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We went back to Hogwarts the day after our chat with Teddy and Torie (I’m going to call them Vidy from now on... I just made it up because writing both names is getting silly), it wasn’t very eventful. A pregnant Rose wondered off for the Heads and Prefect meeting with Scorp and came back with both her and his arms full of food, having hijacked the cart at the very start of the train and basically wiped it clean. She sat and offered us some which we took but when I say some, she let us have one item each, because she’d already inhaled the rest. We got back to school and our NEWTs just kept getting closer, it was so strange time just went really fast. One exciting thing we did do though, we go with Rose to get a sonogram and tell the sex of the baby at her 5 month mark, she was huge by then. She waddled everywhere they went and was about x4 the size she was, I mean she’s always been quite thin and for her to be that big and round took some serious getting used to.

“Rose! I cannot believe we’re going to see the buba!” I exclaimed

“Our little bubs. They’re going to be beautiful!” Scorp smiled

“Are we finding out whether it’s a girl or a boy today?” Al asked

“We’re going to see the bubs, but honestly you’ve all seen the pictures from before” she then exchanged looks with Scorp who nodded and she continued, “Yeah. We can know the sex. No I do not want to know what it is”

“What? I thought we were going to” Scorp stressed

“I know, but still, I think it’ll be more exciting if we don’t know” A hormonal Rose finished that argument

Scorp who has long since learnt not to argue with a pregnant Rose did not argue back. I mean it’s hard to win against her when she isn’t hormonal, so seriously, imagine her in this state!

“Well, there you have it! I’m just happy to see the buba! No offence Rose but your huge, imagine how big the baby is!” I laughed

By the time we’d had this conversation we’d arrived in the hospital wing and Poppy was ready for us.

“Rose, how are you? Is your morning sickness better now you’re taking that potion? Make yourself comfortable on the bed, if two of you would stand on the left and one on the right, it’d make my life easier” Poppy bombarded her with questions

“That potion is a gods sent. Honestly it’s made the sickness almost disappear, thank you. And I’m feeling great. My hormones are all over the place and I make a decision four hundred times before I actually make it final” Rose confessed, undoing her blouse and taking it off leaving only her vest that was barely covering her tummy.

“That’s perfect normal Rose. Hopefully that’ll ease before your exams, you should be okay though” Poppy reassured

“Thank Merlin!” Rose let out a sigh, sitting on the bed and lifting up her vest so we could see the entirety of her swollen stomach.

Al and I took the left, me standing close to Rose and Al standing behind me, holding my hand, leaving Scorp on the right, holding Rose’s hand.

“Okay Rose, you know the procedure. Mister Malfoy, Mister Potter and Miss Adams, I’m going to place some gel on Rose’s stomach and wave my wand over it. Once that has happened, if you could direct your attention to this screen (she pointed to a screen that had just appeared next to her), it will project the picture of the baby”

I gave a small excited squeak causing everyone to look at me strangely. “Sorry. Carry on. I’m just excited... Sorry.” I awkwardly apologised, causing Al to squeeze my hand and then stroke my thumb

“It’s quite alright Olivia” Poppy assured me, “Ready then?” she asked

We all nodded

She then proceeded to put the gel on Rose and wave her wand over it, the picture was blurry to start with, well, I thought it was.

“Would you like to know the sex of the baby?” Poppy wondered

“No. Yes. No. No. We’re going to let it be surprise” Rose decided

“Okay. Would you like me to show you what we can see? It can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at” Poppy offered

“Yes please” Rose accepted

“Right. Oh yes, you’ve picked a good day, the baby is really cooperating with us. Here you can see their toes” Poppy pointed towards the bottom right corner of the screen

“Little toes!” Al spoke quickly without thinking

We looked at him and he blushed somewhat, I knocked my shoulder in his arm in a teasing way and the blushing disappeared.

“Yes. Little toes. And here you can see a hand. Oh and if you look here, you can see the baby has their thumb in their mouth. I’ll freeze it on this picture and leave you, I’ll be back with a couple of copies in a moment” Poppy somewhat excitedly

“Their sucking their thumb!” Scorp repeated, not sure what else to say

“If that’s not cute, I don’t know what is! Rose you’re little buba is adorable!” I cooed, tears falling down my cheeks (I was so overemotional... I’m surprised I wasn’t pregnant!)

“Livy, you’re crying! Our bubs is cute, don’t you think Scorp? There isn’t a doubt about it!” Rose smiled, a couple tears falling down her own cheeks, while she pulled her vest down and put her blouse back on

“Our bubs is more than cute. Gorgeous I think the word is, just like their Mummy!” Scorp admitted

“Al? You’re a bit quiet. Are you okay?” she turned to look at him properly, “Al, are you crying as well?” she amused herself

“No... I’m not crying. I’ve got something in my eye. But, Rose, I’m really proud of you, you know that right?” Al revealed, tearing up and coming in close behind me, wrapping both arms around my waist and putting his head on my shoulder.

“Al! Now you’ve got me crying! Well this is a mess!” Rose laughed

“Sorry. But you needed to know. That baby is one lucky kid, their parents are such amazing people” Al rounded off

“Thanks Mate. You know that means a lot” Scorp thanked Al, who nodded recognition back

“Here we are. How many copies do you want?” Poppy came back, waving a picture at us

“Well, theirs, one for me, you, my Mum and Dad, your Mum and Dad, both sets of my Grandparents, and both sets of your Grandparents” Rose said, starting to count on her fingers

“9 please” Scorp stated
“6 please” Rose simultaneously spoke

“What? That’s not right” Rose defended, Scorp then leant in, whispering in her ear something that wasn’t audible to anyone else.

“Right. 9 copies please!” Rose smiled, trying to cover up this confusing situation

“Of course, here you are. Gemino” she passed Rose 9 copies

“Thank you so much” Rose thanked, getting up and waving goodbye, beckoning us to follow her

We went back to Ravenclaw common which we did more often thanks to Rose’s lack of mobility, we visited Gryffindor occasionally if we couldn’t be bothered to wait on her, she has loads of cousins who would get her whatever she needed. We chatted about non sense really for a while, doing homework and such like that. However as the evening grew later, Rose made us stop, saying she and Scorp needed to ask us something important.

“Livy” Rose spoke softly

“Al” Scorp spoke smiled

“We need to ask you something”

“Really important”

“Okay. Tell us then!” I told them getting impatient

“Right. Would you two...” Rose started

“ us the honour of...” Scorp carried on

“...being the baby’s godparents?” Rose finished

“Rose?” I barely managed to speak, looking to her, “Scorp?” I asked, turning to him.

They both nodded, in that way parents do to prove they really do mean what they’re saying

“Of course, of course I will! It’d be me doing the honour, not you! I can’t believe it!” I burst out, crying for the second time in that day.

“You will?” Rose asked, jumping up and hugging me

“There’s no way you can stop me” I laughed

“You trust me enough to be your child’s godparent?” Al asked, still in a state of disbelief

“You’re my best friend. I’d trust you with my life” Scorp simply stated, like it was obvious

“Then I would be more than happy to do it for you” Al agreed

“Yay!” Rose exclaimed, moving on from me to Al, “Oooh! I almost forgot. Here!” she excitedly passed us both a piece of paper

“It’s the baby! Thank you! Hey! I’m officially involved now! This is my god baby!” I practically screamed, in an overly excited way of course, now having stopped crying

“Of course, you didn’t think we’d leave you out did you?” Scorp confessed

“Apparently not!” I replied

“So, there are normally three godparents. Who’s the other one going to be?” Al questioned

“We have to wait to see, the third has to be the same gender as the baby, and well, we don’t know that yet. So, we’re not sure yet” Scorp revealed

A/N- Hey Guys! What do we think to this chapter... it's a tad short I know. But I think it's quite cute! Please leave me a review! Thanks so much for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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