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Scorpius groaned, and made to bang his head on the table, which would have hurt if Albus hadn’t shot off a softening charm that cushioned his head.

“I can’t believe we’re playing a board-game and calling this research.” Scorpius said with a moan.

“Personally I like this kind of research.” Albus said as he rolled the dice and moved his piece (Pastor Green) five spaces towards the dining room.

Lucy rolled her eyes. Of course Albus would like this kind of research. Why on earth he worked as a healer for the auror department she didn’t know. She’d pegged him down more as the type to specialise in cardiology and work at St. Mongos.

Milly had written to one of her older brothers and demanded that he send her their childhood copy of Cluedo as part of an ongoing investigation. He had dutifully wrapped the Cluedo board game and sent it to the auror department reminding her that he still hated owls with a deep passion, could she please send future absurd requests by Royal Mail.

Royal Mail? Scorpius had inquired confused and Milly had had to explain the muggle postage system to him. Why Royal he’d finally asked and she had shrugged and hazarded a guess that the Queen owned it or something.

“This is serious Scorpius, you have to stop imagining it as a game. Because at the moment, this is a simplified version of your very real murder case.” Lucy said patiently, moving Miss Scarlet into the living room. “Miss Scarlet with the dagger in the living room.”

“I know, I know, just honestly, a flipping board-game?!”

Albus rolled his eyes.

“Scorpius, do you have any of those cards?” Lucy asked in calmly, hiding the fact that she was quite ready by now to beat him over the head with the cluedo board.

“Why would I show you any of my cards?” Scorpius asked affronted, holding them protectively to his chest.

Milly huffed. “For the millionth time Scorpius, because that’s the rules of the game, honestly, did your parents never play board games with you?”

“I had a house elf for that.”

Albus snorted. “He’s joking. He played board games at our house.”

“Stop ruining my image Albus.”

“The spoiled pureblood image?” Albus asked.

“Yeah that one.” Scorpius replied with all the snobbery he could muster.

Albus shock his head with a wry smile. “You ruined it when you decided to get a job. Spoiled purebloods don’t get jobs.”

“I became an auror in order to protect the realm!” Scorpius said dramatically.

“That’s very noble of you.” Lucy muttered, still waiting for him to show her one of his damn cards.

She was fairly certain she was winning this game. And Scorpius was losing.

A knock sounded at the door causing all four of them to look up. Lily poked her head in.

“Scorpius. Your mother is here.” Lily hissed, her eyes wide as saucers.

Lily was not easily intimidated. She easily faced hardened criminals, ministry bullies from other departments and agitated aurors on a regular basis. But Mrs. Malfoy had always cut an intimidating figure in her opinion.

Scorpius’ face fell. He and Albus looked at one another in horror. The last time Mrs. Malfoy had turned up at the ministry it was because she had discovered that they were the culprits behind the missing section of her beloved prized hedge-maze. It had not been a pleasant experience. Immediately they were wracking their memories trying to find out what she could have discovered this time.

“Well you two had better find out what she wants. I’m off to lunch.” Lucy announced, getting up and straightening her lilac pleated skirt.

Scorpius realised she really looked extremely pretty in it. She had paired it with a simple cream top. The lilac suited her hair. Accented it. Plus there was the heels. Dark purple. Scorpius had always rather liked a girl in heels. Even in tall hells Lucy was shorter then himself. Purple in its various shades and nuances rather suited Lucy Weasley he figured.

“I’ll join you. The only gentlemanly thing to do you know.” Scorpius said hastily, recognising that joining Lucy was definitely far preferable to whatever discussion his mother felt important enough to bring to his office.

Lucy glared at him, narrowing her eyes threateningly.

“You will do no such thing. You will go see your mother. And I am going to have lunch with my sister.”

“We could swap. I would much rather have lunch with your sister.” Scorpius suggested.

Lucy didn’t even deign that with a response. She politely said goodbye to Albus and Milly and left.

“Or you.” Scorpius called out after her retreating figure. “I’d love to have lunch with you.”




“I’m suffering from harassment!” Lucy declared dramatically as she dropped heavily into her seat across from her sister at the small table at Moreen’s tea shop.

She attracted several stares, but Molly ignored her dramatics, concentrating on stirring sugar generously into her tea. She had already ordered Lucy’s usual, tea and scones. Lucy wrinkled her nose in disgust at the amount of sugar Molly dosed her own tea with. Lucy took no sugar. Just milk.

“What kind of harassment?” Molly inquired calmly. “Sexual harassment, cliental harassment, family harassment, general harassment? Be more specific please Lucy.”

Lucy narrowed her eyes at Molly.

“You don’t sound quite as concerned as a good sister should be. I was going for more drama.”

Molly raised an eyebrow at her. “Lucy I’d be concerned if you were concerned. But if you were concerned you wouldn’t tell me, you’d bottle it up. If you were really concerned you’d tell Hugo, Uncle Harry or Uncle Ron and they’d fix it with their magical auror powers. All you want to do with me is moan about it.” She said dryly, sipping her tea and making a pained face when she burned the tip of her tongue and placing the teacup hastily back on the table.

Lucy ignored the little voice in her heard that was telling her that Molly was right. What was she doing complaining to Molly about Scorpius’ attention rather than the dead man they’d found hanged in her shop?

“Are you going to let me moan?” Lucy asked, nibbling on her scone that she had spread liberally with jam.

Molly looked at Lucy as if she’d said something stupid. “Lucy, I’ve been patiently listening to you moan since you were born. What makes you think I’ll stop today?”

Lucy decided not to deign that with an answer but just launch straight into the moaning.

“It’s this damn Scorpius Malfoy!” She declared, helping herself to more jam for her scone.

One could never have enough jam. Especially while moaning.

“Rose and Albus’ friend.” Molly confirmed.

“How many Scorpius Malfoy’s do you know? Ts not exactly a common name.” Lucy replied scornfully.

“In what way is he harassing you?”

“He… looks at me.” Lucy muttered.

“How awful.” Molly replied mockingly, widening her eyes comically, trying very hard not to laugh.

“He looks at me funny.” Lucy insisted firmly, nibbling on her scone.

“I understand. It must be terrifying.”

“You’re taking me seriously.” Lucy accused.

Molly rolled her eyes, lifting her teacup and sipping, finally satisfied with its temperature.

“You’re not making it easy to take you seriously Lucy.” Molly replied, setting her teacup back down. “He’s a perfectly normal person with perfectly normal eyes. He probably thinks you’re pretty. That’s normally why boys look at girls you know.”

Lucy scowled. “No, no, you don’t understand, he doesn’t look at me like that. He always looks at me as though he’s thinking.”

“Thinking about sex more than likely. Apparently that’s what boys think about most of the time.” Molly said casually, her eyes sparkling mischievously at the look of indignation that flitted across Lucy’s face.

“Molly Beatrice Weasley, what a thing to say. No. He looks at me and he frowns.”

“Maybe he’s thinking about bad sex.”

“Why would he be staring at me and thinking about bad sex?!” Lucy exclaimed, not realising that she had said this last part rather loudly and attracted the attention of several other customers.

Molly tried to keep back her giggles, succeeding only in turning them into an unladylike snort that she couldn’t suppress. Lucy ate her jam-slathered scones with cool composure. Thinking about bad sex indeed, what a thing to say.

No, when Malfoy looked at her, frowning thoughtfully, he was definitely not thinking about sex. But it bothered her to not know what exactly went through his mind those many times when she caught him looking at her.




“Scorpius, we have a minor issue.”

Scorpius knew that his mother never used the phrase ‘a minor issue’ for anything minor. The war ‘issue’ was only reserved for things that in her opinion were serious problems that must immediately be worked upon in order to be solved. ‘minor’ merely meant that no one had or was in the process of dying yet.

However at times his mothers idea of a serious problem, and his own idea of a serious problem differed wildly. For example, this murder case that he was working on right now, that was a serious problem. The fact that Lucy was selling illegal wolfsbane potion and flying carpets was however what he would refer to as ‘a minor issue’. Something of interest to look into and potentially solve when he had some time. His mothers idea of ‘a minor issue’ ranged widely from that the manor was on fire to that her shoes no longer fit. Both problems which in her opinion must naturally instantly be acted upon.

Therefore Scorpius felt that his following question was a perfectly valid one.

“What kind of minor issue mother?”

“Why that you still do not have a date for Desiree Rosier’s wedding.” Astoria Malfoy replied, glaring at her son as though he were the village idiot.

“You have been given several months notice, I have suggested several amiable girls and even a few young men in case that was your preferred cup of tea, and still we’re standing here with only ten days until this wedding and you have asked no one to attend with you.”

She turned to Albus who was lurking in the corner, happy that at least this time Mrs. Malfoy’s ‘minor issue’ was solely regarding Scorpius and did not include him. Or so he thought.

“Were you planning on bringing Albus?” She asked mildly.

Albus spluttered indignantly and Scorpius smirked.

“What would the papers say mother? Besides I don’t think Albus would like to be my date.” Scorpius replied lightly, slouching into his chair, recognising that this conversation was going to take longer than he had initially hoped.

“I wouldn’t judge you know. I’d love you both just the same.” Astoria Malfoy said, looking between Albus and her son with wide eyes.

“Mother, Albus is head over heels in love with Eliza and has been since he was eleven, and I can assure you that I am sexually attracted to girls and girls only.”

“Then I fail to understand why you have not yet asked one of these girls you are so attracted to to be your date.” She asked coolly.

That cool voice and her poise reminded him so vividly of Lucy Weasley. And in that instance the idea struck him.

“Because I’m not quite sure that she would say yes.” Scorpius said thoughtfully, throwing the thought out there in order to buy more thinking time as he allowed the thought to develop within his mind.

“So there is a girl.” His mother asked in delight.

“There is?” Albus asked, looking at Scorpius in confusion.

That was the most difficult part of all Scorpius realised. Albus had always been so adamant that of course Scorpius Malfoy would never date one of his own beloved Weasley cousins.

“Well. She’d probably say yes. She’s polite that way. But Albus would probably say no.” Scorpius replied cagily, looking thoughtfully at his best friend.

He watched as the scowl bloomed on Albus’ face.

“You’re going to ask one of my cousins.” Albus said, a statement, not a question.

Scorpius nodded slowly.

“I thought I’d invite Lucy. I’d love to ask her more about those oriental carpets of hers.” He said, nodding to himself, a self-satisfied smirk firmly in place.

It was a rather neat solution really. It solved his mothers ‘minor issue’. And incidentally it also solved one of his own. He was finding himself rather fascinated by Lucy Weasley. And surely attending a wedding with her as his date would be enlightening.

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