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Draco watched Hermione and Ron leave the room, idly wondering what was so important that the Weasel couldn't wait to tell her, or to tell her in front of him. He did not have the time to dwell on whatever relationship problems the two were having though, he had more pressing matters to discuss with the guard who remained in the room.

"Corbin!" he barked, and the surly guard whipped his head around to look at Draco, who lowered his voice. "Shunpike lied on one of those questions. Why?"

"You mean the one about the visitors?"

"You know I do," Draco hissed impatiently.

"Well, since you paid me so much to keep quiet about your mother visiting, I figured you wouldn't want it coming out now." He stood up a little taller, evidently proud of his quick thinking.

"So, what, you threatened him? Told him to lie?" Draco asked.

"Not exactly. I didn't think they would ask him about visitors so I didn't have time to warn him."

"Then how did he know to lie?"

"I had my wand in my pocket, had to cast the imperius curse, didn't I?"

"In a room full of Aurors?!" Draco was finding it difficult not to raise his voice. "Are you completely stupid?"

"No-one noticed, they were too busy watching Shunpike. I thought you would be a little more appreciative." He raised his eyebrows in expectation.

Draco, understanding the meaning behind his words, sighed and pulled out his money bag from inside of his robes. He pulled out a handful of galleons and placed them in Corbin's waiting outstretched hand.

"No more stunts like that, have you got it?" Draco threatened.

"Loud and clear," he said with a mock salute.

"What is this about Ronald?" Hermione asked as soon as she was in the corridor and had closed the door behind her.

"I want to know what's going on with you and ferret boy in there," he said jabbing his thumb towards the closed door.

Hermione stared blankly at him, unsure of whether or not she had heard him correctly. "What?"

"You and Malfoy, something is going on and I want to know what."

"Please enlighten me as to how on earth you managed to come to that positively absurd conclusion?"

He rolled his eyes. "It's so obvious. First of all you two are all pally in the office this morning, next thing I know you're having lunch with him, then you completely took his side on the whole using veritaserum thing before."

"Rightly so!" Hermione exclaimed. "Stan spoke to you and Harry without being forced to. Using veritaserum without Gawain's permission would have lost you all your jobs, and probably mine too."

"Fine, but what about all of the time you're spending with him? Have you gotten cosy with him in all the time you've spent at his flat?" Ron accused.

"Working, Ron! Working on your case, helping you. And how do you know I've been at his flat anyway?"

"Harry told me. Said he had asked you to go around because he had wedding stuff to do with Ginny."

"Right. And if Harry had gone over there to go through the boxes, would you have accused him of 'getting cosy' with Draco?" Hermione demanded.

"Don't be ridiculous! Then again, Harry doesn't call him Draco. Tell me, how long have you been on first name terms with Draco?" He said the name like an expletive.

"I'm not even sure why we're having this discussion. So what if I had lunch with him? We're working together for the foreseeable future and I would like to get on with at least two of my colleagues."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know fine well what I mean Ron. You've barely said two words to me since we broke up, or rather since you broke up with me. Now you decide to change that and it's just because you think there's something going on with me and Draco. Might I add if there was, which there isn't, something going on, it would have absolutely nothing to do with you!"

Not giving Ron a chance to reply, Hermione turned on her heel and swung the door to the interview room open with so much force that it slammed against the wall behind, making Draco and the guard still inside the room jump.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

Ignoring the looks of alarm on the two men's faces, Hermione sat down on one of the chairs at the table, put her elbows on the desk, and rested her head in her hands. She felt movement next to her and heard the scape of a chair on the wooden floor.

"Everything ok?" Draco's voice came from her left hand side.

"Fantastic," she replied sarcastically.

Draco sensed her tone and decided not to question her further. She heard the door open again and was relieved to hear Harry speaking.

"All sorted. Let's get out of this awful place, shall we?"

Hermione and Draco stood up quickly from their seats and were out of the door before Harry had had a chance to thank the guard for his time. They walked quickly down the corridor and through the reception area into the cold that waited for them outside.

Hermione willed the lift and the boat to go quicker but it seemed they were going deliberately slow in order to prolong the extremely uncomfortable journey back. Ron kept shooting angry glances at Hermione and murderous ones at Draco, who seemed too preoccupied to notice.

When they finally stepped out of the tiny wooden boat at the other side in Flaggherty Loch, it was late enough in the day for it to not be worth going back to the office and so Harry suggested that they all go home and look over the notes from the interview. Hermione made copies with a few waves of her wand and passed them out to the group, Ron snatching his from her without a single thank you.

Harry and Ron apparated together as they were both going for dinner at The Burrow. Hermione felt a small twinge of jealousy, she missed the Weasley's and especially Molly Weasley's cooking. Giving a small sigh, she prepared to turn on the spot but a hand grabbing her arm stopped her.

"Are you sure everything is alright?" Draco asked, still holding her arm. "You've been exceptionally quiet since you finished your conversation with Weasley, and don't think I didn't notice the looks he was giving you."

"It's fine, Ron's just being…well, Ron. He'll soon get over it and go back to ignoring me completely. If you don't mind, I'd really rather not talk about it. I just want to go home, have a hot bath, and curl up with a good book."

"Okay, well, you let me complain to you at lunch earlier and yesterday so I owe you. If you want to complain about Weasel I'd be more than happy to listen and even join in."

Hermione laughed. "Thank you, I'll certainly bear that in mind."
Realising he was still holding on to her arm, Draco quickly let go and the pair said a slightly awkward goodbye before they each apparated back to their flats.

Having spent the night going between dwelling on her argument with Ron, and looking over the seemingly useless notes from the interview with Stan, by the time she arrived at the Auror offices the following morning Hermione was tired and extremely irritable.

For once, she was the last to arrive. When she opened the office door, she found Ron and Harry already there, and lost in a pile of files and parchment. She took a seat opposite Harry and cleared her throat to get his attention.

"Sorry Hermione, I didn't hear you come in."

"It's fine, you looked busy. Has anything new come up?"

"Nothing," Harry said with a defeated sigh. "The interview with Stan was our last hope and it was completely useless."

"We have to be over-looking something," Hermione said. "I think we need to go over everything we've learned since the case began, and speak with Narcissa again. Plus we've got Lucius Malfoy's address book that has a couple of people in we could speak to."

"Since when?" Ron snapped; speaking for the first time since Hermione had entered the office.

"Since when what?" Hermione asked him.

"Since when did we have Lucius Malfoy's address book?"

"Draco and I found it when we went through all of the stuff from the Manor. I meant to tell you yesterday but it slipped my mind with the last minute visit to Azkaban."

"Something that important shouldn't have slipped you mind, Hermione. We could have been organizing interviews with those people right now!"

"Ron, calm down," Harry interjected but looked rather frustrated. "Hermione, where is the address book?"

"Draco has it, but I'm not sure how useful it will be. At a glance at it, most of the people in it are either dead or in Azkaban."

"Still, I'd like to go through it and double check. Can you go and get Malfoy, tell him we need him in here to go over everything and to bring the address book please."

Hermione nodded and headed out of the office. She could have sworn she heard Harry telling Ron off for his attitude towards her as she closed the door behind her. She shook her head in exasperation at her ex-boyfriend and walked three doors up the corridor to Draco's office. She tapped lightly on the glass and opened the door when she heard him shout to go in.

"Morning," he said with a smile when she entered the room.

His office was much smaller than Harry and Ron's and he must have had the room to himself, evident in the fact that there was only his desk and one single filing cabinet in it. The window behind Draco's head depicted a sunny day despite the heavy rain that had been falling when Hermione had left her house that morning.

"Hello," she replied. "Harry has asked if you'll go along to his and Ron's office. They want to talk over everything we've learned since Astoria's disappearance and to go through your father's address book if you've got it with you?"

"I have, it's in my drawer. I meant to give them it yesterday and completely forgot," he said apologetically.

"Don't worry, I already got the telling off for that one. I forgot to tell them about it too."

"Weasley still in a bad mood then?" Draco asked with a grin.

"Unfortunately for me, and it's not funny either!" she scolded.

He tried to change his expression to a more serious one but the corners of his mouth were still twitching as he opened the top drawer in his desk to retrieve the small red leather bound book. He motioned with his hand for Hermione to leave the office first, and then followed her out closing the door behind him.

When they arrived back at Harry and Ron's office, the furniture had been moved around to accommodate a large flip chart stand with a huge piece of parchment attached to it, which Harry was standing next to holding a large quill. Ron and Harry's desks had been pushed together on the opposite side of the room and Ron was perched on one of the desks, facing Harry.

"What's all this?" Draco asked as he and Hermione entered the room. He sat down on the other desk and Hermione sat on a chair in front of him.

"I want to write down everything we know on this, at the moment we have piles of random notes and half of them have no useful information related to Astoria at all. This way we can organise our thoughts and work out where we go from here."

The group spent the next hour, lost in the aforementioned piles of notes, figuring out what was relevant and what was not. After that, they used their new, much smaller collection to transfer it all on to the large piece of parchment on the flip chart so that it was all on one piece of paper. By the end, it looked like this:

Astoria Greengrass. Missing since 03/04/2002
Victim was taken from home (Malfoy Manor) on Tuesday 3rd April 2002. She was the only person in the house at the time. Draco Malfoy (fiancé) was working-confirmed by colleagues. Narcissa Malfoy was dining with friends (unconfirmed) Lucius Malfoy is the only other person who could pass through the wards protecting the house.

House was severely spell damaged in every room other than the library (third floor). This is the room Astoria was assumed to be in at the time of her kidnap (left over food and no damage to the room other than the door suggests this). Note was left next to the food:

Your fiancée is safe, for now. We want information on Potter. Get close to him, track his every move and send it to us through your patronus, it'll know where to find us and, as you know, cannot be tracked. If your information proves valuable, we'll give her back.
The KoW

KoW is presumed to be the Knights of Walpurgis. The group is rumored to be a collection of wizards who were supporters of Voldemort's beliefs but NOT ex- Death Eaters. Their aim appears to be gaining power over any one not 'pureblood' and the murder of Harry Potter. No evidence confirming their existence. There has been no other contact from them.

Lucius Malfoy is main suspect involved in the kidnapping of Astoria Greengrass due to recent discovery of his body switching spell with Stan Shunpike prior to his imprisonment. Shunpike remains in Azkaban and has been interviewed, claims to have no knowledge of the KoW, nor of Mr. Malfoy's whereabouts.

After searching through Mr. Malfoy's possessions we now have the name of three wizards to contact (other contacts in address book are deceased or imprisoned)

No other leads to pursue currently.

"Is that everything?" Harry asked once he had finished writing.

"I think so," Hermione said slowly as she scanned the notes again.

"There doesn't look much on there," Ron said, voicing Hermione's thoughts.

The other three nodded and Hermione fidgeted in her seat uncomfortably. There was a chunk of information missing that only she and Draco knew about: the other letters from the Knights of Walpurgis. She tried to shake the gnawing feeling in her stomach and firmly told herself that the other letters wouldn't make any difference to their investigation, nor would it help to find Astoria.

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