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One night we were sat in the Gryffindor common room relaxing slightly because we didn’t have another exam for 3 days. We had chosen this spot in because poor old Rose was getting very irritable with her hormones and with the baby two months away, we weren’t going to argue with her. But this, along with our NEWTs meant that Rose either wanted to study, or do something she couldn’t. With this brought much abuse to anyone who was near, and then the only solution to fix this was to do things for her, get her food, do her hair or makeup all nice, or just keep up a very good or interesting topic of conversation. Which Al, Scorp and I had run out of days ago, therefore her family got the brunt of the abuse on the days when we could just not keep up with our studying while she was constant moaning.

“Rose! How are you today?” Lily bounced into the room

“I’m fine! Will people please stop asking me if I’m okay! I’m pregnant not dying!” Rose started off on one.

Luckily, Lily doesn’t care a lot and says “Merlin Rose don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m only asking! Anyway if you’re going to be like this. I’m not going to tell you what I organised for you today!”

“What? You organised something? For me?” Rose got quite teary; her hormones are all over the shop.

“Yes. Yes I did. Now, would you like to come with me and see your cousins or would you like to stay here on your own and moan to yourself, because I’m taking Livy, Scorp and Al with me” Lily stated

“I would like to come with you guys”

“Okay. Then come on! James should have organised everyone to be there by now!”

“James?! No way!” Rose got excited

We made our way to the room of requirement which upon arrival we found to be decorated like a baby shower. It was really sweet, but I was quite disappointed that I hadn’t come up with it myself. Of course, as we entered Rose burst into tears and I had to immediately sit her down and ignore everyone to make sure she kept her blood pressure down.

“Rose! Look at all the gifts you’ve got. And look everyone’s here. They’ve come to see you and the buba! Now, stop crying and say hello to everyone. Get a grip woman! We’re having a baby in two months and if we can’t get through this it’s going to be hell. So, come on!”

“You’re right. Let’s do this!” Rose got her confidence back, and then got bombarded by everyone basically; I didn’t talk to anyone until they’d all said their hellos.

“Rose! Look at you!” Torie came over and gave her cousin a big hug

“You just wait. You’ll be this size soon enough!” Rose smiled, (oh, did I forget to mention. Vidy are having a baby, it’s due early December. It turns out they were pregnant when Rose finally got round to telling everyone the news. So, they released the news after they were sure about 3 weeks later)

“Fudging hell Rose! You’re huge!” Dom came over, sporting some new injuries

“Why thank you Dominique. It’s really wonderful to see you too!” Rose joked

“Louis, look I told you she’d be huge. She just isn’t the type to be so thin but pregnant” Dom shouted over to her younger brother

“Okay Dom, maybe you’re right. You know it’s true what they say Rose, pregnant women do give off a certain glow. You look amazing” Louis complimented

“Thanks Louis. I don’t feel amazing. This little thing weighs a tonne!” Rose laughs off the compliment; I don’t think she took one until the baby was born

“It looks like it should do. I’m so glad men can’t get pregnant. Aren’t you James?” Freddy came to say hi

“You should count yourself lucky Freddy. My hormones are all over the place as well if you didn’t already gather that from my entrance!” Rose admitted

“I think you’re right. We may have dodged a bullet being guys! How are you though Rose?” James asked sincerely

“I’m doing quite well actually James, I’ll live anyway!” Rose replied

“WHAT? I nearly got my head ripped off a minute ago for asking how you were! That’s not fair Rose!” Lily defended

“Lil, I’d watch what you’re saying. She’ll kill you if you step over the line. I reckon you’re quite close” Al joked

“God Rose. You really are hormonal! Hi by the way. I hope you are well. It’s a shame you don’t visit your brother a lot” Hugo laughed

“I wouldn’t say that Hugo, she’ll be with you for the whole of the summer before she has the baby! She’ll be on your watch then! Good luck my friend! I’ve had her for a couple times and I’m not going to lie. It’s been stressful. Not that I don’t love you coming to see me though Rosie. Because it’s really good to know you’re safe and sound” Rox interjected.

“Thanks Rox, I come to your common room all the time Hu’, you’re just never there!” Rose argued

“I am too!” Hugo argued right back

“No. You’re not!” Rose persisted

“Okay. Okay. No more of that!” I decided, jumping in between them and waving my hands about

“Yeah. She’s right! We’ve got cake Rose, fancy some?” Lily agreed, stepping next to me and pointing towards a small table next to a huge table of presents

“It’s chocolate... I baked it with Nana Molly yesterday after work...Sounds good doesn’t it?” Torie tempted Rose

“Yeah. I really would like some cake!” Rose gratified

We sat around on the tables and ate a lot of cake. Then we watched Rose and Scorp open all their presents. It took a while. Especially because all the parents turned up and more tables were created for them and the presents! The baby now has enough close for 3 changes a day, a cot, a changing table, all the stuff you need to change a baby, enough toys for an army of babies to use and so much more. It was quite unbelievable. As soon as Ron and Hermione turned up, as well as Draco and Astoria, Al, James, Anna and I chose to give up our seats so they could sit with their kids as they opened all the presents. We took our seats just a table away from them with Dom and Freddy. There we proceeded to whisper throughout out the presents, stopping to awe at them occasionally.

“Livy. I’m holding a bet to whether the baby’s a boy or a girl. You want in?” Freddy whispered to me from beside me

“Oi, it was my idea. You’re just in charge of the money” James told me

“So, you want to bet on it? Since they aren’t going to find out we thought it’d be good fun to bet on it” Dom made a point of saying she was involved too

“Even the parents have put bets on” Rox added from behind me, “Honest” she promised holding her hands up like she was at gun point when I turned around in disbelief

“I reckon it’s going to be a boy. I bet a gallon on it” Al confidently said, passing Freddy the coin

“Really? I don’t think so. It’s defiantly a girl” I smiled, looking at Rose who was holding up a miniature top that says ‘I love my Mummy’ on it, “Awww!” I giggled

“I went for the same” Lily said as she passed me to bring Rose another gift

“Me too” Anna agreed

“I’m sure it is” I decide

“How sure?” James asks, his eyebrows high

“Three gallons I’m sure”

“Oooh! I think this just got interesting people!” Freddy joked, much louder than we had been talking before

Rose confusedly stopped admiring the new cot and joined everyone else in staring at Freddy

“I’m mean look. They’ve got a cot. That’s important that is.” He nodded, trying to cover it up

“Nice save there” Dom laughed, elbowing him slightly

Once we had opened all the gifts, everything went to general chit chat. Everyone had something to say, or tell, we tended to entertain big groups of people at once with every conversation. Everyone was really well and was enjoying life which was great to hear. We even managed to have a huge chat that pretty much concerned everyone. Well, everyone had a view.

“So, have you two been thinking of any names?” Angie asked

“A few” Rose answered

“What?” I let slip

“Yeah, how come we don’t know about this?” Al joined me, I guess having the same thought as me

“Sorry. We’re just not sure. We were going to ask you later actually” Scorp apologised

“Oh well. What are they?” Molly exclaimed, clearly all the women in this family are much more excited than the men.

“Well, there’s Mira, for a girl” Scorp started

“And Leo for a boy” Rose smiled around

“Awww!” was the resounding noise that followed

“Those are beautiful” Ginny smiled

“Truly. Little Leo! That’s well cute!” Rox grinned

“Mira iz a really lovely name Rose” Fleur complimented

“Thank you! We have some more as well, like Electra or Chara” Rose added

“Those are really interesting names. Where did you get those from?” Lucy asked, genuinely interested in the origin of the names

“Well, we’re following the Black family tradition of naming their children after stars” Scorp mentioned

“Oh, Scorpius! That’s wonderful!” Astoria practically jumped up from her seat in saying those words

“You’re grandmother will be pleased son” Draco nodded towards his son who nodded back.

Rose grinned at Harry, knowing that he never really had got over his godfather’s death and would be very pleased with this, “It is very endearing” he said, trying to find the right words and settling for these

“Thank you. All of you. It narrows the list of names down considerably. Especially since I’ve never really been Astronomy’s biggest fan” Rose confessed

“It’s a good job I enjoy it!” Scorp joked

When the party ended there was the matter of saying goodbye to more than 20 people who were either disappearing from the grounds or going their spate ways around the castle. This, again. Took a while. Ron and Hermione took all the babies things, as for a while Rose is going to live at home once she’s had the baby. Once it was all over and everyone had finally gone the four of us sat around and talked for a while about the baby and the future.

“So. Have you guys thought anything more about what you’re going to do after we finish school? What with the baby and all” I asked

“Well, I’m going to stay with the baby for the first year of their life and then go into St Mungos to become a healer like I was going to before, just maybe a night school version in a year or two” Rose somewhat sadly stated, rubbing her stomach

“But I’m going straight into Auror training with Al. I should be done with that by the time Rose goes into night school” Scorp revealed

“Oh. Does it really take that long to become an Auror?” I wondered aloud

“Yeah. It’s serious. I mean Auror’s save people. They can’t do that overnight. It’ll take about two years” Al reminded me

“I didn’t think of it like that. You know, I’ve applied to do so many things. But I really don’t know what I want to do” I confessed

“Livy! I thought you figured this out weeks ago! Weren’t you going to go into Magical Law Enforcement?” Rose exclaimed, clearly worried

“I know that’s what I said. But, I was thinking and well, I can’t see myself sitting behind a desk all day. Talking about boring stuff and sorting out other people’s problems. I can’t be bothered to deal with that. I can’t deal with my own problems!” I admitted

“But, well, you have to know. Livy we’re leaving in a week! You need to know what to with the rest of your life!” Rose insisted

“But I don’t know what I want to do Rose!” I complained

“Okay. Well, we’ll help you then!” Rose decided

“Right. So, what are you good at?” Scorp tried to help

“Nothing!” I gave up

“That’s not true. You’re amazing at Muggle Studies” Al offered

“Because I’m Muggleborn Albus. I deal with that stuff every day!” I said, because this really was the reason

“Okay. There are so many things you’re good at!” Al frantically waved his hands in the air, trying to think of something

“You’re really good at Potions” Scorp justified

“But I’m not being a Potion Maker. I don’t want to work in St Mungos. No offence Rose” I covered it up

“None taken, fine. You’re wonderful at Defence Against the Dark Arts though” she replied

“But what can I do with that other than become an Auror or go into Magical Law Enforcement? Nothing!” I said, getting thoroughly depressed

“How about Quidditch then? You pretty damn awesome at that!” Scorp smiled

“No one wanted me! I didn’t get offered a single placement at the final Quidditch match! I may be good but not good enough” I sadly said, “This isn’t working, I’ll just stay here forever. Or, no, I’ll come and stay with you Rose; I’ll help look after the baby!” I decided finally

“That’s it!” Rose exclaimed

“What’s it?” Al asked the question we were all wondering

“That! What she just said!” Rose excitedly

“Rose. You can’t possibly think that Livy’s going to stay with you and look after the baby with you” Scorp tried to bring Rose back to reality

“No. Not that. The thing she said before that” Rose flapped her hand in my face

“What? I’ll just never leave Hogwarts?”

Rose nodded

“What use is that going to be!” I asked, confused

“Rose! You’re a genius!” Scorp exclaimed, they obviously have some sort of non spoken connection

“But they only hire old people!” Al, was obviously in this as well

“No they don’t plus she’d have to train!” Rose justified, and it seemed to be right because the other two agreed

“But she’d have to stay here. Forever.” Al sadly said, sounding just as disappointed as me

“Maybe so” Rose said in the same way

“Still. She’d have to agree. She may not even like the idea. And then she’d have to find a subject” Scorp tried to cheer them up

“SHE, would like to know what her boyfriend and her best friends are on about? Don’t sound so sad before you know the answer! What you chatting about people!” I threw my hands in the air dramatically

“Oh. Yes. Of course. Well, what if you didn’t leave Hogwarts? What if you taught here?” Rose grinned, as she knew I’d like the idea

“That’d be amazing! I’d happily never leave! But guys, honestly, if anyone has the ability to teach here, it’d be you people. I’m not smart enough to embark wisdom on kids!” I laughed at the idea of kids actually coming here to be taught by me.

“Oh but Livy, you’d be older, you’d have to train. Probably dependent on subject and then go into teaching, you’d be older and wiser by the time you got round to it!” Rose told me, as if she’d been planning this for weeks

“Yeah, you’d be at least 22!” Al laughed too

“That’s not very practical is it though? I’d be living off pretty much nothing until the age of 22, when, if I got a job, I’d have my accommodation and food paid for! And still earn money! What am I meant to do for four years?” I moaned

“I’d be in the same position, Livy” Rose mentioned

“But that’s different isn’t it? You’ll have Scorp and your parents to support you and the bubs. The buba being the obvious difference there”

“Well, yeah. I will have a baby but... but...” Rose stuttered

“Exactly. My family aren’t exactly jumping through hurdles to help me. My Mum replied yesterday to say she was coming to graduation. Oh, and the minor detail that she’s got a boyfriend whose coming too, who’s dying to meet me. Even though she didn’t even give two craps when I said I wanted to introduce MY boyfriend to my own mother” I ranted

“I thought your Mum replied weeks and weeks ago. I had no idea. I just figured she’d met Al, or at least hinted she wanted to” Scorp confessed

“How would you know? It’s not as if I talk about her a lot. She didn’t want anything to do with me when Dad died. It’s never been the same since then” I don’t know what came over me but a million emotions came over me and I started to cry, “You guys know that. You are my family.” Crying more.

Al came over to me stood me up, and pulled me into a big hug, comforting me with warm, heartfelt words. “Liv?”

I nestled further into his shoulder

“Liv. Look at me”

I moved my head out looking into my boyfriends eyes filled with sympathy for me

“You’re right. We are your family”

I looked away from him slightly. Seeing Rose and Scorp, their eyes also filled with sympathy for me, Rose tearing up slightly

“And I for one, am never going away” Al stated

He held me strongly until I looked at him once more.

“I promise” he smiled

“Pinky promise?” I said, with a smile, letting my shoulders relax significantly

“Pinky promise” he repeated, smiling a bit wider

“Besides. We’ll be fine. We’re going to need someone to decorate our flat, and I’ll be super busy with training, Auror training is the most full on of all types, of course” Al prompted me for an answer

“Our flat?” I stammered

“Only if you want” Al presented

“Of course I do! My God Ally! This’ll be amazing! I don’t have to worry about a thing if I have you!” I was simply beside myself

“We’ll start flat hunting as soon as we leave then!” Al said, beside himself as well

“Awww!” Rose and Scorp said in unison like they were our parents

“This is just perfect!” Rose declared, standing up, “But in all seriousness Livy, if something like that ever happens again. Do not keep it a secret little missy! We’re here to help, to look after you, help you. All you have to do is tell us” Rose brought us back down to earth

I walked over to her, giving her a hug saying, “You’re going to make a great Mum Rose”

It was then her time to cry

“I know she will” Scorp agreed, touching her shoulder and allowing her to hug him

“Okay. So maybe we’ve had enough emotion today?” I joked

“Maybe not. Rose...” Scorp started

“Don’t you dare” Rose quickly interrupted, apparently finished with her last emotion

“What?” Al asked, seemly out of this ‘in head’ conversation

“Scorpius Malfoy. Don’t you dare ask me what I think you’re going to ask me” Rose continued, ignoring Al’s question

“How is it you know what I’m going to say?” Scorp laughed

“I don’t know! But I am not having you propose to me because you’re all hyped up on emotions!” Rose said stubbornly

“You were going to propose!” I burst out with a hint of disbelief in my voice

“That means not at graduation, in the middle of birth, Christmas, Birthdays and Valentines days. At none of these events are you able to propose” Rose extended, ignoring me this time

“Okay. Okay. Fine! I promise I won’t. But don’t be surprised if I ask you at some point” Scorp went with Rose’s requests

“He’s not wrong” Al agreed

“It’s bound to happen eventually” I added

“Good! Okay. Now, that’s enough drama!” Rose giggled

“You’re right! Happy Baby Shower Rosie! We’ll see you later” Al congratulated, taking me by the arm and walking out of the room

“Cheer up Rosie! I’ll see you later” I smiled, and with that we left. Thinking of the future and how everything really was going to be okay!

A/N- Hey Guys! What are you betting on? Boy or Girl? Hope you're all well? Please let me know and leave a review! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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