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Rose and Scorp made their way back up the aisle and back outside on this glorious day, with the view of the never ending fields in the background was where in moments time we were going to be made to have our pictures taken. It was mine and Livy’s job to firstly get everyone outside for a picture, which was to be taken from high up in The Burrow on everyone looking up and smiling. Then take them all back into the transformed marquee where the majority of people will be able to start drinking. But those of us important in the wedding will have to stay and have more pictures taken.

“Okay everyone could I have your attention?” Livy politely tried to be heard over the crowd

“Could I have your attention?” she tried again

She then she cast the sonorous spell on her voice so it boomed, “Excuse me?”

Everyone turned around immediately, she looked quite proud of herself, “If you’d all make your way to the designated area pointed out by the Weasley-Potter women and make sure you look upwards and smile for the picture, that would be incredibly helpful. Please help yourself to confetti provided by the bridesmaids on your way out of the marquee. Thank you” she smiled

Nothing happened

“If you’d like to go now” she prompted

There was a resounding “ooh” and everyone left.

“Good thinking Batman” I laughed, knowing she always finds my muggle references random and enduring

She performed the counter charm and resumed talking normally, “Thanks Robin”

“Ready for picture time” I asked as we followed everyone out making sure no one was left behind

“Of course. I think Rose might shoot me though if I said anything else” she joked

“Maybe so. I’d be quiet about it just in case though” I teased

We then posed for a few over head pictures with everyone then put everyone back in the marquee, when just family was left. So there was the Wotters all together including all other halves and without. Then Rose requested pictures with each Aunt and Uncle and then their families, so with Uncle Bill and the family, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Percy and the family etc. Then it was our generation and then with all their families, so Vidy (I stole that from Livy), Noah and Clayer. Dom and Nicolas. Louis, Elizabeth and Dylan. Rox, Jason, Logan and Lola. Freddy and Beau. James, Anna and Ashley. Lily and Lysander. Hugo and Penelope. Lucy and Alexander. And then just Moll, who hasn’t got a boyfriend but she’s only 21 so who’s worrying? Then everyone buggered off until it was just, Lily, Me, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione who were actually part of the Wotter clan because we were part of the wedding. Then we had Scorp’s family pictures, which didn’t take half as long because it was just Draco, Astoria, Scorp’s Aunt Daphne (on his Mum’s side), Uncle Tristan and cousins Paige and Theo. It didn’t take long for that to finish as that was just them all, then his Aunt and Uncle, then them with Paige and Theo. Then they moved onto parents, Draco and Astoria, then Ron and Hermione, then both sets of parents, then the Mother’s and then the Father’s and then each individually. Of course all of the above included Maia. After that it was parents and everyone involved in the wedding, so Livy, Lily, Maia, Hayley and I. Then just us involved with Rose and Scorp. Followed by just the bridesmaids and them. Moving onto just the bridesmaids and Rose or Scorp. Going into just me, Rose and Scorp. Then just me and Scorp or Rose. Next Rose, Scorp, Livy and I.

“Does your face hurt?” I asked between clicks

“So much” Scorp whispered back

“I’m in so much pain from watching you two smile for each picture” Livy added

“Only a few more to go. We can do this! ” Rose decided

Rose and Scorp then had individual pictures and pictures of the two of them, as well as their little family. Once Livy and I had done we nipped inside got drinks for us and them, returning outside to watch them do their shots, giving them an incentive of drink for when they were done.

“Done! Truly beautiful!” the very enthused photographer beamed

“Thank you so much” Rose thanked

“I will spend you the bill shortly!” he exclaimed packing up his stuff

“Of course” Rose replied, rather sarcastically

“Here.” Livy smiled, thrusting a drink into her hand while I gave one to Scorp

“You’re a life saver!” Rose accepted, Scorp just nodded in gratitude

“Anytime” she brushed it off

“Probably best to start drinking now. It’s going to be a long night. You’ve got the entire family in their... like everyone” I laughed

“I’m still trying to remember all their names... even with the flashcards Rose made for me” Scorp sadly noted

“You’ll get it in the end” I reassured him

“If I know them, you’ll get it” Livy joked, “Ready for your grand entrance Mr and Mrs Malfoy?” she continued

“Mrs Rose Malfoy. Sounds good doesn’t it?” Rose thought

“Sounds perfect to me” Scorp kissed her

“Let’s go and make the big announcement. Just wait for our cue guys.” Livy, started to take me back into the marquee

“Do I get to do it?” I asked nicely

“I guess I did the shouting earlier... but I get to clink the glass” she wavered

“You’ve got it” I agreed

*Clink. Clink. Clink* Livy tapped her glass with a spoon she found as she walked in

“Ladies and Gentleman if I could have your attention. I’d like to do the honour in introducing Mr and Mrs Malfoy” I gestured towards the entrance (I had already cast the sonorous charm)

I loud applause followed as Rose and Scorp came in.

We had a great three course meal and the large majority of guests drank a bit too much! Livy and I made amazing speeches talking VERY truthfully about our best friends. Ron and Draco also made very sweet speeches about their children which just made everyone smile throughout even if we were all in tears. After that though and Rose and Scorpius had had their first dance, setting off the after party, more people arrived and it was difficult to see them again. We mostly looked after our goddaughter...

I grinned as I watched Livy and Maia dance from my seat next to the dance floor.

Liv was leaning down and holding Maia’s hands while they were jumping up and down and moving their arms in a back and forth sort of action, all out of time with the music but obviously neither of them cared.

“Alright Alby?” James used my family nickname as he sat down next to me

“Never better Jamesy” I replied, not taking my eyes off my girls

“Just wait until you have one of your own” he tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards his girls- Anna had Ashley in her arms and was twirling her around while she looked as if she was laughing her head off

“I can’t wait” I nodded

“It’s unbelievable, you don’t think it’s possible to love anyone so much” he sighed sweetly

“I think I can hazard a guess” I tried

“You can’t unless it’s yours” James said with a serious tone in his voice

“Well then I can only imagine” I empathized

“That you can. You’re a lucky guy Al” he admitted

“So, are you” I insisted

“I know. Who would’ve thought it though? I certainly didn’t” he confessed

“I would have done. I’ve always known the good guy, he’s a damn good brother” I voiced for the first time in a long time (maybe there is something about weddings that make people more emotional)

“I’ve always thought so. But his little brother didn’t need much looking after” James looked at me smirking due to his cocky comment

Just then Livy’s sister Peyton came over, she was hired as the official photographer for the party.

While in France she found a passion for photography, but not portraits mostly concept photography capturing those moments you never want to forget, those ones that a majority of people miss. And because Rose didn’t want to miss a single bit, jumped at the chance to have Peyton come and capture it for her. This is was the second time she’d met James, although I’d seen her every Christmas for the last 5 years.

“Fancy a picture of this beautiful brotherly heart to heart moment?” she teased, wiggling her camera in front of us

“Sure” James shrugged, wrapping one arm around my shoulder and grinning stupidly

I did the same and we both said “cheese” while she took the picture

“Very posed. Not my speciality but I got some perfect ones before. Still it’s a good picture” she waffled, I found with Peyton, she doesn’t stop talking, you never really have to listen completely, just the end and the start.

“Could you do me a favour?” I asked

“Anything” she smiled, she really does look up to Livy and has said that I’m perfect for you, so I guess that’s why she’s been so quick to help with anything

“Could you take a couple snaps of Liv and Maia please?” I asked

“Anna and Ashley too please” James added

“Absolutely. Ashley’s your daughter isn’t she?” Peyton wondered

“Yeah, she is. And Anna’s my girlfriend” James proudly told her

“She’s beautiful. Honestly beautiful. Both of them actually. You’re very lucky” she praised

“Thank you. I count my lucky stars every day” he replied, looking very pleased with himself

“You’re very welcome. Obviously I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are though Al, my sister’s one special lady. I’m glad she has you. Well, I aspect I’ll see you guys later. Or at least at some point before I go back home. Bye” She waved, walking around the dance floor and taking pictures of our girls without them noticing, getting them as real as possible.

“Right. I think I’m ready to get back out there. You coming too?” James decided getting up

“Right behind you brother” I got up and hit him on his back, sending him on his way.

I danced with Liv and Maia for a bit and then we went back to sit down and enjoy a drink, when at 9 o’clock, right on time, Draco and Astoria came over to collect Maia (to Rose’s pervious approval), as she was falling asleep in Liv’s arms and should have been in bed hours ago.

“Livy! Albus!” Astoria came over to us and kissed us each on the cheek

“Astoria, Draco, you’re right on time! Ready to call it a night?” I joked

“Ready to take this little one to bed” Draco smiled down to his granddaughter as Liv kissed her and then placed her into his arms

“You must be very proud. He’s a great young man” Livy complimented

“We know. He’s all grown up though now! It’s ridiculous!” Astoria got into a small flap

“I’ve never seen him so happy. I can’t believe they got married today!” Livy got into an equal flap

“You just wait. It’ll be you two soon enough!” Astoria wagged her finger between us

“Who knows?” I noted

“Well, we must be off. We promised we’d find Rose and Scorpius so they could say goodbye to Maia before we took her home” Draco intervened

“It’s great to see you two. We must do this more often!” Astoria exclaimed

“Absolutely! We’ll send you an owl” Livy planned, hugging Astoria and planted a kiss on Draco’s cheek

“Bye Princess, Auntie Livy and I will see you in a couple of days” I waved at a very sleepy Maia

“Yeah, see you soon gorgeous” Livy added, while I hugged Astoria and sent a nod to Draco.

“Have a good night kids” Draco nodded back, walking through the crowd to find his son.

“What do we do now?” Livy turned to me, physically lost without Maia to run after and entertain

“Have fun!” I stated, dragging her towards the dance floor

“That was fun!” she protested, trying to slow down

“You know what I mean” I pleaded

“I do! Let’s do this!” She smiled; dancing like no one was around.

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