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So, that's the end, the finished result, we got good grades, we had an even better time, we tried to live life to the full and gave everyone hell, okay we were a pain, most teachers will be glad to be shot of us as well as some of the other students!

"And now a few words from your head boy and girl of the graduating class" Professor M said, waiting patiently for my Rosie and my Scorpy to make their way to them! They both stood with a quick look to Al and I, then making their way towards the podium in the centre of the stage.

(And back to our start once more. I guess this is the story of my Hogwarts times. It’s been a long winded explanation of what happened. But I hope you’ve enjoyed it...)

“Well, what can I say, we're done, 7 years of education, 7 years with the same people, sharing a dorm with them, sharing a common room with them, sharing a desk with them in Potions. It's been an amazing 7 years and I've grown somewhat attached to this place, the people in it, whether close to me or not, have made some sort of difference. The castle itself holds some many fantastic memories, the times I've laughed, the times I've cried, the times I've studied so hard, the times I've slacked off for a bit, and the times I've really done nothing at all. The Halloweens and Christmas', the 7 first days back and the 7 last days of all. All these days have affected me and given me life lessons and memories that I will treasure forever. This graduating year means a lot to mmee, my, my, my best friends I've made here, my boyfriend as well, I'm so sorry this is ending, I'm going to miss every... Everything so much. I'm sorry, I can't carry on, I've got a huge speech but I'm afraid I'll either soak the front couple of rows in tears or bore you all to death, so Scorp?" Rose finished, stepping aside slightly and gabbing hold of his hand for support. Apparently pregnant women don’t have very strong legs.

And Scorp began, "my fellow peers of Hogwarts, what am I suppose to say, Rose has pretty much stolen everything, so, I'll make it up. Like Rose and everyone else in this year, I've got more than my fair share of memories within these walls, good and bad, but all equalling as important as the last. I've fallen for girls a couple of times, and now I've fallen in love. I even got told I was going to be Dad! I've been on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the last 7 years but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Here, with these people sat behind me, I have truly felt at home, here I have found myself, here I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. This place is important to me, important to us all. I'm going to miss everyone here, my dorm mates will finally be able to have their rooms a mess, but I warn you guys, you'll never be able to find anything. I'm even going to miss my professors, some of which have seriously helped me in more than one way; I'd like to thank them all for believing in us. I'd also like to thank my friends and everyone else's friends as well as their families, for supporting us when times got hard, for giving us advice and a push in the right direction. I wish everyone good luck for the rest of their lives, but still, don't lose touch people! And to leave you all, I have one question, for the very inspiring and very emotional young lady stood next to me. Rose, I know you said not to propose, and I promise I'm not, but it's the day of graduation, our last time in the castle, so please, please will you and our bump move in with me? I need you as much as you need me Rose Weasley, possibly more than you need me actually. I love you to the moon and back, and I always will, until the end. I’m going to make a Malfoy of you but let’s start small, yeah?"

"Scorpius Malfoy our bump and I will always love you too and would love to move in with you! Us until the end. I promise. Now can I please sit down, I’m losing the feeling in my legs!"

“Of course Rosie. So, from the three of us here, we wish everyone sat behind us luck in life, with a prosperous future in front of each of you we don’t doubt it. Oh, and thank you.” Scorp finished looking up and around as if he was thanking the castle itself as well as everyone in it

And cue the tears, so many tears...
I looked out into the crowd after that moving speech, now ignoring Minnie, I don’t know what she said at all. I saw Hermione, crying slightly, small tears of absolute joy, flowing down her cheeks, she looked so proud of her only daughter, growing up and leaving school. I saw Ron, holding his wife’s hand, comforting her, in his eyes, all I could see was the proudest Dad in the entire world, his little girl was the best in the year and still managed to be rather like her Dad, he was so happy, it was just pouring out of him. I saw Harry and Ginny, looking equally as happy for their niece, actually come to think of it I saw George, Angie; Percy, Audrey; Charlie; Fleur and Bill looking all so happy for Rose. Expect I could tell Harry and Ginny had bigger grins, because their little boy, youngest son was growing up too, sure James had already left but it different for Al, I could tell the person sat next to me was going to be amazing in life, but a slight worried look on all the parents faces were quite unnerving. Every parent wanted the best for every kid sat around me, but it is difficult, and everyone knows it. I saw Astoria as well, she looked so sweet, weeping so delicately, her tears so faint, her smile so wide, she was more than proud of her only child, her little boy. Draco looked equally as proud, but looked so strong and confident in his sons ability it was almost cocky, but I understood. Scorp finished with so high of grades, he basically matched Rose, the daughter of Hermione Granger and a Ravenclaw, you could really understand where Draco was coming from.

Then surrounding their parents was our generation of kids, a pregnant Victoire was in tears, but smiling through them, next to her Teddy was laughing at his wife and smiling happily. Dominique and Roxanne were laughing as discreetly as possible while James and Fred were making fools out of themselves the whole time, trying to make us laugh while we were on stage. Louis was smiling politely, clearly impressed by Rose and Scorpius’ scores in their exams. Then there Hugo and Lily, both sat next to each other, giggling about James and later I found out laughing about how emotional we were and how they couldn’t believe it considering how strong we appear. (I reassured them that I’m nowhere near strong and cry like a baby at a good movie!) Molly and Lucy were there too, cheering along with the rest of them, waiting for the day it was their turn to leave. They don’t know how lucky they are to be so young and not have to. I’d switch places with them no questions asked. Nonetheless they all looked so happy and please for us as well.

I looked over at my Mum, sat there with her new boyfriend, crying her eyes out. That woman is so over emotional, over everything! But I love her to bits (sometimes), she, like everyone else’s parents, wants the best. She cares about me and Peyton so much. I passed with great grades, way better than I ever thought possible, something poor Mum still couldn’t understand but Hermione helped her out and now she’s so very proud. After looking over at mum, I scanned the crowd of my peers around me, making me feel very sentimental, Rose and Scorp were right, almost all of these people made a difference to me. I love all of them a little bit, in my own little way for each of them. That was the moment I snapped, I heard Minnie say it was “the end of an era, the end of your education”, she was right; it really was the end of an era. I sobbed into Al’s shoulder, for the rest of the speeches, I was still crying when I got my certificate. For this I even received a small hug from Minnie and a sympathetic smile, before she sent me back into the arms of Al, who happened to sit a seat before me and therefore got his certificate just before me. We all got huge applause from everyone, especially Rose, Al, Me and Scorp; we had the Wotter population behind us!

It was perfect. Everything was so cute; afterwards we went through the crowd and found our big family waiting for us. We were congratulated by everyone and received many hugs in order to cheer us up, not that we needed cheering up, we just needed to stop crying, especially Rose and I, for about an hour we couldn’t even look at each without bawling our eyes out, we are so bloody emotional! For that hour we literally had to be separated, passed along to talk to different people while they made sure we avoided each other until we’d composed ourselves completely. After this Dom fixed mine and Rose’s faces (a trick she picked up from her cousin Felicity who was developing a line of makeup now),and then we posed for picture after picture. I have one that is just beautiful; it’s a magical photo of the four of us. Al was on the end with his arm around me, Rose on the other side of me and Scorp on the other end. As it’s magical, obviously it moves, you couldn’t make it up the shot it captured, (astonishingly) simultaneously Al and Scorp both turned to us from our original, posing, smiling positions and kissed us, quickly (because our families were around but still), it makes for a great picture. Although there’s another one and isn’t so much beautiful but makes me laugh, it was supposed to be a picture of Rose and I but turned out to be another of us all, the boys came up behind us just before the picture was taken. They let us know in time and pulled faces to the camera, Al has his hand, like bunny ears behind my head laughing, Scorp took Rose’s hair and made it into a moustache for himself (making his hair and moustache contrast dramatically... not a good look S-man). Then as the picture moves you have us laughing and then Rose sticks her tongue out facing the camera and I blow my face out, making myself turn into a monkey, holding out my ears as well. We are quite the bunch!

We left Hogwarts the day after on a special Hogwarts express, meaning our parents left to only be reunited with us in the next day. On the night of graduation we all had a special graduating meal in the great hall with the rest of the school. It was amazing!
And then that was it.
Hogwarts was behind us.
And our future was ahead of us.

A/N- Hey Guys! Only the epilogue left now. Please let me know what you think and leave me a review now we're heading to the end. Thanks so incredibly much for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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