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“Livy. Wake up” Al gently whispered in my ear, playing with my hair as well

“Livy. You need to get ready” Rose stated using her best mum voice she’d been practising

“No. I don’t need to get up until 11” I moaned at the pair of them

“I don’t care. We did leave you until 9. Besides it’s a nice May Day and everyone’s getting stressed out because of exams. So we have a surprise for Al and Rose, don’t we?” Scorp tried to remind me of something,

“We do?” I questioned, still lying in bed, but opening my eyes to find Scorp grinning at me

“Yeah. We do. You remember that time? We went to that room? There was that thing? And we said we’d take these guys?” he tried again to jog my memory

I began to sit up; focussing only on what Scorp was trying to tell me. When it hit me, the room of requirement, the place we went to when Rose and Al were at home when Nana Molly was ill, “Ooh! The place we went in Fifth year?”

“That place exactly” Scorp sighed, probably thanking the gods that I had realised what he was on about

“Then what are we waiting for” I jumped out of bed enthusiastically

“You beautiful, are still in your pjs” Al pointed out

“Right. I promise I’ll be quick, I’ll just get changed” I went straight to my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of jeans and a random T-shirt, then making my way to the bathroom, where they still talked to me

“In fifth year? That was ages ago! Has it really only just come to mind now?” Al wondered

“It only just came to me last night” Scorp admitted

“I completely forgot! We got so distracted when you came back” I commented through the door

“Fifth year? Where were we then?” Al pondered

“Fifth year was when Nana Molly had her stroke. It must have been then. Right?” Rose answered

“Yep, that was it. I was so excited you guys came back it completely skipped my mind! Actually you really should have remembered earlier Scorp! It won’t be as good now. Rose won’t be able to do most of it in her condition” I sadly spoke

“Oi! It’s not my fault. But she’ll be able to figure out the other bit!” Scorp reminded me

“Merlin! You’re so right! This is going to be great!” I exclaimed, opening the door.

“Let’s go then shall we? Let’s see if I can’t figure what every it is I need to figure out!” Rose got excited

“Woah there Rosie. Calm down. We don’t want your blood pressure to rise too much” Scorp decided

We were on our way up to the room of requirement by now, “He’s been to see Poppy a couple of times, just so he knows what’s happening and what to do with Rose” Al confessed to me, as we were walking up the final staircase

“You’d never of guessed, he sounds just like one of Rose’s pregnancy books she’s made me read just in case” I joked

“One second” Scorp started to pace in front of the wall.

Rose’s POV-
A large door erupted out of the wall; I opened to find a playroom. Well, a ball pit and on the other side, a pensieve

“Oh. Wow. How did you even create this?” I asked, curious of how they came up with these two random things

“I asked for was a room where you can forget everything you need to forget for a while, without losing the memory completely” Scorp answered

“Wow! How come you wanted to forget everything?” Al exclaimed and then joined the conversation

“Livy was miserable and we needed to forget about everything for a while. It got her mind off things for as long as she needed” Scorp admitted

My motherly instinct came over me; I pulled Livy into a hug, “Bless you. You’re adorable. Now, go play. The three of you. I know you’re all itching to do it!” looking at them with a sincere smile, and they ran off.

I sat on the edge, like I was dipping my legs into a pool or the Black lake; instead I was kicking about balls and then throwing them at my friends occasionally. Until Livy came to sit with me and we watched our boys.

“Hey there my pregnant friend. I’m sorry you can’t play too. Put you know, once bubs comes along, this’ll be your life” she smiled, waving her hands out in front of her as a visual picture of what she was saying.

“Honestly, I don’t mind. It’s good to see you all having a laugh. It’s making me laugh”

“Good. It’s surreal really. All of this. Don’t you think?”

“I know. I mean, We’re still in school but we have this room, with a ball pit in it!”

“You’re right. But that’s not what I meant”

“What the fact that we’re in seventh year and still get excited over a ball pit? We really are children sometimes”

“Right again, but not what I meant. I mean, this is going to be your life all over again, the bubs will see to that!”

“Oh, yeah” I remembered, stroking my stomach, “well, I may be going back to this, but I’m going to be a Mum Livy. I’ll be the mad woman running around after her kid, looking frantic because I’ve taken my eye off the little one and they’ve now disappeared under the balls. It’ll be so different”

“Maybe so. You’re going to be one of those young hip Mums though! You won’t look as strange jumping into the ball pit. Plus, you know the bubs will call her awesome Aunt Livy if they want to go out to the ball pit. I guarantee it, they won’t want their Mummy and Daddy. They’ll want Aunt Livy and possibly Uncle Al”

“But of course only because you two are a package deal right?” I offered


“Did you hear that buba, Auntie Livy is going to take you out! Only if you don’t want to be with Mummy and Daddy though, so of course you won’t be doing that”

“You keep telling yourself that Rose! Okay, do you want to see if we can work this pensieve? Because Scorp and I didn’t have a bloody clue!”

I laughed, taking a seat next to Livy around the pensieve, Al and Scorp joined us shortly.

Albus’ POV-
“It’s a pensieve right? Rose, just like the one Dad talks about?” I asked Rosie

“Yeah. That’s it. Usually it takes a powerful wizard to use this. But surely we can do it, why else would they put it here” she answered

“So, do you know how it works? I mean, how you get the memories out of you?” Livy wondered, looking between the two of us

“I’m not so sure. Rose, you’ve read something, right?” I requested

“Let’s see. I think I may have done” Rose held her wand to her temple and muttered something, “Memoria” and with that a blue wisp erupted from her head where she placed it into the pensieve.

“You did it. I told you she’d be able to Livy!” Scorp told Livy

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. What memory is it Rosie?” Livy dismissed what Scorp had said

“”We’ll just have to see, won’t we Rose?” I said

“Right you are Albus. After you” She agreed, gesturing me in first.

I dipped my head in, then finding myself falling into a vast expense of liquid which one moment ago didn’t appear nearly as much or as deep. Livy appeared next to me, then Rose and finally Scorp.

I looked around and found we were in The Three Broomsticks where we held Scorp’s 18th birthday party. The banners were exactly the same, I mean. I could see us putting them up.

“Do you reckon he’ll like it?” Rose asked, sounding incredibly nervous.

“I know he will” Livy answered, rubbing her arm slightly before Rose got distracted with some out of place cups.

“Christ Rose. I forgot what you looked like before you were having the baby!” I let slip

“Al!” Livy wacked me in the arm, “You can’t say that! Anyway, shut up! I’m watching!” Livy scolded, sitting down on a seat in the corner with Rose.

“He’s coming, everybody hide!” I announced

Scorp comes through the door with his Mum and Dad, “Come on then dear, I’m sorry we dragged you away from your friends but really. They see you every day!” Astoria laughs

“She’s right, you’re only 18 once son. We wanted to see you” Draco agreed as they passed the threshold

“SURPRISE!!!!” everyone shouts, jumping out from their hiding places

“Happy Birthday Scorp!” Me, Livy and Rose grin as we come towards an astonished Scorp

“Did you guys do this?” he stutters, his mouth still wide open

“Yes! Do you like it?” Rose persists

“Of course!” he thanks picking Rose up and spinning her round slightly, placing her back on the ground and pecking her on the cheek.

“You!” he laughs pointing at Livy,

“Me!” she laughs too, “We thought we’d do something special!”

“Thank you so much” he genuinely seems happy and thankful

“No worries” I say nonchalantly, “We even have cake! Nana Molly baked it for you. She says Happy Birthday too by the way” I say with much more enthusiasm.

“Look at your little face!” Livy teases me, “Actually look at both of your faces!” she teases Scorp

“I was surprised! It was the best birthday party though. Thank you” Scorp justified

“Yeah, we know. You told us every day for about a month after! That cake has got to be the best she’s ever done I swear” I confessed

“Wasn’t it just? I’m hungry now. I’m not even sure how long this memory is” Rose admits just as the scene changes to later in the night

“Livy! How much have you had to drink?” Rose demands, a huge party going on around her

“Not much Rosie!” Livy tried to convince Rose

“Are you sure?” Rose asked once more, not believing her one bit

“Yes, yes, yes!” Livy’s words slurred somewhat, “You know, you have beautiful eyes, have I ever told you that?” she continued, clearly quite tipsy

“No, you haven’t. But thank you” Rose, clearly very sober said

“And I love you, you know that though don’t you?” Livy seemed quite upset

“That I know. I love you too” Rose comforted her

“Good. ‘Cause I do.” Livy decided, “Have you seen Ally? I need to tell him I love him too” she continued, getting up from her seat.

“Woah there!” Rose stopped her, “You sit here and drink this” she passed her a cup of water, “I’ll go find Al” she got up, “Don’t. Move.”

Livy laughed, and we followed Rose, “Al! There you are!” Rose shouted to compete with the music on the centre of the dance floor.

“What?” I questioned

“Come with me” Rose shouted once more dragging me off the dance floor.

We started walking away and the music got quieter, “Where have you been?” she somewhat crossly demanded

“Here. Where else would I be?” I wondered, thinking that was obvious

“Well, do you know where Livy is?” she stopped briefly to give me The Look.

I looked around in the vast crowd, “Not a clue” I got slightly worried

“Good job I know then isn’t it?” Rose said in her I told you so voice, continuing into the gradually thinning out crowd.

“Yeah” I admitted, “What happened to her? She went to the loo and I got distracted, did you know our entire family is here?”

“You’ll see. Of course I bloody know whose here. I invited them! And you read the list and told me I wasn’t missing anyone, you idiot” Rose got slightly angry

“Sorry” I apologised

“Apology accepted” she said, “Hey! How’s the birthday boy?” she laughed, kissing her boyfriend, it turns out Scorp got to Livy before we did.

“He’s fine. This one though. Just told me she loved me twice in the space on 3 minutes” he was clearly sober as well,

“Ally! I love you as well, did you know that?” Livy smiled, standing up and falling into my arms

“I do know that. But guess what?” I teased

“What?” he head jerked up fast and she looked me straight in the eyes with wonderment

“I love you more” I smiled back,

She tried to move, but fell back on me.

“I’ll take her back up to school. Make sure she goes to bed” I decided, telling Rose and Scorp

“Are you sure? We’ll come with you” Scorp offered

“Nah. Don’t bother, I’ll take her. You enjoy the party, the night’s still young!” I laughed

“Take care of her. Make sure she drinks a lot of water and there’s a pick me up potion in her trunk. We put it in their earlier just in case” Rose told me

“Right. Well have fun. We’ll see you tomorrow!” I started to walk off, helping Livy walk

“Bye guys!” giddy Livy said, calling back, “Make sure you use protection!” as we left

The scene continued.

“Fuck. Why isn’t it stopping? We all know what happens if this carries on much longer” Rose fretted pointing towards her stomach

“Merlin. I DO NOT want to see that. Let’s get out of here” I exclaimed, taking out my wand, waving it around until we were back in the room of requirement.

“I can’t believe I said that. I don’t even remember that!” Livy laughed in a state of disbelief

“Oh I remember that clearly. That’s why I’m so sure that bubs here was an accident” Rose laughed as well

“I don’t remember being so tipsy!” Livy continued

“I do! You told me you loved me about 50 times before we got back to your dorm. I swear the word lost meaning after the third time!” I joked

“Well, that was interesting. We should get one of these. It’s well cute. I’d forgot how happy you were that day” Rose smiled

“Me too actually. It’s a good forget me not help” Scorp replied

We then realised the time and found we needed to get Rose started toward her lesson or else she was going to be late. A relaxed, waddling Rose getting to her lesson quite a bit early is considerably nicer than a stressed, angry with the constant buzz of people trying to push her out of the way, waddling Rose getting to her lesson very late is extremely grumpy.

A/N- Hey Guys! What do we think? The Baby seems to be taking over their lives! (Duh?) Please tell me what you think, leave me a review! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx
P.S- Only three chapters left people... Including the Epilogue...

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