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Sticks and Stones by ReeBee
Chapter 3 : Unexpected
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“She’s not that bad.” James stated to Mason, as soon as he stepped out of their fireplace after training. Mason looked up from the newspaper. He was having a slow day and decided to skive work after lunch, after all, the most serious case they had gotten that day was some teenage witch running away from home, only to be found a few blocks away.

“Who exactly is this ‘she’?” Mason asked, raising both eyebrows.

“Beatrix Pippa Davis.” James replied, pulling his sweaty shirt of in one solid move. Mason scrunched up his nose at the sweaty shirt, which landed on the couch next to him.

“As in the Beatrix Davis? The same one who wrote this article?” Mason held up the newspaper he was reading, the front page of which was printed the article from that morning.

“Yep.” James replied casually, throwing down his broom and bag. He chose to ignore Mason’s look of shocked disbelief.

“As in the bloody reporter who wrote the article that almost ruined my career?” James stopped in the middle of looking for his favourite tee-shirt to give Mason a what-the-hell look. “My boss saw that article! He threaten to fire me, but thank good Davis included the bit about me stepping in to stop the spell she cast, or else I’d be jobless!”

“The manager threatened me too.” James replied, continuing his search. “She threatened to leave, so that I’d have to find a new one. Don’t even get me started on the coach!” James suppressed a shudder.

“So now tell me, how does this make Davis ’not that bad’?” Mason crossed his arms. James, finally finding his tee-shirt under a pile of Mason’s cookbooks, smiled and started on the story from that morning.

“Fine,” Mason replied after the story had finished, “she might’ve apologised, but I don’t believe that she’s changed. I think you should watch your back.”


Pippa was having a terribly busy day. It seems that anyone and everyone chosen that single day to act up, from the old grandma who got lost in Diagon Alley, to the random teenage witch who decided to run away. Sighing, she put the quill down with a soft thud. Pippa had just finished and was looking forward to go home and relax in a warm bath. But life did not feel like agreeing with Pippa.

Just as she went to the staffroom to make a cup of tea, she ran into the satan’s spawn, herself.

“Pippa! Darling! How’ve you been?” Amy Rogers stared back at Pippa from behind cold blue eyes. Her pale pink painted lips were twisted up into a fake smile. Pippa mirrored her look.

“Oh, hi Amy! I’ve been great! Yeah, the peak of greatness was when my wedding was cancelled due to some sly bitch. Actually, now that I mention it, I’m not sure why said bitch is talking to me.” Pippa replied in a sarcastically happy tone.

“Well, the heart wants what it wants. And obviously there was a reason why Peter chose me over you.”

“Yeah, I know, Let me enlighten you. It’s because Peter’s a man slag who likes slags. Make sense doesn’t it?”

“He once liked you, didn’t he? So, I guess you’re a slag too.”

“Yes, well, that was before his taste in girls turned rotten.”

“Great comeback, sweetie.”

“And like yours was any better, hun.” Pippa snapped. She opened her mouth to elaborate when they were interrupted.

“Amy! What are you doing here? We agreed to meet in my office, remember?” Pippa wondered why god hated her today. After all, Felicity Perry was the last person Pippa wanted to talk to.

“Felicity!” Amy cooed, and leaned in to give two kisses on either of Felicity’s cheeks. “Oh, I just ran into darling Pippa here and we were just having a chat.” Felicity turned her gaze to Pippa, giving her an evil eye. Both journalists did not get along (to say the least) due to their common…friend.

“Bless your soul, Felicity, you’ve come to give me leave! How much time can one pend talking to a slag with the brain of a first year?”

“Don’t insult my cousin, Davis. Stay away from the both of us.” Felicity growled. “Oh, and Montgomery wanted to see you in his office.”

“I’d be glad to stay away. And, erm, thanks for the message?” Pippa trailed off, wondering if not thanking her coworker would be rude. After all, the mentioned coworker was the cousin of her ex-fiance’s mistress.


Jason Montgomery was a large man. Waistline large. He towered over most people, in both height and width. So, when a man that big was sitting in an equally large leather chair behind an even larger wooden desk, most would be intimidated. Pippa was not part of the most. Montgomery always had a soft spot towards Pippa, making her compare him to the likes of a large teddy bear.

“Pippa!” His voice boomed, echoing off the walls of the large room.

“Mr Montgomery! How are you, sir?” Pippa had just perfected the art of sucking up to a higher authority.

“Fine fine.” He brushed away the question with a careless wave of his hand. “But, I want you to explain to me why this is on my desk, to be printed tomorrow.” He handed me a couple of sheets of parchment. I started reading.

Ms Davis’ Hidden Secrets
by Felicity Perry

We all know of the recent article written by Beatrix Pippa Davis, reporting of the events during her wedding. In that, Ms Davis describes James Potter, of the Tutshill Tornadoes, interrupting her wedding, causing it to be called off.

Pippa read on, skipping a few lines.

What she didn’t tell us, was the romantic involvement between the wedding crasher and herself, the bride. They were seen together yesterday, the day after the crashed wedding, smiling and laughing.

A photo followed that paragraph. Pippa was smiling softly, a slight blush on her cheeks and James was grinning, his eyes lit with joy. Pippa could definitely see how this could be taken in the wrong way.

“So, Pippa, can you explain this?” Montgomery asked, a slight raise to his eyebrows. He knew he would get something, even if it wasn’t the truth. There was a reason Pippa was a damn good reporter, because she could squirm her way out of any situation.

“It isn’t true, sir.” Pippa didn’t offer any other explanation.

“Well then, it isn’t going to be published. But, I need a reason to give to Felicity if she asks why I didn’t publish her article. So, I need a counter article, something that completely disproves what Felicity was trying to say….and something that doesn’t humiliate a fellow reporter.” Montgomery looked down at the draft article in Pippa’s hand with disgust. He may have been twisted and manipulative in his younger days, but he never had time for those who turned their back on their own newspaper.

“I’ll do what it takes, Mr Montgomery.” Pippa walked out of the door with confidence.

“Have it on my desk by eight pm, Davis!” Montgomery yelled out of the door. Pippa nodded her head absentmindedly, already plotting out her article. When she sat down at her desk, all her confidence seeping out of her. She rested her head on her desk, worrying about her new founded friendship.


At 7:58 pm, an exhausted Pippa knocked on her boss’ door twice, before pushing it open.

“Ah, Pippa! Knew I could count on you!”

“Thanks, Mr Montgomery.” Pippa said weakly, placing the draft on his desk.

“You okay? This took longer than usual.” Montgomery said with concern. He had always had a soft spot towards the girl.

“It wasn’t the easiest task to find negative things.” She nodded halfheartedly towards the draft.


“Yes, this, I can tell you Mr Montgomery, is the first time in my life that I’ve knowingly written an article so full of lies.”

“I’m sorry I had to put you in this position, Pippa.”

“Mr Montgomery, I was wondering whether I could read Felicity’s draft, just out of curiosity?” Pippa knew it would come in handy when she was confronted.

“Of course.” He rummaged around his drawers for a bit, before finding the draft in his recycling bin, and handed it to Pippa.

“Thank you.” Pippa turned around and started to walk off when Montgomery spoke.

“Pippa, it had to be done.” He said, in what he hoped was a comforting tone. Pippa sighed.

“I know. Goodnight, Mr Montgomery.” Pippa smiled sadly before leaving. She found the most unexpected of things outside of her office; Peter Podmore pacing.

“Pippa, sweetheart.” Peter started when he saw her.

“Shut up. I don’t want to talk to you.” Pippa tried to get inside her office but Peter blocked her way. Pippa felt heat rush to her face in anger. Her hand twitched towards her wand.

“Pippa, forgive me, it was just once. Potter and Finnegan! They’re out for me! Please, don’t believe them!”

“Peter, I swear to god, if you don’t move I will hex you into infinity.” Pippa’s voice was dangerously low as her hand gripped onto her wand.

“Pippa, ever since I cursed Finnegan’s fiancé, they’ve been out for me. Pippa, honey, please.” Pippa drew her wand and held it up to his neck.

“Podmore. Leave. Now.” Pippa’s was taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself and slow her racing heart.

“Pippa, we have to stay together, you know why! How can you desert me after what happened with-“

“Shut up!” Pippa said menacingly. Her voice was quieter than usual, but Peter stopped talking, he could feel the cold edge in her voice.

“Leave.” Pippa stated again. Peter opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by an impossibly shrill voice.

“Peter, love, what are you doing here.” Amy bloody Rogers.

“Pippa, please.” Peter ignored Amy, whose face turned pink.

“Peter, what business do you have with her? After all, she’s nothing to you, right? That’s what you told me that night, when you-”

“That’s enough, Amy. I do not want to know about your midnight rendezvouses.” Pippa’s face twisted into an expression to the likes of one when eating something sour.

“No one asked you, Davis.” Felicity appeared beside Amy, instantly putting her own word into the conversation.

“Oh, yeah, and they asked you, Perry?” Pippa’s gaze turned on Felicity but her wand stayed tight against Peter’s neck.

“Shut up, Fliss!” Amy hissed, turning to her cousin. “This is me and Peter’s business!” Felicity looked like she was slapped.

“And Peter’s ex fiance’s.” Pippa added, shooting an infuriating smirk to Amy.

“Urgh!” Amy lunged for Pippa, but Peter got in the way. “Peter! Move!”

“Yeah, Peter, I agree with your mistress on that one. Move. Keep walking or else your head won’t be on your shoulders.” Peter froze and started walking. Pippa, or Pippa’s wand, guided him towards the elevator, making sure Peter was fully inside, Pippa pressed the ground floor button. As the elevator doors closed, Peter let out one futile plead.

“Pippa, please.” The lady in question rolled her eyes as she turned to her ex fiancé’s mistress and her cousin.

“So, Amy, what was that comment from earlier today… ‘the heart wants what it wants’? Well, I guess Peter’s heart didn’t want you.” Pippa winked before striding over to her office door. “And Felicity, don’t expect your article to be in the paper tomorrow.” With that last word, she shut the door with a slam, before sliding down to the floor and letting the tears roll out of her eyes. Pippa couldn’t believe Peter tried to use that against her.


Ginny Weasley handed in her article on the latest quidditch match to the editor, Jason Montgomery, when something caught her eye. A draft of an article. She could make out part of the title, “James Potter,” but, Ginny could see no more. The only other thing she saw was the reporter’s name, and the sight froze her bones, “Beatrix Pippa Davis."

A/N: Hi everyone! How late is this update? A month! I’m so so sorry! I was trying to update my other WIP first and since I’m losing inspiration for that, it was so so hard to drum out the chapter! And, this is short! I’m sorry for that too! But, hopefully you’ll forgive me, because this had some vital details!

Many thanks to Lululuna for writing a super awesome review and also wanting to know more about Amy Rogers! So, here she is! And, Peter wasn’t originally in my plans for this story, but here is too! :D So, those interactions are dedicated to her!

So, what do u think is going to happen? What did Pippa do? What did she write? Cant wait to hear your thoughts!


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