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I spent most of the afternoon trying to persuade Rose to come out of her bathroom, and then persuading her to go downstairs, and then persuading her to forgive Scorp. Although in doing this, she had a fit at me, which did not go the way she wanted because her Dad came home and heard everything from the next room. Once he’d come in though they were screaming at each other, Hermione tried to calm both of them down and Hugo rescued me, taking me to the fireplace.

“Sorry. Well, you know how they are. It’s probably best you leave. I’ll try and calm them down, and when that doesn’t work. I’ll leave Ro alone for a while and she’ll more than likely to owl you then. If not, owl me and I’ll try and sort it out for you” Hugo resigned

“You’re much too old for your age. You know that Hugo?” I reminded him

“Yeah. Well, what you going to do? We’ll see you soon I expect”

“Make sure you stay out of trouble little man, I’ll see you then!” I smiled, ruffling his hair and jumping into the fireplace, flooing home.

Upon reaching home, I chatted with my Grandparents, then escaped into my room, getting changed into my loungewear, a pair of joggers and baggy T-shirt, thinking I wouldn’t be going anywhere for the rest of the day. I then went back downstairs with my favourite book, snuggling up on the sofa in front of the fire. However I must have gotten really comfortable because I fell asleep. I was awoken in the morning my Rose’s owl Twilight, Hugo was right, she was apologising.

I’m so incredibly completely sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to argue with you. I think it’s the hormones, but I know that’s no excuse really. I just. Well, I didn’t think that was how Scorp was going to react. I’ve been hoping for months that he’d just turn around and tell me this was great and he would never leave my side. But no. That’s the opposite of what happened. He told me to get rid of the baby. I don’t think I can do that. Honestly. I just don’t think I can. But that’s beside the point, I’m sorry for lashing out on you. It was unfair of me. I love you so much. I can’t lose you too. I need you. And hey, I told 5 people in one day. That’s one giant baby step. Not that I meant to of course. You sorted out Mum and Scorp, as well as Al sort of, but don’t worry, I’ll take credit for Dad and Hugo. So actually, maybe you were right; one baby step at a time may work a lot better. If you hadn’t already guessed things with Dad didn’t go too well, Mum calmed him down a bit, but he left the room. Hugo followed him and they had a chat. Hugo came back alone though, he said Dad was going for a walk. He hasn’t come back yet. I won’t lie Livy, I’m worried about him. But still. It’ll be fine. I won’t carry on. I’ll see you soon. I’ve got to go and tell a couple people today, Mum and I thought it was best, the Potters are first on the list and where I’m going today. Slow and steady most certainly is not the way I’m going. Although I have had 4 months and done nothing, so technically, I must have passed the point of going slow.
I’m sorry,
Lots of love,
Rose xxx

I replied quite simply saying,

I accept your apology. Don’t worry about me anymore. Focus on the next hurdle. You can do this. I believe in you, always have, and always will. One baby step at a time, that’s the only way forward. Everything will work itself out, I promise.
Love you too,
Always here,
Livy xxx

She had bigger things to worry about than me, so I let this one slide. I love her to bits and am not prepared to fall out with her over this. Although now, I needed to sort out Scorp, and on my own, because if Rose is with the Potters, I can’t very well steal Al. I made breakfast for everyone and ate it with them, then saying I’d be out for the day. I didn’t bother getting changed as I only really spent a couple hours in the clothes I was wearing the day before. Anyway, I was only going to see Scorp and what did the Malfoy’s care about my appearance. I flooed into his house and had a brief chat with Astoria before heading up to Scorp’s room. I tried and tried for days to get him to open the door, I tried to force my way in, I tried bringing Al and all sorts of different people to leave and her would not budge. It wasn’t until the 3rd day I tried I even got a spoken response.

“SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY. SCORPIUS MALFOY. SCORPIUS. SCORPY. SCORP. SCOR. S-MAN” I screamed into his door, whilst banging on it as well.

“Have you really resorted to S-man?” Scorp asked, sounding as if his was simply sat on the other side of the door, facing away from me.

“This is what it’s come to S-man. I had no choice. You’ve been ignoring me for days”

“I know. I’ve been here too”

“So why answer me now?”

“I’m bored”

“Well, that’s good enough for me I suppose”

“Wonderful! I’m not letting you in though”

“Fine. Be that way. But at least I’m not shouting anymore. Your Mum will be glad” I said, sliding down to sit with my back against the door, facing the other side of the hallway, just as Scorp was doing on his side of the door.

“So am I”



“Why are you still sat in your room? It’s been 3 days”

“Because I don’t know what else to do”

“I could think of a couple things”

“You know what I mean Livy”

“No. I really don’t”

“I’m in shock. I’ve ruined everything with the most important person to me. I’ve wreaked every chance I have to being with Rose. I know I have. I don’t know what to do”

“Hey! I thought I was the most important person to you!”

“Livy” he replied in a flat tone

“Yeah. Okay. Sorry. Not able to joke yet. I get it. Sorry”

“It’s alright. I just need some advice but after that I’d like a joke. Honest”

“Fair enough. I promise you haven’t ruined everything with Rose. She needs you, no matter what she said. She needs you more than ever now”

“Al said that”

“Yeah? Well great minds think alike my good friend”

“I suppose so. You think she’ll take me back?”

“Yeah. I honestly do. You’ll just have to plead a bit. And offer to help. A lot. With everything”

“Do you think that’s enough though?”

“I know it is. Where do you think I am when I’m not screaming your door down?”

“At home?”

“Nope, with Rose. She’s managed to tell almost her whole family”

“Without me”

“Yeah. Without you. Her Mum’s been there every day and you know what, Ron gave in yesterday. Although it’s probably a good thing no one could get into your room. He came round a couple days ago”

“Somehow I’m quite relieved I can be melodramatic”

“Maybe it was for the best. We wouldn’t want your beautiful face damaged now would we?”

“No, of course not”

“Yay! You joked!”

“You gave some advice. That was the plan”

“I guess you’re right. Are you going to open the door now?”

“I suppose I have to”

“Too right. Just wait...” although before I could finish my sentence, telling him I needed to get up before he opened the door, it flew open. “Oww! What is it with you and inflicting pain on unsuspecting girls” I groaned rubbing my head and thankfully accepting the hand Scorp was offering me to help get me up now I was lying flat on the ground.

“Sorry. I must have some sort of talent for it”

“I wouldn’t call it a talent.”

“I said I was sorry!”

“I know but my head would argue that we don’t care” I looked up at him, my figurative big brother, he looked as if he’d been crying, “Everything will be okay. I’m sure of it” I told him sincerely.

He nodded weakly at me, trying to avoid eye contact.

I stepped closer to him, not leaving eye contact with him, even when he tried to break it. The more he tried to avoid me the more impatient I got. I eventually lost patience and told him straight, “Scorpius Malfoy. Will you just look at me?”

He did as asked and I continued, “Thank you. I said everything was going to be okay, right?”

He nodded

“And you believe me don’t you?”

He nodded once more

“Good. So why the hell are you still moping about in front of me?”

He shrugged

“That’s not a good fucking enough answer”

He stared at me, mouth wide open

“Pardon my French. But if that’s what it takes for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself then let it be”

Again nothing, expect his mouth closed slightly

“I could slap you round the face?”

“That won’t be necessary” he replied, gaining the use of his voice


“I’m sorry”

“I’m not the person you should be telling that to”

“I know”

“Then are we okay? And are you going to sort this all out?”

“Of course. I will” he decided, hugging me, “Thanks Livy, when did my little sister get so smart?”

“I was always smart. Just not at the smart people things” I smiled into his shirt

“Of course you were” he laughed, kissing the top of my head.

I squeezed him a little tighter, thinking about how everything was going to change now, “I love you Scorp. Promise me you’ll always be here for me. Even when everything changes. Promise me” I requested looking up into his grey eyes that were slightly red due to his crying.

“I promise Livy. I need you, haven’t I just proved that to you. I love you too” I then looked back away from him, letting a tear fall onto his shirt as my pressed my head into his chest.

“Good. That’s good. And Scorp?”


I turned to look at him once more, a big grin on my face this time, “If you have a daughter, will you name her after me?”

He laughed, pulling away from me, “No! It’d be confusing if she had the same name as her Aunt!”

“Oh my God! You’re right! I’m going to be an Aunt!” I exclaimed, jumping about the room

“You sure are!” he laughed, joining me in jumping

“And you’re going to be a Dad!”

“That I am!” he proudly announced, having stopped jumping around the room.

I spent a little longer with Scorp, sending him to sort things out with Rose before I decided to tell Al the good news. I reached the Potter house finding a seemingly empty mansion.

“Hello?” I sought out, shouting for an answer while entering the hallway, “Anyone home?”

“Livy? Is that you darling?” Ginny asked from one of the many reception rooms

“Yeah it is Ginny, where are you exactly?” I smiled to myself, thinking I still get confused in this house

“Just here” Ginny appeared from one of the many doors, “How are you my lovely?” she politely wondered, stepping aside from the doorway, allowing me to follow her into a sitting room and letting me make myself comfortable on a nearby sofa

“I’m really wonderful thank you. I’ve just been with Scorp, he’s gone to find Rose and sort everything out. I finally persuaded him to drop any stupid ideas he had and leave his room. He’s such a drama queen sometimes! But how are you?”

“I’m much better now you’ve told me that. I must say everyone’s been really worried about Rose, but knowing Scorpius is going to be right there beside her. Well, I guess we don’t have much to worry about. How long was he in his room then?”

“3 whole days! He can be really melodramatic when he wants to!”

“Sounds like he can be, never really struck me as that sort of kid. But then again, I always seem to be surprised nowadays!”

“Mum. Mum! Have you seen my jumper? I’m going round to Jennifer’s house” Lily’s voice boomed as if it was quite near

“Last time I saw it you were wearing it Lils” she answered her daughter, “Lil, before you go, say hello”

A rather disgruntled Lily popped her head around the door, “Hello” she almost groaned, “Oh. It’s you!” Lily smiled, “I didn’t know you were coming round!”

“Neither did I” I admitted, “I only decided moments before I was here!”

“Still, if I’d have known, I wouldn’t have told Jen I was going to go over!”

“Don’t worry about that! I see you all the time!”

“Yeah. But...”

“No buts, don’t worry about it. I’m having a great time talking to your Mum!”

“Oh. Well. Yeah. Do you want me to take you out to Al?”

“If you don’t mind Lil, that’d be great. Not that I don’t love talking to you Ginny”

“Don’t give it another thought love. Go and find him. Although, Lily, do me a favour and get Livy a coat, it’s a bit cold outside” Ginny smiled

“You don’t need to do that, I’ll be fine!” I denied

“Nonsense, you’re only wearing a vest top!” she firmly told me

“Come on then Livy chick!” Lily took me by the hand a guided me out of the room, collecting me a jacket and taking me outside. “They’re playing Quidditch in the orchard, Al, James, Dad, Uncle Ron, Hugo, Dom, Louis, Fred and Rox. 4 v.4. It was 5 v. 5 until I had to leave, Louis had to sit out.”

“Let me guess, is it Al, Rox, Dom and Ron in one team. Meaning James, Fred, Hugo and Harry are in the other.”

“You’re good at this guessing stuff! Whose team was I on?”

“Al’s team”

“Woah! You know us too well! Louis will love it now you’re here, you can take my place!”

“Great! I’m always up for a bit of Quidditch!”

Every time I enter the Orchard I smile, the trees are tall enough to play Quidditch without being noticed, not that it matters much, the Potters own this property in the middle of nowhere. It’s a beautiful place. I’ve always loved it.

“Right, you know where to go from here, I really should be going to Jen’s. But make sure you come over again!” Lily remembered, bringing me back to reality.

“You know I will Lils, you know I will” I reassured her as she walked back towards the house.

I walked to the edge of the pitch, and once again was lost in my thoughts. I’d gotten distracted once more. I found that with this family I was easily distracted by my original goal. I came here to see Al, but it must be at least half an hour since I arrived and only now was a close enough to speak to him. First I had a great chat and catch up with Ginny, letting her know exactly what I’d come to tell Al first. After that Lily got me talking and made me promise to come back, not that I wouldn’t have done. This is one of my other homes, I love it here. I’ve always felt so happy and welcome while here. Now I realised I was going to have to play before I even spoke to Al, so there’s another thing in the way. I walked onto the pitch and went to cross the pitch when I was stopped.


A/N- Hey Guys! How about everything here? What are we thinking? Please leave me a review letting me know what yo think, even if it is at the end of reading a couple chapters, the whole thing, or the end of every chapter. I love hearing you're opinions and getting criticism! Thanks so much for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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