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7th year.
It went so incredibly fast, first year felt like a week ago. None of us wanted to leave. None of us felt old enough to leave, everything was going so quickly. All our professors were constantly telling us that the year would go fast but we never believed them until it was already past Christmas, that was the first scary sign the our journey at Hogwarts was almost over.

We tried to live life moment by moment. Our Head Boy and Girl were Rose and Scorp, no one was really surprised but Scorp made history, he was the first Slytherin head boy for decades. Of course his parents were proud and Rose’s were of her as well. It was wonderful. We had powers like you wouldn’t believe. I say we because really even though Al and I weren’t Head of anything, but life now we were friends with those who were, became considerable easier! What was even scarier though was that Teddy and Torie’s wedding got even closer until the day was here.

The date had finally arrived after a year or so of planning (27th March 2023) and it was the most beautiful day, it was amazing how perfect the day was. They were to get married in a marquee at the Burrow, just like Torie’s parents had, although now without the worry of death eaters arriving. They had an Alter, a white arch with pink roses twirling around the two sides; this was at the end of a lot of long stretch of seats, all white and fragile looking. The gap in between the two rows of seats was covered in bark, giving you the impression of the woodland floor, Teddy’s idea.

Torie’s bridesmaids were her best friend Faith, Dom, Rose and her cousin Felicity (her Aunt Gabrielle’s daughter who was 18, a year younger than Dom). Teddy had his best friends Matt and Harry, as well as James and Albus. The girls were dressed in pale pink dresses that went up just past their knees, with Faith (the maid of honour) having a small belt around her waist with a flower attached to the left side of it. The boys however had simple black tuxedos on, with a pink flower attached to match Faith’s, as well as ties, expect Teddy who simply had the flower. Torie’s dress, well, what can I say about Torie’s dress, it was perfect, just like the day, Felicity designed it (she’s a worldwide renowned designer, even though she’d just left school, she learnt everything she needed to at school and even started her business before she’d even left. She does special witch designer clothes mixing magic with clothes, like invisible pockets to hold wands etc).

“Livy! You’re here!” Rose exclaimed as I walked into the burrow through the kitchen which was infused with smells, 3 hours early for the wedding

“Of course I’m here! I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” I excitedly jumped up and down as I checked out Rose’s dress

“Livy, you’re a bit early aren’t you sweetheart? It’s nice to see you of course but still” Hermione questioned walking into the kitchen to check on some sort of food.

“Yes Hermione, I am. I thought I’d lend an arm or a leg to anyone who needs it! Plus, I’m really excited to see Torie; I hear she’s going to be more stunning than ever!” I smiled

“That zee iz” Fleur appeared grinning wider than anyone I’d ever seen anyone do before

“I would never have doubted it! Could I see her before I begin to help out?” I pleaded

“Of course Livyy, zee would be ‘appy for you to do zo” she granted in her French accent.

“Livy, I’ll take you up” Rose offered

“Thanks Rosie!” I accepted, following her up the stairs, “You look amazing by the way, really amazing” I complimented.

“Thanks but I’m nothing next to Torie, or Dom for that matter. Damn their Veela genes!”

I laughed, entering what I’m pretty sure was Bill’s old room. Although I didn’t make it past the entrance.

“Look who I found in the kitchen!” Rose walked in ahead of me, stepping aside to reveal Torie

“Livy! Bit early aren’t you? I’ve only just got the dress on!” Torie giggled

“I. Well, I. Merlin Torie! Your Mum was right! You look, well, you look. Stunning! And not like your normal stunning. Like drop dead, I think I need to stand as far as possible from you stunning, just so I look half decent!” I stuttered

“Livy! Thank you so much!” She smiled, looking almost teary, “Come ‘ere!” she wrapped me in a hug

“It’s alright. I’m only speaking the truth!” She let me go and twirled for me, she had a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. It was made of a beautiful material I don’t even think I know the name of (it must be magical), but it had a definite lace layer on the top. The dress was fitted to her hips where it flowed outwards, flowing further at the back to create a train. She hadn’t done her hair yet, but her makeup was done, only subtle but the slivery eye shadow made her eyes twinkle even more.

“You’re just too much! Stop before you make me cry! I’m already an emotional wreck! I had to send Mum out and told her not to send Dad in for a couple hours!” Torie resigned, “Rose, where’s Dom gone? I haven’t seen her since she put on her dress.”

“I’ll go find her, I think I saw her and Faith go down into the sitting room when your Mum came in. Do you want to come and help me find her Livy?” Rose decided

“Thanks Rosie, you have been such a gem today!” Torie accepted

“I’ll send them up” Rose then left with me in tow, we closed the door behind Torie and went downstairs to find Dom. “DOM! WHERE ARE YOU? TORIE WANTS YOU!” Rose screamed as we walked down the stairs.

“I’M HERE! WHAT DOES SHE WANT?” Dom screamed back, coming into view, “LIVY! IS THAT YOU? IT’S GREAT TO SEE YOU GIRL!” she continued to scream up the stairs

“She wants you to go upstairs” Rose stated as we got to the bottom of the stairs where Dom was shouting from.

“Okay. Livy, I’ll catch up with you in a bit, yeah?” She smiled, hugging me and then wondering upstairs.

“DID SOMEONE JUST SAY LIVY?” a voice shouted appeared from one of the many landings

“YEAH, SHE’S HERE!” Rose shouted back

“WILL YOU LOT SHUT UP?! WE’RE SORTING OUT A WEDDING HERE! 2 AND A HALF HOURS REMAINING PEOPLE!” Angie shouted from somewhere, (Weasley weddings, I have found, are a family event down to the last minute. Everyone helps, bar no one; they all work to their strengths)

“Sorry Aunt Angie” both Rose and the voice belonging to Al said feeling guilty.

“You should probably go see what he wants. He’ll be in Aunt Ginny’s old room I expect.” Rose thought aloud

“Thanks Rose, I’ll be back in a bit to lend a hand, I’ll meet you in the sitting room” I arranged

I walked back up the stairs, not going as far last time, but still, I found Al in the doorway of his Mum’s old room. He was smirking at me, I left him for 3 days and once again, spending time with his brother has brought out the smirk.

“Hello Beautiful” he smirked at me as I came closer to him, I reached him and he kissed me softly on the lips “you really do look great, I’ve missed you” he smiled down at me as I had snuggled up against him in a hug. I forgot to say, I was already dressed in a simple navy, flowery dress that reached just above my knee.

“I missed you too” I spoke into Al’s tux, which made him, look a lot older and very handsome, “I missed your hugs the most though” he tightened his arms around me as I nestled my head in the crook of his neck. “Actually speaking of hugs, I need to go and see Nana Molly in a bit, I need a hug from her, it feels like forever!”

He laughed and I could feel his chest bobbing, with genuinely happy laughter, “Fine, go and see her, I’m only your boyfriend. No matter though!”

“Al! You know what I mean!”

“I do. So, you excited about today?”

“I’m always excited for a Wotter event. They’re the best kind!”

“I’m glad you are! They are pretty good. I’m sorry I can’t sit with you but everyone said you could sit with Lily who was more than happy for you to sit next to her with all the family in that special section at the front”

“It’s fine, I get to sit and watch you instead, although I may be needing a hug afterwards, weddings make me cry. It’s a shame Scorp couldn’t come, but I’ll be safe with Lily, she’ll look after me! Bless her little cotton socks!”

“She really will. She absolutely adores you”

“I adore her as well, she’s such a sweetheart. You’re so lucky to have her”

“Not as lucky as I am to have you”

I blushed, hard, at this. But thankfully a voice once more boomed “KIDS! ANYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN THE WEDDING WE NEED YOU IN THE MARQUEE FOR A BIT. THOSE WHO AREN’T THE SITTING ROOM NOW! COME ON PEOPLE LESS THAN 2 HOURS REMAINING!” Angie was going into serious, it’s business time mode.

Al just gave a look saying We-Should- Really- Go- Women- In- This- Family- Get- Mad. I accepted this fact, kissed him and walked downstairs, him following me. Once we reached the bottom he went left and myself right. I found myself helping with the food, sorting out the tables that would magically appear after the ceremony, fixing dresses, last minute hair fixtures and putting people in the correct seats, making sure I saved enough seats for all of the Wotters that were running about The Burrow.
The ceremony was beautiful, the each wrote their own vows, both of which made me cry my eyes out, thankfully Lily had tissues.

“Torie, I've known you since you were born, I've watched you grow up, and I’ve slowly fallen in love with you. You were my best friend, my girlfriend and in only a few moments you will have been my fiancée, becoming my wife. I love you so much, we have grown up to together, learnt new things together, remembered old things, done pretty much everything together and I couldn't be happier. It surprises me every day that you chose me, the weird kid with blue hair, when you could have chosen anyone at all because no one can say no to those beautiful eyes of yours. I vow to you the most stunning person I have ever seen, our families and friends as witnesses, to be your best friend, the person you look to for advice, the person you need to hold onto if you’re scared, the person you tell everything to, the person you can relive almost everything with, the person who will try not to argue with you or tell you you're wrong, the person who is there for you constantly. Always and Until the End.” Teddy promised

“Teddy, you've made me cry and now you're in trouble because my makeup will be ruined but still. You're my lifelong best friend, you're my childhood sweetheart, you're the guy I used to wish was mine, you're everything I want, everything I need and are practically part of my family anyway, we may as well make it official. I love you more than life itself, I'd do anything for you and would happily do it. I'm so glad you asked me to become a Lupin because I have several diary pages with Victoire Lupin scribbled all over them and I'm not ashamed to say its a great name, I've always thought so. I now vow to you my soon to be husband that I will do anything for you whether it be morning or afternoon, I'll never stop loving your different coloured hair and looks because it's what's in your heart that counts, I'll remind you of your promises, I'll make you you're always on time, I'll make sure you never further another birthday and help you buy the perfect gift for everyone including me if you need me too. I will do all these things and more for you and with you. Always and Until the End.” Torie promised.

After these I looked over at Al, tears falling down my cheek, he smiled straight at me looking as though he was about to cry too. I smiled back and put my thumbs up to him, making him laugh slightly while he did that back. I’d just turned around to see Lily roll her eyes and hand me another tissue. She’d brought Lysander by the way; he was sat on the other side of her, holding her free hand tightly, as Lily, I could tell, was going to cry at some point. The ceremony finished with soon after that with a kiss as man and wife, were all asked to vacate the marquee following this to take part in pictures, but mainly so the charms were done to transform the area to make a dance floor and tables.

When we were allowed back in we sat down to a delicious meal thanks to a very busy Nana Molly and the speeches were made. They were very funny; Teddy and Torie were such beautifully adorable children and got up to a lot of things while they were little! Mr and Mrs Lupin celebrated their first dance to the same music as Bill and Fleur when they got married; they cut the cake and even managed to get a conversation with everyone at least once. Al and I had a great time talking to everyone as well, I was introduced to the extended Wotters and old family friends I’d never met before, it was really nice actually, I got on well with everyone, even if I do say so myself. I caught up with Dom as we discussed earlier, she’s was really excited to tell me about her promotion, she was now in charge of even more dragons and had a nice burn on her thigh to prove it (which of course, she didn’t mind showing me). I had a quick conversation with Roxy as well who now has a very stable boyfriend and was looking forward to moving into his flat. I saw Louis as well and he said that his new job at Gringrotts was going really well, and he loved it although getting up every day to his Dad being his boss was a tad annoying and the sooner the man retired the better. I danced with James for a bit and Fred, seeing as I saw them at school often there wasn’t anything major to talk about. I saved Hugo while Rose was interrogating him and found he loved Care of Magical Creatures at school which I was pleased for him with. I chatted with Moll and Luce for a while too and they just argued pretty much the whole time I talked to them.

Actually, I’ve said ‘I’ throughout the whole of that, but actually it was Al and I who was talking to everyone and in between we danced and had a drink occasionally. It was lovely; we had such a cute time, there was hardly anytime we were alone the whole night, so many people who wanted to talk to us. Eventually the night drew on and people left which meant goodbyes and making sure people had their little goody bags, especially those with kids. Though after all that it was really just family left, this meant a Wotter party until the early hours of the morning. It was so much fun; I love that family so very much. They’re all hilarious and it was great to see everyone, I was completely welcome as Al’s girlfriend. In fact, I wasn’t treated any different, it was perfect. Well, that was until Rose brought me back to reality.

A/N- Hey Guys! What'd you think of the speeches? Please tell me what you think! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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