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A/N: I guess I should tell something important at first. My last three chapters had quite some mistakes (in grammar or punctuation or spelling). In fact in some places I slipped a whole word, too. I’m sorry for that. I usually post the stories without checking and proof reading. I hope you’ll understand the mistakes and it won’t cause much problem in understanding the story if you find any place with missing words. I request everyone to make the correction in your mind while reading; until I edit and resubmit them. Thank you for reading it.

Harry was lying on the floor. His books, firebolt, and all other possessions were all scattered here and there in his small room, which was actually Dudley’s store room before he got to handle it. But this time he really didn’t care about that or the Dursleys who were continuously doing stupid things or making noisy retort that how Harry should be grateful for their kindness to let him stay and how troublesome situation he is creating for them since they are also in danger from Voldemort; now that they have to leave their home and everything for unknown period of time.

And Harry could not help feeling that he really made trouble for the Dursleys. For the first time ever in his life he is feeling sorry for his mother’s sister’s family with whom he has to stay just two more weeks. Mr. Weasley, Kingsley, Mad-eye and Professor Lupin came to talk to the Dursleys last night, to let them know that they are in danger from Voldemort, about whom Petunia seemed to have good enough idea.

However foolish they can be, at least they seemed to understand the fact that if they had to remain alive and live without lesser possibility of danger, they had to leave this place and hide. They have to leave before Harry’s 17th birthday. And they are making preparations for their leave. They are really furious about the fact that they have to leave their house and their regular life because of him. But they didn’t come in his room to scold him about it. No. they didn’t disturb him. Probably because they are matured enough to understand that how much danger he is in too.

Harry was just wondering how much influence can time have on people. He has been here for two weeks. Two weeks of this summer has passed already. Have I just thought ‘two weeks, already?’ wow! time really changed me too. All other summers just used to go slow and this time it really seems to run fast, and I’m worried sick of it! I have to start working. Before time runs out. Before it’s too late to start anything.

And then he took out his copy of ‘Hogwarts: A History’. Not his favorite book of course, but he has to know anything possible about Hogwarts and the other facts necessary to defeat Voldemort. As Dumbledore said, he didn’t need to care that he is a kid of school who is the chosen one to defeat the Dark Lord.

He has to know more of his weak points. And Hogwarts seems to be the good point to start. It was Tom Riddle’s first true home. He loved this place, adored this place like a temple. This place might hold some of his important secrets. He was a good student too. He definitely accumulated as much knowledge as possible to gain power. So, why not I do that too? That’s what Harry was thinking these days alongside thinking about Dumbledore. And then he was really reading with deep consciousness the books those he detested the most, (which were almost every book in his possession). He didn’t even read his Defense against Dark Arts books properly. Damn! What was I doing these last six years? he thought.

Within next week he finished some of his books of his previous years which seemed important. Even though it is supposed to be re-reading; but he got amazed to see that it wasn’t much of “re-reading” at all! Damn! He really didin’t study enough! Those were mostly related to Potions, Transfigurations, Charms and of course DADA. And the Dursleys didn’t disturb him much. Petunia would bring his meal everytime and keep it in front of the door. Twice she opened the door to see Harry reading, who didn’t notice her. She didn’t say anything, and left her food there. She didn’t shout seeing him reading magic books. Well! That’s really a change! Thought Harry. May be she too thought he needed to get ready.

He still had so much to go through. Because, he was dumbfounded to know that he still doesn’t know some of the basic facts of magic written in the books of first year! He still couldn’t practice the spells which required his wand, since he is still underage. So most of his practical works remained undone. But still he read it by heart almost like Hermione would do.

After all Hermione also couldn’t practice with her wand in her Summers, but still knew everything in every book and could do everything in them in the class with a few try! That’s what Harry thought. Knowing the necessary spells are enough for now. The more books of higher grade he was reading the more he was getting the feeling that he knew lesser than before.

Damn! The world is really vast. How vast would be its knowledge archive! 

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