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I stormed from the hall; they wanted to play dirty? I’ll play so dirty, they won’t know what the hell hit them.

“Ellie! Calm down! Think before you act! Don’t be irrational.” Katie whisper yelled as she ran behind me.

“Trust me, if you want to win this, you won’t try to calm me down.” I turned a corner sharply and raced my way towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

Panting and out of breath, Alicia and Angelina were waiting at the portrait when Katie and I got there.

“Secret- secret passageway.” Alicia said clasping a stitch in her side.

“Ellie, what’s going on?” Angelina asked doubled over.

“She’s in her mood.”

“Wait, the mood? THE mood?” Alicia asked, “This is great! We’re so going to win now! No one calm her down!”

“Oh shut up!” I whispered angrily as I pushed past them and climbed into the Gryffindor common room. I stood by the entrance looking around. It was eerily quiet; I’ve always seen someone in the common room. Without people, it looked lonely.

“So what’s the plan?” Katie whispered.

“They didn’t say any rules on how to redecorate.” I said with a smile. Alicia appeared by my side and said, “I know that look, and I agree completely.” We smirked at each other and got to work.

An hour later the four of us stood in the middle of our new creation. Looking around I couldn’t wait for tomorrow morning to see everyone’s reactions.

“We are genius. I can’t believe we just did that, and got away with it!” Katie squealed.

“SHH!” Alicia and I said at the same time. Katie blushed as we giggled.

“Let’s go! We only have 45 minutes left and we still have to get a goblet signed by house elves, underwear from a Slytherin, Professor McGonagall’s grade sheet and Cormac’s quidditch robes.” Katie said, much more quietly this time.

“Give us two minutes to admire our handiwork, I mean, look at this place!” Angelina said in awe.

We completely redecorated the common room, and got the boys back for their cheating prank. We brought all of their stuff, their beds, trunks, clothes, everything down into the common room, and set it up like their bedroom. We put the common room furniture back in their room.

On the wall, we hung black and pink streamers, as a reminder of who the better group is (cough us cough). We also completely littered the floor with the pink and black balloons. As a little revenge (more personal) we hung all of their underwear from the ceiling, with a charm where only a girl could get it down. Gosh I love being female.

“Okay, I’m good to go now.” Angelina said. Once we were outside of the common room Alicia stopped us.

“I think we should split up, it would go much faster, and since we’re kinda disregarding the rules now…” Alicia said.

“I agree, Angelina and I will go together and Alicia, you and Katie can go together.” I said. No way in hell was Alicia and Angelina going together, and Alicia and I were together last time, fair’s fair.

“Okay, that works.” Alicia said, reading my mind. “Katie and I will get the grade sheet and the golden goblet. You two get the underwear and the qudditch robes.”

“Meet at the Common Room at ten to two, that’ll give us enough time to go over everything.” Angelina said, then we split and went our separate ways.

“What do you want to get first?” She asked me.

“Let’s just go get the Slytherin underwear, that’s closest to where we are.” I said with a sinking feeling, there was no way we were going to be able to get in without a password.

“Don’t worry, I have the password.” Angelina whispered to me as we approached the entrance.

“Goo-. Wait. How do you have the password?”

“Um, well, it’s a funny story actually.”

“Yeah?” I asked with a smile.

“I hooked up with a Slytherin last week before you and Katie got back from break.” She said with a wince.

“Wow, can’t keep you off the boys can we? For once it came in handy.”

Angelina smiled, said the password and we got in. I’ve never been in the Slytherin common room before, and it was a shock. It was green and I mean venom green. I felt poisoned as soon as I walked in.

I looked around at the black furnature, glowing green. I was beginning to feel sick. “Let’s get the underwear and get out of here, I feel sick.”

“On it.” Angelina disappeared up a staircase and in a flash she was back holding a pair of, wouldn’t you guess it, green boxers.

“Who’s are those?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, I grabbed the first pair I saw.” Together we left the common room and bolted (as quietly as we could) to the Quidditch field.

“Shit, we have ten minutes to get back to the common room.” Angelina cursed.

We walked into the Gryffindor changing rooms and looked for Cormac’s locker.

“Damn, what does this kid keep in here? It smells like someone died! Twice!” I clutched my nose and my eyes began to water. I’ve never been near his locker before, mine is on the other side of the room. The smell has never reached me before. Maybe that’s why he’s alone in this corner.

“Still think he’s attractive Ellie?” Angelina smirked in my direction.

“People can’t control how they or their stuff smells. Yes, I still think he’s attractive. Now hurry up and grab his clothes, I need to get out of here before the smell permanently affects my brain.” I grabbed what I could and sprinted out of the locker room. “I still think he’s attractive, but that will forever change my views of his personal hygiene.” I wiped my eyes on my sleeve.

“We have ten minutes to get to the common room.”

“You- bloody- hell- arse- I-…no.” Alicia was red in the face with anger at us. We got there just as the clock struck two, right behind the boys.

“Calm down Leesh, we aren’t late.” I panted. “And we got everything we needed.”

“We’ll be the judges of that.” Fred said slyly.

“Let’s exchange stuff and we’ll judge each other.”

I gathered the boys’ things and laid them out.

“Golden Goblet signed by four house elves.” Check.

“Sword from a suit of armor.” Check.

“Butterbeer from Hog’s Head.” Check.

“Menu from Three Broomsticks.” Nope.

“You guys are missing the menu.” We all smiled to each other. We just won.

“No we didn’t. Here look.” George said, he lifted up his shirt and sure enough, there it was written in Sharpie on his chest. Damn.

“Underwear from a Slytherin.” Red, lacy, definitely a Slytherins. Oliver probably got it.

“Something unopened.” A condom. Of course. Again, it was probably Olivers, or maybe Freds. One of the two.

“Something Shiny.” A ring. Wait. A ring? That’s my ring! They took my ring!

“You assholes! This is my ring! You were in our room?” I yelled at them.

“It’s not the first time we’ve been in your room.” Oliver reassured me, “Anyway, it’s not like you didn’t go in ours.” He motioned to all around him. We smiled. True.

“Grade for First years.” Check, in her handwriting and all.

“Redecorate the Great Hall.” Check, we saw that a little while ago.

“Cormac McLaggen’s robes.” I pulled out of the pile a pair of gloves. It counted, we never said the whole outfit, and the gloves were part of it.

“Well, you guys got everything.” I turned around and said.

“So did you.”

“So what now.” Katie asked.

“How about we compromise? We both get what we want?” I offered. “Or we both get nothing?”

“No, it’s all or nothing here. We aren’t done. Let’s do a tie break.” Oliver had a menacing glimmer in his eyes. He got scary like that sometimes, but mostly with quidditch.

“Now?” Katie had a strained look on her face.

“Yes now.” Oliver replied.

“No. Later. We want to go to sleep. We’ve had enough running around tonight. We’re going to sleep.” I said sternly. I laced my arms through Katie and Alicia and together, with Angelina, we made our way out of the Common room.

“Wait, are we invited? I kinda don’t want to wake up with the entire house staring at me.” George asked.

We all looked at each other then nodded, “Of course you guys are. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“I think we have a new tradition.” I whispered to Alicia.

“I can’t decide if I like it or if I hate it yet.” I nodded in agreement.

“Elle, you asleep?” A hot, musky voice whispered in my ear a few hours later.

“No.” I breathed back.

“Come with me.”

Blindly I stood up to follow the mysterious voice in the pitch black. I staggered around for a minute, and then arms reached out and caught me. I almost screamed in surprise.

“Sh, don’t wake up the others.” Only one person would be this awake at this hour, Fred.

I let him grab my hand and lead me out of the Room of Requirement, through the hallways and out towards the lake. It was a miracle how teachers didn’t catch us, and how we didn’t get lost in the dark. It couldn’t be past 4 am.

I felt him let go of my hand once we reached our tree by the lake.

“What’s going on Fred?” I asked, I could barely see for one thing and it was so early my brain wasn’t functioning. I was not really in the mood.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“So you decided to wake me up and drag me out here?”

“I like our morning- er- midnight, talks. It’s relaxing.”

“You only say that because last time we had one I completely broke down.”

“No, I like them because I see a different side of you, and I like that side.”

“Is Fred Weasley hitting on me?”

“No, I’m just saying, I like the different Ellie. You seem different. All the time. It’s a good different though.” He whispered staring out across the lake. “I just noticed that’s all.”

“Thanks? I guess?” I didn’t know what else to say. There wasn’t really anything else to say.

“How’s everything with Tiffany?” He broke the silence.

I sighed, “It’s good, we talked through everything. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about her though.”

“You’re 16, you aren’t supposed to know how you feel about anything. That’s why we’re all here. They group us all together so we can be confused together. That’s also why we’re so far away, we’re dangerous.” Fred said.

I started laughing. I couldn’t stop. I laughed until my sides hurt. I laughed until I couldn’t speak anymore. When I finally calmed down I said, “Wow, I haven’t laughed like that in a really long time.”

“I am known for my humor.” Fred smirked, eyes still searching the lake.

“That you are.” I whispered to myself. “Hey Fred.” I said a little louder.

“What’s up?”

“I lied.”

“About what?”

“I couldn’t sleep either.”

The next morning I woke up to arguing voices. Groaning I rolled over and opened my eyes slightly, Katie and Fred, go figure.

“Katie, stop meddling in things you don’t understand.”

“Then help me to understand them Fred!” Katie shrieked.

“No! It’s none of your business!”

“She’s my best friend, of course it’s my business.” Katie pointed at me when she said that.

“I don’t understand girls.” He muttered, grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the room of Requirement.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Oliver asked sitting up in his sleeping bag.

“None of your business.” Katie said. She stopped, her face turned red and she hung her head when she realized. She walked over to me and said, “Ellie, what’s going on between you and Fred?” She asked quietly.

“What are you talking about? Nothing is going on.” I replied sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

“Cut the crap, I saw you two this morning.” Her blue eyes bore into mine.

“If there was anything there, then I wouldn’t tell you would I?” I said back, my eyes boring into hers this time. “It’s not any of your business.”

“I’ll find out eventually.” She said, and returned to her sleeping bag.

I slammed my head back into the pillow. Shit, Katie always sticks her nose into things that should just be left alone. There is nothing going on between Fred and I. We are just good friends, that’s how I feel about him and how he feels about me. She just doesn’t understand because I’m closer to him than I am to any of the other boys.

Taking a deep breath I got out of my sleeping bag and began to clean up my stuff.

“Elle! No breakfast?” Alicia asked motioning to the kitchen that just appeared.

“No, she going to spend some personal time with Fred.” Katie said loudly, everyone got quiet after she said that.

“If you HAVE to know, I was going to do the homework I’m behind on in Transfiguration. But I think I’ll stay for breakfast now.” I shot to Alicia staring at Katie the whole time.

“Elle, you don’t have to stay.” Alicia said quietly.

“No I want to stay.” I said louder, still staring at Katie.

“No, clearly you don’t want to stay! Just go be with Fred.” Katie shouted at me.

Just then, Angelina swooped in grabbed my arm and Katie’s arm and rushed us over to a door. “Don’t come out until you are best friends!” She said with a smile, then pushed us in and closed (and locked) the door behind us.

“That…that….witch with a b!” Oh Katie, true Katie. She never curses, she can’t curse. As soon as she said that I started to laugh. Then Katie started to laugh. Then she hugged me and our laugher turned into crying.

“I’m sorry I’m being a witch with a b.” Katie said as she calmed down.

“I just understand why you care so much.” I sat down on the floor cross-legged and Katie sat across from me.

“Looking back now, I don’t have any right to be mad at you because one, I have no idea what’s going on and two, I didn’t tell anyone this.” Katie looked down at her hands.

“What are you talking about Katie?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“I have a crush on Fred, and I thought you and him…he clearly likes you. I thought you liked him back. I got jealous.” Katie wouldn’t meet my eyes, “So when I saw you two go out this morning, I got angry. But you had no idea that I like him, so I really had no right to be mad.”

“What happened to Roger Davis? I thought you had a crush on him.”

“I just think he’s attractive, I played it up so Fred and the boys wouldn’t find out. And I guess I didn’t want anyone to find out.

“Why not? We’re not going to judge you! Fred is kind of attractive. But don’t worry he’s all yours. I promise nothing is going on between us, and now that you told me that, nothing will be going on between us.”

“Are you saying that you like Fred?” Katie looked at me for the first time in the conversation.

“No, I don’t like Fred, but if feelings do develop, I’ll make sure they don’t. I’ll put in a good word for you.” I smiled.

“Now I feel so evil. I’m sorry.” She muttered.

“Don’t be.”

“Forgive?” She smiled and looked up at me.

I laughed. “Forgive.” I said. We grabbed hands and helped each other stand up. “Angelina! We made up! Let us out.” I called through the door.

“I don’t believe you!” Angelina called back.

“How on earth are we supposed to prove it to you then?” Katie rolled her eyes as she called back.

“I-“ Her voice faltered and it was silent for a moment. Then the door swung open, “I expect everything to be good between you two, no tricks.”

Katie and I both laughed and walked out of the closet, “Are we allowed to eat now?”

Alicia put food on a table and said, “Absolutely not! Some one needs to tell me what the bloody hell just happened!” Alicia towered over the table with her hands on her hips and glared at Katie and me.

I saw Katie glance at Oliver and George who were sitting down to eat. “We’ll tell you later.” She said nervously.

“No, you tell me now or neither of you get breakfast.”

“Leesh, we’ll tell you later.” I said sternly, trying to communicate with my eyes. She caught my glance and her eyes softened, “Oh, so it’s about- OH!” She said coming to the realization. She moved aside and let Katie and I sit down. “But I expect every damn detail.” She whispered to me.

“Holy shit, Katie you arse!” Alicia said when Katie and I finished telling her what happened.

“I know I know. I’m completely at Ellie’s mercy until we’re even.” Katie muttered with her head hanging low.

“Calm down Katie, it’s really not a big deal. Next time just wait until I’ve had my orange juice and I can comprehend what’s going on before you attack me.” I sighed.

“I can’t make any promises.”

“You realize that you just gave me permission to do whatever the hell I want to you if that ever happens again.” I said and Katie looked up with her mouth in a perfect O.

“Um, then I’ll do my best.”

“So will I.” I smiled and we hugged.

“How cute, but I’m very confused, why didn’t you tell us Katie?” Angelina cut in. I almost forgot she was here.

“I didn’t want you guys to tell anyone, especially Fred.”

“Seriously? You think we would do that?” Alicia asked.

“I didn’t know! You have to be careful with these kinds of things.” Katie went silent for a minute, “Are you guys mad at me?” She asked.

“What? Why would we be mad at you?” I said shocked.

“Gosh, don’t be so dramatic Katie!” Alicia said while cleaning off her bed.

“You’re funny Katie.” Angelina winked.

Katie’s shoulders relaxed as she breathed out, “Phew.” I heard her say just barely.

“Moving on, the boys are incessant about this rematch from the scavenger hunt last night.” Alicia said as she continued to clean the area around her bed.

“I think we should just let them come up it. Honestly it’s too much trouble to worry about. They’ll forget about it eventually.” I said.

“Yeah, if we’re lucky.” Alicia responded.

Monday morning, bleary eyed and yawning the four of us shuffled into the Great Hall. We froze in our tracks when we saw the boys, who are usually worse off then we are, bright eyed and cheery waving at us from across the hall.

Confused we went over and sat down with them, Oliver making room for Alicia. Alicia absentmindedly sat next to him. I sat down across from them next to George and Angelina. I saw Oliver put his hand on Alicia’s thigh and her eyes got wide. I quickly looked to see if Angelina had seen, she hadn’t. Alicia leaned over and whispered something in Oliver’s ear; he only shook his head and smiled.

Angelina looked over, saw the hand and got a confused look on her face.

“Something wrong Angelina?” Oliver asked.

“Yeah actually, why are you hitting on my best friend?” Her voice was steady, steady and dangerous.

“I’m not hitting on her. Babe you didn’t tell her?” Oliver said to Alicia who starred blankly back, “We’re dating now.”

A/N: So I’m not sure how much I like this chapter. I may go back and edit it. Tell me your thoughts though please! Anything I should change or fix?
I feel so bad for abandoning you guys for two months, but I got so stressed out with a lot of stuff, but I’m back now I promise!!

Wow, over 1000 reads! That’s incredible! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Keep reading! Keep reviewing! If you review my story I review one of yours! That’s how it works!

So I want thoughts, Fretie? (Katie and Fred) Or Frellie? (Fred and Ellie) Wow those two names sound really gross and really similar…..not okay…… Someone wanna come up with ship names? ;)

Anyway, I’ll try to update as quickly as possible! PHEW! That was a long author’s note, for those of you who are still with me thanks for reading! And review review review! Again, you review mine, I review yours!

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