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Scorpius who had come as well but only to the after party, (his Dad had organised something for that day that he couldn’t get out of), left at about 1 in the morning. We all said goodbye to him and he left perhaps a bit drunk but nonetheless was okay. Al disappeared for a while to see a member of his distant family that was also leaving, this left Rose and I. We both went into The Burrow for a bit to sober up (using the potion created to do such the thing). We settled onto Ron’s old bed to have a chat about everything really. This is when Rose told me something I couldn’t quite understand at the time, and perhaps could have handled better initially.

"Livy? I need to tell you something." Rose hesitated

Just from that hesitation I knew something was wrong. "Yeah"

"Don't get mad at me. I would have told you sooner, but I just don't have the courage. There's a reason I'm not in Gryffindor, really there is. I just didn’t know how to put it or when to say it. There is never a good time to say something like this. I mean, I almost told him. I haven’t told anyone. I should have, I will. I’m going to. I just need help. Livy, this is where you come in. I need to tell someone. I just..."

"I won't get mad. I promise. But will you hurry up and tell me. You're stressing me out here"

"I'm pregnant"

"You're what?" I shook my head, trying to comprehend what she had just said.

"Pregnant. With child. Baby on board. Up the duff. Knocked up. I don't know how to make it any clearer."

"Sorry. I'm sorry. It's just. Well, are you sure?"

"Yes. Yes I'm sure. And, well don't curse me for this, but I have been for months”

“You’ve what?”

“I have been for 4 months”


“Yes. But keep your voice down”


“Please. Livy. Please”



“OKAY. FINE. BUT. WHAT? I MEAN WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WAIT, I’M SORRY, WHAT HAPPENED 4 ENTIRE MONTHS AGO?” (thank Merlin we were almost in the attic and everyone was outside or else people would have asked questions)

“Okay, well, when two people love each other”


“Sorry. It’s just. This is hard. I’m beyond stressed. And I’m so afraid Livy. I’m so, so afraid of this.”

“Rosie. I’m sorry. Come here.” I apologised pulling her into a hug (told you I could have handled this better) “It’s just. I’m angry you didn’t tell me sooner. But honestly Rosie Posie, I’m so glad you did. How did this happen? Merlin. It is Scorp’s, right?”

She nestled in closer to me, nodding her head.

“And you haven’t told him”

She nodded again, starting to cry.

“It’s okay. It’s all going to be okay. I promise. It will”

She sat up and looked at me, make up all over her face, and said with the upmost serious face, “But how do you know that? I haven’t told anyone for 4 months because I’m terrified of what people might say. I’m incredibly worried. I need to tell him Livy. But what if he just dumps me?”

“Our Scorpy Worpy? I mean, your Scorpy Worpy? Never. Never would he ever do that. Sure, he may handle it like I did to begin with. But it’s half him”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He’s like my brother, you know that. I know for a fact what my big brother is like, and he would never, ever, desert you. Now shh. Let me get you all cleaned up. And we can go and face the world. Then tomorrow. We can figure everything else out.”

“Okay. One little step at a time”

“One baby step at a time Rosie. We can do this.”

I got her cleaned up then we went downstairs, and in passing the crowded Weasley clock, I found it was now 2 in the morning, and we’d had a surprisingly long chat. We found Al and I announced it was probably best if I went home.

“Livy. You can’t leave. Stay. Mum and Dad won’t mind. You can stay with us. We can get out the blow up bed and put it in my room” Rose pleaded

“Yeah, send a note to your Nan and then go to Rose’s house. I’ll come round tomorrow. We can make a day of it!” Al added

“Wait here. Wait, no. You go and say bye to everyone. I’ll go tell Mum we’re leaving and do the rounds as well; I’ll meet you by the exit.” Rose decided

Al and I then did the rounds, saying goodbye to everyone, we saw Mr and Mrs Lupin last, “Teddy! My new official family member” Al laughed, giving him a man hug.

“Al! My almost little brother, but my now official family member!” Teddy drunkenly smiled, accepting the hug.

Torie and I rolled our eyes at them and turned to each other, “Torie, I must say, you still look stunning! Congratulations by the way! It’s so great you two are married!” I smiled, giggling at Teddy and Al who were now dancing, (Only God knows how they got to that!)

“Thank you! Victoire Lupin has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I’m literally on cloud 9, I couldn’t be happier right now!” she revealed, pulling Teddy into a kiss.

“Aww,well, we only came over to say goodbye and hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii! Don’t forget to write when you get back, we’ll have to come and see you!” I decided

“We won’t forget! See you then! Bye!” Teddy replied. We hugged both of them, and parted from them, retreating from the marquee.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Al kissed me goodbye.

Rose appeared just as we broke apart saying, “Let’s a go go amigo!”

We then left, leaving Al to find his own way home. Rose and I flooed to her house, a big house on the edge of Stratford, it has 4 bedrooms, each with its own en-suite. They also have a downstairs shower room which includes a toilet, but as well as that on the first floor there is a decent sized kitchen, a small dining room, a study with enough books to last a life time and 2 reception rooms (one a tiny room with a fireplace and the most comfortable chair ever, for reading books in. The other room, a large living room). Throughout the whole house there are both muggle and magical appliances, it’s a great mix, the use of muggle appliances means those younger can do things almost as quick as those who can use magic!

Anyway, I wrote a letter to my Grandparents telling them that I’d be staying with Rose for the night and the majority of tomorrow, giving the letter to Rose’s owl Twilight, asking her to just leave it on the kitchen table. In the time it took me to do that Rose had found the bed and had accidently woken up poor Hugo while trying to pump it up.

“Sorry Hu’, you can go back to bed. I’m just trying to pump this up, Livy’s staying the night.” Rose apologised

“It’s okay Ro, just get on with it. Night.” He stated, walking out of Rose’s room and almost into me, “Oh. Hi Livy” he waved tiredly at me, “Bye Livy” he continued waving behind his back.

“Night Hugo!” I waved back

Rose popped her head through the doorway wished Hugo a good night, “Sweet dreams little brother” he continued to wave as he walked into his room, going back to sleep.

Rose once again retreated into her own room and I followed her, she’d resorted to using magic to pump up the air bed. And had even laid some pjs for me to wear on top, (this time I got one of Al’s old Quidditch and was actually allowed to wear it, as well as a pair of shorts). We both got changed and both snuggled into our beds.

“Night Livy. I love you. Thank you so much” Rose thanked

“Night Rosie. I love you too. One baby step at the time” I reminded

“One baby step at a time” Rose repeated sleepily, trying to make herself feel happy once more and falling asleep.

A/N- Hey Guys! What do we think of this exciting news! How do you think everyone else will react? Please tell me what you think and review the chapter! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx
P.S. Small apology for Gwen, who wrote a review for me, I did reply I was on chapter 29 and there was loads more to go... it turns out. There's just a one after it. The epilgoue. Other than that... Here's the reference to the title! But the drama of this will continue to unfold for the next couple of chapters! I hope you all enjoy this! 

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