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 “Damn you Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Damn you!” I screamed, landing back on the floor

“Ha! In your face Adams. That’s what you get for being cocky at the start”

“I cannot believe I just lost, I was up. I had 110 points!”

“Maybe so Olivia Marie Victoria Adams but I caught the snitch. Therefore my 150 points top trumps your 110!”

“That’s not fair; you have longer arms than me. I am not being your slave”

“I think I phrased it personal helper”

“I don’t care. I’m not being your ‘personal helper’ or slave or any other way you can think of saying it”

“Okay. Fine. But only because you are my favourite person on the pitch”

“I’m the only other person on the pitch”

“I know. But I’m not making you, so deal with it”

“Okay. I suppose I can deal with that”

I huffed and puffed, and continued to try and persuade Scor to tell me, however, I failed. I forget sometimes how loyal that kid is, actually, then I forget how cunning ad stubborn he is as well. That’s where I fall, I’m stubborn, but my kind nature kicks in stopping me from staying strong for too long.

Towards the end, when I was losing, and couldn’t think of anything else, he became distracted, “Yeah. Sure.” His response to me now, “Who’s that?”

“I don’t know.” I decided squinting my eyes to see, “Oh my god” I pulled Scor in front of me to use as a shield, “its Al and Rose”

“I thought we went through this. He didn’t hear you”

“Okay. If you’re sure”

I stood away from Scor, leaving me simple stood next to him, although he did give me a squeeze of the hand before he turned his hand into a wave, beckoning them towards us. “Al! Rosie!”

Rose grabbed her broom and they made it to us in double quick time, “Hey baby” Al bent down from his broom and kissed me on the top of the head. “How about Aliv vs Scorose?”

“Oh, you are on my baby cousin” Rose announced

“Baby cousin? Okay. You’re going down red head” Al taunted

“Don’t worry Rose, I just won one game. I’m not afraid to make it two-nil” Scor defended

“Let’s do this thing. Ally. You better be in the zone there is no way I’m going to lose again” I said determinedly

“I’ve got you’re back Liv. Let’s do this” Al agreed

We did really well, it was quite a silent game actually, (expect the whole cursing at each other), we literally just spoke through looking at each other. Scorose did not last long, Aliv was clearly the winner. We won by 50 points in the end, so technically it was anyone’s game, we still won though. My amazing chaser skills and Al’s seeker skills was a perfect match, compared to Scor’s keeper skills and Rose’s chaser skills. It turns out I am a suckish seeker and Scor’s not too much better, therefore when you’re faced with Harry ‘Youngest Seeker’ Potter son, you’re doomed. Good job we didn’t go girls vs boys, Rose and I would have been screwed. Don’t tell them though. They’ll never let me live that one down.

“No way! No way! (She doesn’t do it as often now!) Is this even possible? Scorpius Malfoy, how did we lose? Hmm?” Rose requested an answer.

Fortunately for Scorp he didn’t encounter Rose’s wrath, he has a way with her, and he simply kissed her and offered to take her to the kitchens of a sympathy snack. She (Weasley hunger won) gladly accepted and well, this all happened before we reached the ground, as when this was happening, we were congratulating each other.

“Ally! You did it! I’ve never been more proud of you!” I exclaimed

“We did it! You did amazingly! You have immense Quidditch skills, have I ever told you! They’re great! I love you!” he laughed

I froze. Those last three words had me transfixed.

“You... you... do?”

“Of course I do” he solemnly stated

“I love you too”

“Thank Merlin!”

“You didn’t hear me earlier did you?”

“Heard what?”

“No, you didn’t! Thank Merlin!”

“Okay. I’m thoroughly confused”

“Don’t be. Honestly, I’ve been panicking over nothing. It turned out to be great though”

“I’m glad it did”

“Me too”

“I LOVE LIV ADAMS” he screamed into the almost deserted pitch

“ABOUT TIME MATE” Scor shouted back

Al picked me up and spun me in the same way James did in my first year. Only now I felt safe, comfortable, at ease. In the place I hoped to be in forever. I wrapped my legs around his waist and (found yet again his strength confusing) after we’d stopped twirling, regained steadiness, he looked up at me. That was the point I was fully sure of everything, I found in those green eyes sparkling in the evening moon shine. Security. He looked at me in the way I always imagined my boyfriend to look at me, the endearment, the caring, searching eyes. He was perfect. My perfect Ally Wally.

I simply smiled at him, but he must have understood, read my mind, know me that well. I don’t know, but he knew what was going on in my head and smiled back in the same way, telling me that he felt the same way. I leant in, kissing him full on in the mouth. It was beautiful, well, perhaps it got a bit too heated and he had to put me back on the ground. We went back into the castle, going to Gryffindor common room, to a deserted dormitory belonging to Al, and let’s just say, we are well and truly in love. (And we used protection... so no new babies coming our way).
Don’t worry.
What I will say though is we have a wedding. Teddy and Torie are indeed getting married at Easter next year, seeing as they still needed to plan and Torie really didn’t want a winter wedding, because she hated the cold. The warmer the better but they didn’t want to wait too long. Thus an Easter wedding, while we were all off school and could come as well without taking any days off.

A/N- Hey Guys! I’m sorry for such a short chapter but I needed it to be. But what’d you think of it? Please leave me a Review! Thanks for Reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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