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26th August 2028-
Maia Electra Malfoy’s 5th birthday-

“Where’s the birthday girl?” I shouted into Rose and Scorpius’ house, on the edge of England, almost in Scotland.

“Auntie Livy! Uncle Al!” Maia, a very excited 5 year old, with shocking blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous freckles due to her pale skin exclaimed.

“Look at you princess!” Al exclaimed as she ran into his arms, where he spun her around, placing her back on the ground slightly dizzy

“Am I mistaken, or are you a little Rapunzel?” I crouched down to my goddaughter and played with her dress

“Yeah! Nana Mione (Hermione) got me a whole set!” she took us both by the hand and started to walk into the lounge, “I have, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and... Mummy, what other princess dresses did I get?” she asked Rose as we walked into the lounge

“Nana Mione and Grandad Ron spoiled you didn’t they? Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. You keep forgetting that one” my best friend, and obviously all knowing Rose smiled at her daughter

“And Belle from Beauty and the Beast” Maia repeated

“Well, that is impressive. But because you’ve gotten so many presents from everyone else” I laughed, looking around the mess of new things in the lounge, “I bet you don’t want these ones from your Aunt Livy and Uncle Al” I pretended to take her presents away

“You’re right. Why doesn’t Aunt Livy go and take the presents back to the shop” Al teased

“No! No! No! I want my presents!” Maia demanded

“Maia Electra Malfoy! Where have your manners got to young lady!” Scorp appeared scolding his daughter

“Sorry Daddy. I mean, please Auntie Livy and Uncle Al, can I have my presents” Maia corrected herself

“Good girl. You’re very lucky Maia. Make sure you say thank you” Scorp reassured her, if it seems strange that neither Scorp nor Rose have said hello, it’s not. They’re super busy and very used to the two of us just wondering in and out. As long as they know we’re around to look after Maia they’re not bothered. (Expect when we took her out once without telling them... it didn’t end well. We have to tell them now).

“Of course Mi. Here you go” I grinned, passing her the presents

“What’d you think then princess?” Al asked as she ripped open the presents

“You got me exactly what I asked for!” Maia giggled as she opened the biggest one, an old fashion dolls house

“It sure is! How about your other things?” Al persisted

“Oooh! Mummy look! Princess shoes! And necklaces! And bracelets!” Maia jumped up to show Rose

“What do you say?” Rose reminded

“Thank you!” Maia thanked, kissing us both

“Now you lucky little girl. Go and take your presents up to your room we’ll we tidy up” Rose asked

“Yes Mummy” Maia obediently disappeared dragging the big house with her

“You two spoil her rotten! Honestly, you shouldn’t have!” Rose moaned to us

“What are we for, if not to spoil our goddaughter?” I insisted

“Yeah, it’s not as if Hayley doesn’t do it either!” Al complained, Hayley Thomas is girl a couple years older than us, but she’s known Rose since they were little, and they’re really close, she’s Maia’s other godmother.

“Not as much as you two!” Scorp added

“But still, you can’t complain! We’re just upset we don’t get to see her so often anymore. We miss your little girl like crazy when I’m at Hogwarts” I complained myself

“It’s a shame. It’s been amazing spending time with her while we can!” Al backed me up

“I know. And I’m sorry we can’t come and see you more often. You know how it is, we just don’t have the time anymore” Rose went off on one

“Rose. We know. But think about it in this way Livy, in six years time, you’ll see our daughter more than we do!” Scorp reminded

“So true. But I miss the baby who used to sit on my knee and giggle at pretty much everything. She’s too big and knows too much to sit on my knee for longer than a hug. It’s not fair. When’d we get so old?” I asked

“I don’t know. I can’t believe my buba’s so big! It’s unreal; she’s 5 Al, 5 years old!” Rose had a mild panic

“I know Rose. She’s so clever just like her Mum and so caring just like her Dad. You guys have done such a good job. Honest” Al reassured her, looking at his best friend as well

“He’s right. You’re amazing parents! And I can’t wait for your wedding! It’s going to be so much fun!” I excitedly mentioned to reassure them further.

“I know. I know. We haven’t talked about anything else since you came back for summer holidays!” Rose laughed

“I’m sorry. It’s just huge news!” I exclaimed

“I know!” Rose briefly let down her Mum act, “Right, now will you help me get everything ready for my little madams birthday party?” she continued, resuming her role of Mum just as her daughter came in

“Do you like it?” she waltzed up to the four of us and did an elegant spin, all made up with necklaces, bracelets, the shoes and the dress now.

“Just beautiful” Scorp greeted his daughter

“Stunning baby girl” Rose complimented

“Gorgeous” Al picked her up

“Just like a princess Maia” I granted her, “Show us your best princess wave then?”

She then proceeded to wave her best wave, imitating the queen,

“Now that is a wave. A perfect little princess” I praised

Al put her down and she walked off, entertaining herself, while we helped Rose and Scorp perfected the house for a fairy princess 5th birthday party.

Once everything was sorted and ready, people started to arrive.

Vidy came with their 4 (almost 5 as I was told) year old son, Noah and their 2 year old daughter Clémence, or Clayer for short.

Dom, and her now husband Nicholas are still going strong but are too focused on their jobs to have kids yet. They live near her Uncle Charlie in Romania, where they are both amazing dragon tamers.

Louis it turns out is in a serious relationship, well, engaged to a girl named Elizabeth, who is truly a hit with the family and pregnant with their first child.

Roxy and her husband Jason have a 3 year old twins, non identical, a daughter Lola and son Logan who couldn’t be more similar if they were the same person. Both are good as gold on the surface but get into all sort of trouble if you’re not watching them!

Freddy currently has a girlfriend called Beau who’s American and is actually taking this relationship seriously; I think this caring prankster has finally met his match.

James and Anna are truly meant for each other. They haven’t bothered to go any further than boyfriend and girlfriend, but they do have the most stunning daughter, Ashley, who has the biggest brown eyes ever.

Lily and Lysander are still together, and personally, I couldn’t be happier for them! They are so adorable together, I mean Lysander’s a bit of a weird one, but he puts up with Lily, so we’re thankful for him.

Hugo recently got a new girlfriend, Penelope, who is pretty much the opposite of him and brings out the fun side of that little kid who’s too old for his age. He’s also a pretty amazing Uncle and loves Maia to pieces and sees her all the time.

Molly hasn’t got a boyfriend at the moment, and to her parent’s disgust, got several tattoos and a couple piercings. She doesn’t sleep around though; she just hasn’t found the right guy yet... Or at least that’s what we tell Percy and Audrey.

Lucy on the other hand is still the opposite, she has a boyfriend called Alexander, who not everyone knows about yet, she’s too nervous. In fact, I think it’s just Vidy and Scorose who know officially (Rose told me *holds hands up innocently*).

Then there’s Scorose, well they, of course, they have Maia and are getting married next summer. Rose is a healer at St Mungos and Scorp is an Auror, so they have pretty hectic lives, honestly I don’t know how they do it!

That leaves Al and I, well, obviously we’re still together but nothing else has happened. I don’t have a ring or a child. What I do have is the position of Defence Against the Arts teacher, Professor Adams. Al is an Auror like but unlike Scorp took the option to go on missions occasionally. This suits us rather well actually because while I may live in Hogwarts, we do have a modest little house in Hogsmeade where Al spends his time when he isn’t away (which is only ever in term time). I may worry about him like crazy but I have my work to throw myself into when I get nervous. We live a simple little life, but when he is home I work it so I don’t have to stay in the castle and go home for a couple nights to spend time with him.

It’s perfect.
And that’s us I suppose.
For now anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this bit.
I’m sorry it’s been a while.
I miss you every day Dad.
Lots of Love,
Your Little Livy xxx

Folding up her 29th letter of her most recent chapter to her life Livy placed the letter in an envelope. Sealed it and placed it the dainty box she keeps in the drawer of her bedside table. Locked the box up once more and closed the drawer. Then getting up from her bed, she left the room without looking back, knowing in her heart that in doing this, she could never really lose her Dad. Smiling to herself, she found her boyfriend had returned from a mission and ran straight for his arms, locking into a well deserved embrace with him.

“I missed you beautiful” he confessed

“I missed you more” she argued

She smiled slightly sadly, squeezing him tighter as if she never ever wanted to let go.

A/N- Hey Guys!
It's the end. That's it. No more for this story! I hope you've enjoyed it and had a good time reading it as I have writing it!
What do you think of Maia?
Do you like her name?
How about your views on everyone else's lives 5 years later?
(and it means a lot, I'll love you forever!)
The ratio of Readers to Reviews is really out of balance so if you haven't already left a review, could you? Please?
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING (actually, I think I love you already for making it to the end of Livy's story! Please just tell me who you are so I can thank you more personally!)
ScoroseOTP xxx

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