Who’s this?” Fred gave me an once-over and winked.

“Ew! Fred stop flirting with Elle!” Molly hit him over the arm, “She went to Hogwarts with us but she was in Hufflepuff with me.” She said in a certain tone of voice as if this explained everything but I kept my mouth shut.

“Lovely to meet you Elle.” He took my hand and kissed it before smirking at me whereas Albus just smiled kindly at me.

“Where’s James?” Molly immediately turned to the boys with her arms crossed.

“Didn’t want to come apparently… had to get something for his ‘girlfriend’.” Fred air-quoted the word and rolled his eyes.

“Honestly, he’s being going out with this ‘girl’ for over 2 years now and he didn’t think we’d like to meet her? I’m starting to believe she’s not real.” Al inputted and I felt the need to diffuse the angry tension between the Weasley’s and Potter’s.

“We’re in a dance club, aren’t we? Let’s dance!” I yelled with my arms up in the air and breathed a sigh in relief when Fred laughed,

“I like her already!” and stood up with the rest of us and headed to the middle of the dance floor. After about the seventh drink Freddy bought me, I couldn’t really remember anything else.

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