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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored. J


It was 6 am in the morning in London. Hermione woke up from bed after the same stupid and yet disturbing nightmare. She again saw a woman. A woman running, being chased by some goons. She was running and running. She fell near a tree. A tree with a branch cut at its beginning point. There is a swamp near the tree. And there those attackers got her raped.

Hermione just doesn’t understand the meaning of it. Why is she seeing this? Who is this woman?  She is sure that she has never seen this woman before except in her dream. And why do I always have to see till the end of her rape, damn it. This is horrible! Thought Hermione. ‘Great! Now I’m scolding myself for a stupid dream; not to mention talking to myself!’

Saying this she left the bed; went to see the morning outside through the window. It was nice morning of her summer vacation. Time for practice! She thought. She got fresh in the shower and changed her cotton fabric’s night gown with a simple white loosely fitted fatwa and a matching pajama. It is her get up to practice Wing Chun.

From her very childhood she loved watching kung fu movies, from where she got a fascination for it. She is practicing Wing Chun in a famous club which is nearby. It’s a branch of International Federation of Wing Chun. She loves especially Wing Chun style because it is just not a game to win or lose. It reflects life.

After attending Hogwarts she had to change her routine for practice. She always trained herself when no one is around in the girls dormitory. But every summer holidays of her had just spent by practicing Wing Chun, either at home with her wooden dummy and her long stick or at the dojo with her master. She is the best in her batch. But she always kept it secret at Hogwarts where battling without wand, that is to say, fighting just with hands and legs will be so mugglish. Not that she cares. But she wouldn’t want to create a scene. Especially when their trio is enough to create a scene without efforts!

She was practicing hard with her wooden dummy. Moving fast but like fluid motion. She can move like a real talent. It’s like when you send a talented dancer on the stage, give her any music and she will be able to dance with not just steps, but with heart in it; not just memorizing the steps, one after other but from her own style.

Just like that she throws her punches, foot steps, finger tabs and elbows exactly where her body takes them. And a brilliant mind like her is fast enough to measure distance before throwing any move with chi. Hermione partly believes that she had been able to be an extraordinary talent in her concentration with magic because of her regular practice with Chi control meditation. But she never shared this secret with anyone.

She finished her training after three hours’ paln. Usually she practices with chi for the last two hours. Now she is almost out of energy and hungry enough to eat the whole world.

She got her shower with warm water. Shampooing and conditioning her hair and body, she left the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Opening her closet, she chose something to put on. After wearing it, she hurried to the kitchen to make herself breakfast but was so delighted to see it ready to be tucked in.

Mrs. Granger knew she would be hungry at this time of the morning. Her daughter either trains or keeps her nose in some scary looking books.

‘Hermione, you are putting on something stupid. You should be going for a shopping.’

‘ahafenouf tym,mama,’ she replied with quite enough bite of her sandwiches in her mouth.

‘What was that?’

‘I have enough time for that, I said. It’s just my second week of my holidays.’ But she knew she didn’t have enough time. She has to get ready to leave home soon. With Dumbledore dead, and still five horcruxes undestroyed, not to mention undiscovered, they had little time to get prepared for a battle. Sometimes she feels it really unfair that some school students like them had to face great and powerful dark wizard like Voldemort, and defeat him! It’s better not to think about it, she thought.

And she had to confirm the safety of her parents after she left for school or Horcrux hunting or whatever. Now that Dumbledore is gone, Voldemort won’t take long to take over ministry. She sometimes gets scared enough to forget breathing with the thought of Hogwarts being taken over by Voldemort. Of course a muggleborn like her won’t be allowed to go there.

 She can’t imagine not attending the last year of her at Hogwarts, not being able to go through the school library. Haa’ really breathtaking! Phew! This hasn’t happened yet. I’m still going Hogwarts. Good. But oh no! this is my last year at Hogwarts. Damn! It really hurts at the heart. Well of course it would. Whenever anyone is sad or in distress, it causes trouble for the energy to flow fluently through the heart chakra, which can cause physical damage to the heart. I read all about these in my “Chakra Control and Unleashing Chi” - book, haven’t I?

Now wait! Stop chattering by yourself. Unless you want to lose control of your mind.

With a deep breath Hermione calmed down and stopped thinking and brought her concentration on eating. Now all they can do is training and studying as they can to tame their mind, to improve their concentration to bring more powerful magic and chi of course.

They need a plan.

She not only just practiced Kung fu or read books these days. She also started packing. She doesn’t admit it to herself, but deep down she knows she has to leave her parents soon, may be without telling them. May be obliviating them. But she doesn’t want to think about it. Because, she really can’t face it. She already took a back pack which she enchanted its inside to be big enough to put a whole building in it. She already has put many of her books, clothes in it. If she is going to obliviate her parents, she has to perfectly clean any sign of her in this house or may be from her parents’ life.

She was now feeling dizzy just before evening while reading her favorite book ‘Hogwarts: A History’. And again she saw the nightmare in her subconscious mind. The woman screaming for help. But no one heard as if a silencing charm was put on her, no one heard her. This time Hermione felt so intense at the dream that she really sat upright in her bed. She was breathing heavily, she could hear her heart beating fast.

She took a deep breath to take enough air in her lungs and belly and exhale them. She was now thinking consciously. Who she could be? She has been seeing this nightmare since she knew she was a witch, but not so frequently like now.

Who is this woman? Damn this is frustrating? There shouldn’t be a puzzle that I can’t solve. But where to start from? The woman seemed to be witch since she was wearing a cloak which was quite fancy. She is rich and has the pureblood type look. But those men were drunk losers like. There should be a record if a pureblood or anyone got raped in the wizard world. There has to be, I must go through them and search.

But before that she has an intuitive feeling that her parents might know about it, so she has to talk to her mother about this. Since she has never seen this woman before, there could be some kind of connection of her with this woman, may be in her very childhood. But that’s not the only fact for which she suspects her parents to know about it. The fact is one morning just out of casualty she told her parents about her nightmare during breakfast in her last summer vacation.

And they just overly emphasized over the fact that it was just a mere  nightmare after giving a glance to each other. But she didn’t give it a much thought to it. But now that she has to leave them obliviated and as she is more frequently watching the woman in her sleep, she really needs to get a hold on this fact.

Getting out of the bed she just got herself another book when she saw Hedwig flying through her window. A letter from Harry. She got up to take it and read the letter.

It was simple. Talking about his holidays and how boring it is with the Dursleys. But he is packing too. And he is thinking of training more too to get stronger. Hermione was surprised to hear about hard work on training on anything other than Quidditch from Harry. And he is thinking of proper planning too.


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