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Extraordinary chapter image of Blair by nightmare. @tda


"Blair, you should be getting ready.” Dad warns me when he enters my room and looks at all the clothes shattered around the place. “You’re leaving for London in about two hours.”

“I already told you I don’t want to go.” I protest again still laying on my bed lazily, reading the new number of Witch Weekly.

“Well, sometimes we have to do things we don’t really want to.” Dad says as he sits on my bed.

“And I assume visiting your annoying mother and twin sister in London is one of them?” I ask still hoping that I won’t have to go.

“Yes.” Dad confirms and I roll my eyes. “Blair, don’t act like a child now.”

“I’m not.” I say although I was.

“You are.” He says with a smile. “And this isn’t how a seventeen year old girl should behave.” He says perfectly imitating my grandmother from mother’s side, Elizabeth. I still remain angry at him. “Come on, pumpkin, you know I would like to have you all for myself, but this is not how your mother and I have agreed. You know the plan. You go to London for two weeks and Ashley comes to New York for winter holidays.” He reminds me. Completely unnecessary if you ask me, since this is how things were since I was five.

My Mom and Dad got divorced when Ashley, my twin sister and I, were four. It didn’t come as a shock for me and Ashley since our parents always fought. It was actually a relief.

My parents got married pretty young. In their early twenties actually. My Dad, David, was an impulsive young wizard who grew up in Boston. He moved to New York after finishing Boston Institute for Wizards. Later, he became a Curse Breaker. But he actually traveled all around the world a lot instead of settling. That is, until my mother came in the picture.

Wanda was a young witch from Britain wanting to become a journalist. She was raised in a perfect family and was a real lady. And I actually mean a stilettoes on her feet, pearls around her neck kind of lady. Her parents never approved of her being a journalist, but they still let her travel the world, sure that it was just a faze their daughter was going through. So my Mom traveled the world trying to find a perfect story for the Daily Prophet, a newspaper she was working for back then, and came across my father.

They met somewhere in Nigeria and as the story usually goes, they fell in love. The two of them married and haven’t told a single soul. Finally, they returned back to New York and announced the big news to their parents. No need to say, they were shocked. My father’s parents, Melissa and Walter Hastings, were at first pretty uncomfortable with the idea of their only son getting married to a girl he hardly knew, but they accepted his decision.

Unlike my mother’s parents, Elizabeth and Henry Pierce, who weren’t that approving. They are pretty uptight and classy and it wasn’t in their future interest for their daughter to marry a Curse Breaker and live in USA so they decided to put an end to that. They threatened my mother to disinherit her unless she returned back. My parents were trying to reason with them, but they didn’t want to hear about it. The things got even more complicated when two baby girls were born. Instead of bringing happiness and peace into the family, Ashley and I brought only fights and chaos.

Ever since we were little, I remember how our parents constantly fought. It wasn’t a surprise for me to see my Mom cry on the kitchen table after Dad stormed out of our apartment. I guess the pressure was just too strong for both of them.

Finally, Mom gave up and renewed the contact with her parents and returned back to London and to her role as a classy woman her parents always imagined. Dad was left heart-broken as he read her letter in which she described how she returned to London and took Ashley with her. A few days after, the divorce papers came.

Although it took a few years, Dad got used to the fact that she was no longer with us. And things became better. There were no more fights and screaming in the middle of the night.

Although this turned out to be good at the end, I never forgave my mother for being so weak. I am sure that they were happy with each other. At least for a while. But she gave up too soon. Her parents made her.

Today, my Dad is still a Curse Breaker. We still live in New York and I am perfectly happy with how our lives have turned out. Although Dad works a lot, he tries his best to come home for dinner every night. When I was younger, he would read me a bed time story every night before I fell asleep, he would always check my closet just to make sure no monsters were in there and for my birthday, he would always take me out for pizza and chocolate cake, my favorite. He was my Dad, but he was also my best friend.

My Mom is no longer a journalist. That was also one of the things her parents took away from her. Now she’s working at the Ministry of Magic in London and is a personal secretary of the Minister of Magic. Pretty lame if you ask me.

And Ashley and I, although twins, couldn’t be more different.

She grew up in London, classy and elegant in company of most famous wizards and witches. Her birthdays were probably celebrated with tea, fancy dinners and great presents and she probably had servants who checked her closet in case there were monsters. Not to mention, her bed time stories were read to her in French, Spanish, Italian... We belonged to completely different worlds.

Ashley and I were supposed to tolerate each other twice a year. Although sisters, we couldn’t stand each other. Things were more bearable when she came to New York, but now I had to go to London to visit Ashley, Wanda and the rest of the family who I felt cheated by. I couldn’t even call them my family. They were strangers in my life. Strangers who cheated, manipulated and had nothing to do with David and me.

“So you’ll go?” Dad asks me looking at me his eyebrows raised. I take a deep breath and roll my eyes once again.

“I don’t really have a choice.” I say darkly.





“That’s the spirit!” My Dad says sarcastically and I laugh. He laughs together with me and gets up from the bed. “Now please, pack your suitcase ‘cause the portkey is leaving in less than two hours. He smiles once again and leaves my room. I get up from my bed and lazily flick my wand. All my clothes fly towards the suitcase creating a messy pile. Instead of fixing the whole scene, I flick my wand once again and close the suitcase. I bet Wanda would be shocked at the sight, but, hey, I don’t care what strangers think of me. Never did, never will.













 I look at my freshly manicured nails. My grandmother Elizabeth picked out the colour. Just like she picks out everything in my life. The colour of my bedroom, the clothes in my closet, the books I read, even my friends.

The double door of the living room opens and my mother walks in carrying a new flower bouquet. She carefully puts it on the table in the middle of the room.

“What do you think, sweetie?” she asks admiring the pink roses.

“Did grandmother pick it out?” I ask raising my eyebrows and mother turns to me.

“Your grandmother just wants for everything to be perfect when Blair comes.” She says as she adjusts her clothing. She tends to do that a lot. I am pretty sure she has a compulsive disorder. “And so do I for that matter.” She adds and points me a look of warning.

“You do realise that Blair doesn’t want to be here?” I ask her still sitting in the arm chair admiring my nails.

“I am sure you are mistaken, Ashley.” Mother says as she gets back to making sure the flowers are perfect. “We are family after all.”

“I don’t know if you have noticed, mother, but we haven’t been a family for a long time now.” I say. “And, just if I haven’t made myself clear, I don’t want Blair here as well.”

“Ashley Monique Pierce, I don’t want to hear it.” My mother says getting angry in a second. “We have already discussed this. Blair will come here and you will be going to New York for winter holidays just like you do every year.”

“But mother,” I say as I get up from the arm chair fiercely. “She is unbearable. She doesn’t belong here and doesn’t even try to fit in our family.”

“If you like it or not, Blair is a part of our family!” Mother says in an angry tone of voice. “And the two of you will have to learn to get along. You are sisters and I don’t care if you have a problem with her. The rest of the family wants her here. I know that my family wasn’t fond of your father, but all of us want Blair here. So please, keep your mouth shut and suffer through it. If not for your sister, then for me.”

“But...” I protest, but she raises her finger at me threateningly.

“I don’t want to hear it!” she says. “Did I make myself clear?”

“Yes, mother.” I say giving up.

“Good.” She says and looks at the flowers once again adjusting one of the roses. “I will go check on dinner. Blair will be here in a few minutes.”

I watch her leave through the double doors and I walk up to the window watching the crowded streets of London. Although it’s August and the summer still isn’t over, it’s raining. Through the years I got used to the weather here in London, but every now and then I remember the warm summers my family has spent at the vacation house in Hamptons. And when I say family, I actually mean the real family I have had with my mother, father and my sister.

As weird as it seems, Blair and I used to get along pretty well. At least when we were four. I don’t actually remember a lot of my early childhood except for my parents’ constant fights, but the good parts I remember, mostly include Blair. Back then, we weren’t so different. But when our parents separated, we grow up in completely different environments surrounded with different people and we changed.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking how I would turn out if my mother stayed in New York with my father. For starters, my grandparents wouldn’t have such great influence on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and they love me, but they have the strange obsession of telling people how to live their lives. They made my mother quit her job as a journalist and I am sure that they would never allow me to become a fashion designer. Instead, after finishing school, I will have to work at the Ministry just like my mother.

The situation in this house makes me happy about the fact that school is starting in three weeks. Unfortunately, in September I am returning to my last year at Hogwarts which means that the time for thinking about my future is running out.

The door opens again and this time my Nanny Beth walks in carrying another bouquet of flowers. She puts it on the table next to the window.

“Miss Ashley, your sister will be here soon.” She says and looks at me. “Maybe you should get ready for dinner.”

“I’m not really feeling well, Beth.” I say. “Maybe I have a fever.”

She feels my forehead and smiles at me just like when I was a child. “You don’t have a fever, Miss Ashley. I assume you just don’t feel like dining with your sister.”

I look at the floor ashamed that she caught me in a lie. My mother, on the other hand, could never tell if I’m lying or not.

“When I first came to work here, you were so happy when Miss Blair would come here or when you would go to New York.” Beth says.

“Times change, Beth.” I say.

“You changed, Miss Ashley.” Beth says. “And so did Miss Blair. Which is normal. You grew up.”

Suddenly, we hear a loud pop in the hallway. We exchange looks and I am the first one to walk out of the living room followed by Beth. I look at Blair who just showed up in in our hallway holding a hair brush in one hand and her suitcase in the other. She turns to me and looks at Beth who is standing right beside me. She always thought it was funny how I had a nanny. Also, Beth was one of her favourite people when she came here. The only one actually.

“Hi, Blair!” I greet her.

“Hey Ash!” she says.

“I hate it when you call me Ash.” I say and she laughs.

“That’s the reason why I do it.” she says and drops her suitcase looking around. “Now where are the rest of the snobs to greet me?” 


A/N So, I have already posted this story before. Have no idea what happened, but everything got deleted. So I used the chance to fix some of the mistakes you guys warned me about. Hope you enjoy it and review it! :) 

In the next chapter: Blair arrives to London and meets Ashley's boyfriend who is not very happy that Ashley never told him of her secret. 

 P.S. To everyone who's starting the story, you can leave  review, on which I would be rather thankful but you can also message me on twitter in case you have some questions. I go by the name E_Patronum03 love you all xo



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