“Oi Malfoy, who said dirty Slytherin blood is allowed to sit at our table?”

It was dinner during their first week back at school and James, currently in his fourth year at Hogwarts, had just waltzed into the Great Hall and headed for the Gryffindor table surrounded by a group of Gryffindors.

James really never seemed to be able to get around anywhere on his own…

“Shove off James, you don’t have to bug us every time we decide to eat here,” Al angrily shouted at his brother.

“Oh ickle Ally sticking up for his fwend who can never seem to talk for himself, can you snake?” As usual, Sam was indeed silent and stony-faced.

“Honestly, if you need to hang around Slytherin filth, do it where the rest of us don’t have to look at him, isn’t that right?”

His followers nodded and vocalised their agreement, along with quite a few other Gryffindors at the table.




“Don’t worry, Al, I was finished anyway.”

With that Sam shot out the doors of the hall, James and his gang hissing and laughing at him he walked past.

Al looked about ready to murder James, but Rose placed her hand on his arm, “You know Sam wants to deal with this in his own way. Don’t get involved. Just bring some food back to his common room for him.”

Al looked furiously down at his plate muttering quietly, “I just thought James would have stopped all this already. Why does he have it in for Sam so much?”

Rose frowned, “I wish I knew Al. But I do know that if you act like the hero coming into the rescue, Sam will never forgive you. I just know it would be a real sore spot if you ever dealt with it for him. Just leave it be.”

“Yeah, all right. It’s just, I know all I would have to do is owl Mum...”

“And if Sam ever found out you did that, it would start up a whole bunch of other shit. Here,” Rose said as she shoved a large glass jar she had summoned at Al, piling in some sandwiches from the table, “take this down to Sam.”


She quickly screwed on the lid and waved her wand muttering, and suddenly the jar looked completely empty.
“If a teacher asks, your parents gave it to you to use as a swear jar in your dorm.”

Al laughed, “How do you even come up with this stuff Rose?”

He left the table holding the jar as he made his way down to the dungeons, which suddenly left Rose quite alone.
Without Sam and Al, Rose felt rather lost at the Gryffindor table.


Although she loved her family, Dominique was sitting cosily with her new Hufflepuff boyfriend (Rose could think of nothing worse than being an awkward third-wheel), Molly, James and Fred were surrounded by their gang and looked as though they were plotting a prank, Lucy and Roxanne were at the complete other end of the table and Louis was nowhere to be seen.

She hadn’t really made any proper friends in her own year other than Al and Sam, and now it was the start of second year, it seemed too late, as everyone already knew each other quite well.

She looked around and saw the girls from her dormitory seated a little further down the table.

She had always exchanged pleasantries with them in her dorm but Rose had never actually had a conversation longer than five minutes with any of them.


Beena Hossain was a muggle-born witch with a calm and gentle demeanour. Her smooth brown skin and thick wavy dark hair was offset by the girl seated next to her – Annie Aymslowe.

Annie had light brown hair and pale, freckled skin. She was also incredibly loud and energetic; waving her arms in the air in a hilariously accurate impression of Professor Bradley, Hogwarts’ eccentric Divinations teacher.

Jennifer Keothavong was also seated with them, the last of the Gryffindor girls. With almond-shaped eyes, usually scrunched into a cheeky grin that was egging on Annie in some devilish endeavor, Jen had an empty seat next to her.



The trio seemed rather preoccupied, but Rose refused to be intimidated.

She lived with these girls, for Merlin’s sake!

‘You are going to make some new friends tonight’ Rose told herself as she took a deep breath.

Quickly, before she could lose her nerve, Rose picked herself up and moved down next to them.

“Hi, do you mind if I sit here?”

                 ~               ~               ~             ~               ~               ~

Rose, Al and Sam were walking down the third floor corridor on their way to Defence Against the Dark Arts with Professor Cornfoot when it happened.

It was just a regular Thursday afternoon, when the three happened to pass James in the hallway as he jinxed a first year Slytherin, causing him to fall to the floor and spill the contents of his book bag across the corridor floor.

This was not an uncommon occurrence, James was notorious for jinxing Slytherins, particularly any enemy Quidditch players (he was a Chaser on the Gryffindor team), and had this not occurred at the precise moment when Sam was walking past, nothing may have happened at all.

But the young first year boy ended up flat on his face being verbally abused by James and his posse, right in front of Sam – and something inside Sam just snapped.



“Where do you get off Potter? Tripping over eleven-year-olds to make yourself feel superior? It’s pathetic!”

Sam yelled in outrage, as he bent down and picking up the first year’s books and quills, helping him up and ushering him into the crowd that had formed around James and Sam.

“You can talk, you pathetic Death Eater. Your slimy Slytherin face isn’t needed here, why don’t you just run away like usual.”

“Well maybe I would, if you weren’t targeting innocent first years-”

James scoffed, “Innocent? No Slytherin is innocent, you’re all scum, every last one of you-”

We’re scum?! Us? Why don’t you take a look at what you were just doing?”

James tried to respond but Sam’s face tinged with pink as he raged on.



“But then again that’s what history says isn’t it? It’s always Slytherin, we’re the dark wizards, and muggle-torturers and evil dictators. Gryffindors are the heroes, brave saviours they are, and everyone seems to forget that the man who sold out your grandparents and basically signed their death warrant, then singlehandedly brought Voldemort back to power, was an evil fucking Gryffindor.”

No other sound but Sam’s voice could be heard through the corridor as every student in the crowd surround Sam and James stared in confusion.

“Everyone conveniently brushes it under the carpet, like Peter Pettigrew’s Sorting counts for nothing, but Slytherins, oh we’re all in communion with Voldemort. It’s not like Severus Snape played the most important role in the Second Wizarding War acting as a double agent! It’s not like Merlin, one of the most powerful wizards of all time and founder of the Order of Merlin which promoted muggle rights, was a Slytherin or anything.”

The sarcasm Sam venomously spat out sunk in to the crowd of students as their silence reined the corridor.

“It’s such a ridiculous double-standard and it’s stereotyping like this that fucked everything up in the first place! So why don’t you take a good look at yourself Potter, and tell me who the scummy one is?”



James’s face began to flush, and as he tried, but failed, to respond.

“You strut around this school with a head so big it can barely squeeze into the Great Hall. Why do you think your parents raised you away from all this celebrity shit? So you wouldn’t let all that fame go to your head, that’s why. Well I guess it was all for nothing because instead of maintaining any semblance of integrity and humility, you’ve turned into the most arrogant narcissistic prat Hogwarts has seen since Gilderoy Lockhart, haven’t you? Letting all those groupies drool over you instead of setting them straight?”

The rhetorical questions kept coming at James, he stuttered, trying to form a coherent reply, but Sam ploughed onwards.

“Look at you, jinxing first years, lapping up all the attention, humiliating people for your own entertainment. Do you know how many students I’ve found crying in the corridors because of you? Merlin it makes me fucking sick! I could tell you that you should stop because I don’t think you’d feel too happy about someone treating Rose or Albus that way and everybody is someone’s cousin, or sister or friend. But honestly you should treat people with respect for the mere fact that they’re a fellow human being, it’s called being a good fucking person.”

Confusion and another feeling she couldn’t name quickly flitted through Rose… he was so right, how could she not have seen that in James? Why did she always make up excuses for him?

Sam continued his speech, filled with almost two years of suppressed frustration.

“But oh, James Potter, well he’s the eldest son of The Chosen One, he’s so amazing and famous and funny so he gets a free pass. You all just let him get away with it, don’t you?”

Sam turned his eyes on the crowd and anyone he made eye contact with looked down at their feet in shame or discomfort.

It was true, and they all knew it.



“If Harry Potter could see you now, how you act, what you do in this castle… he’d be disgusted. Listen to yourself, talking about my bad blood or dirty Slytherin blood. Sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it? The world mudblood ring any bells? You need to take a good hard look in the mirror Potter, because the only slimy Death Eater scum I see here is you.”

And with that Sam pushed past James and into the crowd, and after a few more moments of silence a susurrus of whispers spread through the crowd until movement returned and everyone quickly dispersed before a teacher came to see what was delaying their students.

Al and Rose exchanged shocked glances as James disappeared into the throng of children.

Looking at the corridor, it appeared as though nothing had happened.

But it did happen. It happened, and it would not be forgotten for a long time.

               ~             ~               ~              ~                 ~               ~

“Blimey Sam, you were bloody brilliant! I knew there was a reason you’re my best friend.”

Sam laughed as he, Al and Rose sat on a squashy couch in the Gryffindor common room discussing Sam’s tirade from earlier that day.

No Gryffindors had uttered a sound to Sam when he had come into the common room and sat down with his friends, a stark contrast from the complaints and mutterings that had always followed him in previously.

However many whispers concerning Sam’s explosion that day erupted amongst all of the students who sighted Sam in the hallways (Is that the Malfoy kid who went off at Potter? I heard it got violent – hexes everywhere!), although none addressed him directly.



“Well I think it was rather stupid,” Rose huffed, “You said all of last year that you wanted to deal with it evasively Malfoy, and then you go and randomly blow up. James hasn’t said a word to anyone since, he’s just locked up in his room avoiding everyone.”

“Well it’s not like he didn’t deserve it Rose,” Sam retorted.

“And who are you to decide what people do and don’t deserve Malfoy? James is a good person and I don’t think anyone deserves to be publically humiliated like that. You just stooped to his level, you’re as bad as he is!”

With that, Rose stormed off up towards the dormitories but as she climbed the stairs, Sam noticed that she took the boy’s turnoff.

“Hey Al, Rose just went up the boy’s staircase, what do you think she’s doing?”

Al grinned, “Well maybe we should go find out.”

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