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“I come in peace!” I laughed as I was suddenly surrounded by people landing all around me, “Sorry. I heard you needed another player. So here I am!”

“Livy! I didn’t know you were coming!” Al exclaimed, giving me a hug

“I also hear I’m in your team” I smiled

“That you are, Louis, back in play. Let’s do this!” Al quickly resumed Quidditch mode “Accio broomstick” a broomstick zoomed toward me and I caught it, “Right my little chaser, you are now my third faster than fast chaser lady. Rox and Dom are with you, they’ve both got the ability to be beaters as well, so watch out for that. Otherwise, it’s all good. We’re down by 30 points at the moment, so I’m counting on you right now okay?” he whispered to me

I nodded, “Let’s do this Ally” I jumped onto my broomstick enthusiastically, pecking him on the cheek before shooting upwards.

We spent the next two hours playing until finally we won. It was close; I’m not going to lie. Dom, Rox and I were a machine, the point’s just kept coming in, so poor Hugo didn’t stand a chance of defending his goals. We used a technique which basically left one of us incredibly free, we constantly switched the person who was to look like they were going to score and switch pretty much in the last second. One time it changed so close I was practically sat in the left hoop when Dom threw me the quaffle as she was nearing the right, everyone around her. Saying that, Ron still hasn’t lost his touch, the other team had almost no chance of scoring any goals either. Their only hope was for Harry to catch the snitch before Al and fast, but even then it was going to be close with the amount of points we were ahead by. That was it in the end though; Al and his Dad were neck to neck when it came to the snitch. Al caught the snitch. Although, not that I’d tell him, but I think his Dad may have let him win.

“Yes! We won!” Dom screeched, jumping up and down, hurtling towards me as I had now touched down to the ground

“Livy! That was amazing!” Rox screamed as she too came running towards me from the other direction

“We’re a team; I wouldn’t have been half as good without you two!” I complimented at the same time as being squashed into a hug by both Rox and Dom who seemed to reach me at the same time.

“Kids you did great! Ha! I told you I was going to win this time Harry!” Ron exclaimed, rubbing it in Harry’s face that he had won

“Thought we going to lose for a moment back there guys, my three chaser ladies, you out did yourselves!” Al gratefully spoke, joining in on our hug

Once we’d calmed down and were finished rubbing it in the other teams faces, we all went back to the house and found Ginny had prepared some snacks for her 10 hungry Quidditch players as she put it.

“So, what brought you here in the first place Liv?” Al asked me as we made our way up to Al’s old playroom, now a ‘teen retreat’ as Harry and Ginny named it.

“Actually, I came to see you. I have some Scorose news”

“Really? You came to see me?”

“Hey, I know it’s surprising but I thought I’d better come and see my boyfriend at some point!”

“Good. So, what’s happened with...?”


“Did you finally get him to leave his room?”

“That I did. He was so afraid. Looked just like Rose did when she first told me”

“But he’s going to go back to her now isn’t he?”

“Of course. No matter what, he’s a good person. You and I know that better than anyone”

“You’re right. It’s just, it didn’t sound promising. I still don’t understand how none of us could get in”

“I know. I may have to ask him for the spell he used”

“Absolutely. It could come in handy someday”

We reached the old playroom and sat down with everyone else, chatting with everyone else about this and that, there was quite a lot of people in such a small room so I was sat on Al’s lap. This made it easy for him to whisper to me, “Do you think it went well with Scorp and Rose?”

I must admit, I’d been wondering the same thing. I think maybe I expected some sort of conformation when it was done, when it was all sorted. “I’m sure of it”

“Do you really believe that?” he asked, knowing I was uncertain

“I hope so” I admitted, snuggling into him further

“Me too. Maybe we should go and see. Is that too much? I’m really nervous”

“I am too. Maybe if we go and see if your Uncle Ron has gone home yet?”

“Sounds good. Up you get!” he decided, pushing me off him, put getting up fast enough to catch me when I started to fall. He must be part ninja; I’m going to have to ask Ginny about that. I’m really clumsy on my feet though. It’s a wonder I can play Quidditch. Although actually that’s in the air, so maybe that’s why I can.

“I’ll see you all soon, okay?” I bid my goodbyes to everyone

“Bye Livy!” a collection of voices said to me.

“Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Al shouted through the house

“In the parlour Al, what’s up mate?” Harry shouted back, this house really is too big, they should have some sort of system.

We went to the parlour and found everyone was still there, including Ron. “Nothing actually Dad, we just wondered if anyone had gone home. Or, heard from Rose?”

“No one’s gone home yet kiddo. And no word from Rose, were you expecting something?” Harry said

“Not actually Harry. Just wondering. Ron, would it be okay if we went to yours to see Rose?” I asked politely

“Go ahead, in fact if you see Hermione, tell her everyone’s here and she might as well come over to” Ron granted

“Will do. Thanks Ron!” I smiled, hugging him goodbye

“Not at all Livy. You did a great job in Quidditch earlier by the way. I think you could go far” Ron complimented me

“He’s right you know. You show great promise” Harry agreed, accepting my hug

“I wouldn’t say that. But thank you all the same. Oh and Ginny, thanks for the snacks earlier, I forgot to say but it was great” I smiled, hugging her as well

“Don’t mention it darling. Anytime” she appreciated

“I’ll come by again I expect before Easter is up” I waved and exited the room heading for the fireplace, Al in tow.

We got to Rose’s house to find an empty dark house, apparently no one thought to put on many lights, expect for the kitchen.

“Hermione! How are you feeling? I know how stressful the last couple of days have been” I asked

“Hello sweetheart. I’m a lot better than the other day thank you. It’s been a stressful couple of days, at some points both Rose and I were in such a state. But everyone knows now. Well, everyone but our lovebirds who are still on their honeymoon. So, I think a lot of the hard bit is over” she answered

“Ah, that’s good to hear though. I’m glad everything’s more relaxed now, tensions were very high. Oh, by the way, Ron and pretty much everyone else are at the Potters, he says you should come over”

“I’ll just finish up a couple things here and I’ll go over, thank you dear”

“Anytime Hermione” I said, leaving the room, before Al caught my hand

“Aunt Hermione, is Scorp here?” Al wondered

“I’m not sure dear. He may have left but I don’t know” she resigned

“Oh, okay. I’ll probably see you later” Al waved, walking off and dragging me with him

“I’ll see you tomorrow I aspect Hermione!”I laughed in the process of being dragged away

We reached Rose’s room and knocked, “Rose?” Al questioned

“Yeah?” she answered

“Scorp?” I asked

“Maybe” he answered

“Can we come in?” I requested

“Who is it?” Scorp replied

“What do you mean who bloody is it?” Al demanded

“I’m jok...” he almost managed to say before I interrupted

“It’s your baby’s favourite bloody Aunt and Uncle nitwits! Now, can we come in!” I blurted

“Yes. You may” Rose allowed us in.

We walked in and found Rose and Scorp sat on her bed, so we lent against the wall opposite her bed, “Are we all sorted then Rosie?” I hoped

“All sorted Livy. Everything is going to be okay. And who says our baby is going to have you two as its favourite Aunt and Uncle?” Rose joked

“Umm, we do?” Al stated as if it was the obvious

“They’ll have loads of people to choose from though” Scorp reminded

“Not if we have anything to do with it” I said with the upmost seriousness

“Oh. She is not one to mess with. I think maybe we should warn everyone Rose” Scorp addressed Rose, with the same serious look on his face

“Maybe so. I think it’s probably for the best” Rose said, restraining a laugh

“I’ll get on to it right away” Scorp said, getting up to leave

“But you know, she won’t even be a proper Aunt, heck Al wouldn’t be a real Uncle either” Rose pretended we weren’t in the room and telling Scorp

“Hey! But at least I’ll be family!” Al moaned as if he was a child and also pretending I wasn’t in the room

“You’re right Al. I guess you can be their favourite cousin” Scorp realised

“But Livy though. She’s got nothing” Rose basically breathed, trying very hard not to laugh at my very disgruntled face, as I was giving them all ‘The Look’.

“That. Is. Not. Fair. I’ll love that kid more than anyone! I deserve to be their favourite Aunt, even if it isn’t official. But actually, they don’t have one. We can just tell them I’m related to you Scorp! I’m like your little sister anyway! It’s perfect. It’s decided. Done!”

“Chill out Livy. No one’s taking that away from you. But I don’t think we can lie to them” Scorp observed, as Al brought me into a hug and Rose burst out into a fit of giggles.

“Hey! It’s not funny!” I protested, trying to stop the giggles escaping me as well

“Of course it’s not” Scorp told me, laughing quite hard himself

“He’s right” Al agreed, coming away from me to hid his own laughter

“Okay. Maybe it is a little funny!” I gave up, all of us laughing our heads off for about half an hour.

“Okay, okay” I stuttered, trying to catch my breath

“Right. You’re right” Rose spluttered also catching her breath, “Oh My God!” she suddenly regained the use of her voice and sat up clutching her stomach.

“What? What is it?” Scorp spoke panic in his voice

“Rose? Are you okay?” Al said jumping into over protective cousin mode

“They’re kicking” she smiled, taking Scorp’s hand and placing it on her stomach.

“Hello Baby. Did you hear all the commotion? Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Al were laughing with Auntie Livy. She’s going to be your favourite okay?” Scorp talked to Rose’s slight bump

“Merlin! They kicked again!” Rose jumped once more

“No way! They already know I’m the best!” I excitedly crossed the room in order to put a hand on her stomach, “Hey Baby, it’s Auntie Livy. No matter what Mummy and Daddy say, I am really related to you and your official Aunt. Don’t listen to them. They’re kicking again! He or she loves me! Al! Put your hand on”

“Guess what Baby boo, if you haven’t guessed already. I told Daddy, and he’s going to stay with us, isn’t it great! I love you Baby” Rose smiled towards her tummy

“I felt it. They love their Mummy too! Congrats Rose. I know I haven’t yet said it, but I think you deserve it” Al wrapped Rose into a hug, “I love you Rose, you too Baby” Al admitted to his cousins.

The rest of the holidays went by really fast, nothing much happened, everyone was adjusting to the fact Rose was going to give birth in a matter of months. It was very mixed in opinions, of course the Aunts and Uncles, were all very polite about it, they didn’t express their actual opinions, well not in front of everyone else, I could tell.

Rose’s Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur were over the moon, I mean, they understood the situation Rose was in, still being in school and everything but could only find positives. Rose was in her seventh year, so had almost finished, she’d be finishing in June and the baby wasn’t due until August. She was smart and could easily do her exams and be pregnant. Plus they’d get a great grandchild! They loved having little ones about and seeing as no one was little any more, a new addition was the only way, and Rose was providing that! As well as that Nana Molly was never shy in telling everyone how much she liked Scorp, and now she loved him. Knowing that it was him who was the father made everything better in the old ladies eyes, she was incredibly happy about the news to say the very least!

However James had a small fit to start with but I think that was purely because he didn’t expect his baby, studious cousin to get pregnant. In fact I think he used the phrase “What next? You’re going to tell me Lucy’s expecting triplets?”, personally, I found this very funny when I heard it. Although I was told at the time he was very angry, it didn’t last long though, he’s okay and says he’s always there if she needs him. I think he did it to show a good example for Al and Lil, I know that Ginny and Harry were proud of his maturity towards it. Expect they were proud of all of them really, they thought poor Scorp would have had a beating but when he was untouched, they beamed as he had put his friendship above his anger. And Lil, well, she was just excited, shocked, but all the same, she couldn’t hide the part of her who loved kids.

Then there was Roxy and Fred, they took it in the same way as each other, really shocked, they just didn’t expect it. But Roxy offered that if she ever needed any help while a Hogwarts she’d round in a flash and Fred said much the same as James but instead of freaking out, he sat there in silence while Roxy fussed.

Lucy and Molly were surprised; Moll immediately started joking about how she couldn’t believe it was Rose and not Dom, Roxy or Torie who got pregnant first! Luce didn’t really say much, she just ignored Rose for a while, thinking it was very irresponsible for her to be pregnant.

Rose told Dom and Louis when they went to tell her Uncle Bill and Fleur, Louis was shocked to start with but promptly put on his sensible head and reminded everyone that Scorp and Rose were soul mates, just like Lily Evans and James Potter, so a baby was going to happen at some point. So, wasn’t bothered it was now, rather than later on in life. Dom had an absolute fit apparently, much worse than James. She started asking loads of questions about how stupid she had to be to get herself into this situation. But as soon as Rose explained how she had used protection and it was an accident they baby was even coming. Dom calmed down considerably, and once she saw how vulnerable Rose looked, well, she melted and agreed with her brother, that everything was going to be okay.

I was there when Rose told Teddy and Torie, bless they literally just got home to their little flat on the outskirts of London, when we owled them asking when they’d be back. It was the day before we went back to Hogwarts after our two week Easter break and of course then when they replied they were back, well, Rose, Scorp, Al and I flooed right over!

“Teddy?” Al asked as he step into the little flat, expecting them to be sat in the kitchen to our right or in the lounge which was right in front of us, however they were in neither places

“Torie?” Rose asked

“Sorry guys. When we said we’d just got home. We really did just get home” A much tanned Teddy said, coming out of the bedroom, “Tor is just putting everything away, she won’t be long though”

“Sorry. We just needed to come and see you” Scorp mentioned somewhat nonchalantly

“You did? Well, it’s always good to see you all, and it doesn’t matter. We couldn’t wait to come back and see everyone. Harry mentioned in one of his letters to be prepared for a possible 4 teenagers showing up on my doorstep!” Teddy said, making us feel less tense

Torie then walked in and saw us all still standing in front of the fireplace, “Well, park your bums down. Can’t have you standing there like lemons can we! What’d you need to tell us then?” she laughed

We made ourselves comfortable on the corner sofa; Scorp sat down, with Rose next to him sat in the corner and Torie next to her. Teddy on the other side of Torie, leaving me and Al to sit on the floor opposite each other, me leaning on the sofa where Rose’s legs would have been if she hadn’t tucked them into her and Al where Teddy’s should have been if he hadn’t stretched them out onto the rest of the prolonged bit of sofa.

“Well, it’s really got nothing to do with us, we just wanted to come and see you, didn’t we Al?” I replied, kicking Al, who nodded

“Yeah, they’re just here because they’ve got nothing better to do, and, well, Mum got called into work” Rose added

“What would you need your Mum for?” Teddy wondered aloud

“Well, to tell you the news. You know you’d think after telling so many people it would be easier to tell. But it’s really not” Rose spoke, trying to figure out a way to tell them, “Okay, well, I’m. We’re.” She shot a look at Scorp as a plea for help

“We’re... having a baby” Scorp finished for Rose, I physically gasped, that took a lot of balls to do.

“You’re what?” Torie asked, seriously in shock

“I’m pregnant Torie. Now please don’t freak out” Rose warned

“I’m not freaking out. I have faith in you. I thought I’d already told you that” Torie calmly spoke, grabbing hold of Rose’s hand and stroking it with her own thumb

“How long has it been?” Teddy questioned, not as relaxed and as Torie at all

“I’m four months along, but I didn’t tell anyone until last week”

“4 months Rose?” Teddy sounded just as astonished as everyone else

“Yes. I was afraid. I was worried. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I was, still am, incredibly hormonal. I’m not even sure what was going through my mind”

“Oh. Rosie my little girl! There’s no need for you to feel like that! We’re here for you, right Teds?”

“Thanks Torie” Rose started to weep slightly, a couple of tears falling down her cheek

Torie removed one of her hands from around Rose’s and wiped the tears away, “No need to cry darling, right Teds?” she turned this time, facing her husband now, “Teds?”

Teddy didn’t look quite right, he was looking straight at Scorp and he didn’t seem to be blinking, he looked as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest, he simply nodded after Torie’s third attempt to catch his attention.

“Could you excuse us for a second? I need to have a quick word with you” Torie justified, letting go of Rose and grabbing Teddy’s hand taking him out of the room and into the bathroom

We simply looked at each other, Al and I exchanged looks of worry, but put on brave faces to look at Scorp and Rose, trying to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. They walked away to have a private talk although as the flat was so small and bathrooms echo the noise of speech, we could hear them word for word.

“Teddy Lupin. What was all that about?” Torie demanded

“What do you mean? What happened to you?” Teddy requested

“I am being supportive. I’m not trying to change things that have already happened. Obviously she’s keeping the baby or she wouldn’t be telling us Teddy. Isn’t that obvious”

“Maybe. Well, only because you’ve told me. But it’s Rose. She’s so bright. She’s so like you. She could achieve big. She could have done so well in life. I guess I just don’t want her life to be thrown away so young Torie”

“It wouldn’t be. She’ll find a way. You said yourself she’s bright because she is, she’ll go onto to do amazing things when the baby grows up”

“But you know everything’s easier if you start young”

“I do. But I also know that Rose can do anything if she puts her intelligent mind to it”

“Maybe she can. But it’ll be so difficult. Do you think she actually knows how difficult this is going to be?”

“If she doesn’t she’ll find out soon enough. It’s not as if we know any more than she does though!”

“We do! We’ve been here for the birth of every younger cousin or sibling. We know how it is”

“We have no idea Teddy. I was 8 and you were 10 when Moll and Luce were born. That’s hardly old enough to know what’s going on and those two are the youngest!”

“Fine. But we do have more of an idea than she does, she was 3!”

“She’s not stupid!”

“I know she’s not. That’s part of my argument!”

“Then stop treating her like a child! She’s of age! She can make her own decisions”

“I’m not!”

“You are Teddy. I know you just want what’s best for her but there’s nothing you can do for her”


“No buts. I know you don’t want anything to change. You can’t do anything this time Teddy”

“What if...”

“We are not adopting their baby or going along with any of your other stupid ideas”

“I wasn’t going to say that... Okay, maybe I was. It’s a good idea!”

“No it’s not Teddy!”

“But Torie we have to do something!”

“And we will. We’ll be here for them! Rose deserves that!”

“I know. You’re right”

“I know I’m right. I still don’t know why you bother to argue with me!”

“Neither do I. I never win. Why did I marry someone who was always right?”

“Because you couldn’t survive life without me. Oh, and you love me”

“That was it! And you agreed because?”

“I couldn’t survive life without you and I love you too”

“Not as much as I love you though”

“I may have to argue that one with you!”

“Oooh! One argument I have a chance to win!”

“No way Teddy! Not right now! We’re entertaining if you remember rightly!"

“Oh yeah”

They came out hand in hand and grinning at us. We’d all been facing the door, making sure we heard clearly, so with the slightest move of the door, we sprung back to our original positions and when they came into view properly, turned, acting surprised and smiled at them

“I know you could hear us. It’s written all over your faces!” she told us knowingly

“Sorry. It’s not hard to overhear” I giggled slightly over the situation we were in

“I know, although this saves me repeating myself” Torie laughed

“The point is, we’re here for you Rose, and you Scor. If you need us, you know where to find us” Teddy promised

“Thank you so much. That means the world to me!” Rose jumped up from her seat and trapped both of them in a big hug, “Really? I’m so glad you feel this way! I was so worried!” she confessed

“She was worried about telling everyone. It took her long enough to tell us!” I answered their non verbal question, (they gave me the Was-She-Really?-That-Worried- About- Us look)

“Yeah, but she’s got nothing to worry about. This baby’s going to be so incredibly spoilt, by their parents but everyone knows with the amount of family they’ve got, they’ll be beyond spoilt!” Al added

“They’re right you know” Scorp smiled, taking Rose in one of his best hugs

“I’m sorry we came just after you arrived. We’ll leave you two alone. I just really needed to tell you this. You’re the last to know, and I’m so sorry you are by the way. But it’s your own stupid fault for honey mooning for 2 whole weeks! I forgive you though, don’t worry!” Rose babbled

“Well, I’m so glad you forgive us, missy. But there isn’t anything for you to sorry for, honestly. We’ll see you at the Train Station tomorrow, we’ve both taken the day off and are coming to see everyone off” Teddy revealed

“Great! We’ll see you then!” Al laughed, getting into the fire and flooing back to Rose’s house.
We all followed and left poor Teddy and Torie in peace.

Hugo, when he actually got chance to think about it by the way, was quite upset, thinking everything was really bad and he was going to be left out from now on. So, he went to Rose and questioned her.

Rose POV-
“Rose? Can I talk to you?” I heard Hugo knock and ask from the other side of the door.

“Come on in Hu’” I granted, “What’s up little brother?” I smiled, patting onto the bed next to me

“Rosie, well, umm” he stuttered

“Hu’ ask me whatever you like, I’m pregnant. Not alien” I joked

“So, it’s an accident, isn’t it?”

“It? Hu’ again, there is nothing alien about them. They’re a he or a she. As soon as I know I’ll tell you. But yes, this little bubs was a complete and utter accident. No planning involved” I tapped my stomach gently

“Sorry Rosie. What are you going to do then?”

“I’m going to keep them”

“You are?”

“Of course. It’s a little bit of me. I can’t kill a fly, let alone destroy my own baby”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that”

“I’ve spent a long time thinking about it, I didn’t think like this at the start”

“How come it took so long for you to tell us. Honestly”

“Well, to be honest. I didn’t find out until I was already 2 months pregnant. And then because I was so far along I panicked thinking everyone would think badly of me because I didn’t know until it was really late. Then I figured the longer it was before I told people, the less hassle it was before I had the baby. But then the longer I left it, the more afraid I became, the more worried and frightened I was. Then I noticed a bump in the mirror and that was it. I had to tell someone. And Livy was the person I was alone with first”

“Oh. But why were you so worried? We’re family. What’d you think we’d do, throw you out of the house?”

“Yep. That exactly”


“Yep, but I think that was my hormones speaking”

“Oh, okay. Rose you know that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what”

“I know Hu’. I know. You know, you’re far too mature for your age”

“I’ve been told. I think it’s the Mum in me”

“Right you are. It probably is. I love you, I’m sorry if I’ve made everything change”

“Love you too. But change can be good sometimes”

“Let’s hope this is one of those times, yeah?”


“So, my baby is going to have a very mature Uncle?”

“I guess so. But you know I still have Dad in me, we’ll have loads of fun!”

“Of course! I wouldn’t doubt it! Happier now little brother?”

“Much happier, big sister. I’ll leave you now, thank you” he smiled a genuine smile, giving me the first hug I’ve got from him since he was much younger.

I squeezed him and perhaps held onto my growing up little brother a bit longer than he hoped for, realising that everything was changing once more, and my little Hugo, wasn’t so little anymore. “No need to thank me!”

He left me to my thoughts and my buba. “Did you hear that bubs? You’re going to have great fun with your Uncle Hugo! He’s not going anywhere, actually no one is. Mummy and Daddy will always be here. And Uncle Hugo, he’s your only real Uncle, but you’re going to have loads of fake ones. Including Uncle Al, he’s Daddy’s best friend and my cousin, so he is a relation, but he’s going to look after you too with Auntie Livy. She’s fake as well, don’t listen to her, she’s not Daddy’s sister. But she is your official honorary Aunt, she’s Mummy and Daddy’s best friend and don’t tell her, but I think she’s going to be your cousin soon. She’ll marry Uncle Al for sure. I’m prepared to make a bet with you for it. Love you bubs”

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