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July 30th 2029
Rose and Scorpius’ wedding day

Livy's POV-

“Livy?” Rose appeared at the top of the stairs, in her dressing gown, her hair done up in a towel looking very stressed

“Yeah?” I calmly answered her, trying to stop her from stressing anymore

“Is everything ready?” She asked, truly frantic about the day’s events

“Of course. Just like they were 5 minutes ago when you asked me last” I reminded her

“Yes. Yes. (She still repeats things often) So the cake is done?”

“At the Burrow and completely finished”

“The marquee is it up yet?”


“And the decor, exactly what I... I mean, we picked out?”

“Down to the last place mat”

“The preparations for the switch?”

“Working great”

“They tried it out?”

“Only because I asked. Al told me it went smooth”

“Good. Okay. So everything’s sorted there”

“Completely sorted”

“Wait. What about the bridesmaids?”

“We’re all down here, waiting for your okay to come up and help you”

“Even Maia?”

“No. You she’s still at The Burrow with Scorp, but once we’ve done all the hair and make-up. I’ll go and get her, so we can put all our dresses on together”


“It’s all sorted Rose. We’ve had this planned for a year! Can we come up now?”

“Yes. Yes. Of course” she flustered, realising that I was indeed still stood at the bottom of the stairs along with Lily and Hayley

We went upstairs and transformed Rose’s bedroom into Wedding Central, we had a station for hair, another for make-up and then the guest room was filled with our dresses.
Lily who has a talent for make-up was in charge of creating a set of beautiful bridesmaids and a stunning bride. We had shimmering silver eye shadow with subtle amounts of mascara and pale pink lips with rosy cheeks.
Hayley was better than me at hair and therefore was in charge of this. She turned Rose’s hair into a cascading waterfall of curls, in the end reaching her lower back, with a simple braid of each side of her head that reached at the back held into place with a silver clip that would later on hold her veil. Her bridesmaids were put into a curly looking bun with a strand of hair on the right side that was curled and was held into place by a sliver and blue heart pins.
Once everyone looked beautiful to the point we couldn’t really recognise ourselves, we performed a spell over our heads, one that Felicity (Victoire, Dom and Louis cousin) had created to hold your hair and make-up in place and exactly the same until you uttered the counter curse. When this was in place, I went to fetch my goddaughter.

“Hello?” I asked generally into the Burrow

“Liv?” Al answered from the next room

“That’s me” I smiled, walking in to find Al and Scorp all dressed up and playing with Maia

“Auntie Livy! Look at what Auntie T (Victoire) did!” she smiled up at me twirling so I could see her hair all curled and fixed into place

“Aren’t you beautiful? Ready to come and see Mummy?” I praised her

“Yes! Yes! Yes! (a repetition that has apparently been passed on)” she jumped up and down

“Okay. Say bye to Daddy and Uncle Al then. We’ll see them in a bit” I told her

“Bye Daddy” she hugged Scorp

“Remember to stand up straight when you walked down to Daddy later on baby girl” he reminded her, hugging her tightly

“I will! Bye Uncle Al” she smiled, hugging Al as well

“See you later princess” he let go of her, grinning

“Come on then Mi” I reached out my hand towards her, which she accepted and we walked to the fireplace which we were going to use for this journey

“Oh and Liv, you look beautiful” Al added as I was leaving the room

“So do you! I look nothing next to Rose though. She’s beaming” I deflected his compliment

“How is Rose?” Scorp mentioned nervously

“Stressed. But what else did we expect?” I laughed

“Yeah. I guess”

“She’s fine Scorp. Honestly. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got this sorted” I beamed myself, I really did have this maid of honour business sorted, in fact I even had a schedule worked down to the minute that I came up with for Rose. “See you in 43 minutes” I giggled looking at the clock

“Bye” they answered, as I hopped into the fireplace with Maia

When we arrived back Maia was eager to know where her Mum was,
I told her and she practically dragged me all the way there, “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” she squealed as she ran

“Maia baby! Look at you! Aren’t you gorgeous?!” Rose exclaimed when her daughter came into sight

“Thank you!” she innocently and gratefully smiled

Lily picked up Maia at this and took her to put her little flower girl dress on but also her own and Hayley disappeared as well to get her dress on.

“Who did Maia’s hair?” Rose asked me

“Her Auntie T” I smiled, I still think Maia’s nickname for Torie is the cutest thing ever

“I’ll have to thank her later” Rose made a mental note, “Did you see Scorp?” she asked, while passing me my dress and turning so I could get dressed

“Yeah, I did” I held back the laugh knowing that she was going to ask how he was, “Zip me up will you?”

“Yeah. Sure. So... how is he?” she causally wondered, zipping up the back of my dress

“He asked the same question about you” I looked at her, she gave me a look saying And...? “He looked fine. He and Al were all ready and playing with Maia when I showed up. I guess they’re just going over everything again” I continued

“Good. Yeah, that’s good” she nodded to herself, trying to think the day’s events through

“It’s is. How does it look?” I stepped away from her, swaying so she could see my dress properly

“Wonderful. Where are my other girlies?” she praised

They walked in and stood by me, the 4 of us together looking all pretty and posh. Maia had a really sweet pale blue high neck dress that had tiny silver swirling heart detail on the thick straps and down the right side. Hayley, Lily and I have the same patterned dress, a chiffon strapless dress with a waist hugging belt with the same detail as Maia’s straps, Hayley and Lily had a dress the same colour as Maia’s but I had a slightly darker shade of blue seeing as I was maid of honour. We did look very good if I do say so myself.
Next it was Rose’s turn to put on her dress, it was stunning, completely and utterly stunning. It was a one shoulder dress that was simply held up by silvery vines made into the same pattern as our swirling heart detail, falling or intertwining into her dress all long the top of her dress that hugged her figure to her waist and then fell gently downwards, just like her hair, in almost a waterfall way. She was amazingly beautiful; it was quite frightening how gorgeous she was.
Hermione then turned up for the pre-wedding photos with 25mins until the final showdown. We posed for several pictures in the lounge where we had already set up and sweet little backdrop, with wedding stuff everywhere. Then when it was 15mins to spare we were allowed to the Burrow, Scorp was moved into the marquee so we could go into the house.

It really was sunny outside and really warm, a perfect summer wedding. Rose however was in no way worried about the weather; she was more concerned about everything else. We arrived at the Burrow and she immediately dragged me into the bathroom.

“Rose? What’s wrong?” I said frantically

“Livy, I can’t do this” she replied, looking afraid

“Don’t be silly. Yes, you can. There isn’t a bone in my body which would make me think otherwise” I simply stated to her

“Are you sure?” she seemed wary

“Yes. I’m bloody sure! You just have some pre wedding jitters. One look at him and you’ll be fine” I decided

“You’re right. When did you become the calm one?” she smiled, back to herself

“This morning. I doubt it’ll happen again, you may as well treasure it while it last Rosie!”

“No I’m sure it’s happened before. And it’ll happen again!” she laughed

I’m not good at a lot of things but one thing I know for sure I am good at? Looking after my best friend. Making her laugh. Making sure she’s going to be okay. Those are things I’m good at.

“Come on then. Let’s get you married!” I exclaimed, opening the bathroom door


“Maia sweetheart, you’re first and you know what to do right?” Ginny bent down to her and asked

“Yep! I’ve got to throw the petals on the floor” she replied

“Well, scatter them. Gently. And after that you’re going to sit with Nana Moine.” Rose reminded

“Then Hayley you’re going down next, followed by Lily, make sure two paces apart girls and then you’re sat next to myself, Hermione and Maia.”

“We got it” they said in unison

“Then we have our Maid of Honour and Best Man. Make sure you’re also two paces away from the others” she turned to me and we all realised Al wasn’t there. “ALBUS?” Ginny shouted in hysterics

“I’m here. I’m here”

“Wonderful. I don’t have time to explain it again. So do what Livy does”

He nodded

“Then Rosie darling it’s you and your Dad honey. You guys go on the music’s cue” she smiled sweetly

“It’s time. Good Luck darling” Hermione came in and took Ginny with her as they left to take their seats.

“Maia my little princess, off you go” I asked her and she nodded, trotting off and from the resounding “awww’s”, she was doing her job.

Hayley then went, then Lily and before I knew it. Al was taking my arm, “My Lady” he joked

I took his arm with just enough time to quickly turn back, blow Rose a kiss and say, “Love you Rosie”

We walked two paces behind Lily and smiled to the crowd of people who weren’t looking at us at all but stretching their heads to try and see Rose.

“I cannot believe our best friends are getting married” I whispered to Al discreetly as we walked down the aisle

“Neither can I” he replied in the same way

“It’s so perfect” I smiled, looking around, “I’m so glad you’re here to walk me down the aisle. I don’t know if I could without you” I added, noticing I was weak in the knees with excitement and anxiousness

“Hopefully next time, I’ll be the guy with the goofy grin at the end that you’ll be walking towards” he looked down at me almost hopefully, with a hint of a smirk but before I could answer we’d reached the end and met Scorp.

I smiled supportively at my figurative big brother who looked just as nervous as Rose was when she told me she pregnant, possibly more nervous than that actually. I stood opposite him smiling and trying not to laugh as Al was making some sort of face from just behind Scorp. That’s when the music started. I then directed my attention to my best friend who was simply beaming, having chosen the perfect time to walk down the aisle because the sun was behind her, quite literally making her shine.

Rose POV-
“Rose. I want you to know I’m proud of you” Dad turned to me just as Al and Livy disappeared in the marquee

“Daddy” I turned to him as well, tears in my eyes

“Seriously I am. I’m proud of how you have brought up Maia.
I’m proud of how you handled everything. I’m just proud of you” he revealed, tears in his eyes as well

“Daddy. I know. I know” I nodded vigorously, wiping my tears away thanking the gods for Felicity’s new invention.

“I haven’t told you enough. I should have done” he tried to say

Although I interrupted, “But you have now”

“You look beautiful Rosie, my little Rosie”

“Thanks Dad” I smiled, without looking at him

“I can’t believe how grown up you are”

“Neither can I Dad, neither can I”

“How mature. You’re so like you’re Mum. Every time I look at you, you remind me of her” he said genuinely smiling at me as he pulled my veil over my face.

“That’s probably the nicest thing you could have said” I was relatively calm as he put his arm through mine and held onto my hand.

The music then started- the ‘here comes the bride’ tune.

I clutched onto his hand tightly, my heart quickening, my hands sweating.

“Ready baby girl?”

I nodded slowly

“Okay” he nodded slowly himself, walking forwards and tugging me along slightly.

We turned into the marquee and I placed a smile on my face as I saw the first set of people,
That smile then turned into a grin while I looked around and saw my family’s handiwork, exactly to my direction.
That grin then slowly changed into a smiling beaming mess of pure happiness and love, once I saw the goofy grinning face of my soon to be husband, my friend. He looked at me, grinning from ear to ear, visibly relaxing with each step I took toward him, my hand also slowly relaxing in my Dads.
Once we reached the end, Dad let go of my hand, kissed it and then placing my hands in Scorp’s. He then sat down in his place and grabbed hold of Mum’s hand for support, he was more nervous than we were.

“Hey” I said looking into his beautiful eyes full of wonderment

“Hi Rosie” he said back down to me, looking deep into my eyes, I hope he could see the love

“Are we ready to begin?” the priest asked us,

We both nodded

“Today, we are here to celebrate the joining of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy and Rose Weasley” he continued, “Scorpius, do you take Rose to love and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part?”

“Of course” he said as if it was obvious (that got a small laugh)

“Wondeful. Rose, do you take Scorpius to love and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part?”

“Always” I agreed

“I have been asked to now allow these two to give their own vows and promises to each other” he says

Livy passed me my vows and Al did the same for Scorp. Both us them knew it off by heart because we'd been writing them for months but were afraid we'd miss something if we didn’t have the notes in front of us.

“Rose. My best friend. In front of your family and in front of my own, today I can call you my wife. This is all beyond perfect, but I can promise you that it doesn’t matter to me whether we get married in a shack or even have to live in one because today all my dreams come true. It doesn’t matter if we lose our jobs or our home because I’m with you. If you gained 16 stone or even killed 16 people it wouldn’t make a difference because I’ll love you forever. As long as I have you and our beautiful daughter (Pause for Maia to come up and receive many Aww’s as her Dad picks her up, kisses her and continues) nothing can go wrong. You two are my world. My everything. So for us to become an official family means I have nothing else to wish for. No matter how much you doubt yourself, you are a wonderful Mum and never cease to amaze me with your abilities. I’ll love you forever if you’ll have me for that long and I’ll look after you for always if you need me. You don’t even need to ask. Although that would be helpful. Thank you so much for everything. For this little angel (directed at Maia), and for the love we share. I hope that never ends. I love you” Scorp finished, barely stopping from crying himself while he looked at me with tears falling down my cheeks

“Scorpius. I love you so so much, there isn’t even a question about it. You are my rock, I need you. You support me in anything I do and it means the world. You are the best role model for our beautiful Maia. I love you too baby girl(directed to Maia). But back to you. I promise to always be there for you, whether you decide you want to be pilot and fly muggle aeroplanes or if you decide your lifelong dream is to live in Africa. I’m right there beside you every step of the way. I promise to look after you if you get sick, to make sure you’re able to do whatever your heart desires. I promise to never tell you off unless you deserve it. I promise to never set the house on fire again. (When Maia was about 2 she accidently set the kitchen on fire when she went to see Maia in the lounge where she was sleeping). I just want you to know that I’m forever grateful for what you’ve done for me. You never left me side, even when I told you I was 18 and pregnant, and I intend to spend the rest of my life showing you the same amount of dedication. Because Scorp, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. So, thank you. I never want what we have to end. I hope it never does. Because I promise I will never try and make it. And now I’m going to steal the very same thing you said to me when we graduated. I love you to the moon and back and I always will, until the end” I said through my tears, determined to finish this speech, smiling the whole way through.

“Wonderful! I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” the priest granted

Scorp then removed the veil from my face and kissed me, while everyone around us clapped, wolf whistled and cheered.

A/N- Hey Guys! Please tell me what you think! Please leave me a review if you want more! I love hearing your views!
(Oh and the rest of the chapters will be in Albus' POV, but like the other story will add other POVs when appropriate)
Love you guys! Just PLEASE tell me your views!
ScoroseOTP xxx

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